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Lovestruck with you episode 45

(College of magic)🧸

By, Authoress Rhema💄💎


Don’t copy or repost, it’s a warning!


Mirabel kept moving backwards as the girls moved closer to her

“I can explain” she said quic-kly

“What can you explain, we treated you like a sister and this is how you repay us?” Lilith said angrily

“It’s not my fault, if he truly loves Elena then he wouldn’t have fallen for my charm so-

Mabel didn’t get to finish cause Lilith just gave her a ti-ght [email protected], she held her cheeks in shock and made to [email protected] Lilith back but Selene held her hand ti-ght

“After all what you did, you don’t feel remorseful!”

“I’m not scared of you, among of all them you’re the weakling you can’t do anything to me” Mirabel said daringly

“Say that again” Selene said

“I said you can’t-

Another [email protected] from Selene, louder than Lilith’s own landed on her face

“You just [email protected] me” Mirabel said, tracing the blood from herl-ips

“When we are done with you, you’ll be very scared” Ruby sm-irked, chewing on her mouth

Mirabel tried running but Snow made the door sh0t

“I’m gonna beat the plumbs outta you” Elena said, moving close to her

“Not just you, we are” Mora sm-irked

Mirabel began yelling and hitting the door but it was invain the girls all pounced on her at once

Few mins later***

Mirabel is lying on the floor looking exhausted by now her b©dy is badly bruised

“Now listen carefully, this would be last time you’ll step your foot inside this room, pack your things and move to another room” Ruby said before going to the bathroom

“Tata bit-ch” Lilith win-ked and entered the bathroom too

“It’s feels good to beat up losers” Selene smiled, entering too

Mora and Snow eyed her and enter the restroom, Elena then glared down at her

“I hope you’re happy now” she said before entering the restroom too

Mirabel sat straight in anger, she looked at her b©dy and cleaned her tears

“For now, I’ll leave for now but it’s not over yet, I swear it it’s not” she thought


The girls have alre-ady ordered breakfast and are now eating together

“I’m glad you decided to come out, I thought you’ll still be sulking in be-d” Selene said to Elena who’s eating quitely

“I would but he’s not worth it” Elena replied but her voice still sounded hurt and crooked

“Elena” that was Daniel, rushing to her

“Are you okay?” He asked, cupping her cheeks

“Don’t worry I’m fine” Elena smiled

“I’ve beaten up that bastard and I’ve thought him a very big lesson,no one messes with my friend and go scot free” Daniel said

“Just leave him, it’s his loss not mine” Elena said, letting out a faint smile

“I love you okay” he said, without warning he hvgged her ti-ght

Elena smiled and patted his back while Lilith swallowed and looked elsewhere

“Take care of yourself okay, ion want anything bad happening to you” he said between the hvg

Elena smiled and looked at Lilith awkwardly with one eye

It got to a point Lilith could watch anymore so she stood up and rushed out

“St©p Daniel, she’s misun-derstanding us” Elena whispered

“Oh” Daniel quic-kly broke the hvg and looked left and right to see the girls looking at him in awe

“Where’s Lilith?” He asked

Ruby used her head to motion him to look outside, he did and saw her leaving alre-ady

“I’ll be back” he said and rushed out

“I’m jealous of your friendsh!p, I wish I had a childhood best friend like him” Mora gushed


“Okay Lilith you just acted like a fool, how could you walk out like that” Lilith scolded herself

“What’s Daniel going to think of me now, like a jealous freak who!, God what did I do???” She gro-an ed

“Lilith” Daniel shouted from behind

“Worse just got worse I guess is running time” she said and began running

“Lilith come-on” Daniel ran after her and cought up with her in no time

Lilith paused and looked elsewhere, not knowing what she’ll say

“It’s not what you think, sometimes I get to protective of my friend” he said

“I’m not mad about it, I don’t even know why I acted that way, I’m sorry” she said lowly

“Hey it’s fine I love how you reacted. By the way can we hang out this evening I have something to say to you” he said

“What if I say no” she scoffed

“Then I’ll kidnap you” he shurgged

“You!, What do you wanna say to me?” She asked with crossed

“You’ll see” he win-ked and left

Lilith breathed and t©uçhed her che-st

“Can I hold this feelings anymore?” She said to herself


Mirabel had packed her belongings and began moving to another room

“I’ll just stay alone for now, ion wanna stay with people anymore” she said

She got to an empty room and pushed the door opened, when she stepped in what she saw made her [email protected]



“ra-ph come out alre-ady plea-se” Blake kept ban-ging the bathroom door but ra-phael never answered

“What to do” he bit hisl-ips and sat on the be-d

“ra-ph don’t be like this” Lan shouted, hitting the door

“You people should just st©p, I wanna be alone” ra-phael shouted from inside

“Guys let’s leave him, with time he’ll come around” Ezekiel said, standing up from where he was sitting

“I hope so,wanna gr-ab some bite?” Blake asked, standing up too

“Sure” Lan shurgged and they all left the room together

Ruby who has been hiding behind the wall [email protected]£ out, she sighed and entered the boys room then went to the bathroom and knocked on the door

“I said I wanna be alone” he yelled

“It’s Ruby and I wanna talk to you” she said and immediately the door opened

“I’m sorry Ruby if I had known earlier then-

“You’ll leave me?” She cut him off

“I don’t wanna hurt you I-

“I like you ra-ph, a lot there I said it” she cut him off again

ra-phael opened his mouth but nothing could fly out

“I just couldn’t come close to you cause if what I’m going throu-gh and I want you to know that your efforts aren’t invain, once I figure out what’s wrong with me I’ll make it up to you” she said and moved closer to pat his cheeks

Before she could withdrew ra-phael cought her hand and squee-zed it ti-ght

“We’ll do it together, I’ll support everything you do, I’m right here” he smiled

“Thank you” Ruby smiled back and immediately withdrew her hands from his

“I have to go now” she said, ra-phael nodded and she left immediately

“She likes me too. I swear I’ll do whatever it takes to help you” he said to himself more like a vow


The weather is alre-ady getting dark, Daniel is at the school garden walking up and now and ruffling his hair

“Where do I start from?” He thought and breathed

“Hey Lilith I just wanna tell you that, I’ve liked you for a very long time now??”

“No sounds stupid” he shook his head

“When I first saw you I couldn’t control how fast my heart began to beat”

“No definitely not”

“Hmm, I’ve grown to love you so much plea-se give us a chance?”

“Come on think think!” He hits his head [email protected]

“Hey” Lilith voice sounded and he turned to her with a smile

“So let’s take our walk, I also have something to tell you” she said

Daniel nodded and they began walking round the garden together in silence, each of having their thoughts running throu-gh their minds

“Okay Lilith you’ve practiced for this, just tell him your damn feelings alre-ady and st©p being scared about getting rejected get it off your che-st” her subconscious mind scolded her

“Okay Daniel breath, you can do this, you can do this” Daniel said in his mind before turning to face her



They both called at the same time

“Go on” Lilith said immediately

“No you go on” he said

“It’s fine just go on” she smiled

Daniel is inhaled [email protected] and took her both hands

“Lilith” he called and li-cked hisl-ips

“I. I actually I didn’t know how it happened” he sighed

“What do you wanna say I’m all ears?” she asked with sparking eyes

“I think, no I know I’m in love with you, yes Lilith in love with you,I fell for you Lilith and I don’t know how it happened don’t ask how it happened I just woke up one morning and I couldn’t st©p thinking about you, maybe it’s from the first day I saw you at that horse shop looking all pretty and all, how you tease me,your voice, your eyes, your everything, you’re just so pretty and I think I’m losing my mind here, t©uçh my che-st and feel my heartbeats” he took her hands and placed on his che-st

Lilith [email protected] seeing how fast his heart was beating

“This is what happens to me anything I see you, I don’t freaking care anymore I just love you!,.. I do so much I-

She pressed herl-ips on his cutting him short

“I’ve heard enough Daniel, I’m also feeling this way my heart is also beating as fast as this anytime I see you, I love you too Daniel I love you so much” she said in an emotional voice

“I love you Lilith, nothing can ever change that” he said and cu-mpped her cheeks cleaning her tears

“I love you too Daniel I love you I love you I was scared of getting rejected that’s why I’ve been keeping it. I love you so much I love you” she said and broke down

“My baby” he smiled and pu-ll-ed her closer, crashing his [email protected] on hers

Lilith wra-pped her hands around his n£¢k, pu-lling him closer and k!ss!ngback with the same [email protected], he bit herl-ips and she opened up for him, letting him tease and svçkon everything in her mouth, her ton-gue her lowerl-ips everything

It got to a point that Daniel couldn’t take it anymore so he lifted her up, while she wra-pped her legs around his torso still k!ssing

They were both breathless but they didn’t care, he ca-ressed every [email protected] of her b©dy while she pu-ll-ed him close as if he wasn’t close enough

Ariana had been watching from behind, she saw Daniel standing at the garden so she made to approach him and next thing she saw Lilith enter, she heard the confession and now she’s witnessing the k!ss

Tears began pouring from her eyes, she bit herl-ips painfully and clenched her fist right so ti-ght that blood began dripping down from her knuckles

This is nothing compared to what she felt with Blake, maybe the love she feels for Daniel is stronger and now another girl had come to snatch it

Slowly she turned around with the most vicious look ever and began walking away till she was out of their sight


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