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Lovestruck with you episode 43

(College of magic)🧸

By, Authoress Rhema💄💎


Don’t copy or repost, it’s a warning!


Just like slow mo, Dexton turned to look at her with a shocked expression on his face, this was his greatest fear

Earlier when Elena had gone to accompany Ruby out, Mirabel won’t st©p s£nding bit-chy picture of her to him, his plan was to meet her and confront her to st©p but it turned around. Again

“Elena” Dexton gulped his whole saliva down his throat, fixing his belt alre-ady

“Mirabel” Elena called in tears while Mirabel hid her face

“Wow, just wow!” She chuckled painfully and rushed out in tears

“Elena” Dexton made to run after her but she had alre-ady teleported out

He stormed back inside the restroom and [email protected]£d Mirabel’s throat, choking her really [email protected]

“St©p you’re hurting me” Mirabel [email protected] for air as she spoke and at the same time she’s trying to break free from his grip

“This is all your fault, are you happy now” he yelled out in tears

“You’re gonna kill me, let me go” she began coughing this time, slowly her legs flew above the ground

“I’ve told you to leave me, I’ve told you countless of times to leave me but you never listened, now look what you’ve caused” he said angrily

“I just love you that’s why” she replied as tears began coming out of her eyes due to the ti-ght choke he was giving her

“Love?” He repeated in a disgusting voice

“That’s something that’ll never happen between us, I’ll never love a who-re” he said and then dropped her harshly on the ground

Mirabel held her che-st ti-ght, coughing like her life depends on it, she watched Dexton leave and gritted her teeth in anger, haterd began flashing throu-gh her eyes

“Elena” she said, clenching her fist really ti-ght



“I’m fine thanks bro” Ruby smiled at Ezekiel who’s helping her clean her face

“I still can’t believe he’s your brother” Selene said

“Well believe it or not he is” Ruby replied

“If the pains come back again then call me okay” he said and Ruby nodded

“I love you sis” he said moving closer to pe-ck her forehead

“I love you too bro” Ruby smiled

“I’m leaving now” he said and then left

Selene and Mora went to sit beside Ruby


Ezekiel is now on his way to his hostel but bu-mped into Elena

“Move,get out of my way” she spat out in tears and pushed [email protected] him but he found himself gr-abbing her forearm

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Don’t ever t©uçh me, you guys are all the same” she yelled followed by a very heavy wind that pushed him back

“Elena” he called but she had alre-ady ran off in tears

“What’s wrong with her, this is the first time I’m seeing her crying, is she okay?” he wondered


Elena got to hostel and broke down completely, the scene she had just experienced is too much for her to ba-re

“Why why did you do this to me, tell me why” she sat down on the floor and began crying

“Elena” Mora and Selene rushed to her

“What happened?” Selene asked, cupping her cheeks but instead Elena just hvgged her ti-ght and continued crying

Ruby got up from be-d and moved to squat before Elena

“Tell us what happened” she said

“It hurts, I cought him,I.. I” she bur-st out in tears again

Mabel who has been sitting and watching them stood up and left the room


“Okay, I’m coming now” Lilith said throu-gh the phone call, when she hanged up she sighed and faced Daniel

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“It’s Elena, she’s not feeling well” she replied

“Really what’s wrong let’s go” he [email protected]£d her arm and they both left the [email protected] together and went to the girls hostel

Elena is still crying, her friends were trying to comfort her

“What happened?” Lilith asked walking up to her

“She won’t tell us, she just keeps on crying” Mora said

“Elena what’s wrong?” Daniel asked squatting besides her but she didn’t st©p crying, all her veins in her forehead is starting to show plus her face were all red and sweaty now

“If you don’t st©p crying then I’ll cry too, how can I watch my big sis cry helplessly and not do anything” Daniel said, tearing up too

This made Elena st©p crying but she’s still hiccupping

“Tell us what happened” Ruby said arranging her hair

“He. He’s cheating on me, I cought him, I. She told them everything that happened

“That bastard” Daniel growled angrily

“I can’t believe this, how can Mirabel do this,I won’t spare her I swear” Lilith hissed angrily

Ruby is alre-ady pacing to and fro with clenched fist while Selene and Mora were still looking shocked

“I’ll be back, Dexton I swear you’ll be the death of me” Daniel said angrily and before they knew it, he was gone


“Mirabel” Mabel yelled, Mirabel halted her movement and turned to her in anger

“I knew you were bit-chy but I never expected this from you, you went throu-gh far” Mabel said

“To far?” Mirabel sm-irked

“Elena doesn’t deserve this” Mabel said again

Mirabel stared at her in silence for a while before bur-sting out into hysterical laughter, she laughed so [email protected] that her stomach started hurting

“Look at you trying to be good, it doesn’t suit, you were the one who raised me, you advised me to fight for my man, you’re just as bit-chy as me so save it, save that trash you’re pretending to be” Mirabel said in a pure vicious tone before disappearing

“She’s right I’m the one that raised her, I’m a monster” Mabel thought as a tear drop fell from her eyes

She moved slowly to sit on the stairs leading to the cafeteria, just as she was thinking about something, someone [email protected]£ to sit beside her

“A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be crying” you don’t nee-d to tell her that person is Edward

“You keep chasing after me, don’t you see me as a monster or something?” Mabel said as more tears poured from her eyes

“Monster, all I see is a beautiful girl with an innocent heart, no one becomes a bully just like that, you must be going throu-gh a lot” he said

Mabel chuckled in her tears and looked up to the sky

“Mind sharing it with me?” He asked softly

“You’re right, I didn’t [email protected]£ a bully for nothing, after what being nice did to me, I thought bullying and ma-king others suffer is the right way to live” she said, cleaning her tears as she remembered something

Two guys were pinning her hands while a guy stood at the middle, undressing her and himself f0rç£fully

“They sold me of, I mean my friends they used my advantage of being nice to them, all because they wanted to be famous, I was [email protected]£d by three guys without mercy, I was a little close in losing my life, from then I thought maybe If I hadn’t been too bu-tter bu-tter then it wouldn’t have happened. Instead of handling things the better way I handled it the rou-gh way, I’ve hurt a lot of people and now all because of me, she’s a victim” she said and finally bur-st out in tears

“It’s gonna be fine, trust me” Edward said softly, pu-lling her into his arms and letting her cry her eyes out



This is where Snow is located, she took her right cup and gulped it whole, she looked at her phone that have been ringing non-st©p

“Maybe love isn’t for me, I got rejected twice” she thought with a dry chuckle as she gulped in more liquor

About three tables away from her, three guys could be seen sitting and drinking, the one at the middle is wearing a mask, from the way he was sitting, one could tell he’s a full package

“My prince it’s been one week now, when would we be going back” one of the guys asked

“When I feel like,I know father would start bringing in group of women and I’m not re-ady for that now I swear” he said

“But what if-

“Just give me a break Harry, cheers” he raised his [email protected] up with a smile

“She’s pretty”

“It looks like she’s alone”

“I wanna check her out”

Husky voices of some men could be heard, lvstful gazes could be seen hawking at poor Snow who’s just drinking

“I’ll go for her” one of them said, going to take a sit beside Snow

“What do you want?” She asked drun!kenly

“You wanna [email protected] game,it’s called in my be-d” he replied, gr-abbing her arm

“Let go don’t t©uçh me” she snapped and stood up

“You look lonely, I just wanna keep you company” he said, gr-abbing her arm again with f0rç£

“Let go of me you old freak, let me go” she yelled

“What’s happening over there” the masked guy asked, standing up alre-ady

“Your highness I think it’s better if we don’t get-

Harry was talking but the masked guy alre-ady moved forward

“Let her go” he said, di-pping his hands in his pocket

The man holding Snow just sm-irked

“Kid you better-

“Let her go” he repeated

“Yes. Master” the man let go of Snow immediately

“Now frog jump your way back to your house” he said

“Yes master” the man replied as if he was being controlled, he put his hands on his ear and jumped out of the bar

After he was gone the masked guy moves to Snow

“Are. Are you okay?” He asked but instead of answering she [email protected] out

“Ahhh” before she could fall, he immediately cought her



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