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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 20



💄AS A👒




Mama Esther have not been herself since yesterday she heard about the real result concerning her daughter,the more she remembered how she treated her the more pain she will be.

She has been trying to reach Obinna on the phone to tell him the situation at hand so that he can help and look for the sister but his line refused to connect.

“Not reachable again! What am I going to do?
She sounded as she tried to reach the son again.

“Where on earth will i go and look my daughter? Which city will I go to?
She cried.

As she was thinking on what to do,two unknown young men approached to her.

“Good day Ma!
They greeted.

“Good day!
She replied looking at them so strange.

“plea-se Ma are we at Mr Kanu,the palm wine tra-pper’s compound?
One of them asked.

“Yes,this is Mr Kanu’s compound”
She answered still looking at them so strange.

“I guess you must be Obinna Kanu’s mother?
Another one asked.

“Yes he is my son,who are you people and why all this questions?
She asked.

They brou-ght their ID and showed her,
“Am inspector Musa and my colleague is Inspector Okon from the EFCC headquarters Lagos State”
Inspector Musa introduced.

“Why are you two in my house?
She asked.

“We are here because of your son Obinna Kanu”
Inspector Okon said.

“My son! Why are you looking for my son?
She asked being so confused.

“Your son is a notorious criminal,an @[email protected] to say it all a professional killer”
Inspector Musa said.

She shooked her head and shouted,
“No it can not be my son! My son Obinna is not a killer,he work in an oil company”

Inspector Okon brou-ght out a picture from his phone and showed her,
“Is this person not your son?

“He is my son Obinna but he is not a killer”
She sounded.

“Madam your son requested to see you for the last time before being burn to ashes”
Inspector Musa said.

“What did you mean? My son being burn to ashes”

“Madam as we said early your son is a notorious criminal,a professional killer,an arm robbery,he has killed many people, yesterday his cup was filled,he and his colleagues was arrested during their operation”
Inspector Okon said.

“Can we go and see him so you will believe who your son is?
Inspector Musa asked.

“I know is not my son but I will follow you only to show you two that he is not my son,give me some minutes let me change”
She said.

“No problem Ma!
Inspector Musa said.

She went inside changed and [email protected]£ out,she locked her door.

“We may go!
She said as they lead the way.

They went inside the car and drove to Lagos.

Michael went to Madam S-xy bar in search for Esther,he looked everywhere and did not see her,he got himself a sit.

“What will you like to take Sir?
One of the S-xy waitress asked.

“Get me water!
He said with smiles.

“Okay Sir!
She said and went to get the water.

“She suppose to be here,why is she not here? Something in me tells me that the life she is living is not meant to be there’s a story behind that lifestyle that’s why I want to help her”
He said as he stares at the entrance of the bar to see if he will see her.

The waitress brou-ght the water,
“Thank you!
He said with smiles.

He waited for about twenty minutes and she did not show up,he gave up on waiting for her.

He drop his payment on the table and start going,just about to exit from the door he bu-mped into her.

She shouted being so surprised to see him.

“Oh yes me!
He sounded with smiles.

“Don’t tell me you [email protected]£ here to see me”

“Extacly! I have been waiting for you for over an hour I thought you won’t show up”

“I just [email protected]£ back from a trip with one if my clients”
She said and chews her gum.

“That’s the more reason why am here to see you,Esther I know that this life is not the life you choose to be that’s why am here to help you out,confide me and I will bring you out from this lifestyle”
He said.

“Mr Man I don’t know why you are taking paracetamol over another man’s head,why are you disturbing yourself over my life?

“Because I nee-d to help you out,plea-se give me the chance to do so”

“plea-se Mr Man I don’t nee-d your help to change my life I used to be like this and I was not f0rç£ so plea-se st©p disturbing me and mind your own business and one more thing don’t you ever look for me again”
She warned him and walked inside the bar.

“I won’t st©p looking for you until I change you”
He said and walked out.

Four hours later,Mama Esther and the cops arrived at EFCC headquarters at Lagos State,inspector Okon took her to where the criminals are kept.

Scorpion’s gang including Obinna were n-ked only wearing bo-xers, they hanged tyres around their n£¢ks as the police men surrounded them.

“Madam is this person not your son?
The inspector asked.

She [email protected]£ so shocked and dumbfounded when she saw her son.

She shouted in shock and fainted.

“Mama! Mama!
Obinna cried out.

Some of the police men brou-ght water and sprinkled it on her face until she sneezed and opened her eyes.

“I can’t believe this is you Obinna so what the police men told me is actually the truth,what have you done to yourself? Why did you choose to live this type of life? Why Obinna?
She asked in weeping.

“Mama plea-se forgive me,am so sorry I don’t know things will turn out like this plea-se forgive me”
He cried out.

“Why did you decided to make me childless? I have lost your sister and now am about to loose you too”
She cried.

“Lost my sister! How?

“Yesterday the community Doctor [email protected]£ and told me that the test result that proved Esther is an HIV positive was not actually her result”

“Meaning that she did not have HIV?

“Yes! Esther is not infected with HIV and I don’t know where on earth to look for her,I don’t know if she is still alive,I don’t know if she will come back to us regardless of what we and the community did to her”
She cried.

“Mama,Esther is still alive,She is in this city but I don’t know where exactly in this city”

“Is time for them to be executed”
One of the police men said.

“Mama plea-se forgive me and ask Esther to forgive me for all the wrongs and the way I treated her so that my spirit will rest in peace”
He said weeping so bitterly.

The mother cried and cried,her eyes turned to red and catarrh rushing out from her nostrils,she watches them taking her son away with a broken heart.

The police men took her out from the police station and drop her to the motor park,she find it so difficult to believe that her son is no more,she keep on crying so bitterly causing commotion at the bus until she got back to the village.

I was coming back from the supermarket and I bu-mped into this guy again Michael.

“You again?
I shouted surprisingly.

“Oh yes! Is me Esther!
He sounded with smiles.

“Are you following me?

He laughed and said,
“Oh hell no! Is it not obvious that we have destined to meet or is it not obvious that am your destiny helper that’s why we keeping bu-mping each other”

I laughed and said,
“You my destiny helper!

“Esther I want to help you,plea-se allow me to help you out from this lifestyle,I know there’s a story behind it”
He said.

“I can see you won’t get tried of this”
I said.

“Of course I won’t get tired of asking you to allow me to help you”

I brou-ght my card and gave him,
“Here is my card call me tomorrwo for us to meet”

“Wow! Thank you so much! I will call you”
He sounded with smiles.

I got into my car and drove off.

Mama Emeka went to the hospital to see how her son is doing,the doctor took them to his room. Emeka is still the same way he was,there’s no improvement at all.
He was bitting his lowerl-ips,blinking his eyes and picking nothing from his palm and be eating,he will laugh and keep saying rubbish things.

“Doctor What type of treatment are you given to my son? This is almost a month and there’s no improvement at all”
The mother shouted.

“Ma we are trying our best”
The doctor said.

“You call this trying best? There’s no change in him he is still the same way but you claim to be the best doctor and best hospital in the whole city”
She shouted.

“Calm down Madam! Your son’s [email protected]£nt [email protected] doctor’s doctrine,I have applied all the medications I know but nothing seem to work on him”
He said.

“What are you saying? That My son’s madness is not ordinary”
She asked confusedly.

“Yes Ma! Is not ordinary, his case is spiritual and not a case of medical attention so I suggest you should seek for spiritual solution”
He said.

She breathed and said,
“I thought as much because I don’t know why all the medications that has been given to him yet there’s no improvement”

“There’s no nee-d of keeping him here so I will discharge him tomorrwo”
He said.

“Okay Doctor!

“I will take my leave now”
He said and uses the door.

She went closed to her son,
“Who are you? What did you want for me?
He asked and started laughing.

“Emeka don’t worry things will be normal again,my enemies won’t succeed they will be punish for doing this to you”
She cried out.

He started laughing,
“See your face! It’s funny,you are crying like a baby”

“Crying crying baby I want to see your mummy”
He laughed and sang.

She wiped out her tears and said,
“It shall be well my son”

She took her bag and walked out.

📞 Hey Esther! It’s me Micheal!
He said on the phone.

📞 Yeah! I know your voice”

📞 You said i should give you call today so will you be busy today for us to see?

She thought for a while and said,
📞 I got nowhere to go today so I will be available”

📞 Okay! Can we see at my house?

📞 Your house?
She sounded surprisingly.

📞 Yes but if you don’t like it we can meet somewhere else”

📞 No it’s okay,by what time are we seeing?

📞 Any time that will be suitable for you”

📞 Okay we should leave it by four in the evening”

📞 It’s okay by me”

📞 Okay! s£nd me the location”

📞 I will do that right away”

📞 Okay see you by four”
She said and hanged up the call.

Micheal s£nt her the location immediately.

By four,Esther arrived at his house,
“Am coming!
Micheal shouted from the kitchen.

He rushed and opened the door,
“Hey Esther!
He said with smiles and hvgged her.

“Thank you!
She replied back with smiles.

“Welcome to my humble house”
He said and ushered her in.

“You may sit and make yourself comfortable”

“Thank you!
She sat and stared around everywhere.

“You got a fine house”

“Thank you so much!
He said with smiles.

“What shall I offer you?

“Nothing! Am okay!

“Don’t tell me that! You can’t come to my humble house and refuse to take something so tell me what you will like to take”

“What your mind tells you to give me will be okay for me”
She said with smiles.

“Okay! My mind said I should offer you a chill jui-ce,how did you see about that?

She laughed and said,
“Chill jui-ce will be okay”

“Okay give me a seconds I will be right back”
He said and walked to the fridge to get the jui-ce.

Within a seconds,he [email protected]£ back with it poured some for her and for himself too.

“Thank you,so you live alone?
She asked and took a sip of the jui-ce.

“Oh yes! I live alone”

“Asking you are not married?

“Not at all! Am just a single bachelor”

“If I may ask why are you still single?

“Well I can say i have not seen the perfect woman for me”

“Perfect! Okay as you said”

“So over to you and to the main reason why we are here,plea-se Esther I want you to be honest with me and put your trust in me,I want to know the story that reveal around this your lifestyle,what made you to choose this life you are living”
He said paying all his attention to hear the story.

She breathed and said,
“It all started when I was in the village”

She narrated everything to him right from when she was [email protected]£d in tears and pains remembering the things she [email protected] throu-gh and how her dreams was shattered.

He went closed to her feeling so pity for her,
“Oh God what a world? You [email protected] all throu-gh this humiliations”
He shouted and wiped out her tears with his handkerchief.

“The world was so cruel to me,the people i called my own disowned me that’s why I vowed to be wicked to this world by transferring this deadly virus to any man I [email protected]£ across that’s how my prostitution life began”
She said in tears.

“My dear I feel so sorry for you what you [email protected] throu-gh was beyond human imaginations but if I may ask since the doctor confirmed you HIV positive have you been seeing signs or changes in your b©dy?

She thought and answered,
“Not at all”

“Then how are you sure you are HIV positive?

“The test result confirmed it,I saw it boldly written on the result with my name on it”
She said.

“I may not be a doctor but with my capacity and knowledge I can say i did not see any symptoms of HIV on you”
He said.

“What are you saying? I don’t get you”
She sounded confusedly.

“See Esther I don’t see any symptoms of HIV on you meaning that you don’t have the virus”
He said.

She laughed and said,
“No! You don’t know what you are saying beside you are not a doctor and also the virus doesn’t written on the face”

“Okay come to think about it for that long you were confirmed positive then why haven’t you seen any signs, changes in your b©dy like difficult in breathing,painful urination and also pains in coughing”
He said being so serious of what he is saying.

She stood up and shouted confusedly,
“No! You don’t know what you are saying,I saw the result written boldly with my name on it”

He walked to her and held her hand,
“Esther calm down! To clear this doubt we nee-d to visit my doctor tomorrwo to be sure”

He took her back to the couch,
“Calm down everything I will be okay”

“Micheal i nee-d to start going now”

“Are you sure you nee-d to go?

“Yeah! I nee-d to go and rest because I nee-d it right now”

“Okay! Should i drop you?

“Have you forgotten I [email protected]£ with my car?

“Oh that’s true! Let me see you off”
He stood up and walked her to the car.

“We will see tomorrow for the check up”
He said and hvgged her.

She sounded and got into her car.

He watches her drove out from the compound.

“What a pity girl! She really suffered too much in the hands of her people and now she is destroying her life more thinking that she is infected with HIV,I will surely help her to come out from this lifestyle”
He said feeling so sad over Esther.

“Is the car re-ady?
Mama Emeka asked her driver.

“Yes Mama!

“Okay,we nee-d to go to the hospital right now”
She said as they went outside.

“Musa your Oga nee-d a serious healing so we are going to the hospital to pick him then drive down to the village,I want you to take good careful of the house”

“No wahala Madam! My Oga go dey better”
He said.

“Amen! Take care”

The gateman opened the gate as drived out to the hospital.

They got to the hospital and settled some things before taking him to the village.

When they got to the village,his mother rushed down to her pastor’s house without wasting anytime since she has called him on phone and narrated everything to him.

“Mama Emeka your enemy is at work but they will won’t succeed,their plans shall backfire”
He said.

“Amen and Amen!

“You nee-d to pray and fast for seven days because this fight is not an ordinary one,is a fight that is connected in the spiritual realm.

“Okay Pastor am well re-ady for that”

“Okay,I want you to be applying this anointing oil on his forehead every night before you go to be-d”
He said and gave her the oil.

“Okay Pastor”

“On the last day of your fasting we will come for a totally deliverance upon your son”s life”
He said.

“Okay Pastor”

“May the peace of the Lord be with you and strength you as you begin with this fasting”

“Amen and Amen!
She said.

He prayed for her before she leaves the Pastor’s office.


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