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Key to my heart episode 38

(Only you can unlock it)🔐

By, Authoress Rhema🧁


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Nina slowly opened her eyes and looked left and right, she found her phone beside her and the call icon is still on and counting

A smile crept on herl-ips as she remembered what happened last night, how she has chatted with Alex, sing for him, falling asleep without knowing, she took the phone and placed it on her ears

All she could hear is the sound of the running tap

“Is he in the shower” she thought and shurrged

“Can’t believe I didn’t charge my phone last night, gosh” she muttered and went out of her room


Nelson is brushing his teeth at the main bathroom still dressed in his pjyamas when Nina [email protected]£ to join him

“Good morning bro” she smiled and took the tooth paste

“Woah someone is looking happy today, gist me” he tea-sed

“There’s nothing to gist you about wait??, Why are you up so early the Nelson I know will still be asleep on Saturday until his game show starts” Nina said

“Oh, I’m not going to the game house today I’ll be going to Collymore Corp with Fred and Alex” he replied

“Alex” Nina repeated, that’s the only thing she heard

“Hmm, why are you smiling I’m starting to suspect you” he said and rinsed his mouth then [email protected]£d his towel

“Nothing when will you guys come back?” She asked

“I donno, I’ll call you don’t worry” he replied and went to his bathroom

Nina brushed her teeth and skipped to her mom’s room. Becky is still lying and facing another side

“Mom, still slee-ping what’s wrong?” Nina asked and [email protected] beside her, hvgging her side

“Baby, mummy’s tired I worked a lot yesterday, can you do all the chores and let me take today as a rest day” Becky replied

“Alright you deserve to rest anyways, what should I cook today?” Nina asked

“I brou-ght how flakes, how about you guys eat that this morning and…

“Say no more, how flakes here I come” Nina enthused and rushed out

Becky sighed and opened her eyes, they were pure white and herl-ips were dry, her face were extra pail, she heaved painfully


Nina is sitting at the dinning and taking the cereals by herself, Nelson had just finished dressing and is coming out of his room

“Alright baby sis I’ll be leaving now, don’t forget to remain my how flakes for me” he said

Nina nodded without looking at him

“Alright bye” he opened the door and stepped out


Fred is in his car waiting for Nelson to come out then his eyes sighted Benedict coming out of a house dressed in a baggy shi-t and baggy jeans with snickers, she’s packing her hair as she made her way to Nina’s house

He couldn’t believe his eyes so she lives here??, Suddenly she paused and began coming to him, Fred blinked as she got closer, she hits his [email protected] for him to whine down and he did

“Fred, what are you doing here? She asked

Fred began looking at her face, herl-ips eyes, everything

“I asked a question what are you doing here” she repeated

“You’re pretty” he replied foolishly

“I’m pretty, really do you like me?” She smiled

“Yes alot” he replied foolishly and her smiles grew wi-der

“Really?” She asked again and he nodded,then she signaled him to come closer and he did next thing a punch flew to his face

Fred shook his head back to reality

“Yes that’s what will happen if you tell her how you feel about her” his inner self mocked him

Finally Nelson [email protected]£ out and [email protected]£ to him, he opened the car and entered

“Morning ma bro” he smiled and did his seat belt

“Hey morning, let’s go” Fred replied and started the car



Alex is in room looking at him outfit in the mirror, he’s in a red thick hoodie and black [email protected] with white canvas, he couldn’t st©p smiling remembering how he woke up and met his phone still on, the call icon counting and Nina’s soft morning snores

Last night is the first night he sle-pt without having his disturbing nightmares all because of Nina, nothing could make him happier this morning

He took his phone and shoved in his pocket then went downstairs, the maids are busy with their work, Isabella and David are cooking together in the kitchen

Alex rolled his eyes and went to charge his phone then went to the kitchen and hvgged his mom from behind

“Huh, Alex” Isabella called

“Hmm, it’s me mom” he smiled

“You look so happy this morning what’s up?” David asked

“Nothing I’m just happy, what are you two cooking?” He asked

“Fried chicken and fried rice go wait at the dinning” Isabella replied and Alex left not after taking a piece of chicken

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you this morning” Isabella asked, feeling happy that her son is a bit free today

The doorbell rang and a maid went to get it, it’s Nelson and Fred

“Oh, let them in they are my friends” he said and the maid let them in

“Woah” Nelson exclaimed as he looked around

“I know right?, Oh good morning aunty Isa” Fred greeted

“Morning” Isabella smiled and looked at Nelson

“He’s my new friend,Nelson this is my mom, mom meet Nelson” Alex introduced

“Hi” Nelson waved

“Woah nice to meet you Nelson, Alex you didn’t tell me he’s handsome” Isabella frowned

“What are you crushing on him, want me to tell Dad” Alex replied and Isabella hit him

“Make yourself at home all of you, I’m preparing Fred rice” she said

“Cool I’m in” Nelson smiled and sat on the dinning with Fred and Alex

They were now discussing and that’s when Luna is climbing down the stairs looking like a slee-ping zombie, her hair rou-gh, her face frowny and dry

“Oh hey sis” Alex waved, Luna looked at him and her eyes wi-de-ned when she saw Nelson there, she immediately ran back upstairs

“What’s wrong with her” Nelson laughed

“Just leave her, she have been that way since yesterday” Alex replied

Luna cane back down, still in her PJ but her hair and face are fixed now, she walked straight to the kitchen to greet her mom and dad

“Baby, you finally [email protected]£ out of your room, how are you feeling?” Isabella asked worriedly

“I’m fine mom, just having a [email protected] time slee-ping” she replied and went to make herself coffee

“Really is someone bullying you or…” Isabella said tea-singly

“Or what?” Luna asked

“I know that look I was once like you, we’ll talk later” Isabella win-ked

“You nee-d to quit acting like a teenager geez” Luna rolled her eyes and made to leave but David called her back

“What dad?” She frowned

“Do me a favor,take this rice to the dinning and come back to carry the chicken” he said, without waiting he put the hvge plate of rice in her hands

“Fine” Luna collected it and began walking

“And don’t forget to come back for the plates” Isabella shouted

Luna rolled her eyes and dropped the rice on the dinning

“Hey Luna how was your night, if you won’t greet me I’ll greet you then” Nelson said

Instead of replying she eyed him and sat down

“You’re still mad at me because I s£nt you out of my game show, don’t worry I can take you to watch a pri-vate show with me” he said and Luna huffed silently

“Cute PJ” he win-ked

“Did you just win-ked at me?” She asked

“Want me to do it again?” He asked and win-ked again

Luna gulped and looked elsewhere while Alex hit Nelson

“St©p flir-ting with my sis” he warned and Nelson raised his hands up in defeat

“You don’t have to bother, his charm don’t move me” Luna shook her head

“Are you sure about that, I’m just respecting your brother,if I start with you you’ll forget your name” he said confidently

“Shh” she scoffed and looked elsewhere

“Luna, come take the chicken too” Isabella called out

“Luna why are you sitting here go help your mother” Fred said and the boys laughed

“Damn all of you” Luna screamed and stormed to the kitchen.



Alex Fred and Nelson [email protected]£ down from the car they parked at the parking lot

“It’s so beautiful” Nelson gushed

“Yes yes let’s go in” Alex dragged him and Fred in to the reception

“Good morning we are looking for Andre Collymore” Nelson said

“Sure do you have an appointment with him” the female receptionist asked

“Do we have… Pfft, Alex tell her” Fred said

“Yes we are his gamer, let us in would you” Alex replied

“One sec” she took the telephone and began ma-king calls

Few mins later

“Alright, take the elevator over there to the tenth floor, the first office is his” she said

“Thanks” Nelson replied and they left

The entered the elevator to the tenth floor and knocked on the first office, it opened revea-ling Vida

“Huh, Nelson” she called

“Hello neighbor” Nelson win-ked

“Vida who’s it?” Andre asked

“Your gamers sir, come in” Vida said and they entered

Andre stood up happily and moved to them, his dressed in his neat straight suit, his hair is styled ma-king him look super h0t

“Welcome back boys and you too Mr attitude, I’m glad you changed your mind” Andre smiled and Alex scoffed

“So what should we do now?” Fred asked

“Don’t worry, Vida would take you guys to the game room we prepared and that’s where you guys would be practicing from now, who among you create games again?” Andre asked with his hands on his pocket

“This guy” Fred and Nelson pointed Alex

“Cool, there’s a separate room for you, [email protected]©ps and everything you’ll nee-d, Vida lead them” Andre said

Vida bowed and motioned them to follow her and they did while Andre smiled


Different TV, gaming monitor, [email protected]©p, comfortable chairs, head set, game controllers and set are there

Dimed light, infact any colour of light you want is visible, don’t forget about the music booth and the room is quite big, this is nothing compared to Nelson’s gaming house

“Woah” the boys muttered, even Alex seemed fascinated

“Hope you like it” Vida smiled

“Woah, so you work here I’m impressed” Nelson smiled

“Better be, alright I’ll leave you guys, there’s a snack shop over there and it’s free” Vida said

“Cool” Fred smiled

“Alright, this are different games for you guys, let me call your coach” Vida said and left

“This place rocks!” Nelson smiled

“Pfft, ofcourse just look at the sofa and be-d, gosh I’m super happy right now” Fred squeeled

“I must admit, it’s pretty cool” Alex said walking around

Few mins later a handsome young man in his early 20’s with hvge muscular b©dy [email protected]£ in

“Good morning boys I’m Henry, your coach so you’ll all call me couch Henry” he said

“Woah our couch isfu-cking h0t” Nelson whispered to Fred

“What, you do [email protected] now?” Fred asked and Alex chuckled

“I’m glad you all like me, here’s some rules for you guys. From Monday around 5 you guys are expected to be here, you don’t have to worry about food or drinks they are all free”

“No rou-gh [email protected], no bringing of friends here and no linking what ever we are planning outside”

“We close around 8, you guys are free to wear your house wears, you’re free to [email protected] music and games you want, you’re free to roam around the company and you’re free to [email protected] games you want in the meantime” he said and they nodded

“Alex, you’re the one ma-king games right, your office is over there all the system, equipment, everything you nee-d are available, once you sketch your ideas you go to the boss first, un-derstood” he said

Alex nodded

“You’re gonna have to use your word Mr” he said sternly and crossed his arms

“Whatever, I’ve heard you” Alex scoffed

“Mr attitude” Fred and Nelson chuckled and Alex sh0t them glares

“Alright boss said you can come on Monday and..

“No we wanna start now” Nelson said gleefully and Fred nodded

Henry looked at Alex and Alex nodded with a smile

“Cool, I’ll leave you guys to warm up for now” Henry said and left

The boys immediately rushed to the game, they sat down on the comfortable sofa and took their game controller

“Let’s rock this with music” Nelson yelled and turned on the music

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“I can’t believe we are here again” Nina said, coming down from Ming’s car along with Benedict and Luli

“Yea, we nee-d to get prepared for Wednesday we are gonna be VIP so we must look out best, my dad gave me his black credit card and I must spoil you two” Ming said, dragging them in

“I’m planning to get a fancy dress, heels and Jewelries, plus can we go to the salon together on Sunday?” Benedict asked

“No baby we will go on Tuesday evening so we’ll look shining” Ming replied and dragged them to the cloth section

“Woah” Benedict exclaimed seeing the beautiful dresses with range of 1.5millon yuan and upwards

“What are we doing here, let’s go to another section” Nina turned to leave but Ming [email protected]£d her back

“It’s on me so feel free to take anything” she said

Benedict is alre-ady selecting the cloth she’ll buy, Nina had no choice than to select with them

The [email protected] door rolled open revea-ling Luna and Isabella

“I wonder why you love following me anytime I’m going for shopping, my age mate do follow their friends” Luna pouted

Isabella is dressed like a single h0t mom, she has this slim figure that makes her look younger than her age

“As long as I’m still alive I’ll nee-d to live my life right, let’s go” she [email protected]£d Luna to the clothing sections and they began shopping

Isabella looked from cloth to cloth then she went to the bag section, her eyes cought a hvge designed bag and she rushed to take it but her hand jambe-d with Nina’s

“Oh I’m sorry ma’am” Nina stepped away

“You can have it dear” Isabella smiled and looked at Nina, wondering why she’s looking familiar

“Hey Nina what are you doing here?’ Luna asked coming to them

“s£nior Luna” Nina smiled and rushed to hvg her

“Luna you know her?” Isabella asked

“Yes mom,she’s my schoolmate” Luna replied and arranged Nina’s hair, Nina looked at Isabella and bowed happily

“Her face is looking like…. Isabella mind driffted to the game Alex codded

“Like the game Alex codded, I’m pretty sure it’s her” Isabella said

“Huh?” Nina said in confusion

“Do you know Alex?” Isabella asked

“Hmm, he’s my friend” Nina replied happily

“Yeah, she’s definitely the one” Isabella nodded

“Hey Luna” Benedict waved from afar, coming with Ming and Luli

Luna hvgged them and carried Luli up

“Is she your sister Nina, she’s so pretty” Luna gushed

“You’re Pretty too I like your hair” Luli smiled and Luna’s hair

“Awwn mom did you hear that” Luna gushed

“Let me get you some cloth too” Luna said and took Luli

“Looks like it’s both of us, come tell me about you and Alex friendsh!p” Isabella said to Nina as they continued shopping.



“This is the dance room, where we get to practice” Bella said to the BTS

“Woah it’s cool”
“I love it”
“Nice, especially the lights”

They murmured in Korea while Christan is busy talking pictures, Bella moved out and went to Tom’s computer room

“This is the computer room where we do all the editing and stuffs what to you think?” She asked

They moved in and began looking at everywhere

“It’s cool”
“I just love everything about here”
“Never knew China can be this impressive”..

The murmured again. After few hours of tour it’s time for them to leave, they took their hvge jacket, nose mask and [email protected]

“Bella thank you so much I really enjoyed every bit of this tour” V said

“And I’ll go ahead and second that, men this place is so cool. I purple you alot” Jimin said and Bella smiled

“Can’t wait to come here to practice the dance on Monday” Suga said

“Me too, I’ve watched you’re vedio and you’re a pretty great dancer” Jin added

“Sure” Christan smiled and cleared his throat when Bella glared at him

“And Bella it’ll be an honor to have you come to Korea one day, and have a collab with us” J-hope said

“Also we’ll gladly give you the best accommodation” Jungkook added

“Amazing I’ll be honored” Bella [email protected] happily

“Alright we’ll get going, annyeong(bye)” they waved

“Annyeong (bye)” Bella waved back with a hvge smile, then they left with their car

“Gosh I’m so happy Christan” Bella jumped and ran to her office

“It’s time to close up, I’ll get going” Bella smiled and packed her things

“Alright good night B” Christian smiled as he watched Bella leave then he turned to the workers

“What are you guys waiting for go ahead and pack up” he [email protected] They began packing…


Bella got to the parking lot and made to open her car but paused when she saw another car there

“Who, isn’t that Andre’s car” she muttered and moved closer, truly it is Andre’s car

“Andre?” She called and looked around

“What are you doing here?”


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