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In love with a prince batch 5

In Love With A Prince✔️
Chapter 19,20,21
4 days later.
“Sir I got some information about the lady ” the pri-vate
investigator said dropping a brown envelope on my desk.
“All her personal information and Address are all in there
including some ph0tos of her kids ”
” What??” I said in shock
“Her kids sir, apparently she has two kinds,twins in fact
their pictures are in the envelope”.
I immediately tore the envelope to confirm. Indeed I saw
two kids in the pictures ,the boy looked exactly like me
when I was a child, while the girl took most all my
physical features but still looked a bit like her mother.
This meant one thing Malia did nnot have an abortion.
I squee-zed my hand ti-ghtly.
“That bit-ch!how dare she hide such a big secret from me”
I admit it all my fault for denying the kids at the first place
but still she could have reached out and inform me that
she didn’t have the abortion,I
felt so guilty for years.
Am coming for you Malia and you better have a good
reason for hiding this from me.
My kids are finally back from their Grandma’s while Martin
had returned back to his [email protected] Today is a off day for
me so I took the kids for shopping and then to the
amusement park where they decided to climb every ride
there. I literally had to enter every ride because there is
no way am leaving my kid ri-ding alone without adult
supervision after the rides we decided that we all should
get some ice cream and head home ’cause I was so
“Mummy I had lots of fun today”Juliette said
“Yes mum, me too ,I wish we could do this
everyday”Julian added
” Awwwn my babies,I had fun too”I cu-mddled them saying.
Julian pu-ll-ed away from me and said with pride
“Mummy am not a baby anymore ,am a big boy now
,infact the tallest in my [email protected]
” You can be the tallest in you [email protected] but you are still my
small tiny baby”
Juliette started giggling as Julian face turns red
“Oh you got something to say Juliette” Julian asked
“Mommy’s baby, Mommy baby’s”
Juliette said still giggling
Julian ran towards her and started tickling her
“Take that back” Julian shouted
“I-i-i w-o-n-t, mo-mom sa-ve m-e “Juliette said in-
between her giggles before managing to push Julian away
and running to my back.
Julian start chasing her around me but I prevented him
from catching her.
“I wish I had a dad,I would tell him to help me catch you
and we will be even then”
My heart sank at Julian speech, I didn’t realize not having
a father figure in their life was affecting them badly. I
nee-d to speak to Martin about this so we could hurry up
with the wedding.
“That enough both of you” I said,
Juliette take that back”
“Julian is a big and a [email protected] boy” Juliette said defeated
I hvgged the two of them tighly
” I love you both so much”
“We love you too mum” they said in unsion.
” Let’s go now,it’s getting late”
It didn’t take long before we got home,the kids had fallen
asleep in the car.
Luckily for me I met Martin at the front of my house so he
helped me carry the kids to their room.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming”
He wra-pped his arm around my [email protected]!st
“I wanted to surprise you honey ,I got off work quite early
so I said to myself ‘why not spend the rest of the day with
my world most favorite people’ so here am i”
He finished and started k!ss!ngme on myl-ips and every
where on my b©dy ,I shivered as he carried me up to my
Well one thing led to another,the summary of it all is I got
la-id that night.
Knock knock
Who could that be at this hour,I mean it 2am in the
morning,i tapped Martin who is still lying snoring beside
me to wake him up.
“Martin,Martin,wake up” I shook him there’s someone at
the door”
” Who??”he asked sleepily
” I don’t know,I hope they are not robbers”I said scared
” Nah I don’t think so,robbers don’t knock when the want to
rob they break in” Martin said
” Let me go and check the kids while you check who is at
the door”I said.
” Okey dokey” he climbe-d out of be-d and went to get the
I rushed upstairs to check the kids luckily they were still
fast asleep. Then I heard a loud noise downstairs I ran
quic-kly to see what caused the noise, i received the
shock of my life.
Anderson had a ti-ght grip on Martin’s n£¢k .
“What do you think you are doing Anderson,get you hands
off him right now”I shouted.
” Keep you voice down, I don’t want you waking up my
kids”he demanded lowly while removing his hands from
Martin throat who started coughing profusely.
My mouth wi-de-ned in horror.
How did he know??
“Ohhhhhhh surprised are we?Yeah I found out. After you
pu-ll-ed that stunt pretending not to remember me at the
restaurant I knew for sure something was up so I asked
my pri-vate investigator to run check on you then I got the
shock of my life you have two of my kid with you that you
didn’t bother to tell me about”
“All those feelings I had about someone following me it
was you all along”I said in shock
” Of course,so you remember me now right,and the fiance
you mentioned is Martin,my family doctor??”he said
” I owe you no explanation,get out of my house before I
call the cops”I told him.
” Am not leaving here without my kids”he said
” Don’t go there, don’t you dare,what kids are you talking
the kids about,the kids you denied,the kids your mother
told me to abort” I shouted loudly
” Mommy why are you shouting so loud and who is that
man over there”
I looked up and saw my two babies looking at me wi-de
“Nothing baby, mummy is just stressed ,go with Uncle
Martin he will tuck you back in be-d”I said purposely
avoiding their second question.
Martin took the kids back to there room while I faced
“Anderson plea-se leave,I nee-d to sleep and remember
this clearly my kid don’t nee-d you”
” Don’t say that baby,I missed you and I never forgot
about you all this years. Am sorry for how I treated you in
the past I was young and stupid.”he said
” Baby??really Anderson? Nothing is happening or going to
happen between us,I have moved on okay? Am getting
married very soon,you are welcome to attend but plea-se
leave now”
” I will leave but I will be back to make you mine that I
promise you”.
He strode out of the door majestically. Malia
After Anderson left I returned back to be-d with Martin
who tried to get to distract me to get me to sleep but I
was unable to sleep I tossed side to side till dawn before
getting up to proceed with the activities of the day.
I went to the kids room woke them up, bathe them,
prepared breakfast for them then drove them to school
which is just 10 minutes away before I [email protected]£ back home
to prepare for work. Martin was long gone he said he had
a very early appointment to catch.
I was about leaving the house when I heard a knock at
my door. I went and opened it to find Anderson standing
at my doorstep.
“What do you want again?”I asked coldly
“You darling plus my kids” he said smiling
” St©p beating around the bush and go straight to the
point, am late for work”I said
“No you not, you own the boutique and you can go
whenever you want” he said smugly
I looked at him narrowing my eyes.
He laughed and said
“Okay okay,am here to take you to work”he said
“No thank you I have a car that works properly”I replied
” I wasn’t asking ,I am telling you”
“As I said earlier I am not going with you so let yourself
out so I can lock the door and go to work not all of us are
born with silver spoon in our mouth”I said
He glared at me then he went to sit on the couch putting
his legs on the table like he owns the place.
“Get out Anderson I have to go to work”
“Nope I am not going anywhere till you agree to go with
me”he said
I glanced at my wrist watch. Am late.
” Fine let’s go”
“You should have said that earlier and saved some time
“he said wi-nking.
I forgot he was so stubborn and loves when things goes
his way.
The drive to my office felt longer than normal and the air
around us was thick with tension.
We got to the front of my office, I jumped out of the car
thankful the ride has come to an end then hurriedly
walked inside .
I don’t want to see him ever again I wish he st©ps bothering
I watched as she walked inside her office I couldn’t help
but stare at her round a$$ which had gotten roun-der and
bigger within the years.
I want to slide in-between that @ss and watch it as it
bounces up and down my….
I shaked my head to get rid of the dirty thought .I looked
down and noticed a boner. I hurriedly drove to my office
and called one of my service who*e Caroline to come
take care of what Malia just caused.
Within 5 minutes I heard a knock on my office door.
“Come in”
Caroline walked looking slutty as ever.
“I knew you will always call me back even when you keep
lying to yourself that you don’t want anything from me
[email protected] from s*x.”
” Shut up and get to work”
This is going to be a long relieving day.


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