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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 14







“plea-se Madam don’t do this to me,I did not do anything,I can never snatch your husband away from you”
I cried out as i ban-ged on the gate.

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“Musa if you open that gate for her that will be the end of your job,nons-en-se!
I overheard her shouted at the gateman.

“plea-se Musa help me and beg Madam,I did not do anything,plea-se”
I cried out.

“Esther i know say you know do anything and I know say Oga dey worry you for S-x I don see am many times but I know fit beg Madam for you because she no go listen at all at all,come put yourself for Madam’s shoe you go un-derstand where him dey pitch am,Madam know want anyb©dy come snatch him husband from am”
He said.

“But I did not do anything,she should know that it her husband that is [email protected] me S-xually”
I cried out as i ban-ged the gate again.

“What is she still doing at my gate Musa? Is like you want your job to be sorry?
I overheard Madam shouted from upstairs at the balcony.

“Esther plea-se leave nah,I know wan loose my job,you see this job na w€tin I dey take feed my family for village”
He said.

“Don’t worry I will leave”
I said, wiped out my tears and made my way out.

“How will I start? Where will i start from?
I thought on how to start this cruel life of mine.

I [email protected]£ up with a plan to looking for a house a general compound since I still have some money that can help me rent an [email protected] then wondering around the streets and slee-ping on people’s shops or uncompleted building.

I walked around for almost five hours before I finally got a general compound,I was introduced to the owner of the building as we barged for the price until he agreed to my payment,I payed him,the room is just a small squared room but at least it is better then slee-ping on the shops un-der the cold weather,I tidy up the room.

Then i have gotten a roof un-der my head the next thing to look for something to be doing before hunger will kill me,I calculated the money i have with me and it can only help me to start up a pure water business.

“Well it is something then stay hunger,tomorrwo morning I will start my pure water business”
I put the money back in my bag,spre-ad my wra-pper on the floor and rest.

At the brotherhood,the room decorated with red curtain,a table covered with red sheet,two human skulls at the table and the center a little calabash tied with red sheet with fire coming out from the mouth,a Queen wearing a red garment with a staff on her hand and her eyes shinning so red,she sat beside the table.

Her cabinets, line up facing each other wearing a black garment with their eyes shinning red, singing and prasing the Queen.

🎼 Queen Shaba! Shaba……..Shaba……

🎼 Queen of Riches! Riches……Riches…..

🎼Queen of Wealth! Wealth…..Wealth…….
They sang with so much happiness.

“Welcome you my beloved people to our monthly sacrifice”
She said with smiles.

“Thank you our Queen Shaba”
They choursed.

“Obinna come up and offer your monthly sacrifice”
She said.

He [email protected]£ up standing at the front of the fire calabash.

“Queen Shaba here is the head of mother”
He said with smiles and pres£nted it to the calabash as the fire consumed it.

“Well done Son of Shaba! Go and enjoy more of your wealth!
The Queen Shaba said.

“Thank you Queen Shaba”
He rejoiced and went back to his line.

“Monica come up and offer your monthly sacrifice”
She said.

She [email protected]£ out,
“Queen Shaba here is my husband’s man-hood”
She offered it.

“Well done daughter of Shaba! Go and enjoy more of your wealth!

“Thank you so much Queen Shaba”
She went back to her line.

“Emeka(Emy Dollars) come up and offer your monthly”

He [email protected]£ out,
“Queen Shaba here is the head of a vir-gin”

“Well done Son of Shaba! Go and enjoy more of your wealth”

“Thank you Queen Shaba!
He went back to his line.

She keeps on calling them one after the other until it reach ten,some were sacrificing head of their mothers,wives,sisters,brothers even their unborn babies.

After the sacrifice,they sang and danced before disappearing back to their various houses.

Chioma sat down on the be-d thinking how the journey of her marriage has been.

“It has been four months now since I got married to Emeka and within that months he has never t©uçhed me as his wife,I don’t know if he is cheating on me or not”

“Anytime I raised up the issue of not being S-xually t©uçh as his wife or try to s£dûç£him to be S-xually active he will beat me and called a pr©st!tût£infact all kinds of names,He beats and nagged in any little thing all my b©dy is filled of bruises,the Malaysia he promised to take me to i have not even seen the visa of it”

“I wonder the type of man I got married to,the way he dresses,eat,sleeps and the type of friends he brings home looks so strange to me”

“Am so fade up and tried of this kind of marriage I don’t think if I can endure it much longer”

“Let me start going for to the market before he will come back and find out his food is not prepare on time,he will give me another beating of my life”
She stood up,dressed up and made her out.

She got a cab to the market,she got to the market and just about to pay the cab man,
“Oh my God!
She shouted.

“Na w€tin Madam? You don forget the money for house?
The cab man asked.

“Not the money! Is the list i wrote down the things I will buy,i can’t do without the list, you know what take me back to the house”
She sounded.

“No problem Madam but you know say your money go double times four”
He sounded with laughs.

“Don’t worry about the money”
She said and went inside the car as they droved out.

She [email protected]£ back to the house and went upstairs,she was climbing the stairs and hearing her husband’s voice calling out someone or so.

She [email protected]£ so confused,she went up to the room and the voice was so loudly.

“What’s is he doing?
She asked being so confused.

She walked slowly to the room where the voice was coming from and to her greatest surprise she never knew there was a room there.

She peeped from the door to see what the husband is doing,she found out that the husband is doing incantation.

“Oh my God! Emeka a ritualist!
She mumbled and [email protected]£ so dumbfounded her b©dy was shaking in fear,she couldn’t believe her two eyes.

She [email protected]£ dumbfounded for seconds before coming out from the shock.

She opened the door and barged in,
“Emeka you are a ritualist!
She shouted.



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