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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 2



👜AS A👢




“Hey Esther!
Chioma said to me with smiles as we met at the school gate.

“We arrived at the same time”
I sounded with smiles as we walked inside the school premises.

“Yes,we are arrived early, the morning devotions will soon start”
I sounded with smiles.

“Good Morning s£niors!
The junior students greeted us with smiles.

“And today is our moral instruction,you will be conducting since you are the Chapel Prefect”
She sounded with smiles as we walked to the [email protected]

“We will conduct it together as my @ssistant Chapel Prefect”
I sounded with smiles.

“There’s no problem! Have you outline the teaching for today?
She asked.

“I have done that alreday”
I replied with smiles.

Within some minutes,the Morning Devotion bell ranged,the students rushed to the @ssmbley ground,lined up according to their [email protected]

We [email protected]£ up on the stage facing the hundreds of students including the school teachers and the principals.

We greeted as they reciprocate back with their greetings,sang praises and worsh!ps for about fifteen minutes before starting for the Morals instructions.

“Our teaching for today is FORGIVENESS”
I said with the school microphone.

“Who can tell me what he or she un-derstand with the word “Forgiveness?
I asked.

A junior student gave a definition according to his own opinion.

“Forgiveness is a conscious, deliberate decision to re-lease feelings of res£ntment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness”
I said.

“Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing offenses”
I said, the serious students were paying attention while the unserious students were mumbling something among themselves.

“According to the bible, Forgiveness is the choice to re-lease someone from an offense and love them throu-gh the lens of our transformed spirit”

” When we are struggling to forgive and wonder what the Bible says about forgiveness, it helps to remember that we are to forgive everyone and forgive often just as Jesus forgives us”
I teaches and handled the microphone to Chioma.

“Forgiveness is God’s promise not to count our sins against us and Biblical forgiveness requires repentance on our [email protected], turning away from our old life of sin and faith in Jesus Christ without forgiveness will can’t make heaven”
She teaches.

“According to this verses,
R0m-ns 12:17
Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.

John 13:34
A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

She preached,prayed and closed,we stepped aside as the School principal [email protected]£ up for his announcement.

“Good Morning Mr Johnson”
We greeted him.

“Morning my students”
He responded back.

“I have noticed that some students are proving stubborn of not coming to the @ssmbley ground and some students got a bad habit of coming to school late after the @ssmbley ground”
He shouted.

“Starting from tomorrow any student that did not show up at the @ssmbley ground will wash all the toilets in this school and any late comer will use their teeths to cut down the [email protected]
He shouted.

“Eheeeee! That’s too much Sir!
The students shouted.

“Will you all keep quite!
He shouted and the students remained muted.

“The final announcement goes to the Ss3 students for their Wasc,the Wasc Board has announced the day for the Wasc and the fee”
He announced and the compulsory students rejoiced.

“The [email protected]£ for the exam is on 5th of next two months and the fee is 30 thousand Naria”
He sounded.

“30 thousand Naria! That’s too much Sir!
We complained and started mumbling among ourselves.

“Complain to the Wasc Borad and not me,inform your parents on time because late entry will pay extra half of the money”
He shouted.

“You all may now go back to your [email protected]
He said and we thanked him.

We went back to our [email protected],the Wasc fee happened to be the t©pic of the [email protected],students were discussing among themselves how a government community school like them will pay such amount of money.

The [email protected] remained slient that the moment Mr Johnson the Maths teacher [email protected]£ inside.

He taught for over thirty minutes and @ssigned home work before leaving the [email protected],we had one more subject before going out for break.

“The Wasc fee is so much!
I sounded as we [email protected]£ out for break.

“Very much Esther! Where an earth will our parents get that amount of money? The government should know that it is so difficult for us to survive in this community before @ssigning such amount of money”
Chioma shouted.

“I think we have to start @ssisting people in their farms so that We can be able to help in paying the money”
I suggested.

“Esther you have a point there! My mother’s tomatoes business is no longer profitable,we nee-d to start working”
She sounded.

We heard some students shouting and arguing among themselves.

“What’s going on there?
I asked and pointed at the students.

“Let’s go and find out”

We went to the students and they st©pped shouting immediately.

“Good afternoon s£niors!
They greeted.

“Why are you two fighting?
I asked.

“s£nior he started it first!
The boy shouted.

“s£nior I did not do anything,he called me a thief”
The other boy shouted.

“A thief! Are you a thief?
Chioma asked.

“No s£nior! Am not a thief!
He shouted.

“Why did you call him a thief?
I asked.

“s£nior he is a thief,I gave him my pen and he refuses to give it back to me,he hide it and told me he misplaced it”
He sounded.

“That’s true,I misplaced it and told him to forgive me but he called me a thief and said am lying”
He sounded.

“Forgiveness is what we taught in the morning,lying is not good in the sight of the Lord,those that fight and call someone’s bad name will not inherit the kingdom of God”
Chioma sounded.

“That’s true! Forgiveness leads us into many good things in life”
I said.

“I forgive you and am sorry for calling you a thief”
He sounded.

“Am also sorry for misplacing your pen”
He said.

“Good! Children of God don’t fight so don’t fight any more”
Chioma said to them.

“Thank you s£niors”
They said and made their way out.

We went back to the [email protected] at the moment the break was over.

Esther’s mother sat un-der the mango tree inside the compound,stitching her cloth and her notorious arrogant son Obinna walked inside,walking in his swaggering way pla-ying music with his MP,dancing and following the lyrics of the music.

“Mama dey Mama! Food dey inside?
He sounded.

“Food is your morning greeting abi? Have we seen since today?
She shouted.

“Sorry Mama! I throw away greeting for you,I dey hungry ooo! Hunger wan finish me here the small small worms wan dey for my belly dey do race”
He sounded.

“Food! Food! That’s all you know,Obinna why can’t you be useful to yourself? Why can’t you gather yourself together and plan what you will do with your life?
She stood up and shouted.

“Mama I don plan my future since, may I tell you so na me be the future musician,the person wan you dey see here na future musician wan he be,if I come on stage now everyb©dy go dey throw away cap for me”
He shouted.

“May I show you say your son dey talented for music,Mama may I show you w€tin I get”
He shouted and pla-yed Naria Marley’ s music.

He started singing and dancing while the mother stood mopping at him and shooking her head.

“Mama you dey feel am! You dey feel my vibe”
He sounded dancing his nons-en-se dance.

“Oh boy you can dance [email protected] Zaltan ooo! Mama dey second Naria Marley be this ooo,I go dey sing music with him”
He shouted at the moment he off the music.

“Obinna why did you want to useless your life? Why can’t a full grown up person like plan his life? Why have you decided to be messing around the community and bringing shame to this family?
She shouted.

“Mama forget this your question,my main problem here be say I don use the little strength wan i get dance for you now the worms wan dey for my belly wan kill me,I hope say my food dey inside”
He shouted.

“Food! That’s what filled in this your stockfish [email protected]
She shouted.

“Mama! You know say i no dey joke with food ooo! Where you see food go see me,food na my second name”
He shouted.

“Come back here!
She dragged him back as he was about to go inside.

“Na w€tin again? Free me may I go chop nah?
He shouted.

“What happen to my pot of soup and the meats?
She asked and his face changed automatically.

“Soup! Meat! Which kind question be this one nah? Why you come dey ask full grown man like me this kind question?
He sounded.

“What happen to the pot of soup and the meats?
She shouted again.

“Oh now I un-derstand w€tin you dey talk self,Esther no tell you say we catch big rat dancing leg walk on pot of your soup? Mama I fear when I see that rat ooo,na spiritual rat be that one”
He sounded.

“Oh yes! She told me and I wonder how a full grown man like you be stealing meats on the pot,what sort of life is that Obinna?
She shouted.

“Mama I be small pinkin wan i go steal meat for pot,I tell you say the spiritual rat”
He sounded.

“Spiritual rat! One day I will put poison for that spiritual rat”
She shouted.

“Poison! Mama e never reach that level nah but no be say na me wan dey steal the meat ooo but I wan make you pity for that rat you no say na spiritual rat”
He sounded.

She shooked her head and shouted,
“Obinna change your bad character and plan your life”

“I don plan my life alreday! Na me be second Naria Marley”
He shouted,his trou-ser even pu-ll-ed down.

“Go and buy belt or you use rope and tie that your trou-ser and st©p walking like a prisoner in my house”
She shouted.

“Mama na we be Marlians! We no dey wear belt! Marlians no dey wear belt”
He shouted and pu-ll-ed up his trou-ser and went inside.

“Who did this to my Son? My enemies is at work but they will not succeed”
She sounded and continue stitching her cloth.


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