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Lovestruck with you episode 42

(College of magic)🧸

By, Authoress Rhema💄💎


Don’t copy or repost, it’s a warning!


“And for the female we have… Ruby” Edward shouted

Elena screamed happily, hitting Mora in that process while Ruby pitched her brows

“Ruby plea-se come out” Edward said again

Ruby gave him a [email protected] glare before standing up and moving to the stage

“What now” she frowned but still, ra-phael found it cute

“Picture time, a very ro-mantic picture plea-se” Edward said, flashing a cute smile


“I got it” ra-phael smiled, he held her [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed her close to himself

“You” Ruby [email protected] but got even more nervous when ra-phael pressed his cheeks closer to hers

“Say cheese” Edward smiled and took a pic of them

“Give us another one” Lilith yelled ma-king the other students yell along with her

“You heard then right?, One more” Edward sm-irked

“I really-

A short [email protected] escape herl-ips when ra-phael pressed hisl-ips on her cheek

“Wooooooooooo” the students began [email protected]

“Is that crimson I’m seeing, oh my God Ruby is blu-shing” Elena said poking Dexton arm repeatedly while Mirabel glared at them from behind

“Picture check, one more thing” Edward said

“What” Ruby frowned

“A slow dance” he shouted

“I’m outta here” Ruby hissed and made to leave but ra-phael held her back by the forearm

“plea-se just this once” he said in the softest voice ever

“Just this once!”

“Just this once!”

“Just this once!”

“Just this once!”

Students began hailing including her friends

“Fine I’ll do the stupid slow dance” Ruby hissed

A slow music is now pla-ying as Ruby and ra-phael walked to the center of the hall together, ra-phael placed his hands on her [email protected]!st while she placed hers on his shoulders and they began dancing

“My gawd,I’m gonna die” Lilith gushed as she pretended to faint on Daniel’s arms

“plea-se don’t do that, if you do then I might too” he said

“Get out” she smiled and hit his arms before sitting straight

“Have I told you how beautiful you look this night?” He asked, facing her completely

“No you haven’t” Lilith smiled, arranging her hair and taking herl-ips in

“You look sofu-cking beautiful, it feels like I’m gonna die Lilith” he said seriously taking in her both hands

“If only you know what you’re doing to me, you have no idea of what I’m feeling now” he said, staring into her eyes

Lilith only blinked, her heart has started it somersaults, she immediately withdrew her hands and looked away, trying to calm her beating heart

“If only you know what you’re doing to me too” she thought


“Ruby and ra-phael were still slow dancing and staring into each other’s eyes

“I love the way you’re staring at me, don’t st©p” he smiled

“Now I’m gonna st©p” she replied and looked elsewhere

“You’re so pretty Ruby, no matter how rude you behave me, I’ll never st©p loving you” he said

“plea-se don’t-

“I’ll say it over and over again, I’ll keep telling you how much I love you Ruby, I love you so much, I just wish you can see that” he said, almost at the point of breaking down

“plea-se you’ve gotta st©p I’m begging you” Ruby replied more like in a pleading tone

“I can’t Ruby, I can’t st©p my feelings I swear I can’t” he said, cupping her cheeks this time

“Each time I wake up it’s you, everything I do it’s you, every single day it’s you my feelings just keep growing and..

He rubbe-d on herl-ips this time, s£nding shivers down her spine

“I know you feel the same way for me” he said, without waiting he crashed hisl-ips on hers

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” students began screaming as they watched Ruby and ra-phael k!$$£d [email protected]

When ra-phael noticed Ruby slowly k!ss!nghim back he smiled and held her [email protected]!st ti-ghter and pu-ll-ed her even more closer

Just when the k!sswas becoming intense, Ruby pushed him away from her and ran out of the hall

“Ruby” he yelled and ran after her

“Apparently, there must be something wrong but we can move on” Edward smiled

Ezekiel got up from his sit and followed Ruby immediately, even Elena, Snow, Mora, Selene Lilith and co.. also ran out to check what’s wrong

“Ruby wait up” ra-phael kept chasing after her but she didn’t st©p

“Ruby plea-se” ra-phael yelled, she was running so fast that he had to st©p and [email protected] for air

Ruby finally st©pped but fell on her knees

“Ruby” ra-phael yelled and moved to her, he was surprised to see her vomiting blood

“Are you okay?” He asked kneeling beside her

She looked at him and for the first time ever, he’s seeing pain in her eyes, worse she’s crying

“You see ra-ph, you might think I’m just being rude to you for nothing, I don’t have a choice ra-phael!, This is what I go throu-gh every single day when I see you” she said in tears

ra-phael just stared at her, dumbfolded

“It’s happens when I’m close to you?” he asked in tears too

“Sis” Ezekiel yelled when he got to her, he picked her up from the ground and scooped her in his arms

“This is not your fault ra-phael, I’ll see you tomorrow” he said, carrying Ruby to the girls hostel

Selene and Mora followed him while ra-phael started leaving

“ra-ph” Blake ran after him till they got to the hostel

“ra-ph plea-se it’s not you fault” Blake said

“It’s my fault, I keep on disturbing her not knowing I’m hurting her, if she dies one-day then it’s me. Oh God” ra-phael bur-st out in tears and locked himself in the bathroom

“ra-phael, ra-phael” Blake kept knocking on the door but it was useless


Lilith and Daniel went back to the [email protected] so as not to make things look weird, they sat together and began talking about what happened

Snow on the other hand just entered, she sat and took a drink, it’s not [email protected] but she was drinking too much

She took another and is about to drink when someone held her hands, she looked at her side to see Lan and scoffed

“Snow I’ve been looking for how to apologize to you” Lan said, sitting beside her

“There’s nothing much to talk about, plea-se don’t make things [email protected] for me Lan” she said

“Snow it’s not like that”

“Then what’s it like, yunno thank goodness I didn’t give you an answer, thank goodness I had no feelings for you back then cause if I have had, you’d have fallen for someone else and broken my heart even worse than this” she said angrily

“You can’t blame me Snow,you can’t blame me if I have grown to develop some feelings for Mora because if Daniel hadn’t rejected you then will you care about who I love now, will you care if I’m hurting or not” he snapped angrily but regreted it immediately

“You’re right Lan I-

“I’m sorry” he cut her off by pu-lling her on his arms

“I really didn’t mean to sound like that” he muttered

“No Lan I can’t blame you, in life one must move on, everyday isn’t [email protected]ç£and everything can’t turn out the way you want, you’ve liked me for so long and I didn’t care I was too busy chasing after Daniel and it took me so long to realize that Daniel isn’t the right one for me now it took me a short while to realize you’re not the right one for me and I’m grateful for that” she smiled and t©uçhed his cheeks

“I was just in a rush to find love, I felt like having a b©yfri£ndreal fast so I mistook you, I thought I liked you that way but I don’t. You’re in love with Mora Lan, you’re just trying to fight it cause you’re pitying me and Mora likes you a lot, she’s planning to avoid you so you can be with me. Go for her Lan, she’s the right one for you” Snow said


“It’s okay, I have to go now” she stood up, Lan stood up to and watched her leave, he then slumped on the chair

Snow words kept ringing over and over in his ears

“You’re in love with Mora Lan, you’re just trying to fight it cause you’re pitting me”

Snow rushed to where the horses where kept, she climbe-d it and began ri-ding out of the school in tears

Right now she just nee-d a break, a short one to clear her head


Elena kept trying Dexton’s line over and over again but he isn’t picking

“I just went to see Ruby and now you’ve disappeared” she scoffed, staring at her phone screen

She felt pressed and decided to use the school hall restroom, on getting there she felt somehow strange, everywhere was so damn quite but as she went dee-per and dee-per she began hearing some weird sounds

Now she didn’t know why her heart is beating so fast, her legs, hand, everywhere of her b©dy keeps shaking as she got closer, now she can hear the [email protected] s

“Yes.. go fas-ter..oh.. hmm.. ahh ahh”

Her hands were shaking as she brou-ght them to the door, her eyes were alre-ady misty and she didn’t even know why, slowly she pushed the door opened revea-ling her b©yfri£ndand Mirabel

She is holding unto the toilet sit with her a*s facing him while his di-ck is buried de-ep inside her

“Dexton” she called in tears


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