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Key to my heart episode 37

(Only you can unlock it)🔐

By, Authoress Rhema🧁


‼️ Don’t copy or repost plea-se ‼️


Nina looked left and right then at Camilla again

“What do you want?” She cleared her throat and asked

Camilla laughed and looked at Morgan and Sydney they laughed too

“I want my ticket back, you don’t deserve to watch my own sister perform live or talkless of sitting at the VIP sit, eww!” Camilla said

“That’s your problem I’m gonna watch your sister perform and there’s nothing you can do about it” Nina replied

“The nerve of you” Camilla raised her hands to hit Nina but Nina ducked and began running

“What??, Don’t let her go quic-k chase her” Camilla yelled

Immediately Morgan and Sydney began chasing Nina including Camilla, as small as Nina looks she’s fast in running, she kept on looking back and running as fast as she could

“Quit running and give me the ticket then I won’t get to hurt you” Camilla yelled

“No!” Nina yelled back

“You asked for this” Camilla muttered, her eyes sighted some groups of students carrying a tray of beads and she pushed them

The beads rolled on the floor till it got to Nina’s side, Nina stepped on it and loose balance. Unluckily for her she’s standing near the hvge and long staircase and was about to fall but a strong arm cought her and pu-ll-ed her back up

Nina slowly raised her head to see Alex, she blinked and bit herl-ips. Alex turned to look at Camilla in anger and Camilla looked down

“Seriously Camilla seriously?” He said

“I.. she..

“She what?, You want your ticket right?, Fine” he snatched the ticket from Nina and threw it to Camilla

“You can have it back now get lost” he said and [email protected]£d Nina’s hand and then took her out of there

Morgan rushed to pick up the ticket

“What are we gonna do with it?” She asked

“Throw it away I don’t care!” Camilla yelled and ran out..


Alex dragged Nina to his locker room

“Leave me” she freed herself from him and glared at him


“Don’t call my name, why did you give her the ticket!” She yelled and sniffed in her tears


“Because you don’t want to see me at the concert, because you also think I don’t deserve to sit at the VIP cause I’m not in the same [email protected] with you” she yelled out in tears

“No it’s not..

“Then what is it like!, Why are you helping me when we aren’t friends anymore!!!” She yelled out again

“I’m sorry I snubbe-d you like that I just wanted to be alone that day, I wasn’t feeling well” he sighed

She blinked immediately

“You were not feeling well?, Is it a headache or a fever” she asked worried

“Weren’t you just yelling at me just now” Alex chuckled


“I’ll get you a new ticket with my own money so Camilla canfu-ck off” he said

“Huh?, Really??” She asked and he nodded

“That’s why I returned it back her so she won’t bother you anymore, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by snubbing you that day, I promise no matter how I feel next time I won’t snub you again” he said softly

Nina smiled and moved closer to hold his hands

“Apology accepted, I’ll be looking forward to collect my ticket on Monday” she said

Alex looked at his hands and looked at her

“Your hands are warm” he muttered

“And yours are cold” she chuckled and hvgged him ti-ght ma-king him freeze

“I’m sorry for yelling at you, I might love crying too much but I also love getting angry by small things, I have crazy mood swings” she said

Alex didn’t say anything, he didn’t hvg her back

“Won’t you say something”

“It’s okay” he replied

She smiled and pu-ll-ed away

“See you on Monday” she waved and left to her [email protected]

Alex blinked and t©uçhed himself, this is the first time a girl would be hvgging him and it felt great



Becky could be seen discussing with the doctor at his office

“What are the results?” She asked, her hands are shaking silently with way the doctor is looking at her

She looked at him and urged him to speak up, doctor Gua took off his [email protected] and sighed

“The poison is back again” he said and Becky face fell

“As if I knew” she muttered

“Can I still suppress it?” She asked softly

“I’m afraid not, it’s better you do the surgery as soon as possible

“I can’t, I can’t spend money on myself I have to children I’m saving up for them so I can get their school and college, their nee-ds I can’t” Becky said, tearing up slightly

“If you don’t do your surgery then your days would be numbered, it’s still early to do it” doctor Gua said

“I’ve heard enough” Becky stood up to leave and doctor Gua sighed

Becky got outside and cleaned her tears.

“I can’t die now, there are a lot of mistakes I have to correct and I must do them before I leave” she muttered to herself.



Bella just finished her evening exercise, she stretched her b©dy tiredly

“Water” she demanded and like flash, Christan rushed to give her

“Thanks” she mumbled and began drinking

“Er.. B, that guy you brou-ght here that night is he taken or single or do you know if he do [email protected]?” Christan asked

Bella stared at him and raised her hands to hit him but he ducked

“Bella Bella they have arrived, they have arrived” Tom [email protected]£ jumping at their front

“Who have arrived?” Bella asked

“BTS” Tom replied gleefully

“BT, wait what is today?” She asked

“Monday, Tuesday Wednesday… Oh my it’s Friday, your concert is on Wednesday, time flew so fast” Christan replied

“Really, why did no one tell me, I haven’t done my hair or fix my nails or my wardrobe wait did I just hear BTS has arrived??” Bella said all at once

“They are at McDonald’s h0tel lounge, let’s go” Tom said

“Wait!” Bella shouted and they both looked at her

“Get drinks for the boys”



The song dynamite is pla-ying as the BTS made their entrance to the lounge, the woman leading them opened the main door to their room for them and they stepped in with a ‘wow’ look

“So you guys would stay here for the mean time, I hope you love your room” she said

“Are you kidding me, it’s amazing” Jimin smiled

“I’ll leave you guys to enjoy yourself” she bowed and made way for the guards to bring their loads in

“Never knew China was this cool” RM said, looking around and feeling amazed

“Someone hit me, am I seeing swimming pool over there?” V asked

“No you’re not” Jungkook chuckled

“I feel like swimming right now, gosh this place is so cool” V muttered

Note they are speaking in Korea.


Bella just packed her car at the front of the lounge, she [email protected]£ down with Tom and Christan who were struggling to carry the box of jui-ce

“Seriously B this is so heavy, I’m going to meet BTS and I’m serving punishment for crying out loud” Christan cried

“Quit whining, we’ll just climb some few stairs” Bella rolled her eyes

“Stairs, I choose escalator plea-se” Tom gro-an ed

“Fine he’ll use the escalator then the elevator, let’s go” Bella smiled and urged them to move forward

After using the escalator and elevator they got to the room where the BTS would be staying

“We are here guys” Bella squeeled and knocked, the door opened revea-ling shi-tless Jimin

“Oh, oh just look at this someone shoot me” Christan gushed while fanning himself with his hands

“It’s every guy you’ll drool on” Tom scoffed and Bella hit them to shut up

“Annyeonghaseyo(hello)” Bella waved

“You speak Korea?” Jimin asked

“Ne(yes)” she replied

“Jogeum(a little)” she added

“Cool, guys look it’s crazy b” he called

His mates waved at her and she waved back, Tom waved while Christan was lost in staring at Jimin’s che-st

“Crazy b, we are so happy to see you in person I’ve watched most of your vedios and they are so cool” Jungkook said coming to her

“Thanks” Bella smiled

“Come in” he said extending his hands to her, she accepted and entered

“Hello” Suga and V waved

“I’m feeling tasty can I get a drink plea-se” RM asked

“Sure, Christan” Bella called

“Yes yes” Christan rushed to give him some drinks while Tom scoffed

Bella took a sit on a comfortable stool and looked around

“Hope you guys are satisfied with the accommodation?”

“We love it Bella, thanks for this” V replied, the band [email protected]£ to join her on their stool

“So let’s discuss, which of your song should we use?” Jimin asked, he has wore a shi-t alre-ady

“My song,oh plea-se I’m thinking if we should use yours” Bella replied and they laughed

“I’m serious” Bella said

“Seriously, our song in your concert are you really okay with that?” J hope asked

“Hey I’m Bella” she chuckled and they all laughed

“Oh and let’s keep this a secret till the day of the concert I wanna surprise fans” Bella added

“I love that idea count me in” V high fived her

“So which of our song should we use?” Jimin asked

“Hmm, boys with love, I love that song” Bella squeeled

“Boys with love it is” they chorused and everyone laughed, Christan’s voice is the loudest

“So tomorrow, I’ll give you guys a tore around my studio by five then we get to sing and practice” Bella said they all nodded in agreement

They spent the rest of the night chatting together and laughing, the BTS are fun to be with especially Bella who’s ma-king them laugh with all what she’s saying

Christan is busy taking pictures throu-ghout while Tom has been scoffing



“1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 10,000” Nina smiled with the money she’s counting

She looked up to her ceiling and remembered something

“My birthday is the day of the concert” that was Alex voice

“I promised I’ll get you something nice didn’t I, 10,000 isn’t enough I nee-d to save more” she muttered and climbe-d her be-d

Her phone phone beeped, it’s a message from an unknown person

💬 Hey little one

💬Huh, s£nior Alex~ she texted

💬Yes junior Nina it’s me, guess what

💬What, tell me

💬 I got your ticket

💬 Really, you’re the best s£nior Alex she texted with a bright smile

💬Funny you~ he replied

💬I’m so happy, yea s£nior Alex how did you get my number

💬My source~ he s£nt with a wi-nk emoji

💬What source, tell me~


💬I will call you then, I know by the time I hear your voice you won’t lie anymore~ she texted

💬Sure I also want to hear your voice, maybe I’ll go to sleep~ he replied

💬Okay I’m calling~

Nina called and Alex picked

“Now will you tell me your source?” She asked rolling on her be-d like a child

“Your voice sounds better than I remember” he replied

“Really yours too” she chuckled

“Nina” he called


“Tell me a be-d time story or sing me a lullaby” he said

“I’ll do that when you tell me where you get my number from?”

“Alright Nelson gave it to me and sing for me”

“I don’t know my voice sounds horrible” she muttered and bit herl-ips

“I’m still willing to hear it” he replied softly and hvgged his pillow as he is lying on his be-d

“Okay don’t laugh” Nina breathed before starting

🎶Now it’s time to say good night,

Good night, sleep ti-ght.

Now the sun turns out his light,

Good night, sleep ti-ght.

Dream sweet dreams for me,

Dream sweet dreams for you.

Close your eyes and I’ll close mine,

Good night, sleep ti-ght.

Now the moon begins to shine,

Good night, sleep ti-ght.

Dream sweet dreams for me,

Dream sweet dreams for you.

Close your eyes and I’ll close mine,

Good night, sleep ti-ght.

Now the sun turns out his light,

Good night, sleep ti-ght.

Dream sweet dreams for me,

Dream sweet dreams for you.

Good night,

Good night, everyb©dy,

Everyb©dy, everywhere,

Good night.🎶

“How’s it?” She asked when she’s done

“Nina you’re amazing, I’m feeling sleepy alre-ady” he yawned

“Go to sleep” she chuckled

“Have I told you, you have such an amazing voice?” He said sleepily

“No you haven’t” she replied

“Your voice is so amazing, it’s driving me really crazy” he said and Nina blu-shed [email protected]

“Goodnight little one” he yawned

“Hey st©p calling me…

She paused when she began hearing his soft snores, it seems like he had sle-pt off with his phone still one

She smiled listening to it, it’s giving her this goosebu-mps she can’t explain

“Goodnight s£nior Alex” she yawned and closed her eyes too.


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