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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 12







I waked up sat down with my two hands on my jaw,I find it so difficult to believe that my life and dreams will be destroy like this and the people I called mine own,my own family will turned their back at me and disown me all because of this man that called himself God.

I stood up, looked up and pointing at the sky with tears rushing down from my eyes,

“I hate you God for shattering my life into pieces, I hate you for not intervening in my life,all my life I have been serving you and bringing souls to your kingdom you decided to reward me back with this misery,unbearable pains and destruction”

“As I said i have washed out myself away from you,I got nothing to do with you anymore and thank you for destroying my life”
I cried out and wiped out my tears.

I packed my wra-pper back to my bag and made my way out from the building.

I got nowhere to go,I got no family anymore nor relatives,nob©dy to turn to,where will I go and face the reality of my life? How will I survive?

As I was going people were isolating themselves away from me and mocking at me and saying all manners of ill things to me as usual.

A woman [email protected]£ up to me,she should be closed to her 70’s or there about.

“My daughter I un-derstand and knows what you are [email protected] throu-gh and the pains you are feeling,I know that you are a good child that have a bright future ahead but temptation [email protected]£ torture your life,the whole villagers meant condemned you and dealt and called you all manners of names and your family that supposed to be your backbone turned their back at you but I know that you are innocent for the whole accusation and I want you to know that in every trial in life there’s always a victory so my child never loose hope in all the trials you are facing throu-gh because you will conquer them one day and I also want you to know that the good God will watch and keep you alive,He will intervene on His time”
She said to me as i stood and mopped at her in tears.

She tapped me at my shoulder and gave me some money,
“Take this! It’s well my child”

“Thank you Mama!
I thanked her tearfully.

“Go! The Lord is your strength and He will watch and be with you”
She said to me with smiles and made her way out.

Out of the thousands of people in my community is only one person that showed concerns about me, that pity and have [email protected] about me.

I laughed as i remembered what she said about the Lord watching over me,

“She lied about the Lord watching over me,had it been the Lord is watching over me He wouldn’t have allowed my life to be suc¢vmbe-d like this”

I made up my mind to travel to the city where nob©dy knows me and face my life there,I walked to the motor park I got a bus that is going to the city.

Chioma went to see Emy Dollars,she met the mother outside the house.

“Good day Mama!
She greeted with smiles.

She looked at her from head to toe and responded to her with smiles,
“Good day! You must be?

“Am Chioma!
She said with smiles.

“Oh Chioma! How are you doing?

“Am fine Mama! Mama is Emy Dollars at home?

“Yes! Go inside you will see him at the sitting room”

“Okay Mama!
She said with smiles and went inside.

She met Emeka at the sitting room going throu-gh something on his phone.

“Good day Emy Dollars!
She greeted with smiles.

Emeka [email protected]£ so surprised to see her,
“You [email protected]£!
He sounded surprisingly.

“Oh yes! I told you that I will come and see you and here am I”
She sounded with smiles.

“You are welcome! Have a sit”
He said with a smiles.

“Thank you! So how are you doing? Don’t tell me you are still thinking about Esther?
She asked and sat down.

“Not that much but you know it’s not easy to get over her”

“You know what Emy you suppose to be so greatful that she was expo-sed early what if she finally got married to you just imagine how your life will be destroy”

“Yeah! That’s one thing am so greatful about,it just like a nightmare to me that Esther is not what she calmed to be”

Chioma went closer to her,stared into his eyes so romatically and said,
“You know what Emy am here for you and am willing to help you to get over Esther and I promise to make you happy and you will not regret coming closed to me”

She held his hands,stares and drew herl-ips closer to his,she k!$$£d him and he respond back to it.

They k!$$£d so [email protected] and never wanted to be withdraw from the k!ss.

They later withdraw from the k!ss,Chioma apologized immediately,

“Am sorry! plea-se forgive me! It won’t happen again”
She apologized with her hands folded.

Emy smiled and said,
“Its okay! I enjoyed the k!ss! You are just a good k!ss£r”

She closed her eyes smiling and pretending to be shy.

“You are ma-king me to be shy!
She blu-shed out.

“I nee-d more of it”
He said with smiles and went closer to k!ssher.

They k!$$£d again giving each other a French k!ssand later withdraw from the k!ss.

“I enjoyed thisl-ips so sweet like strawberry”
He said and gave her a k!ss.

She smiled and started blu-shing without uttering any word to him.

“Babe wait for me,let me spoil you small”
He sounded with smiles and went inside to change his cloth.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this! It work! Emy Dollars is now mine and he will forever be mine”
She enjoyed with so much joy written all over her face.

Some minutes later,Emy [email protected]£ out,
“Babe shall we!
He sounded with smiles and pres£nted his hand to her.

“Of course!
She stood up and held his hand.

“Mama see you later!
He hvgged the mother.

“Are you going my daughter?

“Yes Mama! I will come and see you in some other time”
She said with smiles and hvgged her.

“Okay my daughter”

They walked to the car as his mother stared at them,he opened the front door for her as she went inside,they drove out to a fancy boutique.

Chioma shopped and shopped till her satisfaction.

After the shopping,they drove to a fancy restaurant and enjoyed their dinner.

“Thank you so much Emy Dollars,thank you for spoiling me some much like this”
She sounded with smiles as Emy dropped her at her house.

“Is nothing Okay! I hope I will see you again?

“For sure! Call me anytime I will be available for you”

He smiled and said,
“Thank you”

She k!$$£d him and said,
“Thank you so much for this”

“You are welcome”

They hvgged each other,she took her stuffs and [email protected]£ down from the car,she waves at him as he drove out.

Chioma walked inside with so much joy written all over her face,she met her mother standing at the entrance of the door.

“Good day Mama!
She greeted with smiles.

“Where are you coming from and who is that man that drop you off?

“Mama his name is Emy Dollars from the neighbouring village,mama you see that man he is my dream man,the type of man I want to marry”
She sounded with smiles.

“Are you serious?

“Yes Mama! See the things he brou-ght for me nah,did you know how much he spend for all this?
She asked showing her the stuffs.

“Mama can you believe that he spend 200k for this stuffs here”

“You said 200k! Only for this dresses?

“Yes Mama! Mama you see Emy Dollars is a very rich man,he swims on t©p of money, his whole b©dy smells money money and you know what mama if I marry him that means our lives will automatically change forever and he said he will take me to Malaysia”
She sounded with smiles.

“Malaysia! That’s obodo oyigbo!

“Yes Mama!

“My child when he is coming with his people to pay your bride price?

“Mama very soon! Just very soon you will see his kinsmen knocking at the door”
She said with so much joy written all over her face.

“My daughter you know what’s up,I can’t wait to see my rich son in law”
She sounded with smiles.

“Who know like better thing? Who know like riches? Mama let’s go inside let me show you the things he brou-ght for me”
She took her inside and show her all the dresses.

“Welcome son!
Emeka mother said at the moment he [email protected]£ down from his car.

“Thank you Mama!
He sounded with smiles.

“Have a sit son!
She said pointing at the chair closed to her.

He sat down and asked,
“I hope there’s no problem Mama?

“Not at all! The young girl that [email protected]£ to look for you,is she the one?
She asked starring at him to receive a responsive answer.

“I knew that’s what you will ask Mama”
He sounded with smiles.

“Why won’t you know? So when are we going to see her people?
She asked.

“Her people alre-ady?
He asked surprisingly.

“Yes nah! Is she not the one? Or don’t you want to marry and give me grandchildren? I nee-d grandchildren that will be running up in this big compound”

“Mama I will marry and give you plenty grandchildren”

“I will marry! I will marry! That’s what you keep on saying for the past three years,when will that be? Is it when I join my ancestor you will marry? Or is there something you are not telling me?
She asked being so worried.

“Something! Something like what mama?
He asked with so much confusion written all over his face.

“Talk to me son,did you have any problem? Confide in me and we will find a way to solve it?
She asked being so worried.

He tapped her on the back side and said,
“Mama am okay nothing is wrong with me and you got nothing to worry about,I will marry very soon”

“Very soon! When is the soon?
She asked.

“Okay! I will be going back to the city with my wife”

She shouted with so much joy,
“Now you are talking son,this is extacly what I want to hear from you”

He laughed and said,
“Now you are happy Mama”

She hvgged him with smiles,
“Over happy Son!

He smiled and said,
“Let me go inside and change”

“Okay Son!
She said and he went inside,the mother rejoiced saying that what she has been expecting to hear from the past three years has finally come to [email protected]

I arrived at the city,it was indeed a far journey,we spend almost five hours before getting to the city.

I carried my bag as the driver drops us at the motor park,I stared around everywhere the city was so big and busy,people hawking on the road side both the young and the old even the children.

I looked around my right and left path I don’t know the side I will follow and where it will lead me,I decided to cross over the road.

The cars were running so speed as if they are planes and people were crossing without minding the speedy of the cars.

I stood there for about thirty minutes wondering how I will cross the road to avoid knacking down by a car,now I know why they say If you come to Lagos is a busy city and if you are not careful while crossing the road the cars will crash you into pieces.

I was still standing there until a boy at the age of fifteen years or there about wanted to cross over and I st©p him.

“plea-se you won’t mind helping me to cross over?
I asked with smiles.

He smiled back at me and said,
“I un-derstand!

He held my hand as we crossed over without wasting any time of dodging the cars.

“Thank you so much!

“Its okay!
He said and made his way out.

I continued my way to no destination,I got nob©dy in this city and to survive will be so [email protected],I brou-ght pure water from pure water hawker drank and poured some on my face,the weather was so h0t that it can melt you into wax.

I walked around until night approached,I look for comfortable shop to [email protected] the night.


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