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Mama is a witch finale

Episode 52.
Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

Victor returned from the village and visited Francis with the guys,
“Welcome back guy, e be like b©dy don slack you o, Francis told him and Victor heaved.
“It wasn’t easy o, my mom family fell on me heavily why I should expo-se and [email protected] her the way I did when she should have died a peaceful death without a fly knowing, Victor said.

“Shebi they are mad? No What nons-en-se is that na? You sure they no be witch too? Why your mama no mention them for the list of witches as she been dey talk? Francis angrily asked and his cousin walked in from school and greeted them.
“Welcome dear, how was school today? Francis asked.

“Fine uncle, you look angry why? She asked.
“Oh don’t worry about that. What will you have for lunch? I ordered for pizza, Francis replied.
“Oh you did! She happily asked and Frank laughed.

“As if I knew, its on your be-d, he replied.
“Thank you! She shouted and ran upstairs while Francis smiled shaking his head.
“She’s a good girl, Mark said.

“Yes just like her dad, despite she just met me but it looks as if we have known ourselves for a long time, Francis said.
“How’s Joe na, abi he dey road? Fred asked.

“No he will be coming back tomorrow. He say he wan enjoy village small, Francis replied.
“But village dey take style sweet o, Mark said.
“Keep that aside abeg, so Victor why they behave like that? That’s not fair, Francis said..

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“Their anger is I uncovered my mother’s wickedness and brou-ght a bad name to them, Victor said.
“Was it you that s£nt your mother to be a witch? I no trust those people, their belle no clean at all. So they were not even crying for the children your mother has eaten but their family name whatever, that’s crazy, Francis said.

“Very crazy people, because of that they just put Victor mama for ground bury, Fred added.
“I shouted when I heard that yesterday, even though she deserves to be buried like chicken but they should plea-se leave you alone. You were also a victim of her wrong doings abeg, Francis said.

“The nons-en-se burial no concern me, in fact e sweet me as I no get worry or stress to run around to bury anyb©dy. God knows when he finally calls my dad to rest, I’ll give him a very befitting burial, Victor said.
“That’s right! That’s what I told Joe o, we can bury that woman anyhow without wasting money on her but he’s still insisting, Francis said.

“No no don’t say that. What Joe is doing is for the good of everyb©dy, you nee-d to be reconciled to your family and that’s what he’s doing. Shebi Maria will look for her family on her traditional marriage? Will that be when you all will run around to make things right? Joe is wise, and he’s not doing it for Nkiru but for you, Fred said.
“That’s true though…… ‘Uncle thank you! Francis cousin shouted holding a slice of the pizza.

“You’re welcome darling, check the freezer for the yoghurt, Francis said and she ran to the freezer.
“So Joe said he was able to meet with both of my parents families and they agreed to attend the burial here, Francis continued.
“Here? Mark asked.

“Yes o, they rejected her o. No one wants to cut a little piece of their farm land for her, but that’s not my business sef, Francis replied.
“No problem na, as long as she go enter ground na w€tin concern me be that, after all Maria said your mom told her that she doesn’t deserve to have a grave. Your mom knew just what will happen so its not your fault, Victor said.

“Is true ooo! Do you know when Maria said that, I was thinking her b©dy will be burnt to ashes, now I un-derstand she said that because she knows her people will reject her b©dy, Fred shouted.
“Exactly! But I’m happy Joe did what he did so you all will be known by your people, Mark said.
“Yea, sorry bro my condolence again, Francis said to Victor.

“Forget about that thing abeg I’m fine, Victor said.
“My guy just get 1 now, Francis don become orphan like us, las las everyone will be fine jare abeg drink dey?, Mark asked going to the freezer……………

Joe safely returned with his uncle and Nkiru was agreed to be buried in 2 weeks time. Maria landed that weekend, and they ran around together to get things done for the burial. Nkiru company supported them with 2 million and offered them a slot for immediate vacancy,
“You’ll be going for it right? Maria asked Francis.
“No, Bridget will, Francis replied.

“What! This is a clean chance for you to have a job or are you hoping on the promise of my manager? Maria asked.
“Sister, I want Bridget to have the job so she can leave that chicken change she’s doing in that remote area. Don’t worry about me, Francis said.

“Alright if you say so, besides she deserves it, Maria said and Francis quic-kly called up Bridget telling her the good news.

2 weeks later,Nkiru was la-id to rest and Maria succeeded in having every money Nkiru left in the bank.

“Omoh burial sweet! Na who wan die again should do fast o! Mark shouted and Fred hit him [email protected] on the head.
“If you die na you no sabi say your rice go sweet [email protected]? Fred asked.
“I never reach na, Mark said and saw Pastor Obinna with his wife and they hurriedly left to welcome him.

The pastor hvgged them so ti-ght and didn’t want to let go of Francis after Bridget got an appointed letter few days ago with a salary she never expected.
“You should have got the job but you chose my daughter, thank you so much, The pastor wife said.

“No ma plea-se don’t mention. Your husband and your daughter went throu-gh so much stress for me and I can’t forget that, Francis said.
“Thank you my son, and may God give you a better better job, The pastor said.
“Amen! Amen ahhhh I can’t wait so I will come do the right thing on her, Francis said and the pastor laughed.

“Sure, sorry we [email protected]£ late, the pastor said.
“No plea-se what matters is that you [email protected]£, Francis said.
“Sir plea-se come sit down while I go arrange a fantastic food for you, the food sweet, Mark said and the pastor laughed following him while Francis wanted having a word with Bridget but Maria approached them with her manager.

“Welcome sir, Francis greeted with his head bowed.
“Thank you Francis, I can see you’re sound and fit, the manager said.
“Its the lord doing sir, Francis replied smiling.

“And its at the right time. You can be called tomorrow, the man said.
“I don’t un-derstand sir, Francis said.
“Congratulations! The man said patting his back and left with Maria while Maria looked back and gave Francis a thumb up as he kept a confused face.

“You mean I’ll be called tomorrow for the job? You mean I have a job now! Francis shouted looking at Bridget.
“Take it cool okay, I believe that’s what he’s trying to tell you but calm down and let’s go see our guest, Bridget said taking his hand smiling at him while Francis tried calming down and Bridget sighted at the pastor who helped Joe out and they approached them…………..

The next day, they surprised Pastor Obinna as they arrived in his church to worsh!p.
There they shared testimonies of what the Lord used him in doing, bought drinks and food for the members and gave him an envelope as a seed. The pastor happily prayed for them and after the service his wife took them home to wait for the pastor who was attending to issues in the church.

“This is too much my children, I did what I had to do not because I nee-d this, The pastor weakly said to them when he [email protected]£ home.
“Pastor, its the same thing we are doing. We are doing what we are suppose to do plea-se don’t reject this token of appreciation. Who knows where we would have been scattered by now if God didn’t use you, Maria said and the pastor heaved.

“You know they attacked yesterday, they were very brutal, the pastor said and Maria eyes bulged out.
“What! But….but I thought its over na, Maria said.
“They [email protected]£ for revenge you know but I made sure I didn’t leave them in a state they can survive.

Enough is enough you know, The pastor replied.
“Ahhhh plea-se they should leave us alone abeg I’m tired alre-ady, Maria said.
“Its okay don’t think about that, God alre-ady is on this matter and they are fighting a lose battle, The pastor said and A beep [email protected]£ on Francis phone and what they heard next was a shout followed by Francis on the floor like he has fainted.

Maria fearfully took the phone from him and saw it was an appointment letter s£nt to his email..
“Wake up o, you see job wey you dey find wan come die now? Mark shouted as they tried waking Francis up who fainted………………

A week later everyone was fine, Francis was alre-ady working and Joe was seriously on the poultry business as there was money and help very much available from the guys.
Its 35th Maria birthday and that was when the guys remembered they could not [email protected] Francis birthday with all that happened the past weeks.

They planned joining the [email protected] with Maria’s own but Francis refused because he wanted her to have the whole day for herself. Seth was very much excited on the birthday like it was his and the guys were smiling sheepishly at him,
“w€tin you dey shine teeth like goat? Seth asked them and they kept smiling saying nothing.
“w€tin dey happen na? Seth asked..

“No be we dey follow you dey smile, w€tin come be your own Now? Victor asked.
“Na your smile? E disturb you? Mark added.
“Na you sabi, Seth said adjusting his tie and Mark quic-kly snatched a box from the suit Seth was wearing and saw it was a ring,

“I talk am, no wonder you dey smile like yeye person, me too go follow love o, Mark said and Seth snatched it back from him.
“I pity the girl wey go love you sef. I’m feeling nervous, Seth said..

“Say w€tin happen? No make me [email protected] you, walk in there and engage that babe my friend! Fred shouted with a tone that made Seth bur-st out laughing.
“Guy no be fight o, Victor said laughing.
“E pain me there, why Una just dey drag for small thing, when my own turn come na to chuck am ring for hand comot I no go even wait for yes. She no get choice for where I dey,, Fred said and Mark laughed hvgging the wall..

“My guy is not a preacher of love o, that’s rascality biko, Mark said.
“Its alright, I just pray she says Yes lord! Seth said looking up closing his eyes.
“I go help am say the yes sef oya make we dey go, Fred said taking him inside………..

3 months later, Maria was alre-ady walking the aisle with Seth, as Francis gave them the honour to wed first before taking Bridget as a wife. Every family was pres£nt to honour them and after 2 months, Francis was alre-ady married to his heartthrob.
A year later, Joe settled with a worker at the poultry farm at his 40’s, and the guys on the other hand settled down one after the other.
And they all lived happily after….

I hope I t©uçhed every stone??🤷🤷

The END!!


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