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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 15







“Oh my God! Emeka you are a ritualist! A bloody devil!
She shouted with so much shock written all over her.

“How dare you to barged in to this room”
He shouted with so much anger,the anger in him was even reviewing the veins in his b©dy.

“I will expo-se you! I will tell the whole world who you are! A bloody ritualist! Onye Ogu Ego! A money ritualist”
She shouted and about to leave,he dragged her back and hooked her on her n£¢k.

“What makes you think you will expo-se me? What makes you think you will leave here alive?
He shouted with so much anger.

She started pleading for mercy as he keep on strangling her until she lost her breath and gave up.

“Nons-en-se! You deserve this! You think you can expo-se me now see your miserable dead b©dy lying down here”
He shouted and laughed out devilishly.

“What will I do to this disgusting b©dy?
He thought and cleaned off the heat from his face.

He later [email protected]£ up with a plan,he carried the b©dy on his shoulder to downstairs,he kept her on the couch and went outside to examine the environment.

Meanwhile the cab man is still waiting for her,
“E be like this woman no wan go again,w€tin dey keep am for inside nah? No time to waste,time na money”
He said and walked to the gate.

“Who dey knock for that gate?
The gate man shouted and opened the gate.

“Eyaaa! Who you be? How I go take help you?

“E get one Madam wey I drop for here,she tell me to wait for am may she go inside bring something,i wan know if she still dey go”

“Who is at the gate Adamu?

“Oga na one taxi man who talk say Madam tell am say make he wait for am”

“Okay tell him that she is not going again”

“My Oga say make I tell you say him wife no dey go again”

“If she no wan go again may she come pay me my money nah”

“Oga he talks say Madam never pay him”

He went closed to them,
“How much is your money?

“Oga nah one thousand for taking her and bringing her back”

He gave him double of the money.

“Thank you Sir!
He thanked him so happily.

“Oya dey go!

The cab man went out as the gateman knocked the gate.

Emeka thought on how to put the b©dy of his wife on his car boot to avoid been seen by the gateman.

“Adamu did we still have petrol?

“Yes Sir!

“Are you sure it will be enough because I went to throw [email protected] for my friends today and I don’t want to hear story?

“Oga I know sure if e go dey enough”

“Oya take money and go buy it right now”
He gave him the money.

He watches him exits from the gate before going inside,he carried the b©dy to his car boot and put her there.

He drived out to the morgue immediately and despoited her b©dy there.

It has been three months i started my pure water business and it has been helping me a lot,I was able to buy mattress and some other kitchens utensil like a pot and stovel with a plate.

Within this three months my stomach has alre-ady bu-mped out,I was coming back from hawking and I say this noticeboard “A sale girl wanted” in a restaurant.

“If I start working here I will be earning more money more than from my hawking business and it will also help me in buying some things for the baby”
I thought with smiles.

“Let me go and meet the Madam”

I walked in to meet the woman,

“Good evening Ma!
I greeted the lady there I guess she is the owner of the restaurant.

“Evening! Did you want to buy food?

“No Ma! I saw the noticeboard outside that’s why I [email protected]£,Madam I can do the work”
I said with smiles.

“You can do the work considering your condition?
She asked.

“Yes Madam! Forget about my condition,I can do anything at all at all,Fetch water,serve the customers,pound pounded yam any thing”

“I don’t think if you are fit to work here,you are a pregnant woman”

“Madam forget about my condition, besides pregnant women nee-d some exercises and working here will also be [email protected] of exercise for me”

“Don’t this type of work young lady”

“Madam I nee-d this job,it will help me a lot in buying some things for this baby,plea-se forget about my condition and allow me to work for you i promise to be loyal to all your services”
I pleaded with my hands folded.

She kept quite for a while,
“I have to sleep over it so you can come back tomorrow to know if I have consider or not”

“Thank you Ma! I take that as yes from you Ma!
I thanked and rejoiced happily as i made my way out.

Later in the evening around eight clock or so,Emeka [email protected]£ down to the gateman’s quarter.

“Adamu where did my wife go to? This half [email protected] eight and she is not home and her number is not reachable”
He asked.

Adamu looked at him confusedly,
“Oga I know un-derstand ooo! Your wife suppose dey inside”

“Meaning what? That am running mad or what? My wife is inside and am asking you her whereabout”
He shouted.

“No Oga! I know see your wife when she comot for this house”

“That’s what you should say and not saying nons-en-se”
He shouted.

“Where an earth are you? I hope nothing bad has happen to you”
He sounded pretending to be worried.

“Oga calm down nothing go happen to madam,she dey come you know how Lagos traffic dey be nah maybe na w€tin keep am”

“I hope so!
He sounded and went upstairs.

In the morning,he rushed and took his bath straight to the car.

“Adamu hurry and open the gate”
He shouted and went inside the car.

“Oga where you dey go look for Madam?

“Let me go to the village and see if she [email protected]£ back home without giving me a notice”

“Oga may you no worry too much you go find her”

He opened the gate as drived out to the village.

Within four hours he arrived at Chioma’s house,he met her mother sweeping the compound.

“In law this one you are at home so early alone,I hope all is well?
She asked being so surprised.

“Mama all is not well! Is my wife here?
He asked.

“Your wife here! Your wife can’t be here”
She replied her confusedly.

“Don’t tell me that Mama! I know my wife is here,Chioma come out ooo,enough with that your prank,you know I hate it”
He shouted and rushed inside to look for her.

He [email protected]£ out looking so worried with his hands on his head.

“In law what is it? Where is my daughter Chioma?
She asked being so confused.

“I don’t know Mama! I [email protected]£ back very late from work yesterday I did not see my wife and I was told she went to the market,I have been calling and calling but her number is not reachable,I thought something happened at the village and she rushed down without dropping a message for me that’s why I rushed down this morning”
He said teary.

“What are you saying? Where is my daughter?
She cried out.

“Mama nothing will happen to her,I have called the police to search for her around the market and I know I will get a relief responsive from them”

Some minutes later a call gave in,
“Where did you find her? At the market! Okay I will be right there”

“Is my daughter still alive?
She cried out.

“Mama the caller didn’t say,let me reach back to the city i will get back as soon as I got there”

“Okay! God plea-se save my daughter for me”
She cried out as she sat on the bench.

Within four hours,Emeka is back to the city and to his friend”s house.

“Job well done! Thank you my man”
He said with smiles as he shaked him 🤝

“What are friends for?

“Let’s make our next move”
They laughed as they cheer with drinks.

He s£nd message across to Chioma’s people,he told them that she was found dead on the roadside,they [email protected]£ in conclusion that she was hit down by car.

They cried and cried so bitterly for the death of their daughter.

Two months later,Chioma was buried and nob©dy really know what actually happened to her,they only believed she was hited down by a car as the story given to them.
It has been four months I started working at the restaurant and the salary is so awesome,my job at the restaurant only based at the kitchen,washing the dishes,pounding all the pounding and fetching of water from the borehole.

I always make sure everywhere looks so tidy and clean,the problem I have at the restaurant is from the two workers who hate and envy me so much simple because our Madam likes the way I works and sometimes she will add bonus to my salary for being so [email protected]

They once told me that if I did not resign from the restaurant they will make my life a living hell and s£nd me out that I can’t come here and [email protected]£ Madam’s favourite and be receiving all the rewards and I can’t report them to Madam without having any evidence to prove to her.

One faithful evening,I was washing the dishes and Amanda walked to me.

“Madam dey call you!
She said and eyed me.

I cleaned my hands and went to answer her,
“I find out that some money is missing from the sales we made today,I called Amanda and Rose they said I should question you about it that you are in a best position to know where the money is”

“Me! No Madam,I don’t steal and I can never steal”
I sounded i was not surprised at all because i know something like this will happen and I just hope Madam will believe me.

“Liar! You are a bloody liar! You are a thife Esther”
Nkechi shouted.

“Madam we saw her stealing the money from the drawer”
Amanda shouted.

“Don’t believe them Madam, they are lying against me,I did not steal the money”
I cried out.

“Esther for the four months you started working for me I have been observing you very well,I did not seen you like someone that steal”

“Madam you can’t identify a thife by their looks,this Esther you see here is a real thife and a pretender too”
Nkechi said.

“Esther did you steal my money or not”
The madam shouted.

“Belive me Madam i did not steal your money,Nkechi and Amanda are lying against me,they vowed to make me loose my job”
I said.

“Amanda why are we wasting time here,go and bring her bag let Madam search and see things for herself”

Amanda rushed and brou-ght my bag,
“Madam I saw her putting the money inside this bag”

She gave to her and her greatest surprise she saw the money.

“Esther why are you like this? Have I not be so good to you? Why did you have to steal my money?
She shouted.

“I did not steal this money Madam,they planed this just to make me so that i will loose this job”
I cried out.

“Madam is it not obvious that she is pregnant and she nee-ds money that’s why she steal your money”
Amanda shouted.

“I knew it from the first day you started working here that you are not a good person and pretending to be good just to steal and win Madam’s love thank God you are expo-se today”
Nkechi shouted.

“Esther i can’t have a thife in my restaurant so pack your things and leave here immediately before I will call the police on you”
She shouted.

“Madam don’t believe them am telling you the truth,they pilot this against me”
I cried out.

Amanda drew my bag on me and shouted,
“A bloody crooked that’s what you are,leave this restaurant”
She shouted.

They pushed her out without minding her condition,they insulted and called her all manners of names.

Finally they have succeed in ma-king me to loose my job but it’s well and I will survive,I got to my house and rest for the day.

It’s nine months and I will soon put to birth,the things I nee-ded for the baby are re-ady and well packed.

I just finished having my morning bath,resting on the be-d and I felt the baby kicked I thought it’s a normal kick until the baby keeps kicking continuously,I felt a something dropping from my pri-vate [email protected]

“The water breaks! Am in labour!
I screamed for help as the neighbour rushed in.

They took me to the general hospital,I was rushed to the labour room immediately.

It was so painful to pushed the baby out but finally I did it,hearing the baby cried filled my heart with so much joy.

All of a sudden the baby st©ps crying,
“What happen to my child?
I asked as I stared at the nurses looking at me with a pity face.

“Talk to me,what happen to my child?
I shouted with the little strength in me.

“Am sorry to say this,your child is dead”
One of the nurses said.

“What? Meaning what?
I cried out in shocked.



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