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my life as a pr©st!tût£episode 18



💄AS A 👒



On this faithful afternoon,Emeka has gone out leaving the mother alone in the house,she was studying her bible and this group of guys wearing masks [email protected]£ out from nowhere to the sitting room.

“Woman follow us!
One of the guys shouted.

She looked at them from head to toe without being so scared of them.

“Who are you people and how did you manage to get inside this house?
She asked so boldly no atom of fear in her.

“Woman I said you should follow us and st©p asking us stupid question?
He shouted again.

“Why should I follow you people?

“This is the reason why you should follow us”
One of the guy shouted and showed her the gun.

On seeing that gun,she obyed and followed them,they pointed the gun at her head and walked her out from the gate meanwhile the gateman was lying on the ground shivering in fear as one of the guy pointed a gun on him.

“Seal your mouth! If you report na kill”
The guy said to the gateman.

They took her to their car and drove off to unknown place probably their gathering,they tied her on the pear tree.

The head of the guys shifted from them and called Emeka.

📞 Oga we got her”

📞 You know what to do!

📞 Yes Sir!

📞 Make sure you kill her,don’t let her escape”

📞 Oga we be professional killers,we are perfect in this game so you don’t have to worry”

📞Okay,I will be expecting good news from you”

📞 For sure sir!
He ends up the call and went back to them.

“Oh boy may we do our job nah”
He said to one of the guys.

One of the guy pointed the gun at her meanwhile their faces are still covered.

“Who are you people? Why did you want to kill me? Who s£nt you to kill me?
She asked.

“Woman we no get time for this your question,our job is to kill you and not to answer questions”

“What makes you think you can kill me? Don’t you know that He that is in me is greater than he that is in you? He said t©uçh not my anointing and do my prophet no harm,am a daughter of Zion I can never be harm”
She said them as they laughed.

“Oya may we see how it goes nah,shoot her”
The head of the guys shouted.

The woman was praying in her mind as he sh0t her nothing happen,they looked at each other with so much shock written all over them.

“What happen? What’s going on?
The head shouted, collected the gun from him and sh0t her still nothing happen.

She laughed at them and said,
“I told you He that is in me is greater than he that is in you”

“You think say you no go die may i show you say i dey powerful [email protected] that thing wan dey inside you”
He shouted,pointed the mouth of the gun on the ground and do some incantations and sh0t her but this time the bullet went straight to one of the guys and sh0t him dead.

They ran out immediately in fear without turning back.

She looked up to the sky and thanked the Lord,
“Thank you God for saving my life”

The rope they tied on her loosed off,she re-moved the rope stood up and cleaned out the sand that was on her dress.

She sang praises as she made her way out from the unknown place.

At Eze-ego’s house,Emeka was walking up and down with a [email protected] of a whisky feeling so restlessness.

“Are you sure this guys will succeed in killing her?
He asked and drank a sip of the whisky.

“Emeka calm down,you see those guys they are professional killers,am very sure they will bring a good news”
He said.

Within some minutes,the guys badged inside,Emeka rushed to them.

“Did you succeed in killing her?
He asked.

“Oga why you no tell us say that woman na witch?

“Witch! What did you mean?

“Oga it shock us say we sh0t that woman and sh0t am him no die”
Another guy said.

“Am finish! They did not kill her”
Emeka shouted.

“Calm down first!
He said tapping him on the shoulder.

“You mean to tell me that you sh0t that woman and she did not die?
Eze-ego asked.

“Oga e shock us o ooo! That woman na confirm witch,the one wan dey mad us be say the last bullet we sh0t on her come kill one of us”
The head said.

“Are you serious! This is unbelievable!
They shouted with their mouths opened.

“Oga this one [email protected] unbelievable! I never seen this kind of thing since I dey this operation”
The head said.

“Oga w€tin we go do for our guy wan die?
The third asked.

Meanwhile,Emeka sat down with his two hands on his jaw a lot was going throu-gh his head.

“Where is he?
Eze-ego asked.

“We leave am for that place run for our lives”
The second said.

“What will happen is that you will go back there and carry his b©dy to the mortuary, I will s£nd you money to compensate the family”
He said.

“Okay! May we start dey go”

“Wait! Take this,I will still transfer the money to you”
He gave him an envelope filled with money,they made their way out.

“Eze-ego what am I going to do now? I have one day left”
He sounded being so worried.

“Calm down! Emeka did your mother belong to any secret occult because it baffle me that all the plans backfires?
He asked.

“I don’t know o ooo! I don’t know why she don’t want to die? I don’t know why she want to end my life?
He sounded.

“You will not die! Tomorrwo we will visit our Queen Shaba for help”

“Okay! Let me start going now so that I will know what to do”

“Cheer up to avoid any suspicious things from her”

He smiled and said,
“Am not a kid,I know what to do”

“Oya nah! See you tomorrow”
They shaked hands before he leaves the house.

Few minutes later,he drove home,the gateman rushed to him immediately.

“Oga I don dey call you since your number no dey go?
The gate man sounded being so worried.

“What happen? What is it?
He asked.

“Oga some guys wey carry gun come here carry your mama comot”
He said.

“What? My own mother! Who are they?
He shouted pretending to be worried.

“Oga I no know, them cover their face but e be like say they be kidnappers”

“Why didn’t you call me since?
He shouted.

“Oga I dey call you since your number no dey go”

“Why you know call the police? If any thing happened to my mother I will skin you alive”
He shouted.

He called the D.P.O,
📞 D.P.O some guys [email protected]£ to my house and took my mother”

📞 For how long?

📞 It should be about an hour ago now”

📞 Did you see who they are?

📞 I was not at home when it happened but according to my gateman their faces were covered and it seem they were kidnappers”

📞 Kidnappers! Have they call to ask for ransom?

📞 I have not receive any call from them”

📞 You know what I will s£nd down my men to your house so that once they call they will track down the number”

📞 Okay,I will be waiting”
He said and end up the call.

“Pray nothing happen to my mother unless you will see yourself in the prison”
He shouted at the gateman.

Some minutes later,a knock [email protected]£ from the gate,gate man rushed to open it to his greatest surprise it was Emeka’s mother.

“Oga na Mama o ooo!
The gateman shouted in joy as he opened the gate.

Emeka rushed and hvgged her so ti-ght,
“Musa told me what happen,how did you escape from them?

She shooked her head and said,
“Son,it is miracle and by the grace of God upon my life”

“Mama you nee-d to tell me everything that happened there”

“Help me to pay the taxi man,he is still at the gate”
She said.

He gave the gateman money to pay the taxi man.

“Mama did you know I have alre-ady ran mad when I find out you were kidnapped and I have alreday called the D.P.O his men will soon be here”
He said and held her hand as they walked to the sitting room.

“So Mama tell me how it happen,who are the kidnappers?
He asked at the moment they sat down.

“They are not kidnappers,they are professional killers as they called themselves”
She said.

“Professional killers! Who s£nd them? Did they mention the person that s£nd them?
He asked pretending to be worried.

“They did not,all they wanted is to kill me but they don’t know am so powerful to be harm as anointed daughter of the Most High”
She said.

“But Mama how did you manage to escape from them?

She laughed and said,
“As I said am so powerful to be harm as anointed daughter of the Most High,I carried God’s grace around me,my God intervene and show them He is with me”
She narrated everything that happened there to him.

He shooked his head and said,
“This is real miracle! I never knew such miracle still exit”

“Miracles still exit when you have the Grace of God in your life and your mother carried that grace”

He breathed and said,
“I know my enemies are at war but they will never succeed”

“We shall defeat them in any arrow they will be coming from”
She said.

He hvgged her and said,
“Thank God you are alive,I don’t know what I will do if anything bad happen to you”

“Nothing will happen to me son as i said the Grace of God is upon my life”

Few minutes later,the police men arrived they were surprised to see the mother with him,he narrated everything to them which they find it so difficult to believe that such miracle still exit.

“Thank God your mother is alive,we take our leave now”
One of the police men said.

“Thank you all for your time I will call the D.P.O and inform him what happen”
He said as he sees them off to the gate.

“Son I will be in my room i nee-d to rest”
She said and stood up.

“Okay,you nee-d it”
He said and watches her climbe-d the stairs.

“I know Mama will not escape from Queen Shaba”
He thought and rest on the couch.

Obinna was lying down on the couch thinking about the incident that happened last night.

“E still dey shock me say Esther dey do ashawo for this city”
He said and shooked his head.

“Yes I dey come!
The door bell ranged and he went to open the door.

“How e go with the operation?
He asked as the guys step in.

“Obitex my eyes don see my ears today”
Tiger said and sat down.

“Scorpion w€tin happen?
He asked the head of the guys.

“I take today know say witch dey exit”
He sounded.

“If I tell you w€tin happen today you no go fit belive am”
[email protected] said.

“Wait ooo! Scorpion where python? He no follow una go for the operation?
He asked when he noticed one of them is not with them.

They kept quite and shooked their heads,
“w€tin happen to python?
He asked being so confused of their silent.

“We loose python for that operation!
[email protected] sounded.

“Loose python! w€tin you dey talk?
He asked being so confused.

“That woman nah confirm witch! We sh0t her she no die,come sh0t her again she still no die I come use our power do the incantation sh0t am again and the bullet do magic and sh0t python”
Scorpion explained.

“Which kind story be this one nah? That woman nah real devil wan dey human b©dy”
He shouted.

“E still be like magic to me say python come die like that”
Tiger shouted.

“Where him b©dy dey now?

“We don carry am go moturay”
[email protected] said.

“E dey pain me say my own python don go like that! I hope say you tell Eze-ego w€tin happen?

“Why I no go tell am? He talk say he go s£nd me money where I go use give him people for village”
Scorpion said.

They kept so quite,shooking their heads and mourning their love one.

🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻The next day which is the last day Emeka was given to sacrifice his mother,he has planed with Eze-ego to go and seek help from Queen Shaba at their usual time(midnight).

Emeka and his mother were in the sitting room gisting and laughing,all of a sudden Queen Shaba appeared.

Emeka [email protected]£ so frightened when she saw her,he stood up hurriedly.

“Emeka what is it? What are you looking at?
The mother asked confusedly.

“Today is the last day I told you to sacrifice your mother but you prove to be so stubborn,you will see the rust of Queen Shaba”
She shouted.

“plea-se give me one more chance I promise I won’t fail”
He pleaded with his hands folded.

The mother moved closed to him and tapped him on his backside,
“What is it? Who are you talking to?
She asked confusedly looking around to see if she will see the person.

Queen Shaba laughed and striked him without showing any mercy and disappeared.

“What is it son? Who are you talking to?
She asked again.

He looked at the mother and started smiling,
“Me talking to someone?

“Yes! You were talking to someone a while ago”
She said still confused.

“I said I was not talking to someone”
He shouted and started laughing uncontrollable.

“What is it Emeka? Why are you laughing like this?
She asked being so confused and held his hand.

He threw her hand,still laughing,
“Mama did you know how to dance Focus dance? I know you don’t know let me show you nah”
He said and started dancing for her.

“What is all this? What is wrong with my son?
She shouted.

He was dancing,laughing and started removing his cloth.

“Why are you removing your cloth Emeka? This have [email protected] boundaries,is something else”
She sounded.

She tried to st©p him from removing his shi-t,he pushed her on the couch re-moved his shi-t and fli-pped it out.

He ran outside and the mother ran after him,
“My son is running mad ooooo!
She cried out.

“Musa open this gate now!
He shouted and hit him on his fresh barbe-d head.

“Musa don’t open the gate for him,my emeny is at work my son is running mad”
She cried out.

“Open this gate now before I bur-st your head ooo!
He shouted and hit him again on the head.

“Musa don’t open the gate for him,let try and catch him”
She shouted.

He re-moved his trou-ser,started shouting like a mad man and running around the compound,they chased after him for over twenty minutes before they finally caught him.

They brou-ght chain and tied his hand together including his legs,he was still shouting and talking nons-en-se as the mother watches him with tears.



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