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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 17







It’s a week and three days since Emeka was asked to sacrifice his mother unless he will be re-ady to face the consequences of it,he walked to his secret room with a weeping heart,he collected a knife staring at the mirror,

“Mother I got no other option but to do this,am so sorry”
He sounded feeling so sad.

He stood there for almost twenty minutes,staring at the mirror with a knife on his hand,
“This so [email protected]! I can’t do this! I can’t kill my own mother!
He shouted feeling so pain.

He recalled back the warning of Queen Shaba,he bites his lower l!pand closed his eyes,he called out the mother,

“Mother! Mother! Mother!
He called her three times but she didn’t appear at the mirror.

“What happen? She did not appear!
He shouted feeling so shocked.

He decided to try one more time and this time she appeared while studying her bible and a lighten from nowhere strike,the knife flew out from his hand as he ran out in fear to his room.

He sat down on the be-d breathing so heavily and battling in fear,
“What just happen? Where did that light [email protected]£ from?
He sounded.

He was sweating like someone that [email protected]£ out from the bathroom.

“I nee-d to call Eze-ego right away”
He shouted and reached out his phone.

📞 I nee-d to see you in my house”
He said on the phone and hanged up,he went downstairs to wait for him.

Thirty minutes later,Eze-ego arrived without wasting time.

“What happen? You sounded so urgently on the phone”
He asked and sat down.

“What happened a while ago is so confusedly”
With the look on his face you will defiantly know that something bad happened.

“What is it? What happen?
He asked again.

He explained everything to him,
“This is so unbelievable!
He shouted.

“Very very unbelievable! I don’t know What to do anymore”

“You got to do something if you still what to be alive and enjoy more of your wealth”

“That’s why I called you,what did you suggest I should do?

“There are many ways to kill a rat since the spiritual way didn’t work you have to apply the physical way”

“Physical way! How?

“You can poison her or stab her any way you feel is so easy for you”

“My man this is so difficult!

“You got no choice but to do it if you still want to be alive,remember what I told you Queen Shaba is unforgiven someb©dy,she got no mercy for anyone that offend her”

“I guess I have to call Mama over to my house before end of this week”

“That’s what you have to do,remember you don’t have much time left so hurry and carry out your plan,I won’t be happy if something bad happen to you”

“I will succeed in killing her physical”

“Now you are talking,let me start going i will be expecting some clients at my house within an hour from now”

“Okay my man! See you later”
They shaked hands and Eze-ego uses the door.

“I got to do this i can’t allow my life to be ruined”
He said and dialed his mother’s number.

📞 Mama dey Mama!
He sounded at the moment she picked the call.

📞 How are you doing Son?

📞 Am not okay,I miss you am just lonely at home”

📞 That’s why I told you get another wife since you wife [email protected] out you won’t be lonely”

📞 Mama my lonilness is not about a wife I just nee-d to be with my mother and I also misses your delicious food”

She laughed and said,
📞 Oh i see! You want your mother to come and visit you?

📞 Exactly Mama! I want you to come over”

📞 Why can’t you come down and spend some time with me instead?

📞 Mama you know I can not come down because of my business schedule”

📞 Okay,When did you want me to come?

📞 Tomorrwo Mama!

📞 Tomorrow! Why can’t you leave it to next week I still have some farm to cultivate on”

📞 No Mama! Next week is not good at all about your farm I will s£nd you money to pay to the labourers that will cultivate on it ,you know it has been long I saw and ate your meal and that was after Chioma’s burial”

📞 Oh that’s true! You will see me at your door step tomorrwo”

📞 I love that Mom! Tell your driver to bring you”

📞 He will bring me”

📞 I love you mother!

📞 I love you too son!

📞 I will hang up the call now I have some business issue to attain”

📞 Okay see you tomorrow”

He end up the call feeling so excited that his mother is coming over and this time she won’t escape any of this plan to kill her.

It has been a week and three days I started living my life as a pr©st!tût£and within that week I had sle-pt with twenty men both the young and old,I know it sounds funny but that’s the danm truth,sometimes I sle-pt with five men a day.

I have been slee-ping with them with protec-tion and if they insist of using protec-tion I got no other option but to drug them I can’t come and jeopardized my plan of transferring this virus to hundred people.

Within that week,I have made a hvge amount of money,I rented a beautiful and a comfortable house with beautiful furnitures,i even brou-ght a car,my life really changed into a [email protected] lady.

I got dressed for my night work looking so S-xy and beautiful as usual,am still standing on the road waiting for client when I don’t have any contracts.

At the moment I stepped down the girls started shouting at me,
“Ashawo! Ashawo one Naria! You be witch or w€tin since you come for our area you don dey collect all our clients,they s£nd you”
They shouted and ranting their mouths like mad dogs.

“Una dey jealous of me! Una no get package like me nah! Una no carry w€tin I carry nah,you get this S-xy @ss?
I shouted hitting my ash for them ma-king them to be more jealous.

“You call that thing @ss? That thing no be @ss na waterproof full there”
They shouted.

“Jealous! Na jealous wan go kill una”
I shouted.

I kept quite as they contiue ranting their mouths like mad dogs they are,few minutes a client [email protected]£ and took me,I laughed at them seeing their faces written with so much jealously.

We got to the h0tel,payed the receptionist and walked straight to the room.

The waiter brou-ght wine for us as usual,we gisted before going into the main thing.

We k!$$£d and k!$$£d,I pushed him inside the be-d undressed him and [email protected]£ss!ngthe hair on his che-st showing him what am good at that’s my S-xy str!ps.

We got to the main sweetest of it all,
“A seconds plea-se!
He said and reached out for his wallet.

“What are you looking?
I asked knowing fully well what he is looking for.

He sounded.

I laughed and rest my hands on his shoulder,
“Don’t you like it raw?

“protec-tion is better,it’s prevent things”

“C’mon forget about protec-tion! You will enjoy it raw beside skin to skin is the best”
I said as I k!$$£d him on thel-ips.

He insisted on using the protec-tion but I can’t let him go free,he must enjoy the virus with me.

I turned him on with k!sses and [email protected]£ss!nguntil he [email protected]£ so £r£¢tthat he don’t know when he pushed me to the be-d and wire me with S-x upon S-x.

In the morning,he drops two hundred thousand Naria for me with a note saying he enjoyed me so much that he never had S-x like that before,here is my number call me to able to reach you whenever I nee-d you.

I laughed so devilishly and said,
“Go and enjoy your virus!

One thing about this my lifestyle if I had S-x with you i will not sleep with you again.

I k!$$£d the money and put it inside my bag,walked to the bathroom had my bath before leaving the h0tel.

“Mama welcome!
Emeka gave his mother a ti-ght hvg.

“The nee-d of asking you how you are when I have alre-ady seen you have slim down”
She said.

“That’s why I told you to come I have missed you food so much”
He sounded as they move to the sitting room.

The mother laughed and said,
“Before I will go back i will make sure i feed you so well so that you will add back i don’t like your b©dy stature at all”

“Is okay Mama so how was the journey?
He asked as he sat beside her.

“The journey was good”

“I know you are tired,let me get you chill jui-ce to cool down the system”
He sounded with smiles.

“Exactly what I nee-d!
She sounded with smiles.

He smiled and said,
“A minute!

He walked to the fridge and brou-ght the jui-ce with a [email protected] meanwhile he has alre-ady injected the jui-ce with poison.

“Is so chill Mama!
He said with smiles as he poured the jui-ce for her.

She took a sip of the jui-ce and sounded with smiles,
“So chill! Just the way I want it”

He laughed and said,
“I know you will like it”

“gr-ab a [email protected] and join me”
She said as she took another sip of the jui-ce.

“Don’t worry am okay”
He replied with smiles.

“Why won’t you be lonely in this big compound? I nee-d to get yourself another wife,it has been months since your wife [email protected] out or are you still mourning her?
She asked.

“Don’t worry Mama I will get a wife soon”

“If you are finding it difficult to get a good wife,I will help you get a wife,a well behave girl with a good upbring and from a Christian home”

“As I said Mama I will a get a wife soon so you don’t have to bother yourself over it okay”

“Okay but just know that you nee-d a wife and kids that will be running up and down in this big mansion”

He laughed and said,
“I know Mama”

He started starring at her uncontrollable without blinking her eyes,
💭 What’s going on? The poison suppose to start working by now,why is she not feeling it?
He thought.

“Son,what of your friend Eze-ego?
She asked and noticed that her son is no longer there with her.

“Emeka what is it? Are you okay?
She shouted and tapped him on his shoulder ma-king him to come back alive.

“Yes Mama!
He answered hurriedly.

“You are lost in thought,are you okay?
She asked being so worried.

“Yes Mama am okay,it just that I nee-d to rest”

“Okay you can go up to your room and rest once am done with my jui-ce I will go and prepare dinner”

“Okay Mama!
He hvgged her and gazed at the jui-ce before heading up to his room.

He lied down on the be-d starring at the rotating ceiling fan,

“I don’t un-derstand what’s going on,she suppose to be feeling the effect of the poison or could it be the poison is not that powerful or what? But Eze-ego @ssured me that the poison is so powerful and it kills immediately it been put in the mouth”

He stood up and walked around the room with his hands folded.

“It seem the poison refused to work on her,I have to use plan another way to kill her i don’t have much time left”

I was resting waiting for my usual time to go out and have fun,my phone ranged,
📞 Good day madam S-xy!

📞 You dey house?

📞 Yes! Na house wan i dey so”

📞 I get client for you”

📞Oh really! s£nd me the location.

📞 May you know forget our deal”

📞 You get wahala for that one nah,you know how e dey be nah”

📞 Oya nah! I don s£nd you the location may you go enjoy b©dy”

📞 I dey tell you! No be small enjoyment,I go call you later”
I said and hanged up the call.

Madam S-xy owned a bar that is very popular where all the prostitutes work and she is into runs by arranging girls for any client and she will get pay for that.

I was introduced to her by one of my client,she has been arranging clients for me in a deal I will be paying her twenty percent of the money i made from the clients.

I looked at the location,
“Oh Grandland h0tel! I know there it is twenty kilometer away from my house”

One thing I hate is keeping my clients waiting,I stood up walked to my closet,find something so S-xy and attrac-tive feeling so excited that another man i have to enjoy the virus with me.

I drove to the h0tel,met the receptionist gave her the name of the person I [email protected]£ to see.

“He is in room 301!
She said with smiles after going throu-gh her check book.

“Thank you!
I replied with smiles.

“You are welcome!
She said as I made my way to the room.

I got to the room and ranged the door bell,
“Come in!
The voice [email protected]£ from the bathroom.

I [email protected]£ inside and he said,
“Make yourself comfortable,I will join with you in a jiffy.

“That voice seem so familiar to me,could it be one of my client I have met before or what”
I thought and sat down on the be-d to wait him and clear off my curiosity.

Some seconds he [email protected]£ out i was so shocked of who I saw.

I stood up hurriedly and shouted,
“Oh mine! Obinna!

He shouted being so shock.

I took my bag and ran out immediately,he was calling me but I pay no attention to him.

I drove back home and still feeling so shock of seeing my brother in a h0tel room.

After dinner,Emeka went up to his room leaving the mother at the sitting room waiting for the right opportunity for him to kill her.

Thirty minutes later,his mother has dozed off,he [email protected]£ down with a knife feeling so excited that he will now kill her.

He hide the kinfe at his back,he moved his hand around his face to see if she will blink,he smiled at the moment he noticed she is fast asleep.

He raised up the kinfe to stab her but couldn’t do it,his hand hanged on the air and he f0rç£ly brou-ght down the hand.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I stab her?
He thought and tried again,his hand hanged on the air again.

He f0rç£ly brou-ght down the hand and ran up to his room,
“What type of power did Mother have that I can not be able to kill her? I have tried several times to kill her but all to no avail, where did she get such power from?
He thought feeling so restlessness.

At midnight and in a dream,Emeka mother was seen chasing by a monster,his face was burnt and his head was buring like a firewood,his b©dy was covered with a black garment,he was chasing her with a [email protected]

She keep on running and shouting for help ,the whole place was so dark and nowhere for to hide,she was running and all of a sudden she sli-ped and fall down,the ugly monster raised up the kinfe to kill her,

She shouted and waked up immediately and was even sweating.

“The Blood of Jesus Christ! What type of terrible dream is this?
She shouted.

She reached for her bible re-ad some verses and prayed,covered herself and the son with the Blood of Jesus before going back to sleep.

In the morning,she told the son about the terrible dream she had.

“Are you serious Mama?
He sounded.

“Yes Son! The dream was bad but thank God I over [email protected]£ the wizard”

“The plans of our enemies over our heads will go back to them”
He said.

“Amen Son!
She said and nodded her head.

“Mama I nee-d to see my friend Eze-ego,we have some business issue to discuss”

“Okay! Tell him I s£nd my greetings”

“I will Mama!
He hvgged her and uses the door.

Twenty minutes later,he arrived at Eze-ego’s house looking so worried.

“Am tired! I don’t know what to do anymore,this woman don’t want to die”
He sounded being so worried.

“Are you saying the poison did not kill her?
He asked.

“It didn’t work at all! I even try to stab her but strange thing happened,my hand was hanged on the air”

“This is unbelievable!
He shouted.

“I don’t know the type of power she have that she don’t want to die,I don’t know what to do anymore i have two days left now”
He paniced.

He tapped him on his shoulder and said,
“Don’t have to panic! I have a plan and this plan she will not escape it”

“What’s the plan?

He whispered to him,
“Are you sure it will work?

“Trust me,she will not escape this one”

“Okay,get me something h0t let me cool down my [email protected]

He brou-ght whisky as they drank and gisted.




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