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Love and crosses episode 33 – 35

🌹🌹Love &

🍭[When LOVE 🌷 [email protected]£ BITTERED]🍭

GENRE: [email protected]ç£



Dammie Crown [email protected]

🍃Chapter 33🍃

UNEDITED. And it’s a short chapter.
Sorry, there’s no light😔


Ellen tried a lot in consoling Cindy. They [email protected] from the hvg and she told her..

“I heard everything you guys discussed. Calm down first. Where should we go? Should i drive you home now?” Ellen asked.

“No. I don’t wanna go home.” Cindy replied in a crack voice.

“Alright. Let’s go to my place.” Ellen said and led her to the car.

Cindy didn’t even remembered to re-move the car key. Ellen opened and closed the car door for her before going to the driver’s seat.

She started the car and the drive to her place was silent.


“Calm down Samuel. Let’s settle this amicably.” Fred muttered.

Samuel breathed out heavily glaring at George who kept his face downward.

“Erm, George, do you still want Alice?” Fred asked.

“I don’t want her again. And right now, I’m re-ady to turn a new leaf. I might even leave the country. Let him do whatever he likes with her. I have no interest again.” George said.

“What do you mean by you don’t want her again. You said just now that you love her.” Samuel said.

“That was before. I knew she doesn’t love me when she gave up on her love for me.” George replied.

There was silent.

“Thanks for the information George. Thank you…..for saving my friend @ss.” Fred said shaking hands with George while Samuel glared at him.

He stood up and told them he’s leaving.

“Stay a little more to enjoy.” Fred said.

“This isn’t the time to enjoy. I have to chase that who-re outta my life and house tonight.” Samuel said .

“Tonight is too dangerous. let her at least [email protected] the night . wait, where do you want her to go? She’s not working.” Fred pointed.

“He’s here hale and healthy. She can go to him.” Samuel answered referring to George.

“But Samuel…”

“St©p Fred. Bye!” Samuel said and left the resorts.

“I love him.” George muttered when Samuel was out of hear sh0t.

Fred grinned.


George nodded.


Getting inside his car ,Samuel took out his phone from his pocket and dialed his lawyer’s number.

📞yeah, lawyer Victor. You gotta help me filed a divorce paper………

He ignited the car and drove away.


“Take this drink. It’d help you to calm down. Your nerves and b©dy system would be calmed too.” Ellen said to Cindy.

She was seated beside her on the couch holding a cup of drink.

“Babes, just tell me this is a dream that I’d soon wake up.” Cindy cried.

She hasn’t st©pped crying ever since she heard the news.

“I know you’re not pregnant. I believe it’s a joke – big one at that. We’re gonna go for another check up tomorrow.” Ellen said patting her back.

“No. I can’t just go for a pregnancy test in just any hospital. I’m quite popular you know? It wouldn’t be nice and plea-sant to the ear if everyone get to know I’m pregnant before getting married. Noo! I don’t wanna think about it. I’m sure im not pregnant.” Cindy cried more [email protected]

Ellen was also closed to tears but she’s just trying to be strong for Cindy.

*Okay. I un-derstand you. We can just tell Samuel to do that for us, right?” Ellen said.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know.” Cindy replied with a broken voice.

Ellen breathed out heavily.

“I’m confused too._” she muttered.

“Lemme just call him first.” Ellen added.

“No, don’t bother. He’s also in his own mess too…trying to fixed it.” Cindy said.

“But…we nee-d to let him know.”

“oh plea-se…” Cindy said and stood up going to Ellen’s room.

Ellen watched her leave not knowing what to say or probably do.


Samuel got home with the mind to s£nt Alice packing but was stunned to meet his angry mother in the living room glaring [email protected] at him with Alice beside her.

“Mum…” he called rather Inna surprise manner.

“Shocked to see me,huh? When you knew what you did was wrong. Tell me, is this how your dad treated me when he was alive?” Mrs Sophia said obviously angry at him.

He looked at Alice who kept looking at her feet before returning her gaze to his mother.

“Mum. Do you know what she did before you starting fighting for her? I’m sure you’re gonna get her killed after listening to this.” Samuel said bringing out his phone.

“What is it? What is it that she did wrongly to you that warrant all these sufferings you inflicted on her? ” mrs Sophia ranted.

Samuel said nothing as he pla-yed the discussion he had earlier with George and Fred for her mum and also Alice.

He has been smart enough to get it recorded earlier just in case of situations like this.

“Listen attentively.” He said taking his seat.

Mrs Sophia eyed him but listened anyways.

Alice froze on hearing George’s voice.


✨Chapter 34 & 35✨

UNEDITED. Mistakes are sure to be there.

“Honey, have you been able to reach Cindy?” Mrs Veronica asked her husband immediately he’s back from the bathroom where he had gone to shower.

He just returned from work.

“No dear. What happened to her phone?” He asked cleaning his face with the face towel he was holding.

“I have been calling her for more than two hours now. And she’s not picking my calls. At some time, it won’t be reachable. I’m kinda scare.” She lamented.

“Be calm woman. Nothing bad happen to her. She’s okay. And might be busy or something. Don’t worry, she’d call you back when she sees your call.” Lawyer James @ssured.

Mrs Veronica gave out a loud sigh still holding her phone as she watched her husband dress up in a blue shorts and white T-shi-t.

“Come on, Cindy isn’t a little child. She can take care of herself.” Lawyer James said sitting beside her on the be-d.

“She was to go for a medical check up with Emmanuel today. What could have happened or went wrong?” She wondered.

“Have you tried calling Ellen or probably Samuel?” He asked.

“Oh…no i haven’t done that. I’d do that now.” Her face brighten up with hope.

“You see…? You women! You’re trying to reach someone yet, you’re not calling other possible people she might be with.* lawyer James said.

“Even Emmanuel too.” Mrs Veronica muttered.

“Yeah.” He mumbled.


George was In de-ep thought. He’d gotten home some minutes ago.

Fred’s word still ring in his head.

‘Go home now and await Alice’s arrival. She got no other place to go except your place.’

He sat on a sofa with his face in his palm.

“Gosh! I’m going crazy alre-ady.” He mumbled.

“What to do? What do I do about this? Do I still love her? No, I want Dammie instead!” he soliloquies.

Just then he heard a knock on the entrance door.

He j£rked up from his thoughts.

“Alice…this is too soon.” he muttered as he walked to the door.

He opened the door slowly and was surprised to see Dammie.

“What happened? Why are you here?” He asked still at the door.

“Let me at least enter before you start questioning me.” She rolled her eyes…

“No, you can’t…” He started thinking of what to say. Alice would be here any minutes from now…

“What’s wrong with you?” Dammie asked looking puzzled.

“Nothing. why ain’t you going home? You know the kind of mother you have.” George said.

Dammie gave him no response as she pushed the door opened with her might.

George staggered away from the door. He didn’t see it coming.

Dammie entered the sitting area fully, standing akimbo and looking around as if searching for something or someone.

“What are you looking around for?” He asked.

“Alice.” She said.

George went h0t and cold after hearing what she spat.

“What about Alice?” He asked wondering.

“She’s here, right? Where the hell is she?” She asked walking into his room and also into the kitchen.

“No. She isn’t here. What the hell is happening? Calm down!” George said taking his seat on the sofa looking at Dammie questioningly.

Dammie [email protected]£ back inside the living room after ransacking and checking the whole house.

She sat down opposite George breathing heavily as she stared at him.

“Where did you kept her?” She asked again.

“Kept who?” He asked.

“Alice of course!” She shouted.

“There’s no Alice here. Why are you troubling yourself?” He asked frustrated alre-ady.

“I’m troubling myself because I can’t let any fu*king b©dy to snatch you away from me.” She ranted.

“Calm the fv¢k down. What has gotten into your head?” He asked.

“Fetch that who-re out before I lose it!” Dammie screamed.

“Are you out of your mindset? Is something wrong with you or you had an accident on your way here?” George asked

“I don’t know. I don’t care! all I know and want to know is about that bit-ch.”

“Don’t you ever call her a bit-ch. She’s a female like you are.”

“Do I look like I care? George, let me warn you, she’s not here yet but I’m sure she’d be here any moment from now. Just don’t let me set my two eyes on her when I’m back here tomorrow. un-derstand?” Dammie said.

“What are you tryna insinuating? This is my house for crying out loud. I can do and undo as I like.” George said.

“Try me and let’s see how it end. As for that bit-ch…don’t let me say anything for now. Goodnight.” She said and stormed out of the house.

George was surprised and perplexed.

“How did she get to know?” He wondered.


📞no ma. She’s not here with me. She went with Ellen after the check up. You can call her instead.

📲alright son. Thanks. How was the test anyways?

Emmanuel hesitated before answering. He doesn’t know what to say and he don’t wanna lie either.

📞oh…the test. It was fine. Thanks ma.

📲thank God. Take care.

The call ended and Emmanuel let out a loud sigh.

“Cindy…I missed you, a lot. I wonder what’s going on with her now in her heart, soul and mind. I was being harsh, I know. That lady is pure , I trusted her but the pregnancy. I just can’t believe it. How can a v!rg!nbe pregnant?” He wondered taking a sip from the [email protected] cup containing some wine he was holding.

“I love you a lot, Cindy . my heart can’t st©p beating for you but now PREGNANCY? How do we go about it?” He thought as his eyes went to his phone.

“Should I just call her and talk things out?” He asked himself still staring at the phone.


“A… this the truth. Just tell me what I heard from your husband’s phone is nothing but lies.” Mrs Sophia asked shockingly turning her gaze to Alice who was on her knees alre-ady with tears coming out of her eyes voluntarily.

She kept on crying not being able to look into mrs Sophia ‘s eyes.

“Alice…why didn’t you spill out the truth a longtime ago before now. I’m sure we’d have find a way out then. We’d have find a way to adopt one or two children for you both and no one would have known about all these stuff. Now, everyone has your S-x videos. It’s a shame.” Mrs Sophia said hurtfully.

“Mum…you can see why I behaved that way. You should know I don’t act without any reason, not just reason but tangible reasons. As for her, mum, I’m not interested again. I’ve st©pped loving and trusting her a long time ago when she started acting weird. This marriage has [email protected]£ to its bus st©p tonight. I’ve called my lawyer. He’d be here tomorrow morning.” Samuel said.

“Ahh…Samuel plea-se don’t do that. I love you. I was just scare that you’re gonna leave me or chase me outta your house if I let you know. Besides, I thought I was doing the right thing by slee-ping with George with the promise that he’s gonna keep my secrets safe with him. I’m de-eply sorry. I don’t deserve to be forgiven but I’m truly sorry for everything. It’s all my fault. I wasn’t in my right s-en-ses. plea-se, forgive me my dear.” Alice cried profusely.

Mrs Sophia was moved seeing her cry.

“Mother, plea-se help me beg Samuel. I love him so much. I don’t wanna lose him to another person. plea-se mother. Help me out. Don’t let him leave me. Don’t let him divorce me. I can’t bear losing him. He’s all I got. I have no one else.” Alice cried more [email protected]

Mrs Veronica looked at Samuel who was seated not minding whatever Alice is saying or doing.

“Son, forgive her. She’s pure as you can see. Overlook all her atrocities. Remember all what you’ve both shared. The S-x videos can be deleted after settling the people involved with some amount of money which I know you’re capable of. She’s gonna turn a new leaf.. I know and I believe.” Mrs Sophia said calmly

Samuel stood up.

“Mum, I have nothing absolutely nothing to do with her anymore. She’s now my ex. Not even my ex, I’ve never met her. I don’t know her and i will never know her throu-ghout my lifetime. How could you, Alice. How could you keep such hvge secret away from me after all the love and care I’ve showed you. So, it was all a lie. Everything you told me that day was all lies, right? Oh, you are heartless. And you disgust me.!” Samuel said.

“Son, plea-se, on her behalf….I’m saying sorry. for my sake, plea-se forgive her.” mrs Sophia said…

“Mum, I can’t be in a relationsh!pwhere there’s no trust and love which should be the primary goals in any relationsh!p. I’ve st©pped loving her long ago. If she still lives with me, mum. I’m gonna do something stupid. I might beat her to death any day. So it’s better you tell her to pack her load now before I involved the police.” Samuel said.

“Samuel plea-se. Don’t do this to me. I am sorry. I am sorry. In know no amount of sorry would reshape everything back to it’s place. But plea-se, have mercy on me. Forgive me.’ Alice cried and wailed loudly. Her dress was soa-ked with her tears.

“Really? I should forgive you? After wasting my precious life and time for almost threw years? Or after lying to me on that day I almost knock you down with my car? What really should I forgive about you?You shameless woman!” Samuel spat angrily.

“All of them. Forgive me all my wrong doings. I will go back into it again. It’s never gonna happen again, I promise.” Alice begged with tears.

“Of course my dear, it’s never gonna happen again that’s when you’d have leave my life. You can go out there and start doing your rubbish acts. I dont care. Tomorrow, you’d be signing the divorce paper lawyer victor would be bringing. You don’t have to beg me darling. Just be a good girl and don’t stress me for my upcoming wife and children.” Samuel said and started walking upstairs.

“Your pres£nce here disgusts me.” He added and walked away.

Alice wailed and cried uncontrollably.

“Sorry, Alice. Samuel is just like his father. No one can change his mind whenever he made it up. I can’t do anything okay? But I pray God will vindicate you.” Mrs Sophia said and walked into her room.

Alice’s hope shattered into pieces. She wished for death that minutes as she continued crying.


Samuel’s phone rang immediately he got upstairs. He checked the caller and wondered why Mrs Veronica would be calking him. He picked it anyways.

📞ma’am, good evening.

📲evening son. are you are with Cindy?”

📞no ma. She left work during lunch.

📲oh…where could she be?

📞let me try and call her or Ellen first.

📲alright. Thanks.

📞don’t worry. She’s surely safe wherever she is.

📲i pray so too.

The call ended.


“Calm down and don’t stress yourself over a grown up child.” Lawyer James cautioned.

“Thanks goodness you said child and not children. She’s all I’ve gotten. Even if i give birth today., he or she won’t grow up as Cindy is today. Just let me be Worried.”

“Alright then. continue.” Layer James said and continued eating.


“Cindy, everyone is calling. You nee-d to open this door and answer your calls. Mum called, dad called too. You’re keeping them worried. Come on open the door for me.” Ellen said knocking on her room door.

Cindy had locked herself in the room and has refused to open it or even come out if it.

“Cindy baby…plea-se now. it’s not the end of world yet. Trust me, Emmanuel’s gonna marry you, without doubt. He loves you…this moment just caused all this crazy scenes.” She said but got no response.

Cindy’s phone that’s in her hand started ringing.

“See, mum is calling…” She didn’t finished her statement as the caller turned out to be Emmanuel when she checked it.

“It’s Samuel calling.” She said silently and walked away from the door.

She walked into the living room before picking it.

📲babe. Where are you? Mum called me minutes ago.

📞good evening Samuel. You gotta be here now. Something big happened and Cindy has refused to open the door for me. Come, maybe she’d open the door for you.

📲my goodness! I’m on my way. Gosh! s£nd me your address right away.


The call ended. Ellen s£nt him her house address and went back to Cindy to try persuading her again.


Samuel hurriedly left the room. He was supposed to bath before but not anymore. He descended the staircase hastily with his phone and car key in hand.

“Where are you going to hurriedly? This late?” Mrs Sophia asked.

She was coming from the kitchen.

Alice was still seated crying.

“Mum.. Just lock the door if I’m not back in the next one hour. and you….don’t let me meet you here when I’m back.” He said and walked out.


He drove as fast as he could to the s£nt address. All that’s in his mind is Cindy.

He has tons of questions in his head but got no right answers to them.

“What could have happened?”

“are they both not compatible?”

“Is Dammie at it again?

He kept on asking himself questions but no answers.

He continued driving anyways wishing well for Cindy in whatever it is that has happened.


“You’ve not been talking to me since I’m here. Are you okay bro?” Dammie asked.

She has [email protected]£ to Emmanuel’s place when she left George’s house hours ago.

Emmanuel was staring into space with Cindy thoughts. Her thoughts clouded his mind, heart and soul.
.he missed her greatly..

But what could he have done? It’d have been better if it’s his baby Cindy’s carrying. But no one knows not even Cindy.

“Cindy…” He muttered silently.

“Cindy? What happened to Cindy?” Dammie asked

“The test…what happened there?” she added.

Emmanuel stared at her without a word before standing up and walked upstairs to his room.

“Tell me! I can be of help!” Dammie shouted behind him.

Emmanuel got to his room and locked the door.

Dammie was in thought thinking about what could have happened to Cindy.

“Or…is my guess right that she is pregnant?” She thought as her eyes wi-de-ned.

“What?” She shouted!


“Where is she? Where is Cindy?” Samuel demanded immediately he entered the Ellen’s mansion.

“Calm down and follow me.” Ellen said from the dining where she was seated

“What happened?” He asked as he trailed behind her.

“Just persuade her to open the door first. Then I will tell you what happened or better still ask her what happened yourself..” Ellen said.

“Here.” Ellen added and st©pped walking.

“She’s been here ever since we cane back from the hospital. She refused to pick her mum and dad’s calls. She refused to opened the door for me too. Talk. Let her hear your voice maybe she’s gonna open up for you.” Ellen said.

“What about the spare keys?” Samuel asked almost in a whisper.

“Ohh…forgotten about that. Let me go for it. It’s un-derground.” Ellen said and left.

Samuel sighed and walked closer to the door.

“My candy Cindy baby. plea-se open the door for me. You remember our rules and regulations, right? No matter the situation… We must see ourselves and settle it without any third [email protected] Remember we’re one. You’re unhappy, a [email protected] of me which is yours is unhappy too. Come on candy sugar. Open this door for your one and only. ” Samuel said calmly and lovely.

And just as if he enchanted Cindy, she slowly opened the door. Samuel opened it more wi-der and entered before closing it again.

Her face wasn’t in order. Tears still w€t her cute face. He wondered the last time she cried like this. And he wondered how long she’s been crying.

He uttered no word as he closed the gap between them and engulfed her into the warmness of his arms.

Cindy stayed still as she hvgged him back too sniffing in his sweet cologne.

They both hvgged each other like their life depended on the hvg. Cindy started shedding tears again and Samuel stayed still as he allowed her to finished crying be fire they dis£ntangled from the hvg and led her to the be-d.

“Tell me what happened.”

“Samuel….tell me I’m not pregnant.”

“Pre…preg what? What’s pregnancy got to do with the medical check up.?” Samuel asked puzzled.

“The doctor said I’m pregnant.”

“That’s bullsh*t girl. How can you be pregnant?”

“He confirmed it. The test’s here.”

She took four steps to where the papers were lying and gave it to him.

He collected it and studied it for some minutes before speaking.

“Don’t worry my darling. You ain’t pregnant. I’m gonna do another test for you myself tomorrow, okay? Is that why you’re crying? Come on smile for me.” Samuel said smiling.

“No Sam. This isn’t smiling matter. Emmanuel said we ain’t gonna get marry again if i don’t bring the owner of the pregnancy to him.”

“He’s joking. Don’t mind him . he said that cause he’s angry.”

“but Sam. What if he’s not?”

“St©p stressing yourself sweetie. You guys are getting married in two weeks time.”

“really?” Cindy smiled.

“Yeah babe. see? That’s the spirit. Smile more for me.”

Cindy smile.

“What if I’m pregnant?” She asked as worries were seen on her face.

“I said you ain’t pregnant. Tomorrow shall tell.”

“he thinks the night we both spent together.. ” Samuel interrupted her.

“That I sle-pt with you, right?”

“Exactly..” She answered slowly…

“Then, take me to him that I own the pregnancy if he’s not gonna use his [email protected]” Samuel said.

“No!” She shouted.

“I’m not pregnant Samuel.” She added tearily.

*sure. You ain’t.” Samuel smiled and k!$$£d her forehead.

That seems to have effect on her b©dy system as she went calm immediately and suddenly craving for more…

The calmness didn’t last long as the pain gr!pp£dher again.

*ouch! Sam….my tummy.” She screamed.

“Y…y…your tummy again!” He asked as he raised up her blue t©p away from her stomach up to below her che-st/br£@st region…

Her stomach were now visible to him, he started ru-bbing her tummy in an anticlockwise direction after laying her back on the be-d.

It seems to work on her as she st©pped screaming. She closed her eyes to enjoy the tingling s-en-sation Samuel’s hand is giving/doing to her.

Ellen finally saw the spare keys and went to the main building. She walked to the room and was surprised Cindy has opened the door for Samuel.

She slowly opened the door when she heard nothing. And seeing them in that position, she closed the door back gently.

“They nee-ded their privacy. Good she’s not crying again.” She said as she walked to the living room yawning as she fell on one of the couches heavily.

“Gosh! I’m tired.” she mumbled sleepily.


Samuel seeing she’s calm down a lot st©pped what he’s doing but Cindy held his hand and fluttered her eyes opened.

They stared at each other for what look like forever. the stares held lots of unexplained emotions and feelings.

To Cindy, she has totally forgotten about her worries. All she crave for is Samuel’s hand on her b©dy.

To Samuel, he can’t explain what and how he’s feeling. But his eyes went to Cindy lush, soft and well shapedl-ips. He wondered what and how it’d be like to place his on hers. But he quic-kly erase the crazy thoughts when he heard Cindy’s voice.

“Continue. Don’t st©p.” She said slowly, calmly, gently and lovely.

He nodded and continued [email protected]£ss!ngher stomach.
Cindy closed her eyes again to enjoy the warmth and the magic feelings Samuel hand’s giving to her..

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