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My dream episode 1 & 2

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Setting: Nigeria
Feyisara dream of nothing more than getting married.
Her number dream has always been getting married. She dreams of a perfect marriage where she will get married to a man after God own heart.
Her parents marriage is her number 1 inspiration. She got married to Raymond her school b©yfri£ndbut it turns out to be her worst nightmare.
She then [email protected]£ to a conclusion that getting married is merely an allusion from her thoughts not a reality.
Getting married is it really a dream for Raymond
Is she wrong by dreaming to have a perfect marriage
Will she ever gets the perfect man????
Join me this suspense packed story
Gra-p your popcorn cos you can afford to miss this story

❤️❤️❤️MY DREAM ❤️❤️❤️
Written by Bukola olayioye 💖💖💖

❤️❤️❤️Chapter 1❤️❤️❤️

Chapter title: Dangerous mind❣️❣️❣️

Feyisara stood motionless like a dry image. She was on the street alone in the rain. Her hairs looks tattered and rou-gh. She looks more like a mad woman right now. The rain Continue to fell but she wasn’t concerned as she took her seat on a placement beside the road looking dishevelled.
She obviously has a lot on her mind than the stringing rainfall effect. She was lost in her world and couldn’t place a f!nger on why she has chos£n this path. She blamed it all on herself as she crys
Little did she know the pain and anguish in front of her, she has been used and dump like an orange. What else could life give her from a man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with. All her dreams about getting married is to have a better life. Although before she gets married she was living a better life but she thought that life could be sweeter after marriage.
It wasn’t that she didn’t pay attention to the ups and downs of marriage but I have seen cases where marriage turns out to be the best
Am I guilty of having such dreams
After all it is all girls dream not only mine
Am I guilty of wishing for what many thoughts cannot be possible In marriage
Well let me guess I was guilty
And maybe this Is my price for having such a white elephant dream
I don’t have a wo-mb again. I am wo-mbless
The doctor says my wo-mb had been re-moved
The rain increased and my tears flow the more
The words of the woman who [email protected]£ to my rescue, saving me from the darkness which I have kept myself in for many years, ran throu-gh my mind
” Your wo-mb has been re-moved with the authority of your husband. He was the one who order your wo-mb removal. I thought you knew until I heard your husband discussing it with the doctor. He acknowledge it and he told the doctor to shut up by giving him half a million naira” she said
I let out a loud outcry” yeh I am finished” I shouted
” Don’t tell anyone I told you unless my job is at stake
I have families to feed I just did that as a mother and because I know your medical story” she said
” Okay thank you”
There was no one on the street because of the unsecured atmosphere.
This street has always been quiet after 7: 30 and this is 9:30
Dangerous thoughts were running throu-gh my mind. I could just kill him for hurting me so much. He took everything from me . I thought he was a good man but the monster in him finally resurface. I finally settled for a dangerous thought
I am going to kill him with knife. He deserves death. I began to shiver as a result of the cold but I ignore it.
I took the cab and smile dryly in the cab. We arrived at the house and I gave the man his fare and I knocked on the gate. The gateman open the gate and he stood at the gate saying all kinds of nos-en-se I don’t un-derstand. Maybe he thought I am a mad woman
Well I am cos I am mad right now.
I roll off my hairs from my face and he recognized me at once” madam” he said
I pushed him to one side and enter without minding his apology
I walk into the house
I am sure he is in his room operating his [email protected]©p, after all it’s work work work
I walk into the kitchen before taking the stairs up. I sighted a good new sharp knife. I let out a wicked smile
I am going to kill him and kill myself
I took the stairs and turned to my room when I heard the [email protected] ing of a woman. I [email protected]£ alert at once. Luckily the door wasn’t locked so I open the door and saw a n-ked woman on the be-d with my husband on t©p of her.
My anger [email protected]£ ×2 and I was filled with rage.
They saw me and they moved and I drew my knife at them. They [email protected]£ shocked and frightened. They were pleading I shouldn’t kill them
Well I am not in that mood
We will discuss that in heaven.
I drew my knife to slain the girl first but I fell on the floor and fainted. I am allergic to cold

❣️❣️❣️My DREAM❣️❣️❣️
Written by Bukola olayioye 💖💖💖

❣️❣️❣️Chapter 2❣️❣️❣️


Her campus life

💖💖💖💖Adebayo p.o.v💖💖💖

“You aren’t going anywhere today” mum said as she locks her husband tie
Dad was standing straight holding his briefcases in his hands
He let out a anger smile shaking his legs looking to and fro
He glanced at his wristwatch
” Woman I am running late for work leave me alone or else” he raises his f!nger pointed towards mum with anger in his voice
” Or else what! ” Mum hissed snapping her feets on the floor still holding him
” Shameless man your mates are giving their wives real money for food but you are here leaving 500 naira for food. I won’t take this anymore” mum said
I wondered when she has ever endured what my father ever gave to her. It has been from one nagging to another
I was sitting on the couch watching the whole drama
Dad struggled with mum and getting her off him.
He tries to run away from mum but mum lock the door and took the key.
Another wahala
Dad was burning with anger as he demands the key to the door.
Dad held the door handle yelling at mum to give him the key
Mum refused so dad off his shi-t, took off his belt and started flogging mum
The beating was too much and I try to intervene
I got in between them and manged to st©p dad.
Mum got bruises on her face alre-ady.
” Foolish man idiot it will not be well with you ” she yelled crying
Dad was stretching to beat her but I st©pped him
” I will kill you today
Kill you and kill myself” mum said holding a knife.
I went over to her side
” No mum you can’t do this plea-se hand over the knife to me” I said trying to collect the knife.
” Let her kill me my greatest regret is getting married to you” dad shouted
She didn’t let go of the knife and the knife blade cut my hands I wince in pain but I endured
I saw mum moving towards dad to kill him
” Yeeee”
My mom eyes wi-de-ned and so is my dad eyes.
Mum has just use the knife to hit my stomach
I was trying to separate mum and dad but I took the knife met for dad
I gro-an ed in pain as I hit my bleeding stomach
Mum hands were stained with blood opening her mouth couldn’t close it. The knife dropped from her hands and her face looks sober
” You see what you have done you this useless woman” dad said
Tears were dropping from mum cheek
“You should have died. I will soon divorce you ” mum replied
They both started fresh argument while I was dying slowly.
Blood were gushing out from my stomach and I was shedding tears
” St©p” I managed to shout with the little blood remaining in my b©dy
They turned and noticed me again
” When I die you can continue your argument” I said faintly
” No Adebayo mi you won’t die. You will survive” mum said holding me shedding tears
” I have called the ambulance they will be there any seconds plea-se stay safe” dad said
I let out a smile
” maybe by the time they will get there I will be dead”
” No you won’t die but live.
You are omo oni ijebu” she started eulogizing me
I was smiling and wincing in pain.
She st©pped and dad continue from where she st©pped
It was a happy sad situation
It has been a very long time since dad and mum eulogized me.
Maybe when I was four or five years old
Even though death was calling me home but I held on with hopes that I won’t die.
The ambulance arrived and the nurses [email protected]£ to help me in a stretcher. I was placed on the stretcher receiving drips.

❣️❣️❣️Feyisara p.o.v❣️❣️❣️

My name is feyisara am very intelligent and brilliant.
I am currently studying human kinetics in the Nigeria university; university of Nusuka
” Feyisara meet me in the car” mum shouted
I had scatter everywhere am having 8:00am lectures today but this is 7:30 am not yet in school
I could hear the sound of mum igniting the car am dressed up alre-ady for school but like everyday I create a mess and ended up searching for something I didn’t lost.
Today I was searching for my phone, I had checked everywhere but my phone is in my pocket.
I rush out of the house in full speed but I end up hurting my self when I fell on the stairs.
I got up in pain but managed to join mum in the car sitting beside her.
She noticed my contenance
” Is everything ok?” She asked
I let out a fake smile
” Am fine” I replied
As we were going, I saw some old couple on the way taking a stroll laughing and smiling.
I admired them and wished one day my husband and I will be like this old couple.
She dropped me in front of my [email protected] and I locate my lecture room.
I got to the lecture very late and the lecturer was lecturing alre-ady.
I didn’t find a place to sit so I have to stand on my feet.
My mind drifted to this couple and I was smiling unknownly in the [email protected]
My smile was visible to all, I was smiling foolishly at the thought of having a marriage like the old couple
” Feyi” my lecturer called
” Marriage” I said foolishly and everyone bur-st into laughter
” Feyi” Mrs Smith my lecturer yelled and [email protected]£ towards me
” Are you okay at all…?” She taps me gently
” Am… fine” I replied composing myself
” Better define motion in full details” she said
” Motion” I scratched my head thinking and looking for answer to define it will have been better but to explain I don’t know where to start from
” Motion can be define as state of progression from one place to another.” I st©p trying to find what is next
the first law, an object will not change its motion unless a f0rç£ acts on it. In the second law, the f0rç£ on an object is equal to its [email protected] times its acceleration. In the third law, when two objects interact, they apply f0rç£s to each other of equal magnitude and opposite direction.
” Humm marriage can be a good example of motion.” I said and the [email protected] bur-st into laughter
My confidence aro-se
” A good marriage nee-ds to be pushed by a f0rç£.
The f0rç£ of un-derstanding, tolerance and a love that’s according to the first law of motion.
When this happens, based on their agreement to be husband and wife to love each other , when they join hands and seek each other opinion in a certain matter things work between them very well based on the second law of motion
The third motion describe the mutual interaction between husband and wife which brings respect and they attach importance to each other. With this point stated you will agree with me that a good marriage nee-ds the law of motion to work” I said with confidence
The [email protected] was as silent as a graveyard
The students [email protected] for me and my head was filled with joy as they [email protected]
I took my seat when they has finished [email protected]
” Get out of my [email protected]” Mrs Smith yelled at me
I was shocked
” Get out” she shouted
I slowly arrange my things back into my bag and walk out of the [email protected]


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