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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 11







I was waken up by the sounds of the flies and the humming birds,I pitched myself to be sure if am still alive or dead,I stood up and looked up to the sky without anger in me.

“What am I doing on this earth? I told you to take my life! Why did you preserve me? When you wanted me dead,you better take my life now”
I cried out.

“God why did you hate this much? I thought you love and care for me,why did you allow my dreams and my life to be destroyed like this? Why and Why?
I cried out.

I cried so bitterly remembering the humiliation and the mockery of the people,it was so painful that all I ever wanted to end my own life but that God refuses to take my life.

Am better of a dead man i will soon live this earth one day being an HIV positive,my mother nor brother did not care about again all because of this unbearable life you God decided to brou-ght upon my life.

I made my way out from the bush to the house,as i was going people were isolating themselves away from me mocking me and saying that am a virus that they don’t want to be infected.

I felt more heart broken seeing some of my [email protected] going to school for their exam,they laughed at me and called me all sort of dirty names.

“I suppose to be among them if only you did not brou-ght this misery upon my life”
I cried.

I got to the house,I met Mama outside,she did not show any concern about me,about what her daughter is [email protected] throu-gh.

“Good morning Mama!
I greeted her with a weeping voice and [email protected]£ closer to her.

She didn’t answer my greeting rather she shouted at me.

“Move back before you infect me with your disease”

“How could you say this to me Mother?
I cried out.

“Are you not a disease? You will not infect me with your disease oooo! You will carry your heavy burden alone,your cross nob©dy will help you to carry it and you will die alone”
She shouted.

How can a mother said this to her child in a moment like this? The love and care she once has for me as turned to hatred all because of you God.

I was starring at her crying so painfully and Emeka drive in.

“Mama what I heard is it true?
He asked at the moment he [email protected]£ down from his car.

“Oh yes! It’s true look at her there! A walking virus”
She shouted pointing at me.

He [email protected]£ to me and shouted,
“When I heard it i thought it was all a lie because I know that Esther that turned down my marriage proposal will not commit such thing but I never knew you are like this, pretending to be holy Mary preaching the gospel when you are nothing but a harlot”

I didn’t utter any word to him but only cried wishing to wake up from this nightmare.

“My son I was even surprised too that all this years I have been training up a pr©st!tût£in my roof,a blasphemous”
Mother shouted knowing fully well how my life [email protected]£ like this.

“Well Esther I got nothing to say to you but to thank you for not accepting to be my wife who knows If I happened to married you will infect me with your disease”
He shouted and walked out angrily.

“Mother why can’t you tell the people the real truth behind my recent condition and st©p condemning me and saying all sort of things to me”
I cried.

“Tell them what? What exactly should I tell them? The people know that you are blasphemous, a pr©st!tût£and that’s what they will know you as”
She shouted and went inside.

“You are standing there and watching this to happen to me,is too much for me to bear you better come and take my life oooo”
I cried out.

Chioma noticed when Emy was going to Esther’s house and she decided to went for him to come so she can talk to him.

She waves at him as he st©ps his car,
“Good morning Sir!
She greeted with smiles.

“Morning! Are you not Esther’s friend?
He asked starring at her.

“God forbid! I can never be a friend to that prostitute!
She shouted.

“See Sir,I noticed the ungodly life Esther was living I warned her to st©p that life and st©p deceiving people that she is holy when she is not but she never listen so I [email protected] myself from her because she wanted to spoil me”

“I thought about telling the people about who Esther is, that she is not who they think she is but they won’t believe me they will rather say I want to spoil her image”

” I thought to inform you too and you won’t also believe me you meant say that am being jealous of your friend or I want to spoil your mind of getting marry to her”

“Then I kept quite and waiting for the Lord to expo-se her and which He shall done”
She said to him.

He breathed and shooked his head,
“It is so unbelievable for me! It just happen like a movie to me”

“Sir! Thank your God that she was expo-sed early what if she finally got married to you just imagine how your life will be?

“I un-derstand and knows what you are going throu-gh right now but don’t worry everything will be fine okay”

“In case you nee-d a friend to talk to or a shoulder to rest on am phone call away just call me anytime and I will be available for you”

“Thank you so much!

“Is nothing Sir,plea-se I hope you won’t mind giving me your contact so that I can call to know how you are doing?

He sounded and gave her his card.

“Thank you so much! I will call you later today and plea-se don’t think too much over this oooo!
She said to him as he drove out.

She jumped with so much joy,
“Yes! I have gotten you and nob©dy will st©p me from being your wife, see that Malaysia we will go there together,thank you God for ma-king it possible for me to have this handsome man”

She walked out with so much joy in her.

It has been two days now and Mother has been treating me like a nob©dy like a virus she said am I and my brother too,they now hate and despised me so much,I ba-rely eat any more nor t©uçhes any of her things.

One faithful day,she was eating white yam and I sat at the stairs mopping at her with my hand on my stomach.

“Mother am hungry! My stomach is itching me,I have not eaten for the past two days now”
I cried.

“Like seriously! If you are hungry you will go and find something to eat nah”

“Mother plea-se give me something to eat before hunger will kill me”
I cried.

“Is it not what we wanted? for you to die,is better for that hunger to kill you and it will be easy for us and for you not suffer so long before you die and also the burial will be so easy for us,your brother will dig your grave at the backyard,you know we don’t have money to cook rice and drinks what am I even saying who is coming for a burial of a pr©st!tût£and HIV positive? The only thing we will do for is to buy your casket so that your spirit can rest peacefully well”

She said to me as i cried so bitterly and watches her enjoys her food.

One pieces of yam fell down from her hand I rushed it immediately like a hungry lion am I and gr-ab it without minding the h0tness of it.

She laughed and mocked at me,
“See your life! You are now an animal, a fowl that rushes food”

I sat down and watched her finished the food without giving me any.

Later in the day,I went to the backyard to pluck some ripe pawpaw before the hunger will finally kill me.

“What is that virus doing at my pawpaw tree,did you want to infect that pawpaw?
She shouted.

“Mama I want pluck some pawpaw since you refused to give me food”
I sounded weeping.

“St©p calling me Mama I ceased being your mother that the moment you brou-ght disgrace to this household,I can’t mother a child that is positive for HIV”

“Have i not warned you to st©p tou-ching any of my thing in this house? Oya leave that pawpaw”
She shouted.

“But mother am I hungry!

“Let that hunger kill you there! I said you should leave this pawpaw”
She shouted and pushed me out ma-king me to fall down.

“Next time I see you tou-ching any of my thing I will burial you alive,nons-en-se! Let me go and wash my hands before I will get infected with your virus”
She shouted and hited me with a stick.

In the evening time,I was going to have my bath and Mother rushed out from inside.

“Where are you going to with that my bucket?
She shouted and dragged the bucket away from me.

“Mother I want to have my bath”

“Bia! Is like you don’t hear simple instructions? I have told you several times to st©p tou-ching any of my things,I don’t want to die with you oooo!

“If you want to have your bath you know your way to the stream,go there and take your bath”
She shouted and poured the water,she went inside with the bucket.

I cried as i went to my room to dressed up to go to the stream and have my bath.

As I was going people mocked at me as usual and ran away from me to avoid being infected.

I got to the stream nob©dy is there,I went inside to have my bath as I was taking my bath this group of girls rushed to and dragged me out from the river.

“What are you doing inside there? Did you want to infect that stream?
They shouted and hitted me.

They called me all sort of names and beat me up.

“Today will be the last day your sinking b©dy will t©uçh this river,if we see you in this stream again we will not hesitate to push you inside the river until you dawn and die”
They shouted and chased me out from the stream with stick.

I got home I met Obinna throwing out my things.

“Brother what is it? Why are you throwing my things?
I shouted and rushed to packed them.

“E don do! You don over stay for this house! People don start the avoid me,all my friend and my babies no wan come near me again say I go infect them with HIV”

“Leave this house we no wan make you kill us with your disease! Carry your disease and die alone”
He shouted throw my bag.

“Mother you are not saying anything”

“What did you want me to say? In case you don’t know we are sick and tired of you in this house,plea-se carry your disease and go,we don’t want to be infected with it”
She shouted.

“Mother! Brother Obinna where an earth will i go to? I got nob©dy in this world expect you two,you are the only family I have”
I cried out.

“God forbid! We no be your family again! Our family no be family of HIV so carry yourself and leave this house”

“plea-se don’t do this to me,I got nob©dy to run into,plea-se have mercy on me”
I cried out.

“I said may you waka,leave this house nah”
He shouted.

“Are you deaf? Leave the house”
Mother shouted.

He pushed me out from the gate and Mother throw my bag.

“plea-se mother don’t do this to me”
I cried out as she ban-ged the gate on me.

“Where will i go to? Who will I turn to?
I cried out as i carried my bag.

I turned back to see if they will change their mind and open the gate but they didn’t,this is the list i expected my family to do to me.

As I was crying with my bag on my head,I met Chioma she started laughing at the moment she saw me.

“You see your life now! Holy v!rg!nMary!
She laughed.

“Your mother and brother did the right thing by chasing you out of the house before you will kill them with your virus”

“Welcome to the world of suffering my dear Esther”
She laughed and walked out.

I went to the parish to talk to the God,I dropped my bag,took my bible and chaplet and went inside.

“I prayed and asked for you to intervene in my life but you refused,you sit up there and watches my life and dreams to be ruined like this,I hate you for doing this to you and I blamed you for everything that happened to me”

“All my years of worsh!ping with you and doing your good works what i did I get from you nothing rather you choose to reward me back with misery upon my life”

“Thank you so much for trashing my dreams of becoming a Revered Sister and a Doctor,thank you so much for bringing this misery upon my life”

“I wash out my b©dy,my spirit everything within me away from you,from now onwards you cease to be my God,I disown you as my Lord and personal Saviour,I got nothing to do with you anymore”
I cried out,dropped my bible and my chaplet and made my way out from the parish.

At night I went to an uncompleted building and [email protected] the night there.



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