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My forever finale

👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩 My forever 👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩 👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍 Episode 35😍😍😍
Cynthia sat in her small abode, her house was beautifully decorated , it was small but the building is great. She is living in her owned bungalow. As young as she is, she alre-ady owned three building to herself. Two are bungalow and one is duplex. She was sitting in the bar with a wine cup in her hands filled with wine.
” That handsome guy” she smiled blu-shing
” I just couldn’t take my heart off him, he has captured my heart and I won’t let him go” .

Cynthia has been doing an un-derground spie on Harry. She knew how wealthy he is and his net worth. She couldn’t imagine having that rich and handsome guy in her b0ss0mOMG she will turn the world around.
But she was disappointed when she discovered Harry was [email protected]!ngMolly and he is so much in love with her. She wants a true forgiveness from Molly but she wants this handsome dude by f0rç£ and by fire. She consulted her friend Vivian. Vivian knew at once that she was talking about Harry the one she loves. She knew who Cynthia is and what she is capable of, then she decides to [email protected] to win Harry to herself.
The two decides to work together with a false heart to achieve their aim.

The dance rehearsal was going well and Molly was working with Harry. The D day arrived and it was a matter of which group will win.
Lights were shoning on the stage in different colors. Music was pla-yed and the audience was feeling the beat of the music.
” Good morning stu….dents….” A young man in a shining [email protected] t©p and trou-ser walk to the stage.
” Today is an extended magnificous day
The epita of these episodes will be the one that will make you to roll of the floor
Join me to welcome the first contestant
The flower… Garden”
The band run to the stage dressed in a crazy bu-mmer short with a crop t©p.

Fast forward
The dance competition was going well, Harry dad was discharged and he was able to see his son on the stage dancing.
He let out a smile like a proud dad ” am proud of the man my son has become” he said to himself
The first stage ended and Harry group and Lucas group was among the first ten. The second round ended,five contestants was eliminated and the remaining five proceed to the next round.
Then they divided, Molly and Harry were one group, Ryan and Rachel, Lucas and Lucy and so on .
It was like America got Talent at the third stage. It is a stage where Talents are showcase personally. At the end of the third round , Molly and Harry
Lucas and Lucy
Vivian and Tyson
Daniel and favour
They all proceeded to the final round

Vivian survived to be at the final round by a hair’s breath because she feels so proud that she isn’t cooperating with Tyson. Tyson was tired of her overbearing but he must do this if he wants to graduate.
She feels unhappy and she blamed her failure on Molly.
” It’s Time to execute our plan
It will be successful this time around” she said laughing hysterically
Molly walk out of the dance roomin her dance clothes. She stood at the door waiting for see un who has been purging all day. She didn’t follow Harry home that day because Harry had an emergency he nee-ds to attend to
She stand alone in front of the rest room when she felt someone threw something at her.
” Ouch who is that?” Molly asked turning around. She saw Vivian laughing
” He…” Before she could complete her statement , two strong men carried her into a sack and tied the sack up.
Molly struggled to free herself in the chair she was tied to. She found herself in the terrace of a big building, she was tied to the edge and any little push she will die.
” Well well well” Vivian walk up her
” You fv¢king bit-ch
You kidnapped me
re-lease me or I will make your own family pay for this” Molly yelled at the t©p of her voice
Vivian smile” what about we make your family pay for this? your family is being monitored by our men in Korea”Vivian said
Molly hearts picked
” What do you want from me?” Molly asked
” Simple just sign this”Vivian said
Molly re-ad throu-gh and” I can’t sign this . I love Harry”
“At the expense of your family?
Well Molly sign that” Cynthia said
” Even you Cynthia! I thought you said you have changed?” Molly asked
” Well I love Harry so much. You can’t have the good things alone” Cynthia said
Molly bur-st into laughter
” This letter says that
Dear Harry I am currently dead as I speak to you. I love you so much and I don’t want you to be alone. A Friend from childhood is a companion for life. plea-se choose Vivian care and love her . Let her be the mother of your children after my demise”
Cynthia face changed and she turns angrily to Vivian
” You cheated me you fool” Cynthia [email protected] Vivian
Molly was ma-king a way to escape since they have started fighting. She was loosing herself when she accidentally sli-pped and fell down from the tall building.

👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩 My forever 👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩
( FINAL Episode)

😍😍😍Episode 36😍😍😍

Vivian and Cynthia eyes wi-de-ned when they saw Molly fell.
Vivian smile inwardly ” now she can get off my back”
Cynthia was t©uçhed and she started crying, she couldn’t believe she has been a monster. What has Molly done to her to deserve such treatment from her? This girl has always been good to her but she was the one who posted her n-ked picture on social media in agreement with Molly ex b©yfri£nd. She was secretly [email protected]!ngMolly ex b©yfri£ndat that time, then Molly ex b©yfri£[email protected]£ to her and tell her to let them scam money. She didn’t agree at first but she doesn’t want to lose Molly ex b©yfri£ndwho has been good to her. They are pretending to be good to Molly but they are collecting her money. One day Molly ex b©yfri£ndsaid they should end this by posting Molly nûd£ picture online giving certain reasons. Cynthia agreed to ruin Molly, but after Molly was ruined and they ran away then Molly ex b©yfri£ndchanged towards her. She has been looking for a way to say sorry to Molly but the monster in her reveal itself.
Cynthia fell on the ground crying while Vivian left with I don’t care attitude.
Cynthia st©pped crying ” it’s time to make things right” she said
She get down the stairs and saw ambulance taking Molly away. She sighed and watch the ambulance take Molly away
Ella was called by the hospital, she quic-kly took a cab and arrived at the hospital [email protected]
” Doctor plea-se my friend Molly is she alright?” She asked
” Her condition is stable right now but the bad news is that she can no longer walk” the doctor said
” What!!!!”
” She will be on wheel chair for now” the doctor said
” Okay doctor,” Ella replied
Ella called Harry to inform him of his girlfriend condition, Ella wasn’t herself anymore, she sat on the chair sobbing.
Harry arrived at the hospital
” Like I don’t un-derstand, she can’t walk anymore?’
” No she will be on wheel chair for now” Ella replied
Harry bur-st into tears and ran into Molly ward
He held Molly hands” Harry I can’t walk anymore” she said crying
” Molly you will walk I promise you that”
” Harry I want to dance ” she said
” Molly you can’t dance in this condition ” Harry said crying
” But Harry I still have my voice
The talent show is tomorrow
Harry we are going to sing and not dance to shame the enemies”
Harry raised his brows” what do you mean?”
Molly closed her eyes and sang a song
” This is my little secret”
The D day [email protected]£, the final day and this day is the day to determine the fate of the the contestants. The day to determine the winner of the talent show. The contestants were sitting in the common room waiting to be called.
The audience were eagar to know the winner of the contest. Alot of students from the school ooked and outside the school brou-ght tickets to be pres£nt at this important event.
The stage was opened with the mypopular singer Rihanna pres£nting a song to Everyone
The students cheers with happiness and dancing to Rihanna song. It was a blessed moment for the students.
Cynthia has confessed to the police that she and Vivian is responsible for pushing Molly. The police didn’t believe her at first until they [email protected]£ to the hospital disguise. They ask some certain questions from the doctor which prove Molly fell from a tall building and she can no longer walk again.
Then the police proceed to arrest Vivian, they arrived at the school big hall where the event was taking place and someone directed them to the common room where everyone is
” Vivian homes you are arrested for attempt murder you have the right to remain silence or else anything you say will be used against you in the court of law” the police man said and he handcuff Vivian with Cynthia. The policemen explains the situation to Molly and she was taken along to make a statement. Harry followed her
Everyone was puzzle when they saw Vivian handcuffed, her father [email protected]£ very angry and followed them to the station in his pri-vate car. They arrived at the police station and when Vivian father heard what she did, he was highly disappointed in Vivian.
Nevertheless , the show continue with the first contestants climbing on the stage to pres£nt
It was a dance drama using the music
Once am twenty years old”
The audience were puzzled on how two people will do the drama well and this makes it more interesting. Other contestants pres£nted and it eventually [email protected]£ to Molly and Harry turn. Molly was wheeled in, in a wheelchair by harry and people wondered how she is going to dance. Harry took his seat beside Molly and they stare at each other then the music started by Molly

Molly: When I said I do, I put it on my life that I loved you
And forever that my vow, boy its true
Won’t let anyone come in between
You’re the one my everything
I just knew from the way that you hold me
From the way that you wra-p me up in your arms
Says I’m the only—girl that’s how I know its you

Chous: Your love feels like no space or time
Feels like a dream come true
Cause my forever is you
No wonderin’ who I’ll be with
Its like I’ve always known who
Boy my forever is you

Harry: Oh, its like you look straight throu-gh my soul
I’m [email protected] new, oh ye-yeah
Its like we fly away [email protected] the stars and the moon
And you should know how much you mean
There is no other girl for me
Molly: I choose you—oh, woah
From the way that you hold me (Baby)
From the way that you wra-p me up in your arms
(wra-p me up in your arms)
Says I am the only girl
That’s how I know its you
(That’s how I know its you, boy)

Your love feels like [?]
Feels like a dream come true
(dream come true)
Cause my forever is you
(my forever is you)
No wonderin’ who I’ll be with
Its like I’ve always known who
Boy my forever is you

Molly: I use to say that I was done
Done with love
But then you [email protected]£ in, and you never let me go
Now I know, I finally know
That its you—Its you

Harry / Molly Your love feels like [?]
Feels like a dream come true
(Feels like a dream, oh-oh)
Cause my forever is you
No wonderin’ who I’ll be with
(Who I’ll be with)
Its like I’ve always known who
(Always known you bae)
Boy my forever is you
(My forever is you

You, you, you
You, you, you
Cause my forever is you baby

Molly and Harry glance at each other and sang the last verse ro-mantically then Harry k!$$£d Molly in front of everyone.
Everyone [email protected] and someone let out a shout that calls everyone’s attention.
‘ Shalena
I said it is Shalena” the little girl ran to the stage
” Shalena I miss you so much
Come back to Korea we your fans miss you greatly”
The little girl hvg Shalena, her parents [email protected]£ to the stage
” We are so sorry” the parents apologize
Harry drew the girl closer” Shalena Will come back and you will hear her voice again” Harry @ssured the girl
Molly was a little bit [email protected] and
They bowed and left the stage
” Why did you promise that girl that I am coming back?” Molly asked
” Well Molly look at me
Dancing isn’t your dream
What will be will be
No matter how much we try to avoid it. Your ex b©yfri£ndand Cynthia conspired against you but God has vindicated you
Was it in your own wisdom your fans want you back?
It’s God so girl go for it
But you aren’t going to Korea
We will start here in America” Harry said
Molly bur-st into laughter because of his last Statement
” you don’t want to miss me right?” Molly asked
” Do you want me to [email protected]£ other girl?” Harry asked
” Always answering questions with questions. Rude j£rk” she said and step pla-yfully on Harry
” Ouch” Harry want to step on her but Molly ran away while Harry ran after her.
” The final scores is out and the winner is set
The third position goes to the Daniel and favour
The second position goes to Lucas and Lucy
And the first position is…….
There was a little pause while the m.c keep ma-king funny faces to keep the anticipating audience in suspense.
” And the first position goes to…. We will announce that after this short break
The m.c mounted on the stage and cleared his throat
” And the first position goes to
Harry and Molly” he shouted
Harry and Molly let out a smile running to the stage.
Then the popular song was been pla-yed
Stand up.
Stand up for the champion
Stand up

The chief guest was called upon to pres£nt the gift while Molly stood on the stage shedding tears
She couldn’t believe a day like this will come , a day where everyone will honor her again.
The chief guest pres£nted the gift and took pictures with Molly. He took the microphone ” humm such a life.
This girl standing here is my daughter
Molly is my biological daughter
She is very stubborn
After leaving Korea I told her to work in my company but she refused. She is a first [email protected] graduate of accounting but she chose to pursue her dream. This made me realize that dream is very important to one and it doesn’t run away from someone
No matter how much one tried to avoid it, it comes back running to you.
Am proud of you daughter and I love you”Molly dad said and hvg her ti-ghtly
The audience [email protected]
” I can’t believe it so this girl is the daughter of a multi billionaire and one of the five riche-st in America ” Selena said to Rejoice
” I just can’t believe it
She is a star too from Korea
This girl must be really humble not to reveal her identity to anyone”
” Vivian has meet her Waterloo by pushing Molly. She can’t be free. She is going to jail” Selena said.

“How do you know that was what Vivian was arrested for?” Rachael asked
” Well I see and hear everything”
” Humm…..
Ryan [email protected]£ behind Rachael and use his hands to close her eyes
‘ who is that?” Rachael asked
” It’s me” Rachael recognize the voice at onceé
” Ryan! ” She shrugged ” let me catch you , you are a dead meat”
Ryan quic-kly ran away while Rachael followed.
A week after the event, the school graduate everyone that took [email protected] in the competition. A day to their graduation they were to have dinner night, Molly arrived at the place and everywhere looks empty and it’s was like the competition isn’t holding, she entered the hall and saw the lights switching off. She was about leaving when the lights [email protected]£ on again showing
” You are my angel
” My heart beats for you
I love you
You are more than gold
You are my everything
“Will you marry me?” The projector shows
Harry walk up to Molly and kneeled
” Will you plea-se marry me?” He asked
Molly couldn’t contain her happiness
” Yes yes I will” she said and Harry silded a golden Ring to her hand
Everyone [email protected]£ out of their hiding be place to [email protected] with them

They did wedding and the wedding was the best in town

Molly and Harry started singing together as [email protected] They owned a studio together and were doing well as their fans keep increasing

Molly p.o v
I couldn’t believe my dream will come true. My mum said it and it [email protected]£ to [email protected]
” Look the mountain you are seeing now will Soon become a leveled ground
When life gives you thousands of reasons to cry, show life that you have a hundred millions reasons to smile”
Saddness, disappointment , tears , failure and so on is just a life phrase that will not last forever
When life throws stones at you, pick up the stones and make it a building.
Believe in yourself
Cos no matter how far your dream is , it’s still coming back to you.


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