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My dream episode 3 & 4

❣️❣️❣️My DREAM ❣️❣️❣️
Written by Bukola olayioye 💖💖💖

❤️❤️❤️Episode 3❤️❤️❤️

❣️❣️❣️❣️Feyisara p.o.v❣️❣️❣️

Mrs Smith invited me to her office after her lectures.
I help her to carry her to the office walking behind her
She open the door to the office and I enter putting her books on her table still standing
” You can have your seat” she said
” Thank you ma” I replied
She look straight into my eyes foldings her two hands placing them on her table
” What is wrong with you? What is all this fuss about marriage in [email protected] today.
What were you thinking?
You were obviously thinking on hold you can get married” she said
I didn’t respond and didn’t reply her
” Did you want to get married in 200level?” She asked
” No ma”
” You see” she stand up and walk towards me placing her hands on my shoulders
” You are one of the girl I admire most in this campus.
I mean you are beautiful ,, smart and intelligent.
Do you want to get ruined by allowing unnecessary distraction?”
I nodded.
” Then face your studies squarely marriage will come after your studies ” she left my shoulders
” the rubbish you said today about marriage stuff if you dare write that in the exam you will fail you may go” she said
” Thank you ma” I replied and left her office
I was sitting in the cafeteria eating buns with soft drink.
The weather was so h0t that I was almost sweating
” School life” I curse un-der my breath
” my beautiful maiden” dapo said smiling sheepishly
Dave is a son of a rich man in the city and he flaunt his money around [email protected] girls with his money.
I didn’t say anything
I continue eating and pressing my phone checking latest [email protected]£
He walk very close to me and he place his hands on me
” Take your hands away from me” I glare at him
He re-moved his hands
” Maiden what of if I start giving two hundred thousand naira every week for your shopping how much did you want for a night stand” he said
I continue my business and didn’t talk
” pla-ying [email protected] to get right” he sm-irked
He signal to one of his b©dyguards or should I say jobless people to hand over his suitcase
He opened the bag
The bag was full of dollars with my quic-k calculation it must be at least a hundred thousand dollars
I [email protected]£ more irritated by his speech and sh0t him a glare
” A lot of graduate are on the street jobless if you give them this money it will impact their lives” I thought and hissed aloud
He heard me hissing and he smiled
He brou-ght out the money and was throwing it at me
I [email protected]£ annoyed and gave him a h0t [email protected]
Students has alre-ady gather around us focusing their attention on us
I picked up his money and was pouring it on him one by one until it finishes
” I don’t nee-d your money you and your money can go to hell” I said picking up my bag and walk out
He looks shocked and am sure his stupid pride is hurt
Dave p.o.v
I was dumbfounded and speechless as she walks out of the cafeteria
My legs [email protected]£ cold and shakely
She has just hurt my pride, I mean who does that? Dave the son of a billionaire
I was so annoyed with that girl doesn’t she know who I am
Who is she was to [email protected] me
Me! Dave the son of the riche-st man in the city.
I can still felt her [email protected] her [email protected] is still hurting my cheeks
This is the first time a lady will turn me down.
I didn’t say anything again as I walk to my car still looking shocked
I sat in the back seat abs£nt minded
” Her name is feyisara the daughter of a SAN in this country.
Her mother is one of the best lawyers in the country no matter how [email protected] a case is she can crack it within a short period of time
Feyi is a 200 level student studying human kinetics
Sir it’s better you accept this [email protected] as yourl uck cos if you deal with her your Father’s reputation can be destroyed” my personal @ssistant said
” No ” I shouted angrily
My hands brushed throu-gh my hair
” You nee-d to calm down” he said
I sighed de-eply
The way and manner she spoke to me flashed back to my mind, she spoke with some much confidence. She looks different from other ladies
She wasn’t moved by my wealth and lavishness attitude.
She is very beautiful, her skin was clean and her light complexion glows beautifully.
She got the perfect curves and shape.
I wonder if her bu-tt is artificial but am a good womanizer enough to detect fake bu-tt and the real one.
I mean she looks so natural
I [email protected]£ up with an Idea
” Ebere” I called out to one of my b©dyguards
” Yes boss”
” The incident that happened today make sure you get it deleted” I said
” Okay boss”
I let out a smile
” If you want to catch a monkey you will act like a monkey” I thought

❤️❤️❤️ My DREAM ❤️❤️❤️
Written by Bukola olayioye 💖💖💖💖

❤️❤️❤️Episode 4❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️Dave p.o.v❤️❤️❤️
The car pu-ll-ed up infront of a duplex in a estates
The gate man open the gate and enter the building.
The house was built well but It isn’t up to my father house
Everywhere was glittering with gold as we enter the house
” You are welcome” a guard greeted
I rolled my eyes
” Welcome my friend” Lucas hvg me ti-ghtly
I let out a smile and dis£ngage from the hvg
I took my seat on the crouch crossing my legs.
He took his seat too
” What can I offer you?” He asked
I took a glance around
” If I am re-ady to take something I will inform you” I replied
” Lucas dear” a lady catwalk to Lucas side and she k!$$£d him on his cheek
She was wearing a transplant short go-wn with a lot of make up on her face looking like a brea-st
I wonder what Lucas saw in her
” Am about to leave see you on stage”
I recognize her at once
Kimberly! She is a female model working for a popular modeling agency.
She wave to me as she shake her bu-tt voluminously walking towards the door.
She held the door handle and blew k!sses towards Lucas
” I hail o ” I said after Kimberly left
Lucas let out a smile
” Guy how did you manage to get Kimberly I mean she is the best model in this city.
She was able to maintain this Position for about ten years
Lucas chuckled
” When girls want something they will do anything to get it” Lucas replied
Lucas is a model working for a many [email protected] as their [email protected]
He makes his money on his own
He has a lot of houses better than mine
I depends on my father’s money but he is dependent on his own
” Secret! plea-se tell me” I said
Lucas bur-st into laughter
” I should tell you so you will use that to get feyisara to yourself” he said
I [email protected]£ suprised
” How do you know about what happen?” I asked
” Let say I have my informant” he said crossing his legs
” But guy w€tin you nee-d from that S.U girl” he asked
” I wanted someone to get down with tonight so I wanted to go for a different taste so I approach her” I said
” Guy back serious mistake you make if her mother hear pere you are doomed.
You better don’t [email protected] your boundary cos thar feyisara is a complete s.u” he said
My face changed
“I have sle-pt with high government officials daughters and nothing happens guy as long as she is beautiful I Dave will take her down” I said
He bur-st into another round of laughter
” You are funny Dave you better st©p joking around” he said still laughing
” Am serious let us placed a bet on this, feyisara will be mine” I said
He st©p laughing and his face was a bit serious
” Are you sure you want to do this? ” He asked.
” 20 million naira” he said
I hesitate for a while thinking about it
” Okay deal” I replied shaking his hands

❤️❤️❤️Feyisara p.o.v❤️❤️❤️

My friend and I went for shopping after school.
I was the one who brou-ght the Idea cos I want to get some things for myself
I saw a wedding go-wn dress, the go-wn was so beautiful. It is a long covered wedding go-wn.
My mind drifted to when my mum shows me her wedding go-wn
She [email protected]£ to my room in the night and held my hands
” My daughter you are a princess don’t allow anyone to defile you until your wedding day.
I was a v!rg!nbefore getting married
It’s a sweet thing to be not only did your husband will be proud of you but God will also be proud of you.
Remember your b©dy’s the temple of God keep it well.
If you keep it you are definitely wearing this white blessed go-wn”
” Am going to surely wear this white blessed go-wn one day” I smiled to myself
I was abs£nt minded thinking about that go-wn and how it will suit me perfectly on my wedding day smiling.
My friend taps me obviously she has been calling my name since but I didn’t answer her.
She brou-ght out a short go-wn
Wow this will look S-xy on you” she said
She put the cloth on my dress
” I don’t like it it’s too short” I said looking around the cloth section carrying my trolley in my hands
I sp©t a blue shi-t and a trou-ser in the men section opposite us.
I walk closer to take a better look at the cloth
The clothes look like latest designs
Am sure Adebayo will love this
I beckoned on the sales attendant
” I love the dress
It’s one of the latest designs?”I asked.
” Yes it is new and it’s of good quality” she said
We went to the men section together
I got a better view of the cloth
I saw the price tag it’s quite expensive
If I must buy it that means I won’t get any dress to buy
I sighed
I took the dress into my trolley and went to the cashier to pay for the dress.
I gave the money and she gave me back my receipt.
I walk out of the mall waiting for my friend whom I expect to meet me outside.
” Seems like am forgetting something here.
He wasn’t in school today yet I acted like I didn’t care
Oh my jeez!!!


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