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Lovestruck with you episode 46 & 47

(College of magic)🧸

By, Authoress Rhema💄💎

CHAPTER 46&47**

**Why I didn’t post yesterday was because my data finished, my freemode finished too so I couldn’t enter Facebook, sorry for keeping you guys waiting, here’s yesterday chapter and this morning chapter;)**

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Daniel and Lilith walked hand in hand to the girls hostel, Lilith won’t st©p smiling and giggling to herself

“We’re here” he said and she looked up to see the hvge gate of the girls hostel

“So soon” she grumbled

“Don’t worry you’ll see me tomorrow” he chuckled

“Tomorrow is too far” she pouted

“So cute, tomorrow is too far for me too, I wanna look at you like this forever” he said

“Should we not sleep in our hostel this night, maybe we could stay in a [email protected] and. Ahh” she cried when he fli-cked her forehead

“Is this how much you miss me” he tea-sed

“You!, Get out of here, I won’t miss you anymore” she huffed and began going inside but before she could get in, he pu-ll-ed her back and hvgged her ti-ght

“I’ll miss you too, like crazy” he said in her ears

Lilith smiled and broke the hvg. “k!ssme” she said pouting herl-ips

“But yourl-ips are swollen alre-ady” he smiled

“Ion care,yourl-ips are swollen too” she said, wra-pping her arms around his n£¢k

“Oh fv¢k it” he muttered and pu-ll-ed her close, crashing hisl-ips [email protected] on hers again

Mora who is about entering the hostel [email protected] when she saw this, she bit herl-ips to prevent herself from screaming and ran inside their room

“Guys you won’t believe what I just witnessed” she screamed

“What’s that?” Selene asked, not taking her eyes off Elena’s [email protected]©p as they were watching a movie together

“I saw Lilith and Daniel k!ss, infact they are still k!ss!ngoutside. Come on” she said and ran back outside

Ruby is the first to fly off from the be-d followed by Snow then Selene said then Elena sighed before tiredly following them

Lilith and Daniel are still k!ssing,they kept on pu-lling themselves closer not caring about the people [email protected] by

“Woah” Ruby muttered

“Never knew Daniel could k!sslike this” Selene said in a daze

“I’m. Speechless” Elena blinked

“This is so cute. Run they are coming” Mora said when she saw Daniel and Lilith broke the k!ss


The girls rushed back to their hostel and acted like they were doing something

Ruby sat on the chair and acted as if she was re-ading

Elena and Selene ran to the be-d and pretended to be watching movies

Snow ran to her wardrobe and acted like she is looking for something while Mora locked herself in the bathroom

The door opened and Lilith stepped in, looking at everyone in awe

“Hi” she said

“Oh hey we didn’t see you and Daniel k!ss-

Elena threw her pillow at Snow and glared at her

“You guys were spying on me??’ Lilith said, crossing her arms around her che-st

“We weren’t spying, we just happened to see you” Mora shurrged coming out if your bathroom

“So tell us how it happened?’ Selene grinned

“And do something about your swollenl-ips” Ruby said

Lilith blu-shed and sat on the be-d re-ady to talk but Ariana entered with her strong pres£nce, she didn’t say anything she just went to her wardrobe,packed all her belongings and left the room

“Okay so she left” Mora said out of the blue

“Well it’s better,two b*t*hes out remain one and I hope she leaves too” Ruby said

Just then Mabel entered and all eyes turned to her, she bit herl-ips [email protected] and looked down

“I just wanna say I’m sorry, I mean I’ve been greddy and-

“Save it we don’t wanna hear just leave the room, go and follow your kind” Ruby cut her off

“I know you guys would still see me as a bad person,but I really wanna change, ion wanna be like this anymore, I wanna be free with you guys, I wanna change for real I swear” she said but got no response

“Okay then I un-derstand” she sighed and moved to get wardrobe then began packing her things

“Wait” Selene sighed and Mabel paused

“Everyone deserves a second chance and you’re included so we are cool” she smiled

“We are cool too” Lilith smiled

“Me too” Snow and Elena said

“I never had a problem with you” Mora smiled

Everyone then looked at Ruby who’s glaring at Mabel

“I’ll think about it” Ruby replied [email protected]

“Thanks guys thanks so much” Mabel smiled and rushed to hvg the girls


Ariana kicked the door opened startling Mirabel

“We’ll stay together from now on and keep each other’s secret” Ariana said

“What are you even talking about?” Mirabel asked

“I know Catylon [email protected]£ to visit you and I know she told you the plan, I also know you’re one of us” Ariana replied, moving close to her

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Mirabel said, moving backwards

Ariana got to her and pu-ll-ed her shi-t down revea-ling a snake dragon tattoo on her shoulder

“This tattoo explains it, it’s a sign to show that you’re now a demon” she said and pu-ll-ed her shi-t down to revea-ling the same tattoo

“I have it to so we are in this together and we won’t spare anyone re-ad myl-ips anyone” Ariana said deviously

Mirabel breathed and nodded



It’s a Sunday so nothing much is happening, Selene is chatting with Blake at the cafeteria same with Daniel and Lilith those two has been flir-ting openly non-st©p

Mora is at the counter ordering her food, she received it and is about going to her table but bu-mped into Lan, she turned to leave immediately but he [email protected]£d her back

“There’s no nee-d to run, I alre-ady figured out what I want” he said with a smile

“Huh?” She asked

“Come with me” he took her hand and led her to an empty table for two

“I have a lot to tell you things I should have realized sooner” he said with a smile


Elena is just coming out of the gym, anywhere she goes people won’t st©p commenting about how she got cheated on and she’s sick of it, on her way out she bu-mped into Dexton

She wanted to ignore him but he blocked her path, she still ignored him and turned to move the other way around but he blocked her again

“plea-se” he said tearfully

“There’s nothing to talk about, all this while I’ve been a fool even my friends warned me but I never listened” she shook her head and made to leave but he [email protected]£d her forearm

“plea-se I’m sorry” he said

“Don’t ever say you’re sorry ever again cause we will never be the way we were before” she said, then yanked his hands of her and ran off

It’s like a slow mo, Dexton stood rotted in his sp©t while she ran tearfully thinking about all the times they had spent together, she st©pped at the park and fell on the long chair and broke down completely

“It still hurts so much so damn much I swear” she said tearfully and hits her che-st painfully

“Isn’t my love enough huh?!, Why did you do this to me Dexton why just tell me why” she cried out loudly

Someone [email protected]£ to sit beside her and handed her a bottled water, she looked to see Ezekiel and faced front to continue crying, hiccuping even

“I just [email protected]£ to tell you not to kill yourself for someone that doesn’t deserve your tears Elena” he said but Elena didn’t answer him she just kept on crying

He dropped the bottle water and chuckled lightly

“There are some guys that’ll be happy to be with you, they’ll treat you with everything they’ve got, they’ll make you feel loved, special like the queen you truly are, they’ll make you feel so alive and happy, so darn happy, they’ll never break your heart they can swear it and that kind of person isn’t Dexton” he said and inhaled [email protected]

“Just leave,ion wanna hear anything, get out just go, leave me alone” she yelled out in tears and began hitting him, transferring all her anger on him

Ezekiel didn’t say anything she let her hit him how she liked but when it began too much he pu-ll-ed her to himself, hvgging her ti-ght while she cried and hit on his arm

“Just leave, leave me alone” she said in tears

“I’ll leave but after you’re a bit sober” he replied

“I hate you I just hate all of you,why did he do this to me, isn’t my love enough, didn’t I try for him!, Tell me why??” She bur-st out in another round of painful tears

“Just let it all out, it’s what you nee-d to do for now” he whispered and let her cry her eyes out


Some hours later***

“Snow” Mora yelled and entered the hostel, she met Snow on her [email protected]©p

“Snow” Mora rushed to hvg her ti-ght

“Thank you so much Snow, thank you for talking to him, Lan said he likes me he said you talked s-en-se into his [email protected], I pray true love will locate you sooner, the happiest man will come to you. I love you” Mora said, ti-ght£ñing the hvg

Snow smiled and patted her back, she’s about to reply when Lilith rushed in, [email protected] like a mad person

“Check check” she paused and tried to catch her breath

“Check news pop of supernaturals, check out the trending news now!” She yelled

Snow and Mora opened their phones and went straight to news pop

“I’m talking to all of you that’s here!’ Lilith snapped

Selene, Mabel and Ruby brou-ght out their phones, Elena isn’t in the room yet

“Oh my God prince Jordan is back and he’s gonna start schooling here tommorow” Mora screamed out loud

“Ion un-derstand” Selene said with creased brow

“You don’t know prince Jordan?” Lilith asked

“Not just her, I also don’t know prince Jordan” Mabel replied

“What are you guys!, He’s a cool handsome masked prince, he’s every girls crush” Lilith said

“Just don’t let Daniel hear that” Selene smiled

“Ofcourse I love my baby” Lilith pouted

“Have you guys heard about the king of florish kingdom?” Mora asked

“We have” they chorused

“Well prince Jordan is the king son, a confessor. Once he looks at you he can control you and you’ll find yourself doing whatever he says without knowing” Lilith said

“Okay I find that cool” Ruby replied

“I can’t believe he’ll start schooling here from tomorrow” both Lilith and Mora squeeled while the other girls gave them a confused look


College Park**

“Thanks for keeping me company” Elena said after she had completely calm down but her eyes were still red and puffy

“Here” Ezekiel gave her the bottle water, she collected it and began gulping it

After a while she st©pped and turned to look at him

“I’m sorry about this” she said lowly, referring to the marks on his face and arm

“It’s nothing” he smiled

“So I heard Ruby is your twin is it..

“Yeah it’s true, we were once separated by demons but it’s all cool now” he replied

Elena nodded and stood up

“I’ll get going now, thanks once again” she said and left

Ezekiel watched her retreating figure with mixed feelings till she was out of sight

“Dexton how could you do this to her” he thought


Dexton is sitting at the school gym and watching the people do exercise but normally his mind had gone far

People started leaving one by one till he’s alone, he bit hisl-ips [email protected] and looked up in tears


M. Magical college***

Dexton was lying in his hostel be-d and pressing his phone when Chris, his roommate bur-st in and stared crying

“Chris what’s wrong?’ Dexton asked, coming to him

“She turned me down, worse her friends they laughed me off” Chris replied still crying

“Elena?” Dexton asked

“She said I’m not her type” Chris cried even more

“And you’re crying?” Dexton asked

“I can’t help it, it hurts so damn much” Chris said in amidst tears

“Elena!, She’s so damn proud and you know what I’ll teach her a lesson” Dexton scoffed and began pacing back and forth

“What are you planing?” Chris asked

“Ha!” Dexton exclaimed and [email protected]£ to smile at Chris

“I’ll make her fall in love with me then I’ll break her heart in the harshest way ever” he said

Chris cried turned to heavy laughter

“What’s funny?!” Dexton asked feeling annoyed alre-ady

“Can you hear yourself??, I’ll make her fall in love with me, men she’s Elena” Chris said

“So?” Dexton frowned

“She’s popular and you’re just!, No one”

“Let’s place a bet then before this week end I’ll get make sure she falls for me” Dexton said angrily

“Deal” Chris said

_flashbacks ends_

Dexton chuckled dryly

“Karma is really a b*t*h, it was all a game but now I fell for you and now I’m missing you” he thought

“Dexton” someone called him and he clenched his fist angrily

“Dexton I miss you” Mirabel said, moving close to him

“This is all your fault, you’llfu-cking pay” he yelled and [email protected]£d her by the arm f0rç£fully, pu-lling her towards the dressing room

“Dexton I-

Hisl-ips crashed on hers and one of his hands raised her Sk-irt on, squee-zing her @ss while another went for her b00bs

“Aw.. yes” Mirabel [email protected] ed

“This is what you want right, I’ll give it to you” he turned her f0rç£fully ma-king her backside face him and he also had her hold onto a table that’s at her front

He entered her in the rou-ghest way ever and started drilling her from behind with full speed ma-king her scream his name

Few mins later**

They were both dressed Dexton is about leaving when she hvgged him from behind

“I love you plea-se don’t leave” she cried

“Mistake, your mistake, I’ll never love you I’ll hate you till I die” he said harshly and then re-moved her arm from his [email protected]!st and left

Mirabel fell on the ground and bur-st out in tears

“This is all your fault Elena” she cried

*✲゚*。 ♪*✲゚*。 ♪


Lilith and Mora won’t st©p talking about the prince Jordan coming to their school tomorrow of a thing

“That’s it, I’m calling Daniel and I’ll tell him you’re crushing on a prince” Elena said, bringing out her phone

“No don’t you dare” Lilith rushed to pounce on her

Mora phone began ringing and it’s a vedio call from Lan

“Lover boy is calling” Mabel grinned

“Shut up” Mora blu-shed and arranged her hair, she sat on a stool and picked it

Snow watched from behind with mixed feelings, she feels happy and sad at the same time

Selene smiled and rubbe-d her shoulders

“You’ll be fine, you did the right thing by ma-king them realize their feelings for each other,you’re a good person Snow” Selene said

“Thanks” Snow smiled and hvgged her

“This is the first time I’ll be seeing Ruby on her phone, what’s up Ruby?” Mabel asked

“Mind your business” Ruby sneered

Elena st©pped struggling with Lilith and took Ruby’s phone with her telekinesis

“She’s chatting with ra-phael” she yelled

“Hey” Ruby began chasing after her while Selene and Snow watched and smile

“Your hostel is noisy” Lan said throu-gh the vedio call

“Just ignore them” Mora smiled



The students were gathered in the hall, Mora and Lilith won’t st©p poking themselves while Ruby glared at them from behind

Selene is sitting with Blake and they were chatting happily, Ariana and Mirabel are sitting at the back, Dexton is sitting alone at the back also

Elena [email protected]£ to sit beside Daniel who’s sitting with Ezekiel, their eyes met and she smiled at him

“So you’re not aware your girlfriend has a crush” she said

“What are you talking about?” Daniel frowned

“She has been jumping happily since yesterday about a handsome prince that’ll come join us today, don’t you know?” Elena asked

“Lilith how could you” Daniel yelled, he stood up to meet her while Elena chuckled and faced Ezekiel

“Good morning, you look happy today” he said

“Should I be angry then?’ she asked and chuckled

“How was your night?” He asked

“Well it’s a bit better thanks thou, you’re right I shouldn’t waste my tears he’s not worth. The Elena tears” she said dramatic arranging her hair

“I’m glad you’re moving on a bit” he smiled and faced front

“What about you, you’re always alone don’t you have a girlfriend or someone you like?” She asked

He just chuckled and shook his head

“I do have someone I like but now is not the right time to tell her or make any move” he replied

Elena blinked just shurgged and smiled, facing him completely

“If you nee-d any help I’ll be here okay?” She said with a bright smile and he returned it


Mabel is sitting alone when Edward [email protected]£ to sit beside her

“When would master Xian answer us” he faked a yawn and stylishly wra-pped his hands around Mabel’s shoulder

Mabel smiled and re-moved his hands

“I hate how cheesy you are, why can’t you just ask me out like a normal boy” she scoffed

“Are you saying that I can ask you out?” He asked

“Do you wanna ask me out?” She asked back

“Will you say yes if I do?” He asked

“You won’t know unless you try” she win-ked

“Okay Mabel will you go out with me?” He asked

“Yes I would love to” she smiled and hvgged him arm

Few mins later***

The noise died down when master Morris entered with a masked guy that made everyone screamed

“He’s handsome even with his mask” Lilith gushed

“Babe” Daniel called

“I’m pretty sure if my Danny wears the mask he’ll be more handsome” she added but Daniel scoffed and looked elsewhere

“Don’t be angry with me baby you know you own my heart no one can ever replace you, here k!sses” she began k!ss!nghim all over his face, hisl-ips, eyes, forehead, cheeks,chin

“Okay okay” he chuckled but she didn’t st©p

ra-phael looked at them from behind and shook his head, his eyes search for Ruby and they smiled and themselves

“Okay I want to be clear with everyone here that he’s Jordan not prince Jordan and he deserves no special treatment after [email protected] you’ll be taking to your room where you’ll meet roomies of your age” master Xian said

“Sweet” Jordan smiled

“Okay I’m leaving for the teacher to enter” master Xian said and left

The teacher stepped in afterwards

“Prince, I mean Jordan go have your sit” she said

As Jordan is going to sit people kept screaming his name, he got to an empty chair and sat beside a girl that’s slee-ping

“Oh my she’s so lucky” people began murmuring

“Okay [email protected] just as- she paused and looked at the girl slee-ping

“Someone wake Snow up” she said

“Snow that name sounds familiar?” Jordan thought

“Umm, miss I think the teacher is talking to you” he gently tapped the girl

Snow gro-an ed and raised her head up, immediately she did that Jordan [email protected]


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