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My dream episode 9 – 11

❤️❤️❤️ My DREAM ❤️❤️❤️
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖
❤️❤️❤️ Chapter 9❤️❤️❤️
Authoresses ❣️❣️❣️
Dave began to change his characters , he began to attend lectures , changed his look and was very punctual in [email protected]
” Today we are discuss phycology” the lecturer said
The name of the lecturer is Mrs kasma
She is a young lady who has just got married but highly intelligent. She has just finished her PhD at a very young age 25
She always wore [email protected] which adds beauty to her look
Mrs kasma as she is popularly called by students who address her as the most beautiful lecturer on campus
She turned facing the whole [email protected]
” Who can tell us the meaning of psychology?” She asked
Dave raised his hands and all eyes were all him
” Psychology is the study of the minds and behavior” He said
“Correct”the lecturer said and let out a smile
Everyone [email protected] for him
” Hi” he said to cylene
Cylene ignored him, she can’t forget the hurtful memories of how he abused her and her mother because of money
The day she and her mom ran to his house for help but he gave them their greatest humiliation.
She cried and cried
Her tears was just an expression of the wound in her heart but can’t heal the scar Dave gave her.
Her little sister died as a result of the incident
” Am sorry” Dave said
” I know mere saying sorry can’t heal your pains but I am sorry” he apologized
” Dave just go away
I don’t want to see your ugly face again” she half yelled
Dave kneel down in her front and her eyes wi-de-ned
She couldn’t believe the almighty Dave was kneeling down in her front
” Dave st©p [email protected] me” she said trying to pu-ll him up
” No I won’t get up until you forgive me
Hit me
Hit me
Hit me well” he said
” And will that take my pain
I haven’t forgive you but seeing you kneel is something. I hold no more grudges against you” she said and took her bag and left
Dave got up and stood on his feet ” it’s obvious she hasn’t forgive me” he said and sighed
Feyisara walk into Raymond compound and she greeted the gateman
She was wearing a blue t©p and a black Sk-irt with a flat black shoes carrying a bag.
She walk into Raymond living room
” Hello dear” she shouted
She search everywhere for him but didn’t see him
“I called and he said he is at home
Where could he be????”she pondered
She dropped her bag and walk to the gateman to reconfirm
The gateman said Raymond is home
She walk back in” he could be in his room?” She said within herself
She wants to go into his room but the thoughts of going into his room frightened her. After waiting for like an hour and Raymond didn’t show then she summons her courage to go into Raymond room
She left her bag in the sitting room and walk into his room. She open the door ” Ray…..” Her jaws dropped and her eyes wi-de-ned by wat she saw

❤️❤️❤️ My DREAM ❤️ ❤️❤️
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖💖
❤️❤️❤️ Chapter 10❤️❤️❤️
❤️❤️❤️ Feyisara p.o.v❤️❤️❤️
My head began to ache immediately at the sight of what I am seeing
I stood motionlessly and couldn’t move an inche for a sec
Raymond is into drugs
How on Earth did he got himself involved in this?
” Raymond what is all this???” I half yelled at him almost breaking into tears
He didn’t answer me and he continued his business
I walk to the door and was about to open it when I felt his hands on mine
I f0rç£fully j£rk off his hands but Raymond pu-ll me closer and close the door with a hand
” Raymond let me go” I yelled
He roll my hair and f0rç£fully place hisl-ips on mine. He pushed me to the be-d and I lied flat on the be-d. He was fast enough to come and he landed on me. I stare at Raymond who has a whitish powder on his nose which I know is cocaine
He was high alre-ady and I could see it all written on his face.
He placed his hands on mine holding it ti-ghtly
Then he [email protected]£d me
This is the second time
I cried in tears and de-ep pain
I walk to and fro in the room angry
Very very angry
” Prech I am fed up I am going to report him to the police
This is no relationsh!p
This is not what I want
This is not the dreamed relationsh!pI hope for
This is horror and the worse nightmare
I am going to make sure he spent the rest of his life in jail” I said
Prech sighs” calm down Feyisara”
” Don’t tell me to calm down this man is wicked’ I shouted
” No he isn’t
He is just un-der the influence of drugs
I am sure he will changed
He loves you and he will come around you just have to make him realize that???” Prech said
” No prech this guy is manipulative, evill and wicked” I said
” And what will you get when you report him
[email protected]
You aren’t a v!rg!nanymore Feyisara
No man will want to marry you after washing your linen cloth outside
Don’t forget your dream” she placed a hands on my shoulder and continued
” Your dream to get married
You won’t get to fulfill that dream if you leave Raymond
So you better stick to him and carry your cross ” prech said
I fell on the floor crying and tears were gushing out like a river
Well this is the society
This is African
I should un-derstand better
Prech sat beside me and console me” it’s okay ” she said but it was never okay for me as this was just the beginning of what I faced in Raymond hands
Raymond was treating me anyhow
Beating me and ma-king my life a hell
I couldn’t talk because I don’t want to lose him
My grades were coming down because I wasn’t mentally alright
Adebayo was concerned but I lied to him since that is the best I can do
I haven’t kept any secret from him since we known each other but I will have to keep this to be secured
Every May 11 was my birthday
The day I was born
Due to what I am going throu-gh right now I don’t even remember my birthday

” So [email protected] we are done
See you in the next [email protected]” the lecturer said and she walk out of the lecture room
Students started packing up their bags and going home
It is 6:30pm and lectures were over for the day
I took my bag and walk out of the lecture room and saw Adebayo waiting alre-ady
” Alright let go” I said and he followed me
We got a cab and Adebayo gave him directions to our house
We paid for the t_ fare and walk inside the house
The light were on and rain started falling on me right in my house
I was amused and continue going
Snow started falling on me
I got excited and was pla-ying with it
I walk a little bit forward and flowers poured on me like shower
I got more excited and look backward when I saw Adebayo smiling at me
” You told me remember
What makes you happy
I observed you are sad these days and nee-ded to be happy so I got this for you” he said and I gave him a big hvg
” Happy birthday” I heard voices and pu-ll away from the hvg
I saw mum and other people
My friends , my relatives and my neighbors
They were holding gifts in their hands
Mum walk forward” happy birthday dearest daughter
May you live in happiness all your life” she said and pu-ll-ed me into a hvg
The music was turned on and we danced
Adebayo made this [email protected] melodious just to make me happy
How I wish he was my b©yfri£ndinstead of Raymon

❤️❤️❤️ My DREAM ❤️❤️❤️
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖
❤️❤️❤️ Chapter 11❤️❤️❤️
Authoresses ❣️❣️❣️❣️
Adebayo and Feyisara were in the house watching their favorite movie series
Believe by Bukola Olayioye
Feyisara was wearing a bu-mmer short and a singlet with popcorn in her hands. She curled her legs into circle as she sat beside Adebayo. A emotional moment was showen and Feyisara started crying placing her head on Adebayo
” I told you to st©p watching this movie. You are nothing but a emotional coward” Adebayo sneers at her. Feyisara hit him with the couch pillow and Adebayo hit her back
She let out a smile and ran away from Adebayo
Adebayo chase after her and he eventually caught her. They bur-st into laughter
It’s good to see you smile again” Adebayo said in his mind
” What is your dream?” He asked
” Like are you seriously teasing me right now
You Know Adebayo so why asking???’ Feyisara said
” What am asking for the most petty angel in the universe is
What can be done to make you the happiest person in the world???” Adebayo asked
” Say plea-se” she said
” plea-se” Adebayo said casually
Feyisara frowns her face” no say plea-se in a very cute way???” She said
Adebayo pout his cheeks ma-king his face look cute” plea-se” he said
” Well I want to experience something extra ordinary like rain falling, flowers and snows and so on” she said
” Wow that’s great”
She ran to the crouch quic-kly” they must not finish this episode
It’s too interesting to be missed” she said
Adebayo stood at a point watching her” as long as I am alive I will always make you happy” he said smiling

End of flashback

Raymond continue to maltreat Feyisara, Feyisara is in a long go-wn coming out of the stairs hurriedly
” You mean I am foolish
Like I am stupid
Not knowing what I am doing” he said wh!pping his belt on Feyisara
Feyisara cried in pain as she talks
Feyisara kneels in the sitting room begging Raymond for mercy but he remained Adams
Raymond beat her to the extent that she wounded
He left the house with orders that Feyisara should cook for him before he comes back
She merely nod her head as she was in severe pain
She was treating her wounds when her friends [email protected]£ in
” You didn’t call me you were coming?” She said s
Her friends rush to her when they saw her terrible condition” OMG that Raymond guy did this to you
Enough is enough you are leaving this stupid relationsh!p” Susan said
” That’s not the case for now
Let get her to the hospital first” prech said and they carried Feyisara who find it difficult to walk
They rush her outside and took her to the hospital in their car.
The doctors treated her and she was discharged on the same day
” You aren’t going back to Raymond” Susan said
I was just crying
I can’t say anything
She doesn’t know anything what Raymond has been doing to her since
” No let us solve their differences out
We can’t just conclude
Feyisara might be the one at fault” prech said
” No this is suicidal
This is not a matter of whom is guilty or not
You see Feyisara dear
St©p running after a guy that doesn’t love you
Dave is there
He loves you so much
If you keep running after Raymond
He might just kill you one day and dump your corpse in the sea where you won’t be found
Make the right decision now and free yourself of this bondage” she said
Feyisara p.o.v
I sle-pt and gave a de-ep thought about what Susan said
She is right
It’s better to live and not get married than to die like a chicken
Dave has really changed his attitude
Come to think of it he is now behaving nice towards ladies
He attends lecture and make meaningful contribution in the lecture
I breathed in and decided that I will go and see Dave to tell him yes.
The next day after my lectures
I went to Dave house, he is a rich guy just like Raymond.
The difference is just that Raymond is working alre-ady and he is just doing his Masters degree while Dave was living on his parents money
I walk into Dave house
Alot of security guards and maidens were there
I introduced myself and I was allowed in
I walk into the big general living room
I saw Dave k!ss!nganother girl
I opened my mouth although I wasn’t surprised but also suprised because I thought he has changed.
He ran after me but I didn’t st©p
All men are the same” I said within me and bur-st into tears


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