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My forever episode 1 & 2

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Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖
Setting: America

Molly Adams is a young beautiful girl, she lives in AmericaNew York City to be precise. She [email protected]£ to America to get rid of her worries because she is heartbroken.
Encourage by her friend, she decides to take up life again, dream again and tells the world she exist. But was faced with this popular guy who always act as stumbling block to her dreams.
Face with issues of life from both path, clearing their bushes to form the path of love lies their fate in determination if their love will stand or fall
My forever is a story you won’t want to miss
Meets your characters
Harry Johnson: A popular dancer, a ra-pper and a singer who likes feeling on t©p of the world.
Vivan Owens: school bully who will do anything to have her way
Stay tuned
Gra-p your pop corn

👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩My Forever 👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩
🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍😍 Episode 1😍😍😍

❤️❤️❤️ MOLLY❤️❤️❤️

She was dressed in a t©p and a bu-mmer short sitting on her be-d, wra-pped in duvet her eyes was covered in tears. Her eyes is swollen , her face looks pale and her hair unkempt.

She toss left and right with thousands of thoughts filling her mind. She was completely b!own away by the winds of life.

Why am I alive?
What is the reason for my existence?
Is this what one gets?
Is this what life means?
Full of betrayal after giving my love to people?

” Molly! Molly! Molly”
I felt a tap and I flin-ched
” You are back” I said and saw my best friend Ellen
I straighten up sitting on the be-d with pillow in my hand
She gave me a long stare that I un-derstand it’s meaning. She off her shoes and sat beside me on the be-d.
She t©uçhed my hair using her hands to straighten up the tangled hair.
Her face turn sad” you keep doing this to yourself
Molly let bye gone be bye gone
” You can’t un-derstand…” I said almost breaking into tears.
” I can” she @ssured and drew me close to the warmth [email protected] of her arms while I continue to sob silently
Two weeks later, in the bid to get rid of everything, I registered myself to a talent training college. The school consist of different talented girls.
It’s a place where talents are trained to be what they want to be.
” Ti ta” the door bell rang
I was sitting on the couch watching movie, Ellen wasn’t at home so to keep myself engaged
I heard a knock on the door and I took the long [email protected] to open the door.
I arrived at the door and peep throu-gh the small to Know the person at the door
The postman
I open the door for him, walk outside and close the door behind me
” You have a package” he said
I collected the package with my name and address on it
I signed and the postman left
I wonder what package it’s
I walk in and close the door behind me.
I grew curious to know what the package says
Of course I wasn’t expecting any package
I curiously opened the package tearing down the paper.
I opened it and di-p my hand in and I brou-ght out a letter.
What type of letter is this?
I hope it’s not letter bomb
My heart race towards different evil thoughts
I opened the letter fearfully
I re-ad throu-gh it and guess what!!!
I have been given admission into e
Stars Talent training college
I jumped in excitement
That of course was the first time I let out a smile in a while
I ran to the crouch and picked up my phone
” Hello Ellen” I said in excitement
” Hello girl
You sounds happy
What is the gist?” She asked
She caught me red handled but that was really fast
” Well as you can guess this girl is rocking in….
I have been admitted into Stars Talent training college!!!!” I shouted in excitement
” Wow that’s is good news
Finally you can get off my crouch” she tea-sed
” Whatever thanks for ma-king me dream again
Well the screening is tomorrow
Dinner tonight at BJ’s eatery 6.00
Bills on me” I said
“Deal ” she replied

Before six , I was alre-ady set to go to the eatery wearing a t©p and a trou-ser. Ellen said she will meet me at the restaurant.
I received another call from her saying she is there alre-ady. I took my small bag and rush out of the room.
I ran outside and locked the door well. I took a cab and I arrived at the restaurant in no time.
I walk in and didn’t see Ellen anymore. I put my phone on call” hello where are you?” I ask her
” Am here
Opposite the counter”
I walk towards the counter when a guy bu-mped into me and I fell
Instead of him apologizing, he just walk away
I [email protected]£ infuriated by his attitude
Who did he think he is?
Why does guys have this proud, rude and they like feeling on t©p of the world
” Stupid j£rk” I said within me
I drew him back by his cardigan
” Hey you left without apologizing
Who do you think you are?”
He furrowed his eyes brows” and who do you think you are by dragging me by clothes?
Do you Know who I am?” He said
OMG I can really see he is really rude
Attention was alre-ady turned to us as everyone was watching
” I can see you are a spolit [email protected] that nee-ds discipline”
I carried the sandwich on a table beside me and poured it all on him.
” Next time learn how to open your mouth” I hissed
Ellen ran up to me and took me by hands apologizing to the guy.
She took me out of the restaurant
” What was that ?
You caused a scene at the restaurant” she said
” Guys always behave they owned the whole world and it’s high time I put them back to their place” I half yelled
Ella kept quiet. She didn’t talk but she held my hand and rub them
” Am sorry I ruined the dinner” I said remorseful
” No problem you can cook for me at home right?”she said with a bright face that brighten my mood
” Yes let goooo”

👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩My forever👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩
🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖💖

😍😍😍Episode 2😍😍😍

😍😍😍 Molly 😍😍😍
My alarm rang repeatedly without st©pping” noisy” I said and hissed
I tossed to and fro, hoping the alarm will st©p but it kept on ringing.
So annoying ” I roll my eyes
I fling my legs angrily rolling off my duvet around my b©dy coming out in my pyjamas. I switched off the annoying alarm” witch” I muttered
I checked the time
” My screening is at 10.00″ I said and ran to the bathroom. The tiy is 9.30. I hope I can get to the venue exactly the time. I wash my b©dy hurriedly and after few minutes, I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom with water dripping out of my b©dy. I rub my b©dy carefully applying lotion to my smooth skin.
Few minutes later, I was fully dressed in a blouse and trou-ser and wore a cardigan jacket. I roll my hair over my shoulder and picked my small handbag. I wore a flat shoe then I dash out of my room
” Good morning Ellen”
She is in the kitchen cooking
” Here is your breakfast”
I hurriedly ate my breakfast and wave to her.
I took a cab and I arrived at Stars Talent training college
I walk in at once following the descriptions given to me.
I met a number of people waiting
I took number and waited for my turn in the reception.
” Next” the receptionist said
I entered and saw four judges seated. I [email protected]£ nervous , my heart was beating fas-ter. They look strict
” What is your name?” They asked
” Oh my bad! My name is Molly Johnson” I replied politely
” What can you do?” They asked
” Humm… Dance” I said
” Well let see”
Music was pla-yed and I start dancing with so much [email protected] . I have to win this ” I said to myself
I heard the judges laughing but that doesn’t st©p me until the music st©pped
I fell down and almost spin my leg
They were still laughing very [email protected] that I was [email protected] facing down.
I have to admit am not a good dancer
I just decided to give it a try
” Your dance steps is the worst I have seen so far. It is obvious you have no talent
You can leave
Don’t waste our time
Next plea-se”
My face turn sad but I was willing to take the bull by it’s horn
” One minute plea-se
plea-se hear me out” I pleaded
” Alright go on” they said
” I know am not good at dancing
But I hope I can really learn from your school
That’s the ess£nce of the school right
To train people
I Know I can dance if you will teach me
I believe I can come out exceptional if I am well trained
Cos am willing to learn
plea-se don’t reject me
You don’t wanna lose a rare gem”I spoke with so much confidence looking straight into their eyes
Silence lingered for a minute then a lady finally talk.
” It’s funny you dressed like this to a screening
You aren’t nothing but a joke
Sorry this school has no time to train time wasters but talents” she roll her eyes
I sh0t her a glare
What is this woman trying to say
That I am just wasting their time
OMG they have witch in this school
This woman is a witch” I said to myself
” Ma with all due respect, I won’t waste your time, if you really have eyes to see the talent before you
Cos am not sure you do” I said
The other judges bur-st into silent laughter.
She sh0t me a glare and kept quiet.
They were looking at me without talking. I could hear them whispering among themselves
OMG I am done for
I hope I haven’t talked to much
” I really like your confidence which shows there is a star in you. Well congratulations
Welcome to Stars Talent training college” a man said
My eyes lit up in joy” thank you”
I bowed three times
” Ko-rean right?” He asked
” Yes” I replied
He let out a smile while I walk out happliy
I walk out of the building happliy when I saw a guy pushing a girl away
My anger rise and I ran to the scene holding the girl from falling
” Who are you to push a lady
Don’t you have a sister at home?
Don’t you have respect for girls
Why are you so draft like this to push away your helper?” I said to him angrily
He was wearing a t©p and trou-ser with a face cap. He heard me and put his ear piece in his ears.
My anger was boiling the more
I walk up to him and re-move his ear piece f0rç£fully facing him
He re-moved his face cap and I saw his face clearly
” You again” he said
I was completely surprise and shocked
” You… What are….,” I stammered


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