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In love with a prince last batch

In Love With A Prince✔️
Chapter 36 37
I woke up with a strong urge to puke. I rushed in to the
bathroom and puked my guts out,flu-shed and returned to
the room. I was kind of grateful Anderson wasn’t in the
room because he will drag my @ss to the hospital,
whether it was something serious or not.
It’s a bug I guess,am sure I will be fine , but…..tender
brea-st, vomiting,missed period,I got this signs when I was
pregnant with the twins. Could I be…? No, no,no I don’t
think that’s possible,but…the unprotected S-x i have been
having with Anderson..OMG am really pregnant.
I nee-d to be sure about this before telling anyone.
I rushed back into the bathroom ,took a quic-k shower,and
dressed up in white sundress and white sandals then
called the driver to take me to a pharmacatical shop to
get some pregnancy test kit.
I got back home,went to the bathroom,took the test and
peed,then kept it on the bathroom counter for a while
before picking it up to confirm. Two red lines. What!!. I
tried the other two kits,and the whole test [email protected]£ out
Am truly pregnant. I really didn’t plan it like this , although I
have sorted things out with Anderson but we had a deal
and his mother still doesn’t like me,from what I overheard
the other day between her and Jessica am so scared for
my self and the baby.
I went into the room to call my mum when I saw a box on
the be-d.
I picked up the box thinking it’s a surprise gift from
I opened it slowly and screamed from what a saw a
white piece of clothing covered with fresh blood. I saw a
note beside it and picked it up shakily.
Watch your back.
I nee-d to show this to Anderson,am not safe here any
longer I nee-d to check on my children and leave here with
them as soon as possible.
I rushed downstairs the house looked empty too.
Is not possible for all the staffs in the Palace to have an off
day at the same time. Something Is definitely wrong
I picked up my phone and called Anderson but his number
is not reachable so I left a message that I was leaving.
I went upstairs and hurriedly packed my clothes and also
the kids clothes then carried the suitcase one after the
other downstairs and called an Uber.
Suddenly I heard movement in the kitchen.
“Hello!! is anyone there” I shouted before walking slowly
towards that direction.
I entered the kitchen and noticed nob©dy was there.
Maybe I heard wrong.
As I turned to head back outside I felt an heavy object hit
me square on the head.
I staggered back and t©uçhed my head and noticed it was
bleeding, I look up,my vision blurry to see the person who
hit me. Malia.
I woke up to a mighty ache in my head, a chained wrist
and legs. I struggled to get free but the chains were too
“Hello is someb©dy there!” I shouted at the t©p of my
I began to shout again when the door opened and
revealed Jessica. I glared at her with so much hate and
“Why are you doing this” I shouted at her angrily
“Oh sweetheart you’d better calm down,you are in my
territory now and nothing will happen to me if I decide to
hurt” she paused then continued,
” I warned you to leave Anderson alone but you just don’t
listen and to make matter worse I overheard him talking
to his father about his plans to get married to you and I
knew immediately that I had to get rid of you as soon as
possible. Luckily for me Anderson was called in at work
to take care of an urgent situation ,the kids were at
school,the king was on a business trip, you were practical
alone so I thought to my self ‘why not take full advantage
of the situation and strike”She said.
” So the cloth covered with blood you did that and you
planned with Tiffany to purposely give all the staffs a day
” Do you think your plan will work? Anderson will find me”
I said proudly.
” Oh dear you must be gullible to think I would be dumb
enough not cover up my track.”
” As for the cloth with blood ,yes I did that and the
Queen took care of giving the all the staffs a day off
throu-gh Tiffany” Jessica said
” But how could Tiffany do this to me I saw her as a
mother”I said lowly forcing back the tears that threatened
to come out.
“That worthless,nose-poking woman overheard my plans
so I had no choice but to include her,thing you do to
keep a person in line”
” You disgusting wit-”
A sharp [email protected] landed on my cheek before I could finish the
“Don’t you dare insult me ,and as for Anderson coming to
save you that is never going to happen because I forged a
letter in your handwriting saying that ‘you are leaving him
for good and he should not come looking for you that you
never loved him and will never love him’ .I made it look
like you eloped and with the help of Tiffany it sounded so
believable” Jessica said
” You bi*ch why would you write that? Why don’t you just
kill me alre-ady and get it over with?” I said [email protected] but
de-ep inside I was feeling scared for my unborn baby
” Why the rush?I still have to torture you for your rudeness
towards me, and for also disobeying me when I told you
to stay away,don’t worry to much I will take care of those
two [email protected] you call kids” she turned to leave
” Don’t you dare [email protected] filthy hands on my children or..” I
” Or what? What are you going to do? You better shut your
tra-p before I change my mind about ma-king your death
slow and painful”Jessica said
” plea-se I beg you Jessica plea-se don’t harm my children,
I don’t care what you do to me but plea-se don’t harm
She grinned like a mad woman before she turned around
and left the room.

In love with a Prince✔️
Chapter 38

What?? Malia left me?How? Why?. I thought she loved me I
even had plans to marry her,what did I do wrong?Why did
she leave me?
“Daddy daddy” I heard my kids calling me and entering
the room.
What the kids are still here? Malia would never leave her
kids behind, something is definitely wrong.
” Daddy where is mommy?”
I don’t know too,what in the world is happening. I have to
come up with something so they won’t get worried while I
figure out what the hell is going on.
” Umm..Sh e went to see her mother,your grandma” I said
” Why would mum go and see Grandma without us” Julian
asked sadly.
” It sounded urgent and you both were at school,so
plea-se forgive mommy will you” I said
They poured their cute mouth for a moment.
“plea-se….” I said begged again
“Okay,we are not angry at mum anymore, we are just
sad,we miss grandma too and mommy tells us
everything.”Julian said with Juliette agreeing.
” You know what will lighten up the mood. Ice cream. Go
ask one of the staff to give you some ice cream and tell
Aunty Tiffany to come and see me now.”
” Yeyyey Dad thank you,you are the best daddy in the
whole world” they said before rushing downstairs to
achieve the task at hand.
Minutes later.
‘Knock knock’
“Come in”
Tiffany walked in looking flvstered.
” Tiffany,you and Jessica gave me a letter saying Malia
dropped it before leaving and you both tried your best to
get her to stay but she refused to stay, yeah?” I said going
straight to the point.
“Yes sir” Tiffany said avoiding eye contact
“First of all Malia and Jessica hate each other, Jessica
will never try to st©p Malia from leaving this house,that if
she truly left and secondly she would never leave I mean
never leave without her kids,so what are you not telling
me Tiffany” I said
Tiffany paled, looking straight at the floor
” I ask again,what are you not telling me Tiffany”
Suddenly she feel on her knees crying
” Am sorry your highness but I was threatened me not to
” Threatened by who?”I asked surprised.
She refused to answer
“Tiffany tell me this instance or you won’t like what I will
do to you,and won’t care if you’ve known you’ve known
me since I was a child”
That made her talk.
” Jessica kidnapped Malia”
” WHAT!!” I shouted
” What do you mean by kidnap”
Tiffany narrated everything that had happened to me.
“You mean my mum is involved in this? How could she
stoop so low?I know she hate Malia but I never knew it
was this bad why would she go this far?Malia gave her
beautiful grandkids after everything we did to her in the
“And as for Jessica I believe she could do such a thing to
Malia because she sees her as a competition in
everything but not you Tiffany I am highly disappointed at
” Am sorry Your Highness but she threatened to kill my
daughter if I didn’t comply”Tiffany said crying
I couldn’t st©p the surprise look that appeared on my face.
That bloody witch.
” It’s okay, everything will be alright,do you know where
she kept Malia?”
“I don’t know maybe your mum knows,you should ask
her”she suggested.
” Good idea”.
*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *.
“Mum where is Malia” I entered her room angrily without
even knocking.
“Anderson have you lost your mind how could you barge
into my room without knocking? What if I was without
clothes?” The Queen said
” Well you are not,Where is Malia” I asked
” Why are you asking me that,how am I supposed to know
,what if she out with her numerous b©yfri£nds” she said in
” Cut the cra-p mum,I know what you , Jessica and Tiffany
did to Malia so tell me where she is before I truly lose my
mind” I said rudely.
My mother looked shocked probably at how I spoke to her
or how I found out about Malia ,I wasn’t sure.
“How dare you talk to me like that,I am your mother”she
” I don’t have time for this,just tell me where Malia is”I
” Ummm…..I don’t know,Jessica didn’t tell me where she
was taking her to”
” What do you mean by that?”
” The plan was for me to @ssist her in getting rid of Malia
and she will take care of the rest”
” Well you you had better hope she not dead because
Malia is pregnant”
I found that out when I went to take a shower after I
[email protected]£ back from work and I found the pregnancy test kit
inside one of the cabinet in the bathroom.
“Pregnant??” The Queen looked like she was about to
[email protected]
“Yes pregnant and nothing must happened to my unborn
child or…… Let’s just hope nothing happens to my unborn
I walked out of her room to call my best tracker to track
down Malia.

In Love With A Prince✔️

Chapter 39 Chapter 40 and epilogue
It’s a week now since I got kidnapped by psycho Jessica.
I miss my kids and Anderson so much. I wonder if he
believes the lies Jessica and Tiffany told him about the
letter they claim I wrote.
Jessica gives me food twice a day both in very small
quantity with little or no water. If I didn’t know better I
would think she wants to stave me to death.
And the way she tortures me am scared to think if she’s
human, she beats me till I [email protected] out,there are bruises all
over my b©dy am surprised I haven’t had a miscarriage
from all the torture. I keep praying everyday that Anderson
will see a loophole in their plans and finds me because
am so scared especially for my unborn child.
*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *
” Why haven’t you found her? It’s been a week now,you all
are incompetent,you are fired” I shouted over the phone
and threw it across the room, worried.
The kids are asking so many questions about their mother
that I don’t have answers to especially since Malia’s
mother [email protected]£ to visit three days ago without Malia.
Am so confused,I don’t know what to do.
As if Jessica knew that I found out about her plans she
disappeared without a trace.
‘ Ring Ring”
I picked up the telephone on my desk since my 4th phone
this week is alre-ady destroyed.
“We found something sir”one of my tracker said
“Which is?”
“We found Jessica’s location” he replied
On hearing the statement I waited a whole week to hear, I
felt a rush of joy inside my b©dy.
“Impressive,now tell me so I can write it down”.
He told me the address I quic-kly wrote it down and called
the police.
*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *
The door opened and a young man entered holding the
same portion of food they feed me with every day.
“Get up,it’s time to eat” he said
I immediately sat up and collected the food and rushed it
,I was staved and I could feel the baby was hungry too.
After I finished eating he collected the plate about to go
when I said
“plea-se help me, plea-se am pregnant and if I stay here for
one more night,I could die or worse lose my baby , plea-se
help me it’s so cold here and am still starving, plea-se I
beg, I will pay you a large amount of money to restart a
crime-free life somewhere far away,just plea-se help me.”
He looked at me and I could have swore I saw a look of
pity cross his face.
” I can’t help you am sorry , Jessica will kill me but I will
bring you more food plea-se make sure she doesn’t find
out” he said lowly
” I can manage that, thank you” I said
He walked out and true to his promise he brou-ght me
more food and add a [email protected] of fruit jui-ce,I couldn’t express
how grateful I was.
After I finished eating I la-id down to sleep when I heard
loud gunsh0ts outside. The door bust open and revealed
two policemen with Anderson behind.
I rushed towards him and threw myself on his b©dy, crying
“Oh Anderson,i thought you would never find me” I said
“Shhhh..don’t cry too much Malia ,it’s not good for the
baby”he said
“How did you..”I looked at him with tears in my eyes
” I saw the test” he said
” It was suppose to be a surprise” I said crying, pregnancy
hor-mones seems to get the best of me.
“Its okay baby ,you safe now let’s get out of here”
” What about Jessica?”
The anger on his face was unmistakable.
“She has been arrested and she will be dealt with for
putting these bruises all over you beautiful skin,don’t
worry too much,right now just focus on our baby” he said
I nodded too tired to speak as he carried me out to the

In Love With A Prince✔️

Chapter 40 and epilogue

“Tiffany,call the family doctor now” I said as I rushed a
fainted Malia into the house.
After I carried her to the car I narrated to her how I found
outabout the lie Jessica and Tiffany told and also how I
found her.
Suddenly I realized how unresponsive she was and looked
at her to found out that she had fainted
I noticed how my b©dy boiled in anger as I stared at the
bruises all over her b©dy as I sped home.
When we got home everyone in the Palace [email protected]£ out to
support and help Malia , luckily the kids were at school. I
didn’t want them seeing their mother in this helpless
Tiffany rushed to the living room and called the family
doctor to inform him of the emergency while I carried
Malia to the room ignoring my mother who was standing
beside me and also refusing anyone who offered to help
me carry Malia to the room.
As I got to room I ordered one of the staff to give her a
warm bath and clean up her bruises,I refused Tiffany
tou-ching her because a little [email protected] was still angry at her
even when I knew she did what she did out a fear.
The doctor [email protected]£ 15 minutes later and began his check up
on Malia.
After the check up he concluded we shouldn’t panic and
that she [email protected] out due to lot of stress and lack of
enough vitamin in her b©dy. He also added that she nee-d
to rest as much as possible. He prescribe-d some drugs
for her before walking out.
Malia’s mother and sister bust into the room to see her. I
couldn’t help but feel bad at the rush of tears that fell
from their eyes
This is all my fault,if I wasn’t so selfish this would never
have happened. I couldn’t even protect the woman I love I
guess it’s time for me let her go because as soon as I take
over the kingdom from my father she will be in so much
danger. I just can’t bear to see my family hurt.
I walked out of the room before anyone could see the
tears about to drop from my eyes.
*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. * *. *. *. *. *. *. *
I gro-an ed at the faint pain I felt as I woke up.
“Anderson….” I said hoarsely my throat dried
” Anderson…..” I said tapping him softly
He eyes sh0t open.
” Malia are you okay how are you feeling” he asked
” Wa…ter……” I breathed out.
He reached the be-dside and poured a cup of water,he
[email protected]£ to my side and lifted me up and @ssisted me in
drinking the water.
“Where are the kids?” I asked after I finished drinking the
“They were here earlier,they are both worried about you
but they are asleep now, I s£nt them to their room with
the help of your mum and sister”he rambled
” Mum and Gina are here?” I asked surprised I didn’t think
they knew I was kidnapped.
“Yes I called them,you lr mum [email protected]£ by the week you
were kidnapped to visit you and the kids,i had no choice
but to tell her. We were all worried about you”he said
looking down not meeting my eye.
” Anderson” I called softly
“Hmmm” he answered still not looking at me.
” Anderson look at me”
He slowly lifted his eyes to meet mine.
” Are you crying?”I asked smiling and also shocked I have
never saw as the type Anderson cry ,I have always seen
him a confident person who [email protected] gets emotional.
” It’s not funny Malia ,st©p smiling” he whined, ru-bbing his
Awwn my baby.
” Come here baby” I thought he was going to refused but
he obliged and shifted closer careful not to hurt me as I
cu-mddled him.
” You know it okay to cry and let it all out” I whisper
soothingly into his ear
” I thought I lost you Malia,I was losing my mind,I was so
scared for you and our baby ,am so sorry I wasn’t there to
protect you, plea-se forgive me” he said in a shaking
” Shhh its okay,I am fine and so is the baby”I comforted
” I was Malia,so scared,I have never felt so scared in my
entire life when I heard you were kidnapped” he paused
for a moment then continued
” I think it time for me to let you go…all you have felt Is
pain since you meet me,I…..”
” Don’t you dare say another word about me leaving you
unless I will be f0rç£d to punch you so [email protected] in the face, I
am never ever going to leave you so get that into you
head” I said feeling somewhat angry.
There was silence for a moment.
” Let leave this place,let’s leave this house ,this
environment is toxic for you and the kids, I will check up
for other houses,let just leave here” he said
” But Anderson, this is has been you home in like
forever,are you sure you are re-ady to make such a big
decision?” I asked him
” I am more than re-ady,and home is where my family is
and you are the kids are my family. I love you Malia” he
said softly
“I love you too Anderson” I replied
Nothing could compare to the feeling of fuifulment I felt
being back to the love and comfort of my family.
Epilogue 6 years later…..
“Martin, Juliette, Julian come inside,dinner is re-ady”Malia
shouted at her kids who have been pla-ying outside all day
refusing to come inside.
After the incident,they got married and moved to a
mansion Anderson purchased outside the kingdom,he
wanted to be near to his parents and his kingdom which
was why he didn’t relocate completely to another country.
Jessica was s£ntenced to a long-term in Prison.
Anderson’s father was utterly disappointed at his wife for
the stunt she pu-ll-ed so he decided to divorce her and
s£nd her packing out of the Palace.
According to him ,he said he had tolerated her enough.
She apologised to Malia before leaving, she sounded
remorseful so Malia forgave her .
And yes she named her son Martin,she named him after
the man who was a great help to her when she was
pregnant with the twins.
Although Anderson disagreed saying he hated the name
but he shut his mouth as soon as she began to list out
how much Martin helped her in the past so she wanted to
do something to always remember how he helped her.
“Mummy let’s wait for daddy”they said running inside
“Alright settle down let me set the table and bring the
food out while we wait for daddy” Malia said
Malia set the table and went kitchen to brou-ght the food
“Helloooo,where are my favorite people in the whole
” Daddy daddy “the kids shouted as they ran to hvg their
” Daddy daddy, carry me,carry me” Martin said after
Julian and Juliette hvgged and greeted their father.
He lifted him up
“Ohh my baby is getting bigger everyday” Anderson said
“Welcome honey” Malia said k!ss!nghim on thel-ips,
collecting his briefcase
“Thanks love ,how was your day?” Anderson asked.
“The kids stressed me a little bit [email protected] from that my day
was great,how was your day?”Malia said
” It was good,I missed you all” he said pe-cking each and
everyone of them on their forehead.
“Dinner is re-ady,let go and eat” Malia said.
They all went to the dinner room and ate dinner.
After dinner they took the kids to their rooms,bath them
and tucked them in be-d before going to their be-droom.
They both showered together,got into their night wears
and went to be-d, cudd-ling,
“Thank you Malia for this beautiful family and for
everything,I love you so much Mrs Hunter” Anderson said
“I love you more,My darling Prince” Malia replied k!ssing
him de-eply.
The rest of her life were the happiest days of her life.

The End.

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