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Love and crosses episode 32

🌹🌹Love &

🍭[When LOVE 🌷 [email protected]£ BITTERED]🍭

GENRE: [email protected]ç£



Dammie Crown [email protected]

🍓Chapter 32🍓


Ellen was smiling looking at whatever on her phone. She had worn a headphone over her head gently nodding her head to the sound she’s hearing from it.

She was lost in the phone she’s pressing that she didn’t notice a guy [email protected] in her front looking around.

She was about entering the car again when he approached her.

“Sorry miss.” He said.

“Hi. How may I help you?” She responded calmly.

“Huh..the thing is…I…I mean I’m looking for my wallet. Have you by any chance seen it?” He asked.

Ellen stared at him like he was some god.

“Um…do I look like I’m a thief?” She asked.

“No. I don’t meant it that way. I was only asking you if..”

Ellen interrupted him.

“What’s the color?” She asked.


“What do you have in there?” She asked again.

“Some money that I don’t know the amount and my debit cards.”

“How many debit card?”


“Oh…[email protected]!’ She exclaimed.

“When did you lost it?”

“Some minutes ago. I didn’t noticed at first not until I wanna fuel my car.”

“Oh…sorry. Well…I saw it lying helplessly down there. But I didn’t t©uçh it ’cause it’s not mine.” Ellen said.

“Oh my goodness. But you’d have took it. What do I do now?”

“Is it that important?” Ellen asked b!tt!g her lowerl-ips ’cause she’s at the edge of laughing out loud

“ Is.” He said looking around once more.

Ellen couldn’t take it again as she bur-sted out laughing.

“Why is she laughing?” He wondered.

“Why laughing?” He asked anyways.

“You are acting funny. You’d have knew I have it with me with the way I’m asking you questions.” Ellen said trying to suppress her laughter.

“Oh…gracious. thanks a lot.” He said smiling.

“Your name is Fred, right?” She asked .

“Yeah, Fred Wilson.”

She nodded and got the wallet from the car. She gave it to him.

He took it graciously and smiled.

“Thanks a lot. May I know your name?” Fred asked.


“Emmanuel this is absolutely nothing but a pure lie. Doctor, how can I be pregnant without being t©uçhed?” Cindy asked with a teary eyes.

“Well, that’s what the result says. You are really pregnant. Excuse me. Close the door when leaving, Emmanuel.” The doctor said and left.

“Cindy…are you cheating on me?” He asked.

“No dear. I’m not. At all.” Cindy shook her head vigorously negatively.

“Then how come you are pregnant?” He asked hurtfully.

“Or have we ever copulated? Just try to remember when last we had S-x.” Emmanuel said.

“No darling. We haven’t did anything of such. “” Cindy said.

“If so, then I’m afraid I can’t marry a lady carrying a bastard child. Look for the owner of the pregnancy and let’s see if we can sort it out. But I’m afraid, we can’t be together.” Emmanuel said leaving the office

Cindy felt like her world is crashing down into pieces after hearing what Emmanuel just said to her…

Her heart shattered into pieces hearing that hurtful words from the man he loved and would love to be with till the end of time.

“No. Emmanuel you can’t do this to me.” Cindy said shaking her head negatively as she ran out of the office with the results in her hand.

She didn’t care about the eyes looking at her. All she care about that instant is to see Emmanuel. And to hear him say some sweet and soothing words to her.

She got outside and couldn’t find his car anymore. He has left indeed.

Her heart was so heavy that she felt too weak to think, do or say anything

Nevertheless, she ran to the car they [email protected]£ with. Not bothering whether Ellen is re-ady or not. She ran to the driver seat and luckily, the car key is still intact.


“Thanks a lot, may I know your name?” Fred asked.

Ellen was about answering when she sighted Emmanuel walking out with a bad mood.

She wondered why as she left Fred’s side and walked to him.

He didn’t even acknowledge her pres£nce as he just walked to his car.

“What happened?” She asked even if that’s not what she wanna say.

“Ask the who-re you called a friend. I’m not surprised, you are both the same.” Emmanuel said and drove insanely outta the hospital almost hitting Ellen with the car.

Ellen stood jaw opened on the same sp©t reminiscing on what she just heard.

She was still in that state when she heard someone called Cindy…

She looked at the direction and saw Cindy running to the car.

it was Fred that called her name. She ran to the scene.

“Cindy! Cindy wait up plea-se!” She called but before she could say jack or even get to where she is, she has drove away speedily.

“Gosh! What could have happened?” She said wondering on a sp©t.

“Isn’t that Cindy James?” Fred asked moving closer to her.

‘You knew her?” She asked looking at the direction Cindy took.

“Yeah…back then in school.” Fred said.

“Do you [email protected]£ with a car or your car?” She asked hurriedly.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Let’s go. Follow the car that left now. Follow Cindy!” She almost screamed.

Fred wasted no time as a led the way to where he parked his car.

They entered and he hit the road driving crazily as they followed Cindy.


Phil!pgot home and headed to his room without saying anything to anyone.

“Bro. Welcome.” Peter greeted but got no response.

“Brother? Hope you [email protected]£ home with some goodies for me?” Joy asked but got no response from him.

“What’s wrong with him?” They asked themselves.

He got to his room and fell on his be-d heavily with lots of thought in his head.

“Cindy…” Was what he kept muttering.


“Drive fas-ter or should I just drive it myself?” Ellen asked looking at the road.

“Calm down. You don’t wanna get us kill, do you?” Fred said driving more fas-ter.

They continued driving still following Cindy till they got to Emmanuel’s house.

Cindy actually followed Emmanuel.

“St©p the car.” Ellen said to Fred as they were about reaching his house.


“Just do as I said. Thanks anyways. You can leave.” Ellen said getting down from the car.

“Are you okay?” Fred asked.

“Yes, I am. Thanks for the ride.” She said and left.

She ran all the way to Emmanuel’s house still wondering what could have happened to them both.


Fred watched her leave till she was out of sight. He sighed. Although, he has no idea of what’s happening.

He only saw Cindy. That’s all.

He was about driving away when his phone rang.

George calling.

📞what’s up

📲where are you?

📞around somewhere in my car.

📲i’m waiting in Clazic Resorts.

📞we’ll be there soon.

📲do you think it’s gonna end well?

📞yeah. Be calm.

The call ended.

He dialed Samuel’s number as he started driving away.


“What are you looking for here? I thought I told you to look for the owner of your pregnancy before coming to me.” Emmanuel thun-dered.

They were both standing.

Cindy bur-sted into tears. She didn’t remember the last time she’d shed tears.

“Emmanuel plea-se listen to me. I knew nothing about this thing. I’m not pregnant. I can never be pregnant. plea-se, it’s not true. Let’s do another checkup in another hospital.” Cindy cried.

“Gosh! I don’t know what to do or say to you. I love you so much but now this? What’s the probability that your silly friend Samuel isn’t the owner of the pregnancy, on that night you spent together in your mansion. At least, there’s no one to st©p you.” Emmanuel said.

Cindy looked up at him hurtfully.

“Don’t you dare say that anymore. You can say whatever you have to say to me in my face. Leave Sam out of this. He’s got nothing to do with this or us. For your information, I and Samuel spent the night just few days ago…last week. Do you expect the s’x we had last week to have turnes to pregnancy to week? Emmanuel…say it to my face that you no longer want me other than looking for some silly excuses.” Cindy yelled.

“I don’t care! But you are f’cking pregnant Cindy! How do you expect me to marry you! Carrying a child I know nothing about? Put yourself in my shoe., Cindy.” Emmanuel said.

“Putting myself in your shoe, I’d calm down and would talk things out with whosoever I have that kind of issue with. But you, you are taking it up with me as if you’ve caught me having s’x with a guy on the be-d before.” Cindy said.

“Maybe Dammie was right after all.” Emmanuel said.

“Oh really? Fine. Do whatever you are Capable of doing. I don’t care. All I know is I’m not pregnant.” Cindy said to his face and left angrily.

“Cindy wait…we can talk it out amicably.” Emmanuel shouted behind her but she didn’t st©p for a second.

She got outside and collided with Ellen. She was in tears and shaking, obviously, she’d heard what happened.

“My Cindy..” She rushed to her and hvgged her ti-ghtly.

Cindy hvgged her back too as she started crying again.

Ellen patted her back in a soothing manner.

“Sorry babes. It’s gonna be over soon.” She console.

Emmanuel sat down angrily and hurtfully on a nearby couch..

“What have I done? Cindy…sorry I yelled at you. Sorry I wasn’t calm enough to listen to what you got to say. Sorry for being a j£rk. But…pregnancy? How come?” He said to himself not knowing what to do again.


Clazic Resorts.

It’s evening alre-ady. George was seated at a table far from where noises are coming from. The place was kinda calm and the table he sat on is the only one around the place.

He was sipping from his alcohol and at the same time checking his wrist watch.

“Hope am not acting silly? Are these people not coming with a police for real?” He wondered.

But just immediately he saw Fred with Samuel coming in.

“Finally.” He breathed out.

“sorry for keeping you waiting bro.” Fred said.

” no. It’s okay. All is fine since you’re here now.”

“plea-se sit down.” He added.

They all sat down. A waitress [email protected]£ to them and took their orders.

Samuel was just staring at George with total hatred after seeing the scene Dammie showed him earlier today.

“Hope there’s no police around?” George asked

“No, not at all. We [email protected]£ here ourselves.” Fred answered.

“Okay.” He said.

The waitress [email protected]£ with their drinks and left.

“Hey Mr, say whatever you’ve got to say. I have other places to go.” Samuel said coldly.

“Calm down man. You don’t have to be like this. He’s helping you by wanting to expo-se your wife’s secret.” Fred said to him.

“Actually…” George started clearing his throat.

“It was Fred that pleaded with me some days ago to tell you the truth. Although I also feel like telling you the truth but I’m scared of you getting me arrested. Alice has been my girlfriend for 12years. Yeah, if I’m not mistaken. Twelve good years was what we spent together.” George said

Samuel was just watching and doing the listening as well.

“We’ve been [email protected]!ngsince we were in secondary school. We even went to the same institution just to continue our love life. We loved each other so much. But we include something in our relationsh!p, S’X. We always have s’x almost everyday. Alice got rid of more than twenty pregnancies for me.” George said.

Samuel sat well again on his seat after hearing the last statement. He quic-kly opened the drink he’d ordered for and poured some content in a cup then drank it.

George continued.

“Although, despite the fact that she had that much abortions for me, I still love her and would love to marry her because Alice’s such a good lady. Loving,caring and ro-mantic. She’s a I’ve gotten and i never pla-yed with her feelings. We continue our love till we graduated from the institution. After two years of graduating , she started disturbing me that she wanna settle down. I obliged and took her to my parent. My parents liked her immediately and they were in support of I getting married to her. With how educative my parents her, they told us to go to Doctor Michel, our family doctor. with the thought that nothing is wrong with us, we went there.” He paused to took some drink.

“When we got there, Alice was discovered pregnant again. My parents won’t want to hear that. They believed I’m upright and the lady I wanna marry should be one too. I told the doctor to abort the damn pregnancy. Only if I had known, I shouldn’t have said such.” he said hurtfully.

“Sorry bro. What happened next?” Fred asked

“The doctor warned us that the pregnancy is a delicate one. We shouldn’t think of aborting it ’cause it’s gonna affect Alice. He even said he’s not guaranteeing Alice’s safety either she abort it or give birth to it. I turned deaf ears to him and told him to do as I say. The doctor aborted the pregnancy for real and indeed, Alice almost died but she scaled throu-gh somehow. I was glad I didn’t lost her.”

He breathe out…

“The doctor, After Alice had recovered told us that she can’t give birth anymore ’cause her wo-mb has been tampered with due to the series of abortions sue had. We were both devastated. Not knowing what to do. I decided to keep it away from my parent because of the love I have for Alice. But luck wasn’t no my side that day as my parents walked into the doctor’s office for their weekly medical check up. Seeing us seated, without asking us, they faced the doctor and asked him of our tests results, the goddamn doctor spilled out the truth to them right there. They flared up and started shouting on Alice right in the doctor’s office. I felt like strangling the damn doctor that minute. they warned her never to come close to me or their house in her entire life. Despite not being that rich, my parents are knew for their words. They never go back to their words. They’d do exactly as they say regardless of what it cost.” George said.

He took some drink.

“Alice left the hospital immediately and my parents st©pped me from following her. The next I heard of was her involving in a car accident and the next thing was seeing her getting married to him.” George said pointing at Samuel.

“The gut she has to leave him despite loving her made me threaten her with our secret. She can’t just leave me, I love her. I don’t care if she would give birth or not.” He said.

“She can’t be living happily while she leave me in this state. We both love each other. ” George added

Samuel ban-ged have fist on the table angrily.

“So, she was coming from the hospital when I almost knocked her down with my car. Gosh! if dad hadn’t died that silly day, i wouldn’t have met her.” Samuel exclaimed.

“Calm down.” Fred said.

“I’m not calming down man. Mr George, you are free to have her. I have nothing to do with her anymore. Come take her away from my house ’cause tonight, she’s leaving my house.” Samuel said angrily.

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