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Lovestruck with you episode 44

(College of magic)🧸

By, Authoress Rhema💄💎


Don’t copy or repost, it’s a warning!



Snow slowly open her eyes, her head is pounding really bad, she managed to sit up and gro-an ed a little

“Where am I?” She thought, looking around the room

“Morning, you’re finally awake” that was a guy’s voice

Snow raised her head up to look at him confusedly, he’s wearing a mask and not only that he’s looking like her age mate

“Who’s this?” She thought

“This is my h0tel room, you got drun!kyesterday and [email protected] out in my arms so I brou-ght you here” he said, di-pping his hands to his pocket

Snow [email protected] and began tou-ching herself

“I didn’t t©uçh you don’t worry” he chuckled

“Highness the tea” another guy entered with a cup

“Thanks Harry” he collected the tea from the man and moved towards Snow

“Here, it’s hangover tea I’m sure your head must be pounding real [email protected]” he said, stretching the cup to Snow but Snow didn’t collect it

“It’s not poisoned I swear, if you think I’ll harm you then I could have done that since” he said quic-kly

“I guess I’ll say thanks” Snow muttered and collected the cup from him

“I’m Jordan” he said after watching her take few sips

“Snow” she replied and stood up

“Thanks a lot for helping me but I have to go” she said

“Where are you going, I can drop you off” he said

“No nee-d,thanks once again” she smiled and without waiting she began rushing out

“Hey” he yelled and chased after her till they got outside

“I’m also sorry for this” she muttered and climbe-d in his horse

“My horse” he said confusedly but instead she started it and rode off

As she was ri-ding it, her hairpin fell of her hair due to the speed


He motioned Harry to keep shut by placing his hand in mid air before moving front to pick the hairpin, he looked at it and chuckled

“That’s one crazy meeting, hope I see you again” he muttered



The girls kept pacing up and down with their phones in their ear inside their room, they didn’t sleep a wi-nk last night cause they’ve been trying to get to Snow

Yesterday Snow didn’t return, not only her Mirabel and Mabel, Ariana is pres£nt but she’s in the bathroom

The door bur-st opened and Snow entered

“Snow” they all rushed to hvg her

“Where did you go, we were worried” Selene said, almost tearing up

“I just nee-d a little break, but I’m fine now” she smiled

“Don’t ever scare us ever again” Ruby said firmly

Snow chuckled and nodded

“We love you Snow,don’t scare us next time, ever again” Mora said

“Hmm” Snow nodded

“j£rk I didn’t sleep last night because of you” Lilith huffed

“I’m sorry” Snow bit herl-ips

“Welcome back baby” Elena moved to hvg her

“What happened to you,your eyes are swollen?” Snow asked worriedly

“You won’t believe Dexton is cheating on her” Lilith said

“That motherf**ker, if I catch him I swear I’ll kill him especially Mirabel” Ruby hissed

“She’s hiding and it’s better cause if she dare show up. Hmm” Mora said angrily

“It’ll all be fine okay, since it’s a Saturday then you guys should get some sleep,I’ll order us takeout” Snow said

“Where did you sleep, I thought the demons..

“I’m fine, I almost got @ssaulted but someone saved me, too bad I didn’t have the time to thank him properly, instead I stole his horse” Snow said with a pout

[email protected] you, I’ll be expecting the food when I wake up” Lilith said, climbing the be-d alre-ady

“Sure” Snow smiled and entered the bathroom

Ariana just finished dressing and stepped out without saying a word

“She’s getting weird these days” Mora said, climbing the be-d too

“I just hope she’s fine” Selene mumbled, climbing the be-d too

Elena and Ruby shurgged and climbe-d the be-d also

…εïз ✿*…εïз ✿*

Mabel just opened her eyes only to find out that she had sle-pt outside the cafeteria stairs in Edwards arm, actually Edward is still slee-ping when she woke up

“He looks peaceful while slee-ping” she muttered, looking at his face

She couldn’t resist the urge to t©uçh his face, just as her f!ngerswere about tou-ching him, his eyes flew open

“I know I’m handsome you don’t have to make it to obvious” he said, letting a sly sm-irk dance on his face

“fv¢k you” she mumbled and stood up

“My night was super blissful having you sleep by me, hope we can do this again someday” he smiled

Mabel chuckled and faced him completely

“Thanks for you advise and company last night, it was really helpful” she smiled and hvgged him lightly before leaving

“Did she just..” he wra-pped his arms around himself and smiled

“Feels so darn good, I can still smell her scent around, I know I’m foolish” he said and smiled again


Dexton didn’t sleep a wi-nk last night, he sat at the front of the boys hostel thinking about everything thing he did and also crying his eyes out till the next morning

“I’m so sorry Elena,I love you so much, what was I thinking when I cheated on you, I hate myself so much now my roomies hates me too” he resumed crying again

“I’ll go apologize to them, it doesn’t matter anything that happens I caused it” he thought and stood up

He went in and st©pped at the front of their door then he knocked on the door and inhaled [email protected]

The door opened and immediately a punch landed on his face, it didn’t st©p there another one landed again s£nding him to the floor

“You bastard,how can you do this to Elena, I warned you not to break her heart right?, Now I’ll teach you a lesson, I’ll break all your damn bones” Daniel yelled and pounced on him again

Ezekiel watched with mixed feelings,he thought he was a bad guy by falling for his friend’s girlfriend turns out his friend didn’t even nee-d the girl

When the beating were becoming too much Blake and Lan went to pu-ll Daniel away from crying Dexton

“Just hit me, kill me I deserve it, I made mistake and it can’t be reversed I’m sorry” he cried [email protected]

ra-phael on the other hand never [email protected]£ out of the bathroom



“Greetings your highness” rolls of guard fretted the young man stepping down from the carriage

“His highness is back”

“Welcome back young prince”

Rolls of maids were greeting and murmuring, he just walked elegantly to the main hall

“Father” he said and got on his knees, doing the greetings at the King’s front

“Welcome back Jordan” the king smiled

“Thank you Father” he smiled

“You may rise” king Eloise said

Jordan stood up and went to sit on his mini throne

“So the mask is still there, don’t worry I brou-ght you some helpful gifts” king Eloise said


“Guards” king Eloise shouted and a guard [email protected]£ in with rolls of young women

“Father none of them can re-move the mask let’s just move on” Jordan said

“You wanna die single huh?, There have to be someone that can re-move the mask,I’m getting old son I don’t wanna die without seeing you with a wife or not having grandkids” king Eloise said

“But father I believe when the right time comes, she’ll come around” Jordan said

“Maybe she’s among one of this ladies here” king Eloise said

Jordan didn’t wanna argue with his father so he just nodded

The ladies [email protected]£ one bye one they tried removing the make from his face but they failed

“Just give it up dad I can wait” Jordan said

“Fine and I have a second surprise for you” king Eloise said

“What dad?”

“You’ll be going to college next week and you must go with your b©dy guards” the king said

“Thanks father, finally I get to blend with people of my age” Jordan smiled

“Hmm be careful okay?” The king said

“Yes father” Jordan said happily and stoop up

“I’ll start setting my stuffs, I love you father” he smiled and ran off

King Eloise won’t st©p smiling



Mirabel have been looking for how she’ll enter without the girls noticing her and to her luck they were all slee-ping

She teleported in and began ti-ptoeing to the bathroom, once she quietly opened the door she bu-mped into Snow

“Wow” Snow smiled

“plea-se I just wanna use the shower, I promise I’ll leave right away” she pleaded in a tiny voice, not wanting to wake the girls

“Oh so you’re pla-ying chicken now” Snow laughed

“I beg you Snow lower your voice plea-se, I’ll do anything just plea-se let me shower and leave” she pleaded again

“It’s too late sweetie” Snow sm-irked and motioned her to look back

Mirabel turned to look back like as if it was a slow mo to see Ruby and the girls awake alre-ady and we’re glaring at her

“I’m dead” Mirabel gulped



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