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In love with a prince batch 7

In love with a prince
Chapter 26,27

” What!!!”
The guts of this man.
” You can’t do this to me as you can see am getting
married pretty soon”I said calmly trying to reason with
“Godforbid will I allow you marry my family doctor”
“Former ,former family doctor,what does that even have
to do with anything,I don’t want to be with you neither
does my kids” I said
” Say what ever you want I am taking my kids with me”
” Michael” he called
A bulky man who I didn’t notice standing outside the door
[email protected]£ in
“Yes sir’ Michael answered
” Go to the kids room down this hall and pack their things
and take it to the car”he commanded
” Yes sir”
The man obeyed,quic-kly getting to the task at hand as
Anderson turned to leave I ran towards him and fell on
my knees before him begging
“Anderson plea-se I beg you don’t do this to me, plea-se”
the tears I have been trying to retain streamed down my
face non-st©p.
“plea-se Anderson don’t take my kids away from me,
It hurts seeing Malia ,the love of my life crying so [email protected]
like this.
Doesn’t she know she could get seriously sick if she
continues to cry like this
Am f0rç£d by my emotions to take back my decision but
NO I won’t I nee-d my whole family with me ,I don’t care
how selfish that sounds.
The ‘Martin’ who claims to love her stood there watching
the whole situation without doing anything.
I put up a face that shows I wasn’t affected by her tears.
“You have a choice ,you either chose to abandon the
wedding and come with me and our children or stay here
with him and forget about them forever”
At the mention of word of ‘forever’ she began crying
uncontrollable before standing up slowly and went to
meet Martin who k!$$£d her forehead softly
I grinded my teeth [email protected] watching that low life doctor
holding MY woman.
“I have to go with him, Martin,I can’t bear to live without
my children”
“It okay Malia go with him ,your children welfare should
always be your priority I un-derstand that”
” Thank you for everything Martin , you’ve been so
supportive and un-derstanding. I will miss you and I love
you” she k!$$£d him
She k!$$£d him in front of me. I saw red as I went towards
them and dragged Malia away from him out of the door.
“Let go of me your hurting me and by-the-way I still nee-d
to pack”
” Don’t bother Michael will pack up for you and I don’t
want to hear a word against that or you are not coming
with us”
I quic-kly shut my mouth as he lead me to the car and
pushed me inside while whme waited to Michael to come
out with the luggages and also bring down the children
surprisingly they were both wi-dely awake which means
they heard and knew everything going on.

During the car ride I couldn’t help but imagine how happy
of a family we would become once we get back to
Haditla but first of all I have to fit my relationsh!pwith
Malia,I could only hope she would forgive for what I did
to her in the past. At the thought of that i glanced at her,
she and the kids were fast asleep.
My mind drifted back to when she k!$$£d that stupid
doctor I guess I have to teach him an unforgettable
lesson for tou-ching what is MINE.
The ride to my pri-vate airport was longer than usual due
to traffic . As soon as we got there my pilot was waiting
for me alre-ady. I woke Malia up while Michael @ssisted
me in carrying the kids into the pri-vate jet.
I was amazed by the sight before me . I never knew he
had a pri-vate jet
with his name written boldly on it . I guess he got it
recently because when we [email protected]!nghe didn’t own one.
“Malia get in here,we are about to take off” Anderson
yelled at me from the t©p of the plane stairs.
” Don’t tell me what to do” I shouted back.
Before I reluctantly entered the plane,stra-pped up and the
plane took off.
I was dozing off when I heard his voice.
“This is an 8 hours flight and I expect you to change in to
this dress after we land”
I glanced at the blue sundress he was showing me.
” Why do I have to wear that,I am fine by wjat I am
I glanced down at my r!pp£djeans paired with a pink t©p.
” You are meeting my parents after such a long time with
my kids and you are not meeting them in that” he said
glaring at me.
I glared back at him.
” Am not wearing that either”I said to him
“You won’t right?. When we get to the Palace I will make
sure you won’t get see you kids for a week” he mercenary
My b©dy stiffened
” plea-se don’t do that I will put on the dress”
He stood and pe-ck my forehead then stroked my hair
“So beautiful and obe-dient” after saying that he walked
I was so tem-pted to throw something at his muscular
back to hurt him for threatening me but thought
I stretched a little then relaxed back in the chair and sle-pt
8 hours later.
As soon as the plane landed I woke Malia and the kids
from their recent nap.
As we out of the plane my driver was nearby alre-ady
waitingto pick us up.
Anderson instructed him to drive us to a nearby h0tel so
they can freshen up and change to the cloth I got for
them before heading to the Palace to see my parent.
The kids [email protected]£ out of the bathroom first.
“Daddy,daddy we love the clothes,thank you Dad”
They both took turns and hvgged him ,the happiness I felt
that moment was unexplainable.
I looked up and saw Malia watching my interaction with
the kids but she immediately looked away as soon as our
eyes met.
I stood up and excuses as i went into to bathroom to
freshen up and get dressed before we all stepped out of
the h0tel to to continue the journey to my parents house.
On the way,I heard Malia say lowly to me
“Just remember you f0rç£d me to come here and I have
also not forgotten about your betrayal in the past
something I would never forgive you for”
My heart felt heavy hearing what she just said. But I am
determined to earn her forgiveness and make her fall
back in love with me.

Inlove with a prince
Chapter 28 29
The drive to the Palace was very short.
When we got there,there was some maids were waiting
outside to esc-rt us into the Palace.
“Mum ,dad am home” I shouted in a loud voice as I
entered the Palace.
“Ohh my baby is home”
I looked up and saw my mum and dad descending the
My mum walked up to me and drew me into a ti-ght
hvg,while my dad tapped me on the shoulder before
“Welcome Son”
“Dad,Mum I have a surprise for you”
” Julian,Juliette come and greet your grandma and
They both ran towards my mom and dad to greet them,
followed by Malia who entered but kept her distance.
“What is she doing here” my mother asked in a bitter
Malia opened her mouth to say something but I
immediately interrupted.
“Malia will be staying with us from now on,they are both
our kids” I said pointing towards Julian and Juliette.
“How are you so sure they are your kids? What if she sle-pt
with another man and wants to [email protected] the responsibility of
another man’s kids to you”my mother said
” Enough Maria, insulting a mother in front of her children
is very wrong and if you look at Julian you will see a clear
resemblance with Anderson” my father said
That was the first time I have ever heard my dad call my
mother by her first name.
” Grandpa,since you are a king does that make me a
prince”Julian asked
My father chuckled and said
” Yes my child let me personally take you both to your
room, Anderson show Malia to her room too”my dad
He turned towards Malia and said
” You are welcome and plea-se feel free here,you are the
mother of my beautiful grandchildren,thank you for this
gift and am sorry how my wife and son treated you in the
past,I hope you forgive them”he added
I looked at the ground suddenly feeling ashamed,and
remembering how I denied her in the past. But now I have
realized mistakes and I promise to make it up to her.
“It’s okay my King,you don’t have to plead on their behalf,I
will head up to my room now” Malia said and followed
me as I led her to her room.
Malia’s room
” I hope the furnishing is to your taste” I asked her
” It’s beautiful,thank you”she replied
“Your suitcases will be delivered to you room soon,I will
s£nd a maid to help you unpack”I said
” No it’s fine,I can unpack myself” she said
“Okay,but if you nee-d anything don’t hesitate to ask,all the
maids are at your Beck and call” I told her
” I will manage,thank you” she said without looking at me
I stared at her for a while before I turned and left the
room to go and get myself settled in.
I was re-ading a very interesting novel when I heard a
knock at the door.
‘K noc k Knock’
“Yes come in” I shouted and continue re-ading
The door open gentlely and I heard
“Dinner is re-ady ma’am”
” Okay thank you you may go” I said without looking.
I looked up.
I rushed to hvg her
“oh my God I missed so much”
“I missed you too my dear ,where have you been dear,
you left without a word”
I started crying as I told her the whole story apparently it
was her day off when the ‘incident’ happened.
She hvgged me again when I finished.
“You been throu-gh a lot my dear ,am so sorry for what
Anderson and Queen did,it was wrong ,plea-se find a
place in your heart to forgive them”
” It’s not that easy I went throu-gh a lot and I don’t think I
can easily forgive Anderson or his mother,I mean after all
the suffered, Anderson has the guts to blackmail me into
coming back here to live with him,I hate this place so
much,it reminds me of a past where I was stupid, naive
and disgraced”I said bitterly
“I un-derstand my dear,but if you don’t want to forgive
them it’s fine,but you have a beautiful soul ,don’t let the
hatred you carry for those two corrupt your soul”
” Am trying to let go,am really trying Tiffany but I just
can’t ,once I remember the way I suffer I feel angry all
over again. I stepped my foot into this house not up to 10
minutes and the Queen accused me of trying to blackmail
her son with my kids, how could she accuse me that?of
infidelity? when she threw me out of the house herself
when she overheard me telling Anderson that I was
pregnant with his child. I just can’t help it I hate this place
so much,it brou-ght me so much pain”I said crying
“Am so sorry dear, everything will be alright”she hvgged
me and started ru-bbing my back till I calmed down.

“I have to go now,it’s almost time for dinner ,I have to go
monitor the others and set the table,see you at
dinner”she k!$$£d my cheek before leaving the room.
I decided to go back to re-ading the novel but I couldn’t
concentrate so I decided to call my mom instead.
Ring ring
” Hello dear, how are you”
“Hello mum,how are you?”
” Am fine dear ,I heard what happened from Gina,are you
alright?”my mum asked
” I am mum,how come you are not mad?” I asked my
“Am angry at him blackmailing you, but you do know that
the kids nee-d to spend time with their father which will
also give chance for Anderson and you to fit your

” I don’t think our problems can be fixed , have you
forgotten all I told you that he did when I was pregnant,
he denied me mum, he denied me”I could feel tears
gathering my eyes.
” I know my child, but you got to learn to forgive and
move on, I know you still love him very much no matter
how much you try to deny it, open your heart to forgive
him and I know you won’t regret it” my mum said.
” But you should have seen the way he f0rç£d me into
coming here and he isn’t even doing anything to show
how sorry he is”I said back
” He will, my girl , am sure he doesn’t know how to go
about it, seeing how angry you always are when he is
around, give him another chance to make it up to you” my
mum advice.
” It kinda [email protected] mum”I told her
” St©p ma-king excuses, child and think about what I just
” Okay mum I will,I gotta go,I love you and help k!ssGina
for me,will you”
” Okay dear ,I love you too bye”
She hung up.
I relax a little in be-d before going to the bathroom to take
a shower and prepare for dinner.


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