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My life as a pr©st!tût£episode 10






“Why me God? Why me oh God? What have I done to deserve this? Where have I gone wrong in going to your house to worsh!pyou? Why? Why?
I cried out with a bitter heart.

My two legs and [email protected]!st were paining so badly,I was bleeding too,I couldn’t walk properly because of the pain.

Everywhere is now very dark,I can’t see anything so I managed to looked for my torch light since they dropped me the same sp©t they took me,I found it but I didn’t see my bible maybe flew out to where I can’t find it or so.

It’s so painful what I can’t imagined in my life happened to me,had it been i listen to mother this shouldn’t have happened to me but I disobey because I don’t want to miss the night vigil and for the way am de-eply in love with the things of God.

I cried as i walked so slowly like tortoise enduring the unbearable pains I was gotten from my pri-vate [email protected]

“Mama! Mama!
I cried out at the moment I got to the house.

I was not able to stand properly,I lied on the stairs crying, calling out Mama and knocking at the door.

She [email protected]£ out with lamp and [email protected]£ so shocked when she saw me,she rushed to me.

“Esther what is it? What happened to you?
She shouted and held my hands.

“Why me Mama! What have I done to deserve this?
I cried out.

She took me up,I rest my head on her shoulder.

“I warned you Esther don’t go to that night vigil but you never think and when you noticed I have sle-pt off you escaped without waiting any time now have you seen where your stubbornness has landed you into? Look at what your night vigil has got you into”
She shouted at me and took me inside.

“Mama am sorry!
I cried out.

“Take this it will st©p the pains”
She gave me herbal medicine.

I drank it with the awful look on my face you will know that the medicine is bitter [email protected] all the bitter things in the whole world.

“I wonder what you preach to people especially the children,if Children Listen to Your Parents is not among in your preaching and in the bible too,A Stubborn Flies follows the Corpse to the Grave,that’s exactly what just happened to you and I hope this one has taught you a lesson and next time you will not neglect my warning and instructions again”

She held my hands and led me to my room,
“Go and sleep,tomorrwo morning will be back to yourself the medicine you took will help in flushing out your system”

She helped to lie down on the be-d,

“Sleep you will be fine okay”
She said before leaving the room.

I don’t have any atom of sleepy in my eyes,I can’t st©p crying imagining the whole thing that happened to me,it was so painful to sleep off and wake up the next day and pretend that nothing happened.

“What can I say? I got nothing to say but only it’s well since is the way God want my life to be”
I cried rolling on the be-d.

It has been one week now and for the past three days I have not been to school due to the awful thing that happened to me,I nee-d to put myself back together if due It is [email protected] to forget and moved on.

I was in my room studying our long awaited Wasc exam is on Monday the next day and am studying so [email protected] to [email protected] my exams in flying colours.

“I can see that my daughter is studying so [email protected] to [email protected] her exams that she even go to be-d so late”
Mother sounded with smiles as she [email protected]£ to my room.

“Yes Mama! I don’t want to fail of my paper”

“And you will not fail you shall [email protected] all your papers with A`s”
She said and sat beside me.

“Thank you Mama!
I hvgged her with smiles.

All of a sudden,she started starring at me so strange that I even got confused.

“What is it Mama? Why the strange look on me?
I asked.

“I want to ask you something”

“Okay! What is it?
I wonder what the question will be.

“Have you notice any changes in your b©dy?
She asked still starring at me.

“Changes! No Mama!
I sounded being confused of her question.


“But Mama why did you ask?

“By what time will your paper start tomorrwo?
She asked ma-king me to more confused.

“I have afternoon paper by 12pm”

“Okay! We will go to the village clinic tomorrwo morning”

“Village clinic! What for Mama?
I sounded with so much confusion running throu-gh my head.

“To clear my curiosity!

“Your curiosity about what? Talk to me Mama,you are confusing me here”
I sounded.

“When we got to the clinic you know but just pray is not what am thinking,continue your re-ading”
She said and walked out.

What’s Mama talking about? What are we going to do at the clinic? Mama mentioned changes of the b©dy what did she what to find out by asking that question?

“Changes of the b©dy! Wait could it be what am thinking? Pregnant! No it can be! I can’t be pregnant!

“Well I have to wait until tomorrow i will find out the reasons behind Mama’s questions”

I continued re-ading my book till Mr sleep [email protected]£ and took me away.

I waked up feeling so excited about our exam,I said my prayer,do the house chores.

“Hurry up with the cooking we will be going to the clinic this morning”
Mama said to me as she [email protected]£ to the kitchen.

“Okay Mama!

Few minutes later,I was done with the cooking, took my bath and we went to the village clinic.

“Good morning Doctor Uchendu!
We greeted the village Doctor and sat down.

“Morning! What’s wrong with you Nma Esther?
He asked.

“Is my daughter Esther”

“What’s wrong with her?

“What you to run some test on her,she is not feeling fine”

What’s Mama saying? Am okay nothing is wrong with me”
I thought.

“Okay,Nurse take her to the laboratory to run some test on her”
He said to the nurse that was there.

We went to the laboratory and she injected my blood for the test,I went back to the Doctor’s office.

“Wait at the waiting room the result will be out within some minutes”

“Okay Doctor!
Mama said as we went to the waiting room.

I can’t st©p wondering why Mama brou-ght here and what the result will be and now she refuses to tell me anything.

We waited for about twenty minutes before the nurse to [email protected]£ to inform us that the Doctor want to see us.

“The test result is out”
He said to us as we had our sits.

“What’s the result said?
Mama asked and my heart can’t st©p racing so fast.

He breathed and looked at me so strange,
“Nma Esther the test result showed that your daughter here is a week pregnant”

When I heard that it was as if I was dreaming,I can’t believe my two ears.

“I said it but I wanted to be sure”
Mama shouted with her two hands on her head.

The doctor shooked his head and said,
“The worst thing we find out from the result is that your daughter is also tested HIV positive”

“HIV what!
Mama shouted.

“It can’t be true!
She shouted and fainted.

The doctor rushed and took a bottle of water that’s on the table and sparkled it on face.

She blinked her eyes and went back unconscious,he injected some drug on her.

“Get a taxi and take her home she will be fine once she wake up”

She sounded with a broken heart and went out to get a cab.

The doctor shooked his head and said,
“What’s is this world turning into? Esther we all used to know as a preacher turned out to be pregnant and HIV positive”

She got a taxi and took her home,her mother sat down on the stairs with her two hands on her jaw,stomping her feet and bitting her teeths.

“Esther pregnant and HIV positive!
She shouted so shockly.

Some minutes later,Esther waked up and met her mother outside,

“Tell me is not true Mama!
She cried out.

“Oh yes! It’s true, thank you for ru-bbing mud on my face! Thank you for bringing shame to me and to this household”
She shouted.

“You have finally dig your own grave so start preparing for your funeral because you are alre-ady a dead human being”
She shouted.

“Mama is that what could say to your daughter in a moment like this?
She cried out.

“Oh what did you expect me to say? To [email protected] for you and congratulate you for bringing shame to me,have you seen what your church,church,church landed you into,have you seen how you destroyed your life? Had it been you married Emy Dollars will your life be destroyed like this? You are now a living corpse a walking corpse”
She shouted and walked out.

“Why me God? Why did you allow this to happen to me? What crime have I committed in seeking your face? God why? Why did you allow my dreams and my life to crash into pieces ? Why God?
She cried so bitterly rolling on the ground.

Hours later,the news spre-ad like a wild fire in the community,the people can’t believe that the Esther they used to know is pregnant and also HIV positive.

They(youth) agreed among themselves to disgrace her at the village square for what she did is an abomination,preaching the gospel and disturbing them early in the morning to repent without knowing she is a green snake un-der green [email protected],a blasphemous,they never believe she was [email protected]£d rather they said she uses that as an excuse to cover up her evil crimes.

They [email protected]£ to their house with palm trees shouting,even Chioma was among them.
“Where is that prostitute? That harlot? That green snake that has been deceiving the whole community with her preaching”

They [email protected]£ out,some guys rushed and dragged her out and pushed her down.

“She committed a crime and she must face the consequence of it”
One of the guy shouted.

“She must dance n-ked at the village square”
The guy shouted.

“Yes! She must dance n-ked!
They all choursed.

Esther cried and wept looking for the mother to intervene but she didn’t say anything not even the brother.

Some of the girls [email protected]£ and n-ked her including Chioma, they left only her un-der wear,she cried bitterly as they used the plantain leaves to dressed her up.

They dragged her on the ground like an animal,some were hitting her the Palm leaf while some were spitting on her,mocking her and calling her all sort of names.

She cried and pleaded for them to forgive her but all to no avail,the more she will pleaded the more they will hit her with the palm leaf.

They took her to the village square,started singing for her as she dances,the villagers including the children were watching and laughing, she [email protected]£ the mockery of the people.

Throu-gh all the disgrace and [email protected],her mother nor brother didn’t show up to st©p them,when they are satisfied in disgracing her they left her at the village square and made their way out.

She cried and cried so bitterly,
“What am I living for? The mockery is too much to bear! Is better I end this life since the Lord hate me and allow me to faces this havoc”

She cried out and managed her way out from the village square,her b©dy was filled up with bruises.

She met Chioma and Rose and they mocked at her,
“Look at her! Prostitute! Carrying bible up and down and deceiving herself and the people now the result is out”
Chioma mocked her.

“You know what they say,pretenders always be the worst,she is nothing but a green snake un-der green [email protected]
Rose mocked.

“She deserved every bit of thing that happened to her at the village square,pr©st!tût£slee-ping with all the whole men and end up with HIV”
Chioma mocked.

“Not only HIV,she is also pregnant, see your life Esther, you are nothing but a walking corpse”
Rose mocked.

“I can remembered how you told me that I will destroy my life if I did not change my ways but who later end up with a degree of destruction? You Esther, only you”
She mocked and laughed at her.

She didn’t utter any word to them but only cried,they spitted at her and made their way out.

She ran inside the bush and look for a poisonous leaf to kill herself.

“I can’t sound the mockery any more,it’s too much for me to bear”
She cried out.

She plucked the leaf and ate,she lied down expecting the worst to happen to her.



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