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Key to my heart episode 36

(Only you can unlock it)🔐

By, Authoress Rhema🧁


‼️ Don’t copy or repost plea-se ‼️



The female officer went to the female cell block

“Miranda Lee” she called

Miranda looked up from where she’s sitting to the officer

“Your son is here”

Miranda immediately rose up

“Take me to him, now” she ordered

The officer esc-rted her out, Andre immediately rose up and rushed to hvg her

“Andre, I missed you” Miranda smiled

“Hmm, me too” Andre smiled

They dis£ngaged the hvg and sat down

“You look happy today, why are you here?” She asked

“Remember when I told you that you’ll get out of here soon??” He said

“Hmm, what happened?”

“That soon is drawing near alre-ady, I got you a famous lawyer, have you ever heard of attorney Charles McDonald’s?” He asked

Miranda smile changed to frown and shocked

“Attorney what?”

“What’s wrong mom, you don’t look too good are you okay, maybe we can continue this conversation tommorow” he said

“I’m fine, answer me attorney what?” She asked again

“Charles McDonald’s, he’s the best lawyer in Beijing I don’t know why I…

Andre paused when he saw tears [email protected]£ out of Miranda’s eyes

“Did I say something wrong?” He asked but she stood up

“Take me to my cell” she yelled

Andre stood up too looking confused

“What’s wrong mom?” He tried tou-ching her but she moved back

“I’ll talk to you some other time” she said and allowed the officer to esc-rt her in

“What’s with her” Andre thought, he stared at her direction till she was gone and he went out

Miranda got her cell and sat hopelessly on the floor

“Attorney Charles McDonald’s, Rosemary McDonald’s” she muttered and clenched her fist [email protected]



Dave sat outside his balcony with a cigarette and beer, he drank from the beer and looked at a small picture in his hand

“Dad” he muttered and tears rolled down his eyes

*The award for the best business man of the year goes too…. Andre Collymore* he remembered the cheers and sp©tlights on Andre’s face

*You failed me, I had you as hope but you failed me, you failed your mom you failed everyone* he still remember his father’s last word to him before [email protected] away

His life is based on the business line, his mom’s death brou-ght a hvge b!ow to his father. His father was a disabled man who could only watch him run the business throu-gh computer and smile

What his father really wanted to see is him [email protected] test of business game and winning business awards as always but that changed when Andre Collymore [email protected]£ to the picture

His father had really expected him to win the event and take a hvge step in life that day, his father had sat on his hospital be-d eagerly watching the event that day, he had expected his son to walk throu-gh crowds and received the award, he had expected his son to be full of cheers and sp©tlights but everything crashed, his hope crashed when it turned the other way around

He couldn’t handle the shock especially when he saw his son’s face that day, he could handle the pressure, he felt like a laughing stock, he felt disappointed and foolish that day after ma-king that statement to Dave he [email protected] out


Dave puffed the cigarette in annoyance and threw the beer bottle on the walk ma-king sure it pieces

“I should have won that day but you stole it, you stole everything, you killed my father and you made my brother hate me, it’s all you” Dave yelled with anger flashing throu-gh his eyes

“I won’t let it happen this time around,I’ll take back what belongs to me, I’ll win the enrollment this year just wait and see” he muttered and went to his phone

“Then I’ll give you a second surprise” he smiled and pla-yed the vedio of him and Rebecca having s£x that night


Becky just packed, Nelson’s and Nina dirty cloth, on her way to the laundry room her che-st began hurting

She hissed and dropped the basket of their cloth on the floor and clutched on her che-st [email protected]

“Hope it’s not what I’m thinking” she thought and hit her che-st



“Hero” Luli yelled rushing towards Nina in her big uniform

“Hey careful so you won’t fall” Nina chuckled and lifted her up

“Hi, you’re her second big sis right?” The teacher said to Nina

“Hmm” Nina nodded

“This is her homework and Luli didn’t eat get lunch today, she said she didn’t like it” the teacher said

“thank you” Nina replied and collected the homework

“Luli why didn’t you eat your lunch don’t you know you’re still a small girl” Nina scolded as she went out of the school building with the girl

“Can we go visit sisi at her company?” Luli asked

“No sisi is very busy, let’s go home I’ll make you something” Nina replied and used her eyes to search for Nelson

“Over here” Nelson waved from afar, he’s talking with a cab man

Nina carried Luli to Nelson

“I’ve st©pped the cab, let’s go” he said, they entered and it drove them straight home


Becky is watching TV when they got back

“We are home” Nina announced and Becky turned to them in smiles

“Luli you’re here too, come give me a hvg” Becky said and Luli rushed to hvg Becky ti-ght

“Mom she didn’t eat lunch is there something I can make?” Nina asked

“Really?, there’s instant noddles in the kitchen cook it for all of you, where’s Benedict”

“Benedict won’t be coming here anymore” Nina scoffed and went to her room to change

Nelson didn’t bother changing he just began setting his games on the TV

“You [email protected]£ back from school and this is the first thing you can think off?” Becky scolded

“It’s not like that mom, I’m practicing for my tutorial, a big company has offered me a chance to [email protected] them on an event. Finally the world will get to see my skills” he replied and cracked his n£¢k

“Sick child” Becky chuckled

“Call me whatever you want, eh mom I don’t want instant noddles I want to eat fried chicken” he said

“Then go to the market and get it yourself” Becky replied and watched him set the whole game

“You’re unfair” he muttered and looked at her

“Why are you looking at me like that, wanna pla-y?” He asked

“No harm in trying” Becky smiled and collected it

Nina [email protected]£ out of her room with Luli, they have both changed

“Don’t follow me to the kitchen go [email protected] Nelson and leave me to cook”

“But I wanna do something” Luli pouted

“Come on don’t be stubborn, go join Nelson and aunty on the couch” Nina sighed

“Fine” Luli pouted and ran to the couch

“I failed again, gosh you’re so good” Becky said

“Are you just knowing” Nelson sm-irked

“Which company are you signing with, they must be so lucky”

“It’s Collymore Corp mom, as in Andre Collymore” Nelson said happily

Becky face dropped

“Why do you look like that” Nelson chuckled

“Nothing” Becky replied

*If Andre notice Nelson is my son then he’ll reject Nelson and it’ll be a big b!ow for Nelson* Becky thought

“Noddles is re-ady” Nina announced

Luli and Nelson flew off the couch immediately

“Hey I thought you wanted fried chicken” Becky chuckled

“fv¢k fried chicken mom I’m hungry”




Alex is sitting in his room and coding a game, he smiled when he looked at the character, it looks alot like Nina

He began pla-ying a scene when someone took candy from her and she cried out

“My gosh” he laughed out, his door opened and Isabella entered. He immediately blocked his [email protected]©p screen with his hands

“Alex hunny, dinner is re-ady won’t you come out” she said going to him

“Alright I’m coming st©p moving closer” he replied

“Really are you hiding something” she asked

“Why would you say that?” He asked back and blinked

“Cause you were laughing when I [email protected]£ in”

“I was not”

“You were too, let me see” she rushed and [email protected]£d his [email protected]©p

“Mom!” He cried out

“Woah, who’s the girl you codded, she’s pretty” Isabella smiled

“It’s no one” he replied

“Really that’s not what your face says” she tea-sed

“It’s no one” he repeated and took his [email protected]©p from her, then turned it off and charged it

“And mind your business from now on” he added and left

Isabella smiled and followed him out to the dinning


Alex is alre-ady sitting at the dinning set to eat expect Luna

“What’s wrong with your sister Alex, she locked herself up in her room since morning I’ve tried talking to her but she won’t come out” Isabella said

“Just leave her mom, she’ll come around she has been like that since morning” Alex replied and helped himself dished some food

“Who cooked is it you?” He asked, eating the shrimps

“Hmm, you like it?” She asked

“Yes, dad is coming right?’

“Yes” Isabella smiled, almost immediately David stepped in, she flew off the chair and threw herself on his arms immediately while Alex rolled his eyes




The principal had just finished sharing the tickets for the students that [email protected] as promised

“Benedict st©p ma-king that face I alre-ady promised to get you a ticket didn’t I?” Ming said as she f0rç£fully held Nina and Benedict together

“I’m frowning because of her, I don’t want to be near her till she st©p seeing that nerdy dude” Benedict replied

“Bluhhh” Nina sticked her ton-gue out

“Let’s eat lunch it’s one me” Ming said, changing the t©pic

“Sure one sec” Nina smiled and went to the restroom

“She’ll meet us there” Benedict gro-an ed and went to the cafeteria

“Nina we are at the cafeteria, I’ll be saving a sit for you” Ming shouted and rushed off

Camilla and her crew [email protected]£ out of their hiding sp©t immediately

“Finally she’s alone let’s teach her a lesson” Sydney said

Morgan went to knock on the door almost immediately Nina opened the door and froze

“Hey Nina” Camilla waved with a smile


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