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Love and crosses episode 28 & 29

🌹🌹Love &

🍭[When LOVE 🌷 [email protected]£ BITTERED]🍭

GENRE: [email protected]ç£



Dammie Crown [email protected]

💫Chapter 28 & 29💫

The Next Day.

Samuel was the first to be awake. He yawned lightly before sitting up.

He checked his phone and saw lots of missed call from Alice and Mrs Veronica. He hissed at Alice’s call and tried calling Mrs Veronica too but she didn’t picked her calls. He tossed the phone away from him.

“How did I ended up slee-ping off?” He wondered looking around.

That’s when he noticed Cindy slee-ping peacefully on the couch too.

He looked up to check the time. The time’s 06:55am.

He sighed in relief. He thought the time has gone.

He stood up and went to Cindy. He squatted beside the couch she was slee-ping on.

“Now that I looked closely at her, she’s looking more beautiful and cute.” He said, his eyes went to her lushl-ips.

He quic-kly averted his eyes when he felt the urge to t©uçh herl-ips.

He stood upright putting his hands in his pockets.

His phone rang that instant.

He went for it and checked the caller – Mrs Veronica. He picked it anyways.

📞good morning ma.

📲morning son. Where are you? Where’s my daughter?

📞we are both fine. We’re in Cindy’s mansion.

📲what happened? Did something happened to you both? We called the hospital, they told us you both left work at the same time. Are you sure all is well?

📞yes ma’am. We are both fine. She’d come home this morning. She’s still slee-ping I’d have give the phone to her.

📲Okay. Tell her to come home before going to work. I’m worried, same as her dad. How’s your wife? Have you called her that you are fine?

📞i will tell her to come home. Sorry ma…we should have called you in the first place. She’s fine too.

📲alright. Bye.

The call ended.

He breathed out and put the phone in his pocket.

He turned around and flin-ched seeing Cindy awake sitting down sleepily.

“Babe. You scared me.” He smiled walking to her.

“It’s unlike you….you don’t sleep till after 7. Are you okay?” He added sitting beside her.

“Good morning…” Cindy said yawning.

“I…in fact I’m so much tired and I did no tedious work yesterday.” Cindy said.

“Sorry. My problem is enough stress for you. I’m sorry I made you feel tired.” Samuel said.

“No. Not at all. It wasn’t what happened yesterday that made me tired. I’ve been feeling strange for like two weeks now. Firstly, I always feel sharp pain in my abd0m£n occasionally. Secondly, I oversleep these days if not for mum that would wake me up everyday for the past two weeks. I just think it’s my wedding stress.” Cindy said yawning again.

“Don’t you think we nee-d to check you up? Like you nee-d medical check up. I can do that for you today when we gets to work.” Samuel said concerned.

“No. You don’t nee-d to do that. Like I said, it’s just the wedding stress and you know how it is. Don’t worry. I’d be fine.” Cindy said.

“Are you sure?” Samuel asked worriedly.

“Yes. Did you called your wife or have she called you?” Cindy asked.

“Mum called. She said you should come to the house before going to work this morning.” Samuel said avoiding her question.

Cindy smiled.

“Avoiding my question,huh? It’s well.” Cindy said going to the bathroom to rinse her face.

“Be quic-k. Let’s get going.” Samuel shouted.

“I’ll be out in some seconds.” Cindy shouted back.

She rinsed her face and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Am I getting fatter? Or is it because I eat regularly these days?” She asked herself and smiled.

“Well, it’d just make the wedding go-wn fit me perfectly.” She added leaving the bathroom.

“let’s get going.” Samuel said taking the car key from the table.

“Yeah.” Cindy said walking out with him after taking her phone.

“Good morning miss Cindy.” the security greeted.

“Morning dear.” Cindy answered.

“Good morning sir.” He greeted again facing Samuel.

“Hey. Morning.” Samuel replied warmly.

They walked to the car and were soon on their way out of the car.

“I’ll come to take you to work after I dressed up.” Samuel said.

“Okay.” Cindy answered abs£ntmindedly.

Her eyes were on her phone. Lots of missed calls from her mum, dad, Emmanuel, Ellen and even Alice.

She breathed in softly.


Alice woke up with a headache. She sle-pt off on the couch while still waiting for her husband. She ran up to the room with the thought that he arrived last night when she was fast asleep.

“Honey….honey..” She called hastily as she ascended the stair case.

she got to the room and found it empty. She walked to the bathroom and found nothing. Her face fell.

*what have I done?” She thought as tears circled in her eyes threatening to fall any seconds from now.

She walked back downstairs to the kitchen to prepare him what he would take if he eventually come home.


“Ohh my! Cindy.” Mrs Veronica shouted from the dining.

“Mum. I’m sorry.” Cindy said I they both engulfed each other in a ti-ght hvg.

“What happened? You didn’t even called me.” Mrs Veronica complained.

“sorry mum. Something [email protected]£ up with Samuel and I have to be there for him. He was really down last night.” Cindy explained.

Worries were visibly seen on mrs veronica face.

“What happened to him? And is he outside?” She asked.

“No Mum. But he’s coming back. Don’t worry, he’s fine now.” Cindy said

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes. Where’s dad?” Cindy asked.

“Right here.” Lawyer James said walking downstairs.

“Dad. I’m sorry I kept you worried.” Cindy said going to him.

“My Naomi. It’s good to see you are fine.” Lawyer James said.

“Yes dad. Thank you.” She said.

“Go on and dress for work you’re almost late.” Mrs Veronica said.

“Alright mum. Thanks.” Cindy said.

*what do you want for breakfast.” Her mum asked.

Cindy st©pped and walked to her.

“hmm…we are actually two. Samuel will soon be here.” Cindy said grinning.

“No problem. Just go and bath. Be quic-k.” Mrs Veronica smiled.

Cindy pe-cked her cheek before rushing upstairs

“Do you think there’s something going on she isn’t telling us?” Mrs Veronica asked going to the dining.

Lawyer James was seated alre-ady.

“Even if there is. We all agree to respect our wish and privacy in this house. You know she’s gonna let us know when the time comes. When she’s re-ady. We can’t f0rç£ her right?” Lawyer James said.

“You are right, honey.” Mrs Veronica said and dishes his food.


Samuel entered his house and met no one in the sitting room. He care not anyways. He proceeded to go upstairs when Alice’s voice st©pped him.

She was just coming from the kitchen holding a blue tray containing Samuel’s breakfast.

“Welcome honey. You didn’t tell me you wouldn’t be coming home last night. I waited for you. What happened?” Alice asked gently.

“it’s none of your business.” Samuel said and continued walking.

“Where did you sle-pt? have you started cheating on me?” She asked without thinking.

Samuel laughed heartily as he faced her.

“Cheat? Well, maybe. I’m not sure. Whatever! Whatever that [email protected]£ to your damn head is the truth.” Samuel said sternly and walked away

Alice ran to him and hvgged him from behind still on the staircase.

“Samuel plea-se don’t do this to me. I missed you, I missed us. plea-se, don’t think about whatever that George was saying. It was all a fv¢king lie. I love only you. And it’s only you I want.” Alice said crying softly.

Samuel stood still reminiscing on the past.

He could remember the day he was at work and had to stay overnight. He forgot his phone at home and there’s absolutely no way to call Alice. They were in the theatre and were not allow to go out throu-ghout the night.

When he got home the following day, Alice was like

“Samuel, when did you started slee-ping outside without even finding any means to call me. Are you keeping any other…”

She couldn’t finish her statement as Samuel placed hisl-ips tenderly on hers. He k!sses her and she reciprocated. It lasted for some minutes before they [email protected] so they could breath.

He had explained to her everything and the matter died down, but with a h0t and unending [email protected]ç£.

He smiled sadly at the memory and turned slowly at Alice. He held her hands and stared de-eply into her eyes.

He could see sincerity in her eyes but it’s late. His love for her died immediately he heard what Fred said to him yesterday.

Now, they are only housemates.

“Alice…you did nothing wrong. Now that I think about it, Gg means George. My dear, st©p crying, you are free to go to George. I have no problem with that anymore. Until you are re-ady to confess your acts in the past, don’t you ever talk to me in this house again.” Samuel said sternly before letting go of her hands with f0rç£.

Alice staggered but didn’t fell. She cried and cried on the same sp©t with no one to say ‘sorry’.


Cindy walked downstairs wearing a blue straight armless go-wn with a white long sleeve jacket. She wore a white shoe and a blue jacket. She applied a little make up too ma-king her look so dashing.

She got downstairs and met Samuel alre-ady eating with her mum. Lawyer James has left for work some minutes ago.

“Princess.” Samuel win-ked at her.

Cindy melted at his wi-nk and smiled cutely.

“Welcome.” Cindy said taking her seat.

“Eat more my dear.* mrs Veronica said smiling at Samuel.

“What of me? I’m your daughter.” Cindy said rolling her eyes pla-yfully.

“And he’s my son.” mrs Veronica completed.

“Thanks ma’am.” Samuel smiled.

“Gosh…I don’t feel like….” Cindy said and suddenly felt the urge to purge.

She rushed to the bathroom by the living room and vomited .

Mrs Veronica and Samuel rushed to her. Samuel patted her back while mrs Veronica stood confused.

Cindy rinsed her mouth and stood upright.

“Sorry.” Samuel and mrs Veronica said at a time.

*thanks.” Cindy replied weakly.

They walked back to the dining.

“What happened to you? Her mum asked.

“Nothing, just…” She hiccu-mpped.

“Just stress. I’d reduce it now.” Cindy f0rç£d a smile.

“Sorry dear. You’ll be fine.” Her mum said still looking at her.

“Mum st©p looking at me. That look is weird.’ Cindy complained.

“Sorry ” her mom apologized jokily.

“Let’s go.” Samuel said.

“Yeah.” Cindy said.

“Alright, drive safely.” Mrs Veronica said still staring at Cindy till she’s out of sight.

“Eww!” Mrs Veronica exclaimed after they’ve left.

“Cindy…hope is not what I’m thinking? It better not be what I’m thinking.” Mrs Veronica said

Cindy decided to returned all the call she missed when she got to work and was less busy.

He called Emmanuel first.


📲sweetheart. What happened?

📞sorry dear. I sle-pt in my mansion. I didn’t know you called.

📲why did you sle-pt in your mansion? Alone? In that big house.

📞hm…not really alone. You know you saw me with Samuel’s car yesterday so we were together.

📲really? Alone?

📞don’t think naughtily. We just sle-pt nothing else.

📲well, I trust you.

📞thanks for trusting me.

📲i love you. Our clothes would be delivered today at my house. You can come with Ellen for it later in the day.

📞alright baby. thanks. I love you.

📲i love you too.

The call ended.

She called Alice next.

📞hello ma’am.

📲what are you calling me for?

📞i missed your call and I decided to call you back.

📲really? When you are done with my husband,right? I thought you’re preparing for your wedding, what are you doing with my own husband?

📞mrs [email protected]

📲don’t call me. You husbad snatcher. You’ll never have him. He’s mine and mine alone forever. un-derstand? So, get that into your empty skull.

📞alright ma. Take care.

📲i know you won’t have anything to say. Acting like the holiest person on earth whereas she’s the green snake un-der the green [email protected]

Cindy ended the call feeling so upset.


At Sound Health General Hospital where Mimi works.

“Good morning Doctor Fred. You called for me.” Mimi said.

“Yeah. Sit.” Fred said and she obliged.

“The last three weeks, how many IVF do you carry out?” Fred asked.

“Just one.” Mimi answered unsure of why he asked.

“With what name?”

“I nee-d to check the files I have here.” Mimi said.

“Go on.” Fred said.

“Cindy Walter.” Mimi said looking up.

“Cindy…? Cindy James or Cindy Walter?” Fred asked

“Cindy Walter sir.” Mimi answered checking her file again.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes sir.” Mimi responded.

“No…Alice [email protected]?” He probe-d.

“Alice…? Yeah. She [email protected]£ for the donation of her eggs but said she isn’t interested again all of a sudden.” Mimi said.

That’s what the doctor in charge told her though.

“Why? Do you know the reason?” Fred probe-d.

“No sir. But you can ask Doctor Nancy that was here before.” Mimi answered.

“She should know the reason. It’s not stated here.” Mimi added.

Still confused why he’s suddenly interested in the past records.

“Alright. You can go.” Fred said.

Mimi nodded and left.

“Cindy…” Fred muttered taking his phone from his br£@st pocket and dialed Samuel’s number.


📲has Cindy got married?

📞no. Just getting re-ady to marry in the next three or two weeks.

Fred breathed in relief.

📲i thought it’s Cindy.

📞that what?

📲nothing. Let’s meet tonight.

📞no problem.

The call ended.

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