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My dream episode 5 & 6

❣️❣️❣️ My DREAM ❣️❣️❣️
Written by Bukola olayioye 💖💖💖

❤️❤️❤️Episode 5❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️Feyisara ❤️❤️❤️

I have been dialing his number since, he is not picking up the call
I guess he is angry with me
I took a cab to his house to check on him
I hope he is okay cos ths is unusual of him
I knocked the gate their gateman open the gate and I enter the compound
” Chai Aunty feyi you are beautiful this evening
Do you know say they said if someone saw something beautiful that invited good luck” he said
I smiled
” Thanks” I replied
He was checking me out with his eyes.
” Omalicha” he said
” Thank you where is Adebayo?” I asked looking around
” He dey hospital” he said
” Hospital”
My mouth open
“Which hospital” I said
” Na hospital where they give birth to you na the one” he said [email protected] his hands
” Yes na the one you Mama born you”
I sh0t a glare at him looking confused.
” You go give me money before I say anything na. You know nothing comet free” he said smiling
I di-p my hands into my purse and brou-ght out 500naira
I handed it over to him
He let out a smile
” Okay Alex hospital at Ikorodun na their family hospital” he said
Alex hospital” my [email protected] gra-p the message
I rush out of the gate st©pping a bike man to take me there
The bike man st©p his bike in front of the hospital
I gave him his fare was about going in
” Aunt” he said
I st©p and turned
” My money na 1500 but you gave me 1000″ he said
” How come abeg 1k is enough” I replied
I want to go inside but he held me
“Na fight we didn’t agree on the price so you are at fault” I bluted
” Aunt no try nos-en-se with me I be original getto pikin give me my money” he said still holding me.
” Mr Man respect yourself, it is better you leave now before I call the cops on you” I warned sternly
He pushes his nose slightly sneering at me
I began to yell
” Help me on this man wants to rob me in the afternoon. ” I yelled attracting people attention to us
I held him ti-ghtly
He was shocked
People were trooping in from the hospital one by one
The youths around the hospital are alre-ady coming with rod
When he saw I mean business he left me.
He got on his bike quic-kly and ran off
” Are you okay? The people around asked
” Am fine” I replied calm
” Hope he didn’t steal anything” they asked
” He didn’t succeed. Thank you”
I walk into the hospital and went straight to the nurses
A nurse attend to me
” Am looking for Adebayo ibiyemi” I said showing her his picture
” He is in ward 7 just go straight you will see the ward” she said
” Thank you” I said catwalking to the describe ward.
I open the ward and saw Adebayo on the be-d with his mum beside him
A tear drop in my eyes
” Adebayo” I cried
” Am fine” he said smiling
” No you are not fine” I took my seat beside him ignoring his mum pres£nce and hvg him
” Ouch” he cried holding his stomach
” He nee-ds rest” his mother said
” Okay ma, am sorry I didn’t greet you earlier” he said
” My daughter I can un-derstand” she reply smiling
My phone started ringing
” plea-se excuse me”
I excuse myself going outside the hospital.
” Hello where are you? You left me inside the shopping mall.
I was just looking for you” Stella yelled
” Am sorry Stella I am in the hospital right now” I said.
” What hospital! What are you doing there?” She asked calmly me
” Adebayo is in the hospital. I guess he had an accident” I said
” What! Accident how did it happen where did it?”
” I don’t know for now I will call you later” I said
” Okay girl take care of him” she said
I hung up the phone I turned to go inside when someone hold my hands
” Raymond” I said looking shocked
” How did you get here” he began to drag me away from the hospital compound while I was protesting

❤️❤️❤️My DREAM ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️

Written by Bukola Olayioye 💖💖💖💖💖

❤️❤️❤️Chapter 6❤️❤️❤️

❣️❣️❣️Raymond p.o.v❣️❣️❣️

I was going to visit one of my friend in the estate when I saw her ma-king a call.
I wonder who she has come to visit in the hospital I don’t care.
She is suppose to be at home cooking
Her place is in the kitchen
” What the heck is wrong with you what are you doing in the hospital” I yelled holding her hands still dragging her hands
” Leave me alone” she said struggling with her hands on mine
I pushes her into my car and close the door
I drove the car while she keeps shouting
I drove into the compound
I open the car door for her
” Kidnapper” she shouted and use her leg to push me
I almost fall down
She [email protected]£ down from the car
” What are you doing in the hospital when you have a duty you must fufill” I asked
” Adebayo is in the hospital” she said
I nee-d to go to him right now
” Bayo that her stupid friend
I nee-d to separate both of them
This girl called feyisara is really a great resource to me and I don’t wish to leave her now” I thought
She began to run towards the gate
” Abdul open the door” she yelled
Abdul want to open the door
I let out a smile
” Don’t you dare open that door you may go back to your room”.
He bowed and went inside
” Abdul open the door bayo nee-ds me” she shouted crying
She tries opening the gate but it was locked
She began to slam the door while I watch her drama laughing at her
Crazy girl!
Few minutes later she was alre-ady tired of slamming the gate
She sat on the floor crying
I [email protected] my hands smiling
” You have proved whom you love. It’s obvious you love bayo than me”
She want to talk
I cut in
” I will open the gate for you to meet the one you love but remember am gone forever in your life”. I said coming to open the gate using my key
She stand up and hold my hands
” No Raymond I love you very much bayo is just a childhood friend” she hvg me and I k!ssher n£¢k

❤️❤️❤️Feyisara p.o.v❤️❤️❤️

My eyes were red cos I have been crying.
I stand up and dusted my b©dy
I pick up my bag hung over my shoulders and follow him inside.
” Cook pounded yam for me with a good efo riro” he said
I check my time it’s almost 7:30
My mum will surely be worried about me
” No it’s late alre-ady choose another food” I replied glancing at my time
” Okay spaghetti with tomato sauce will do” I said
I heaved a sigh of relief walking to the kitchen
He join me in the kitchen k!ss!ngmy n£¢k from behind
I was startled by his hvgging
” We are too close” I said
My heart was racing
He wra-pped his hands over my [email protected]!st
” My husband owns that place re-move your hands” I said
” Am I not your husband” he whispers
” But we aren’t legally married” I took one of his f!nger and sneeze it
He wince in pain re-move his hands
I took off my apron
” You can do your cooking if you want ” I said
He moves slowly away from me and walk out of the kitchen
I held the door knob to make sure he is gone
I swallowed [email protected] into nothing
” This man can be dangerous tonight I mean he has been asking for my b©dy ever since we meet but I do manged to escape
I had better hurry up with my cooking

❣️❣️❣️❣️Adebayo p.o.v❣️❣️❣️

It has been hours since feyisara left to receive a call
Her bag , her purse is here and she hasn’t come back
I [email protected]£ restless
Mum plea-se try dialing feyisara number again”
Her number is not reachable.
My heart was beating very fast
I hope feyisara is safe
” Son am @ssured that feyisara is fine you don’t nee-d to worry” mum said
” But mum…”
” Son she is fine I will report to the police station tomorrow to declare her missing” mum said
I took a de-ep breath
“I hope she is safe” I said praying in my mind for her
” Hello little cuties” dad said
He was holding the door knob closing it holding a bag in his hands.
He stretch the bag towards me
Mum help me to straighten up and I collected the bag checking it’s content
” Wow dad you got me my favorite snack” I said blu-shing
Dad and mum smile
” Thank you” I said
My face contenance changed
” Dad I don’t mean to reject but I don’t want this” I said
” What why son” dad asked taking his seat beside me
” You and mum!” A tear drop from my eyes
Mum and dad glanced at each other
” We are sorry son we promise to change”
“Promise to change! You have been promising me this for many years yet you haven’t changed. It better you file for a divorce instead of hurting each other”
” No son we will change no one in our family has never divorced”
Dad walk out of the hospital room without saying anything
While mum face was looking sad


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