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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 16







“What are you telling me nurse? What did you mean my child is dead? But he just cried now”
I cried out finding so difficult to believe that my own baby is gone.

“My dear I can’t really tell what happen,why the baby cried and dead”
One of the nurses said to me.

“plea-se take heart,God knows why it happen this way”
The other nurse said to me as she pat me on my shoulder.

I cried and cried as the nurse took him away while the other nurse comfort and cleaned me up.

It’s so painful and heart broken for carrying your child in your wo-mb for a whole nine months with pains and suffering and when the time for you to rejoice and welcome your baby it will turn out to be another pains upon pains.

My baby was buried at cemetery since I got no relatives or any place to bury him.

Few of my neighbours took me home as they sympathy and consoled me,seeing the baby things break my heart the most.

I cried and cried but at a point I realized who am i,a living walking corpse an HIV person that will die one faithful day,it is better that the child died now then being alive and suffer as a viticm of this unbeatable disease that call himself HIV and still visit death.

But why didn’t the baby died when I wanted to abort him or even died throu-gh miscarriage then allowing me to carried him for a whole nine months in pains and agony and still died.

“It’s well since the world decided to be so cruel and wicked to me and brou-ght this miserable pains on me, i will not die alone,i will make sure to distribute this virus to any man that will come across me,i will not have mercy for anyone,my heart will be that my back in fact it will be like a rock,that’s my promise”
I said and wiped out my tears.

My neighbour helped me out in bathing me and cleaning up everywhere for me,providing the necessary things a nursing mother nee-d in washing out the b©dy system and to balance back to normal.

It’s a month now and am fully recovered back to normal again and strong, if you see me you won’t know I have given birth before,I gave out my baby things to my neighbour that gave birth.

“It’s the right time for me to take my first move,to meet my first victim”
I said with smiles.

I got up from the be-d,dressed up in a S-xy attire reviewing my S-xy curve,apply some make up,a redl-ipstick and a black wig on my hair looking so beautiful,I stares at the mirror with smiles as i admire my beauty.

“This night gonna be so h0t!
I said with smiles and made my way out from the compound.

I got cab to where this night pr©st!tût£to stay and wait for customers,when I got there many girls were there both slim,chubby and fat,beautiful and ugly waiting for customers,they stares at me but who cares no be w€tin they come do I [email protected]£ do.

I positioned myself in a S-xy style waiting for my first victim within five minutes a man parked his car in front of me,he should be closed forty or there about.

“Hey S-xy!
He said to me as i went to answer him.

“Hey Mr handsome!
I win-ked at him romatically with smiles.

“I want you to ride with me this night?

“What all plea-sure Mr handsome”

“What are you waiting for? Get in let have some fun”
He sounded with smiles.

I turned my back and looked at the other girls faces filled with sadness.

I got into the car as we drove to a h0tel,we went to the room the waiter got us some wine.

“Give me so minutes i will be right back,let me freshen up”

“Am all yours tonight”
I said as he smiled at me and went to the bathroom.

I poured some wine started drinking and waiting for him.

Within some minutes,he [email protected]£ out tied a white towel around his [email protected]!st meanwhile am alre-ady undressed and prepare for him.

“I hope I didn’t waste time?

“Not at all Mr handsome,you know what lie down let me show you my str!ps, you gonna enjoy it”
I said ro-mantically as he lied down.

Firstly,I crossed him poured small wine on his che-st using my ton-gue to li-ck so S-xy and [email protected]£ss!nghis hairs at the sometime,he keeps on smiling as he enjoy every bit of it.

Secondly,I k!$$£d so [email protected] on thel-ips and started [email protected]£ss!ngand k!ss!nghim all over his b©dy,I re-moved the towel and gr-ab his d!¢k start [email protected] it as he [email protected] in plea-sure.

Thirdly,I su-cked his d!¢k as he [email protected] and ma-king him to be so hor-nyI know you guys will be wondering where I learn this all thanks to p©rn.

I k!$$£d him on thel-ips as we S-xed till morning breaks.

I waked up turned my right side I did not see him or any of his things,I saw the money he left and a note.

“Baby I enjoyed you so much and I can’t wait to have more of you”
I re-ad.

“Go and enjoyed your life with HIV”
I laughed and k!$$£d the Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naria he gave me.

I got to the bathroom showered and made my way out from the h0tel to my house.

I lied down feeling so happy and brou-ght out my note,wrote his name as my number one victim.

“I must distribute this virus to hundred people before I die”
I laughed and laughed,rest my head.

At the brotherhood,the Queen and her cabinets gathered for their monthly sacrifices,they sang as usual and [email protected]£ up and sacrificed to the Queen Shaba.

Emeka [email protected]£ up to sacrifice to the Queen Shaba but his sacrifice was rejected ma-king everywhere to be so astonished.

The Queen stood up and shouted with so much anger,
“That is not a head of a vir-gin! Queen Shaba is angry with you for doing this”

“Am sorry my Queen I never knew she was not a vir-gin,it won’t happen again”
He apologized being so surprised.

“Shaba is very much angry with you and she nee-d to taste the blood of your mother that’s the only way she will be plea-sed”
She shouted.

“My mother! No Queen Shaba! It can’t be my mother nah! Let me sacrifice many babies you want or even the head of my cousin any thing but [email protected] from my mother plea-se Queen Shaba”
He pleaded.

“That’s what the Shaba want from you,sacrifice your mother within two weeks or be re-ady to face the consequences of it”
She shouted.

They sang and disappeared back to their various houses.

Emeka walk helplessly in his room thinking on what to do about the Queen’s decision.

“I can’t kill my own mother,she is the only one I have in this world,she is so precious to me i can’t end her life”
He thought.

It one week now and Emeka have not made up his mind to sacrifice his mother to Queen Shaba.

“It is alre-ady one week,how far with the Queen’ s decision concerning your mother,have made up your mind?
His friend that [email protected]£ to visit him asked.

“Bro how can i do that? How can I sacrifice my own mother? This woman has done so much for me,she has been throu-gh a lot just for me,she has suffered and suffered so much for me which you know very well,I joined this secret occult all because of my mother for her to enjoy life and bring her out my family from poverty and now for her to enjoy all the wealth her son have made they want me to end her life”
He sounded so bitterly.

“Bro you got nothing to do,you can’t change the decision of the Queen Shaba,her choice is her choice and nothing can change it so if I were you i will do the nee-dful than facing the consequences that will befall you,no one can go against the Queen’ s decision and still be alive”
He said as he takes a sip his alcohol.

“So what you are saying is I should sacrifice my own mother?
He asked with his hands on his jaw.

“Oh yes do it if you still want to be alive and enjoy more wealth from the Queen Shaba beside this thing actually happened to me i did not waste time in killing my own mother had it been i did not listen to the advice they gave what did you think that will be the outcome of it if not death? So brother think twice”

He breathed and sounded,
“This is so [email protected] for me to do,kill my own mother”
He shooked his head.

“You got no other option but to do that if you still want to be alive,I will like to take my leave now it is getting late”
He stood up.

“Let me see you off”

He tapped him on the backside,
“Don’t bother just think and don’t do something you will regret later”
He said and made his way out.

“What am I going to do? How can I kill my own mother?
He sounded being so confused on what to do.

As he was thinking on what to do,the Queen Shaba appeared to him,he stood up and greet her.

“Greetings my Queen Mother!

“It is one week and I have not hear from you,what is still keeping you in sacrificing your mother?

“My Queen it is so [email protected] do,plea-se is there any other way out”

“That’s what Queen Shaba want for you and you must do it if you don’t face the consequences of it”
She shouted and disappeared.

He sat down and rest his head on the pillow couch thinking on what to do.



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