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In love with a prince batch 8

In love with a prince
Chaptter 30,31
Malia arrived dinner dressed in a knee-length dark blue
dress . I won’t lie she looks stunning and more curvy than
before, when she was working for us.
She walked over and sat beside me. Surprise was an
“You look beautiful”
She blu-shed before replying
“Thank you,uhm where are the kids?”
“They’re still dressing up ,they will be down soon”
” I was wondering if me,you and the kids could hang out
by the pool after dinner”I asked her
She was about to reply when..
” Hi everyone” every one looked up towards the direction
of the voice.
“Jessica what are you doing here?who invited you?”I
asked her
“Your mum of course,or am I no longer welcome here”
Jessica replied
” Of course my dear ,you are always welcomed her, don’t
mind my son’s rude behavior,take a seat”the Queen
So mum this is your plan to hook me and Jessica up,I
promise you mum it’s not gonna work.
” Yes my queen, you are so kind ” Jessica said
“So why is she here Anderson”Jessica asked.
“None of ……”
“Daddy , mommy we are so hungry” the kids [email protected]£ running
into the room.
I didn’t miss the surprise look on Jessica face.
I looked at Malia and she had the expression on her face
that said
That’s right he has kids and he’s taken
I chuckled softly are possessiveness.
” I told you both not to run in the house, come sit with me
and your father”She said loud enough for the whole table
to hear especially Jessica.
The kids ran to us and got sitted.
Dinner continued silently with mum constantly glaring at
“Malia,can we go the garden,I nee-d to speak to you
urgently” I asked her as soon as dinner ended.
I didn’t give her time to answer ,I [email protected]£d her hand and
led her to the garden.
” What…”
Before she could finish her statement, I crashed myl-ips
unto hers, I [email protected] ed immediately,
God,missed thisl-ips, soft and tasty
She pu-ll-ed away first.
“Am sorry Malia for everything, plea-se forgive me,I was
stupid and naive and also scared back then,I guess I
didn’t know how to handle such situation” I told her
” I was scared to Anderson, knowing I was pregnant for a
[email protected] guy i could never be with,I was ashamed of
myself thinking how disappointed my mum was going to
be when she discovered I went and got pregnant instead
of going to work,I was alone most of my pregnancy days
so scared and worry to death about anything happening
to my babies,but thanks to Martin for coming into the
picture, I will forever be grateful to him”
My teeth grinded as I heard the name of the man who
tried to take my Malia away from me.
This is not the time to get angry ,get your act together. I
cautioned myself.
She [email protected] in surprise as she saw me getting down on
my kneels in front of her.
“Am so sorry Malia , plea-se forgive, plea-se just give me
another chance to make it up to you,I will make you
happy I promise”
” Don’t make promises you can’t keep”she said
” I promise to keep this one,okay stay 6 month with me
and if you don’t feel happy with me then I will let you go
and I won’t bother you anymore ,I swear”
She looked at me for a while thinking before she agreed
and said
” Okay ,but after 6 month if am not satisfied and you fail
to make me happy am free to leave and do whatever I
want right?”
I don’t ever want to let you go
” Right??” She asked again
“Okay,it’s a deal, now let go hang out by the pool with the
kids” I said immediately changing the t©pic.
” That would be nice” she replied as we both strolled into
the house.

Anderson took the kids outside while I went to the
kitchen to get dessert for all of us.
I won’t lie but the talk I had with Anderson has put me in
a great peace of mind. The hate I feel for how he
abandoned me when i was pregnant and nee-ded him the
most had faded away. I admit that the love I had for him
still exist and even grew more as I watched the kids pla-y
with their dad pu-lling his hair and telling him to teach
them how to swim.
Till now I never noticed but as I look closer I see how
much the kid miss a father image in their lives although
Martin was always around from time to time but as I see
it now it’s looks like they both knew Martin was not their
biological father even after we made them think that.
“Why are you just standing there watching us, come and
sit” Anderson’s voice startled me out of my de-ep thought.
“Yes mummy,come” the twins supported.
I walked over to them as I was about to sit on a chair
beside Anderson when I heard Julian said
“Don’t sit there mum ,sit on dad’s [email protected]
“Where did you…..”
“Don’t question, just Listen to your son Malia ,you don’t
want him getting sad” Anderson said grinning evilly.
” Fine” I walked over and sat in Anderson’s [email protected] and watch
how the kids started cheering loudly.
“St©p,that’s enough”a tiny of red staining my cheeks.
“Now go [email protected] we want ,it’s be-d time soon”
The kids ran off to [email protected] the pool while I stayed in a
comfortable silence in the arms of Anderson.
An hour later
” Alright kids,its be-d time” I said
“But mom we just got here” Juliana whined
“I don’t want to any augment from any of you, it’s be-d
time” I said sternly
They looked at Anderson with puppy eye wanting him to
help them out of the situation,I knew he would caved into
their requests because there is really no one who could
resist it. But one glare from me changed his mind.
“Alright kids I can’t help you in this one, you nee-d to listen
to your mum”
The way their face fell made my heart ache,I hate seeing
my babies sad but they nee-d to go to be-d.
They both followed me into the house with Anderson who
helped me in bathing the kids and tuck them into be-d,
Anderson re-ad be-dtime stories for them while I stood by
and watch the fall asleep ,as soon as the kids fell asleep
,we took turns and k!$$£d their forehead before turning to
leave the room , switched off the lights and left the room.
Anderson headed to the be-droom while I went downstairs
to get water to drink.
I got the a bottle from the fridge and turned to leave the
kitchen when I collided with someone as I looked up to
apologise I found out it was..

In Love With A Prince✔️
Chapter 32,33
“What do you want Jessica”I asked
“Anderson is mine, stay away from him beside his mother
does not support you and him together”Jessica said
“I don’t care if anyb©dy supports our relationsh!por not
because sweetheart it is meant to be,no matter what you
say or do”I told her.
” You wait and see if you will last in this house after the
Queen is done with you”she said angrily
” ohh am scared”I said mockingly then immediately got
“Bring it on baby”I walked past her purposely bu-mping my
shoulder with hers.
She stood there looking at me with her mouth wi-de open.
If you think am going to to cower in fear,you got another
thinking coming .i thought on my way to the room
Anderson directed me to when we arrived earlier.
I got to find out later that after out conversation in the
garden he ordered for his luagages to be moved to the
room he thought it would be better if we share the room
together for the 6 month period of our deal.
“What took you so long babe” Anderson asked ,his voice
full of concern.
“Nothing,am just tired,I nee-d a shower” I said not meeting
his eyes.
He hvgged me from behind
“How about we take that shower together”
I pushed his hand away and said
“Oh Anderson,st©p being a per-vert
“Am not being a per-vert besides there is nothing to hide I
have seen it all before”he said
” Okay fine,but remember no tou-ching”
We both str!pped our clothes and headed to the
We scrubbe-d each other backs ,and I couldn’t help but
think about the old times.
I miss him so much,I wasn’t thinking straight but before I
knew it ,I [email protected]£d him and smashed myl-ips together with
I heard him [email protected] loudly,it made me w€t and wanting
more. He broke the k!ssand said
“I missed you so much Malia,I missed you” he said
before k!ss!ngme again
We stood in the shower [email protected] before he
carried me out to the be-d and la-id me not even caring
about out w€t bodies.
I [email protected] ed into his mouth
“I nee-d you now Anderson”
He took himself and thrû-st it r0ûghly but de-eply into me.
I screamed at the penetration because Anderson had
gotten larger down there over the years and I also haven’t
done this in years.
He continued thrû-sting dee-per and fas-ter until be both
reach out height.
He [email protected] heavily beside then pu-ll-ed me into his arms
“I have never been emotionally attached with any other
woman since you left me. I love you Malia,you and only
I felt tears gather my eyes I love him too but why does it
feels so [email protected] for me to say it,maybe I haven’t completely
forgiven as I thought or maybe am scared of him hurting me
“Go to sleep Anderson” I responded turning my back
against him too scared to look at the hurt £r£¢ted on his

“Mummy,mummy,mummy wake up”the twins ran into the
room screaming at the t©p of their voices
“Hmmm..” I said drowsily,still feeling sleepy.
“Daddy and Aunty Jessica are taking us out,Daddy said
we should come and inform you first”Julian said
” What!!!”
I will be damned if I let that witch come close to my kids”
” You both wait here ,am coming”
” Mummy hurry”Juliana said
I rushed into the bathroom took a quic-k shower,dressed
up quic-kly before following the kids downstairs.
When I got downstairs I found Jessica ru-bbing herself all
over Anderson who looked bored.
He looked extremely relieved seeing me and stepped
away from Jessica walking towards us.
He pe-cked me on the cheek and I couldn’t help but think
about what went down last night.
Some maids who were [email protected] by looked at me
I blu-shed [email protected] a little, [email protected] before saying
“The kids told me you are taking them out so I decided to
come along, I hope you don’t mind Jessica”I looked at
her sm-irking.
” Oh not at all, you welcome to come along”she said
forming a fake smile
” Alright then let go”Anderson said interrupting the glaring
competition that was going on between me and Jessica.
As I turned to go
“Malia,are you busy,I nee-d you help with something” I
heard the Queen’s voice behind me.
So this is their plans to distract me and Anderson to spend
time with Jessica while she act as a substitute mother for
MY kids,two can [email protected] same game. I thought
“Am sorry your Majesty but can it wait ,I nee-d to get few
things from the supermarket”I lied
As if realizing my lie she said
” No it can’t wait ,come along”
It was Jessica’s turn to sm-irk at me.
” You don’t have to go if you don’t want to,I will talk to my
mother”Anderson said
” No it’s fine ,but you had better keep a close watch on
my kids”I said narrowing my eyes at him
” Of course Malia,what do you take me for?they are my
kids too,you know”he said disappointingly
” Am sorry,but plea-se take care of them I don’t trust her
one bit”
“St©p worrying I will” he said k!ss!ngmy cheeks before
walking out with Jessica and the kids.
I faced the Queen who glared at me before asking me to
follow her as she led me to her room.
“I have a dinner [email protected]£ with my husband tonight , and I want
you to help me pick out a dress to wear”
Her request sounded so ridiculous,I mean she has
servant every where she could have asked one to do it for
I looked at her briefly,any b©dy will know,she did this on
purposely because I know she can’t stand.
“If you wanted me not to go with them ,you could have
just said instead of pretending like you have an important
work for me to do”I said
The Queen looked at me shocked by my outbur-st.
” How dare you talk to me like that” she said angrily
” Like what?I only spoke the truth”
I can’t believe the guts of this woman,I lost my respect for
her since she gave me money and told to abort my kids.
The same kids who she now loves and cherish more than
anything in the world.
I walked over to her wardrobe of dresses and pu-ll-ed out a
red dress which I feel would look good on her.
“This dress will look good on you,no man would be able
to resist a woman in a S-xy red dress”
I dropped the dress in the be-d and walked out.
Damn my morning is alre-ady ruined.


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