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My dream episode 7 & 8

❤️❤️My DREAM ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖💖
❤️❤️❤️ Chapter 7❤️❤️❤️
❤️❤️❤️Feyisara p.o.v❤️❤️❤️

I hurry up with my cooking
I served the food on the dinner and walk up to him in the living room where he was watching football
“Dear your food is on the dinning
Bye I have to go” I said and walk to the door when he pu-ll me back putting his hands on my [email protected]!st
” Raymond that’s for my husband” I blurted
” Well am I not your husband why are you acting this way”
He made me to face him and he k!$$£d myl-ips
My heart was beating very fast
” Raymond no… I can allow you until after marriage” I said and want to walk out when he carried me in his arms
I resisted but he was stronger than me
He drop me on the be-d in the room
” Raymond”
” If you aren’t going to allow me to have my way then I will do that f0rç£fully” he said
” Raymond you can’t do anything to me”I yelled at him
He took a rode and tied up my hands and legs
He went on t©p of me and started k!ss!ngme
I tried to resist him but I couldn’t do anything
He eventually have his way by ra-ping me
He took my vir-ginity
Tears flow from my eyes as I look at Raymond.
He move closer to me and want to t©uçh me but I re-move his hands
” Don’t you dare t©uçh me” I said
” Am sorry dear i went out with my friends and they took me to a bar.
I told them am a v!rg!nand they laughed at me
Unknown to me they had add something to my drink and I am not been feeling fine since yesterday
I don’t want to cheat on you that was why I [email protected]£ you
Am sorry” he apologized shedding tears
I looked at him and I was t©uçhed by his words
” You won’t hurt me again” I asked
” I promise I will never have S-x with you again until after marriage
I am proud you are a vir-gin” he said
He hvg me and help in treating me
I sle-pt in his arms and it was so nice
I believe him
Raymond might be stubborn but he isn’t a bad guy.
The next morning he drove me home in his vehicle
He st©pped at a mall” drop” he said
” What are we doing here?” I asked him
He didn’t say anything but he open the door for me
I felt like a queen and let out a smile
He took my hands and we walk to the mall together
He st©pped at jewelries side and he chose one n£¢klace for me
” Do you like it” he asked
” Yes of course” I replied
He brou-ght the n£¢klace and wore it on my n£¢k
We walk out of the mall and got into the car
” This n£¢klace signifies my love for you
As long as you are living
My love for you is eternal” he said and he pe-ck me
I let out a smile” am sorry for yesterday” he said
” No problem I just wished the devil didn’t use you” I said
” I love you” he said
” Love you too” I replied
He drove to my house and st©pped at the front of my house.
I knocked on the gate and the gateman open the door
” Aunty Feyisara ” he shouted
I walk in and he ran before me into the house shouting” aunty Feyisara is back”
Before I walk in, mum ran out with Adebayo and some policemen
She hvg me ti-ghtly
” Where did you go??
We have been looking for you since yesterday” she said
” I was kidnapped by some boys whose faces I didn’t see but thank God i managed to escape” I said
Mum breathed out” hope you injured
Hope they didn’t harm you” she said checking my whole b©dy
” Thank you for the concern
My daughter is fine” she said
” Okay ma” they said and mum gave them some money
Mum took me in holding my hands, she took me to my room and prepare my bath for me
I took my bath and after that she had alre-ady prepared a delicious food for us to eat. We finished eating and Adebayo and I went to the garden
I hvgged Adebayo” I miss you” I said and I let out a tears
“I miss you too
I was very afraid that something bad might happen to you yesterday after you left”
” I am sorry for worrying you” I apologized
He let out a smile” it’s okay am glad you are okay” he said
” So tell me the truth where did you go???” He asked
My heart skipped a bit
” Kidnappers ” I said
” This n£¢klace shows you weren’t kidnapped. Tell me the truth?” He said
” Fine I was with Raymond” I said
” Raymond?????” Throu-ghout the whole day and night” h
“Yes yesterday when I got to his place I discovered that he hasn’t eaten anything
His clothes were dirty
His house isn’t tidy
So as his wife to be I did my responsibility” I said
” He didn’t t©uçh you?” Adebayo asked
My mind flash back to yesterday events
How painful it was
My heart blink into tears but I didn’t manage to control it on my face
” I gave him my b©dy” I said
Adebayo phone dropped in his hands and his face wi-de-ned.
” How can you do that
You gave a guy you aren’t married to
Your b©dy
Your vir-ginity after helping him to wash clothes , cook …. This is crazy” he half yelled at me
” And so
This is my duties as his wife to be and I must fulfill it
It is compulsory
If I didn’t do that who will
I won’t allow any girl to take Raymond from me” I said.
” S-x and all you are doing doesn’t keep a man
If he wants to leave he will surely do
I Know you are doing all this to prove that you are a wife material but don’t be foolish” he said
” I gave him what he deserves
The guy has been waiting for me since
He is a good guy and I am sure of that
That’s why I gave him my vir-ginity…. period” i blurted
Adebayo left angrily and I bur-st into tears
Just trying to hide my emotional breakdown
Pretending to be strong
It hurts to see Raymond take away my vir-ginity by ra-ping me
But I believe it was the devil that used him
I have forgiven him

❤️❤️❤️ My DREAM ❤️❤️❤️
Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖💖
❤️❤️❤️ Chapter 8❤️❤️❤️
❤️❤️❤️Adebayo p.o.v❤️❤️❤️
I placed my earphones on my ear to st©p myself from hearing them fight. This has always been their tradition
Always fighting everyday
I wonder why they can’t separate since their relationsh!pis not going well
They ba-rely tolerate each other
I wonder how I was born
Well there was a time they were happy
After all they [email protected] my 4 years old birthday happy together
Well I don’t know why things changed but I think it was because of dad Job
If this is what marriage is I better don’t get married
Mum started knocking on my room very loud that it might block my ear tubes
I re-moved my earphones and went over to her
I opened the door and she rush in
I checked for dad but he isn’t there
I took my [email protected]©p bag and hung it at my back
” Am going” I said quietly
” Adebayo! Bayo!” She called but I didn’t turn back.
I went to Feyisara house to Know if she is back and the latest [email protected]£
Like seriously I am worried about her
But with what she has just said to me
She broke my heart
She hurt me
How could Feyisara couldn’t see the bit-ch in Raymond
I ti-ght£ñed up my fist
I heard my name ” Bayo! Bayo!” Feyisara mum called
I quic-kly wipe off my tear and walk back to where she is
Feyisara was with her
“Bayo Feyisara said you went to receive a call but she didn’t see you around” feyi mum said
I let out a smile”yes am done alre-ady ma
I will like to go home now”
” Hope am not s£nding you away” she asked
” No Feyisara knew about this, before I went to receive a call I told her I am going home” I said
” Okay
No problem
Adebayo I want to say a big thank you to you”
” No problem ma feyi is my Friend”
“Thanks son feyi esc-rt Bayo out” she said and went back Inside

We both stood there staring at each other..
My heart couldn’t st©p accelerating as i stared into Feyisara eyes.
That feeling aro-se and i felt myself wanting her more than ever.
The feeling i have for Feyisara is indescribable…I love her so much
My mind was ministering to me k!ssher
She is very beautiful
She will make a good wife”
That statement hit me ” she will make a good wife”
Well I am not going to get married
Even if I love her am going to hide my feelings because I am not re-ady for ma
I jo-lted out of my thoughts when she called my name” Adebayo” dhy called
” What is that in your hair”
” What” she asked
I hold her hairs f0rç£fully and she [email protected] pain
” Adebayo” she grinned at me and I ran away ma-king funny faces at her
We ran after each other
” Ouch” she cried
I ran to her and she hold me and started beating me
“‘for this you are going to be my servant fo throu-ghout tomorrow unless I won’t talk to you again” she said
” I am sorry” I said
” I didn’t hear you well” she said facing
” I thought you said you are going”I heard Feyisara mum voice
” I un-derstand you too you will never change
Anyway Adebayo I am traveling tomorrow so I waited you to take care of Feyisara
I Know you are a good boy” she said
Wow Feyisara trusting her to me then I am honored
I let out a smile” thank you ma I Will sure do that” I said
She left us ” see am in charge now
I might as well lie to your mum” I said smiling witty
” Well that’s gives me the chance to do whatever I want
I can turn you to my slave” she said
” Okay am sorry Feyisara dear”I said
” Better ”
Feyisara was with her friend sitting un-der the tree when Dave walk up to her
” Hi” he said
Susan and prech waved to him
” Actually Feyisara am greeting you” he said
” Hey am not deaf as you can see am busy” she rolled her eyes
” Well Feyisara am sorry for the other day
I Know I was very rude am sorry
Can you plea-se follow me I nee-d to tell you something”
” I don’t know if you have cotton wool in your ears
Cos I can see they aren’t functioning properly
I am BUSY…..” She stressed
” Feyisara” Susan called cautioning her with her eyes
” What!” She rolled her eyes
Her phone began to ring and she excuse herself
” Hello Raymond”
” Feyisara I want you to make me semovita and a good efo riro soup with @ssorted meat”
” But am busy at school….” She stammered
” Feyisara if you don’t want to lose me prepare that before I come back home” he warned and cut the phone call


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