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Love and crosses episode 30

🌹🌹Love &

🍭[When LOVE 🌷 [email protected]£ BITTERED]🍭

GENRE: [email protected]ç£



Dammie Crown [email protected]

🌼Chapter 30🌼



After the day’s work, Dammie went to George. Ever since the [email protected], she hasn’t been able to discuss well with him especially now that she’s working.

“Hey!” She said sitting down.

“Hi.” George said drinking directly from the alcohol bottle.

“What happened? Why drinking this much?” She asked

“Nothing. Just feel like enjoying myself. Isn’t that good?” George asked laughing shortly.

“No, it’s bad. Totally bad. What is it that you are enjoying in it? Okay, fine. I’ve always knew you that you drink and smoke. But it’s not up to this level. This is like seven bottles on the floor and you’re holding the eighth. Are you trying to kill yourself?” Dammie said moving more closer to him.

George smiled. He isn’t really drun!kbut a little ti-psy.

“You have no right to meddle with my life or whatever I do. I chose to drink, is that too much? The fact that you’ve started working in an office doesn’t mean you should come here and advise me like you are some holy lady or a nun.” George said drinking from the bottle again.

Dammie f0rç£fully collected the bottle from him and smashed it on the floor angrily. It shattered into pieces and its content flow freely in the sitting area.

“What has come over you? Ever since I’ve started working, you kept spitting rubbish. Wait….don’t you love the fact that I’m now working and I would just be nee-ding little money from you now unlike before.” Dammie said.

“Even if you nee-d tiniest money now, I have not. There’s nowhere I’d find or see money anymore. We’re both doomed.” George said coughing.

“Shut the hell up. what do you mean doomed? Are you kinda sick? God forbid. Anyways, that aside. Why did you sat with Alice and her husband in that [email protected]? And why did you absconded when she fainted? What were you about saying or doing with them? What business do you still have with them?” Dammie demanded.

“Just to expo-se Alice. she doesn’t deserve an iota of happiness. She ruined me….I must see her end too.” George said.

“You kept saying she ruined you, what happened? What relationsh!pdid you have with her?” Dammie demanded.

“You wanna know right?” George asked rising to his feet.

“Yes. I wanna know. Everything in details.” Dammie replied.

“Okay. You will get to know soon. But it wouldn’t go well. Divorce is knocking on Alice’s marriage.” George said.

‘Wow. Really? That’s a wonderful opportunity to get close to her husband. Gosh! Finally!’ Dammie thought excitedly inside of her.

“Why?” Dammie asked faking a worried face.

“That, you will know just very soon. By the way, your brother’s wife is h0t and beautiful.” George said wi-nking.

“That’s a No Go Area. Don’t t©uçh what’s my brother’s.” Dammie snapped.

“I thought you hate her and you don’t want her for your brother. Just let me have her and taste her, you know.” George tea-sed.

“Shut it. Have who? Taste who? Is she a stew you’d be tasting. Come on st©p blabbing. Even if I hate her…well don’t let me say a word.” Dammie said.

“Okay.” George shrugged taking his seat away from Dammie.

“What? Why? Are you avoiding me now?” she asked.

“No, why?”

“You’re sitting here before and now there. Why? Am I not looking S-xy enough for you to devour?” Dammie asked going to meet him where he’s seated.

“Not just in the mood for all that.” George said.

“What do you nee-d?” Dammie asked [email protected]£ss!nghis ba-re slightly hairy che-st.


“How much?”

“The usual amount.” George answered.

“Granted. Now, let’s go to the room.” Dammie said se-ductively.

George smiled and carried her into the room then dropped her r0ûghly.

Minutes later, their loud [email protected] s could be heard.


“Make sure you go straight to your house,okay?” Cindy said to Samuel after work at the parking lot.

.”yeah I will. Thanks babe.” Samuel said and gave her a quic-k hvg and a pe-ck on her cheek.

Cindy smiled.

“I’m going to Ellen’s place. See you around tomorrow.” She said and left in her car.

Samuel waved at her till she was out of the hospital before entering his car.

Just when he was about igniting the car, Lizzy [email protected]£ to his side.

“Hey doctor. Are you going home now?” She asked.

Samuel whined down the window [email protected] so he could hear her.


“You left work early yesterday, hope all is well?” Lizzy asked.

“Yeah. thanks.” Samuel said uninterested.

“Can you plea-se drop me home?” She asked.

“Sorry, no.” Samuel said.


“Cause I’m not in the mood for all that! Excuse me.” He said and whined up the [email protected] before driving away leaving Lizzy in a hurtful state.

“Am I not beautiful enough?” She asked herself..

“Of course, you are beautiful.” Doctor John said behind her.

He’s a young good looking doctor working in the same hospital with them all.

Lizzy turned around to look at him. She hissed loudly.

“Were you stalking me?” She demanded angrily.

“St©p the obse-ssion alre-ady. You can see he’s married.” Doctor John said

“And how’s that your concern? did he [email protected]£ to report to you that he doesn’t like me?” She asked again.

“Not at all. Just st©p the obse-ssion and one side love. It’s glaring and obvious he doesn’t and would never love you.” Doctor John said and walked away.

Lizzy watched him leave and t©uçh her heart…’it hurt.’ She said sniffing in tears as she walked to her car.

“Wow! My baby is the most beautiful lady on earth.” Emmanuel exclaimed loudly and happily seeing Cindy in her wedding go-wn.

“It fit you perfectly darling.” Ellen said smiling.

“Thanks babes.” Cindy said and hvgged her friend.

“I’m here, you know? The hvg should be for me.” Emmanuel said faking a frowning face.

“Sorry sweetheart.” Cindy said and hvgged him ti-ghtly.

They withdrew from the hvg and k!$$£d de-eply for some minutes before Ellen cleared her throat loudly to interrupt them.

“Gosh! You can’t oppress me. I reject oppression.” Ellen said taking a seat on the be-d.

They laughed.

“Sorry..just can’t help it.” Emmanuel answered.

“I will leave for you to undress.” He added walking out if the room.

“You could have just wait and watch her undress.” Ellen tea-sed.

“Nope. I reject to be tem-pted.” Emmanuel said and they all laughed.

Ellen helped Cindy to undress and she wore her clothes back. They walked out of the room with her wedding go-wn and other things ordered like high heel, purse, vein, undies, flowers, etc. All in white glittering colour.

“Finally.” Emmanuel said when they walked into the living room.

Cindy went to sit beside him while Ellen sat on another couch with a big bag containing Cindy’s property.

“Thank you darling. They’re all beautiful.” Cindy appreciated with her smile and a pe-ck on his cheek.

“You are welcome wifey. I just can’t wait any longer. Less than two weeks, you’re mine.” Emmanuel dreamed.

“You are right.” Cindy said.

“Cindy, let’s go. It’s getting late. And besides, I wanna check out my clothes too at your place.” Ellen said.

“You guys can just wait a little longer. Wanna spend more time with my wife.” Emmanuel said.

“Not allow. In fact, after today, I’m not sure you’re gonna see yourself again until the wedding day.” Ellen said.

“That’s punishment. I can’t do without her. She’s my life.* Emmanuel replied.

“besides, we still have another day to meet next week. For the medical tests and check up.” Cindy said facing Emmanuel.

*you’re right.” He answered.

“Well, you guys would meet in the hospital and also go your different ways after the check up. I will come with you Cindy, I will just stay in the car.” Ellen said smiling.

“For the next three or two weeks, I’d be your guardian.” She added.

“Ellen! Don’t be so ridiculous. You’re acting strange.” Cindy said.

“Exactly.” He added.

Ellen walked to them and [email protected]£d Cindy’s arm.

“It’s time to go ma.” Ellen said.

“hold her with care. Her skin is too soft to be handle anyhow.” Emmanuel said.

“And she’s the only one that has a soft skin. What about me?” Ellen said rolling eyes pla-yfully.

“I don’t know about you. I know only about my wife.” Emmanuel said.

He stood up and k!$$£d Cindy shortly on thel-ips.

“Alright baby, take care.” He said walking them to the door.

“Thanks sweetheart.” Cindy said.

“Bye!” Ellen said too

Emmanuel waved at her in response.


“Acting like you are more than this.” Cindy said while in the car.

Ellen was driving.

“Don’t be silly. I’m only protecting you.”

“Protecting me from my husband to be?” Cindy said finding it funny.


“And, how’s he doing?” Cindy asked.


“Your audio b©yfri£ndof course. Have you guys met?” She asked.

“No. And besides, it’s no longer working, I mean the relationsh!pbetween us.”

“Oh my goodness. Sorry. I didn’t know. I thought you guys are blossoming. Sorry babes. Yours is coming on the way very soon.” Cindy said.

“Amen. Thanks darling.” Ellen replied


At The Bar…

“Buddy, what is the next thing? I mean the next step?” Samuel asked taking a sip from his drink.

“George is gonna tell us the whole truth next week Friday. Just prepare your mind.” Fred answered.

“Seriously, can’t believe Alice did this to me. I love her with everything in me. What else does she want in a man that I don’t have…I’m caring, loving, ro-mantic, un-derstanding and all. What else does she want?” Samuel asked emptying the whole drink in his cup.

“Calm down man. That’s woman for you. You can’t just plea-se them. Do you care to know why I’m still single? It’s because she doesn’t deserve my love. She stoop so low in slee-ping with her gateman. Imagine! You nee-d to see how tattered the gateman look. You just have to prepare your mind till next week. Don’t worry, we gonna settle it.” Fred said.

“Alright. I’ve heard you anyways. Thanks for coming at the right time. If not for you, where do I know that I’d be looking for that George.” Samuel said.

“Alice has been with George for lots of year. I can’t even count. But worry less, he’ll tell us everything . but guy, you made a mistake.” Fred said.

*what mistake?” Samuel asked.

“Despite all the love and cares you and Cindy showered on each other, why didn’t you ask her out then? You fits yourself. You are always seen together doing this or that. Don’t you love her?” Fred asked.

Samuel sighed.

“I don’t even know how it happens. Of course I love her so much but you know, I graduated before her…maybe that’s [email protected] of it. I love her a lot. Why I didn’t asked her out then is what I don’t un-derstand.” Samuel said.

“it’s complicated. But it’s late. Nothing can be done. let’s just settle the one at hand first. Then we will get to know the next thing to do.” Fred said.

“Yeah. you are right.” Samuel said.


Phil!pwas still in guilt. He kept tossing around on his be-d with the thought of Cindy in his head.

‘What do I do? I’ve sinned greatly against man and God. What’s this for goodness sake? Why do I have someone like Thomas as my friend? Why not someone else that’s gonna advise me godly and rightly? Am I not done for? If she finally found out that she’s pregnant, won’t she rain curses on whosoever that did it to her? What about her parents? What about my parents Image? I’m dragging my parents’ good name in the mud. What type of human being am I?’ He thought sadly.


Two days later.

Cindy drove all the way to the hospital she’s building. It’s so large, ample, [email protected] and wi-de.
There, she met the workers working tirelessly.

“Well done.” She greeted.

“Thank you ma. Welcome.”

“You are really doing your work. I appreciate your effort greatly. Thanks.” She said looking around.

“But, there’s another big building over there. The workers there told me it’d also be use for a hospital.” One of the worker said.

“Really? Who owns it?” She asked.

“A man. But I have no idea what his name is.”

“It’s alright. I just [email protected]£ to say well done to you. I’m going to work.” She said.

“Thanks ma.”

She nodded and left..

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