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In love with a prince batch 4

Love With A Prince✔️

Chapter 16,17,18
I was re-ady by the time Martins [email protected]£ to pick me
“You look so beautiful, momma” he told. I look down at
my b©dy hvg red dress which I paired it up with black
heels with a minimum amount of make-up with a bloody
I blu-shed furiously,I won’t lie that I didn’t find Martins
attrac-tive,with his blond hair, green eye, smiling face
although he wasn’t heavy built but his lean muscles were
to die for .
He was there during my ups and downs, he was there in
the labour ward hold and speaking words of
encouragement when I was giving birth to my babies,I
don’t know what I would have done without him and his
upmost support and I couldn’t change that for anything in
this world.
“You look dashing too” I glanced at his black suit which he
paired it up with a black bow tie and black shoes.
“Can we go now,am so hungry ” I asked
“Of course,milady” he replied with a salute as he opened
the car door for me to enter.
I laughed at his actions as I sli-pped in to the car.
*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *.
It took about 20 minutes to get to the restaurant . Martins
[email protected]£ down to my side and opened the door for me. My
mouth opened in surprise as I take in the sight of the
restaurant,it was very luxurious and look so expensive.
As we went in we were directed to our reserved table and
as soon as I was sat down I asked him
“Martins are you sure about this ,I mean this restaurant
looks so expensive”I asked him unsure.
” Calm down milady and order what ever you want. You
will enjoy the food they serve here I promise you.”
A waiter [email protected]£ to our table to took our order.
It didn’t take long before our orders arrived and we digged
As soon as the food reached my taste buds I [email protected] ed in
“this is so delicious”I commented
” I told you”
We ate our food in silence ,as we waited for dessert.
Suddenly Martins got down on one knee beside me,I
looked at him surprise written all over my face.
“Malia, I fell in love with you from the first time I set my
eyes in you ,Will you do the honour of ma-king me the
happiest man on Earth and the soon- to-be father of you
children by being my wife?”.
I tried my best to blink back the tears in my eyes,
” Yes I will ,I will marry you”
He slid the ring on my f!nger before hvgging me so ti-ght
like I will disappear if he let me go,
“Thank you for ma-king me so happy today”
I pe-cked him in thel-ips then excused my self to the
bathroom to re-do my make up when I bu-mped into
someone ,[email protected]
As I was about to to fall the person held my [email protected]!st in a
firm grip and immediately current of plea-sure flowed
throu-gh my b©dy.
I opened my eyes to see the person and discovered it
was no other person than….
Prince Anderson
This lying betrayal called Anderson Hunter who betrayed
and abandoned me after getting me pregnant and left me
helpless,who is also the father of my children.
What the fv¢k is he doing here.???

Malia ! Oh my God i can’t believe am actually seeing her
right now. I know she must hate me right now for what I
did to her in the past,I hope she would just un-derstand
that I was so young and scared to be a father , i might
sound selfish but I didn’t wanna spend my youth days as
a father , hell! I wasn’t done with college.
I took years for realized my mistake of denying both the
pregnancy and the woman I love, years after finishing
college I still hunger for her, I couldn’t even be with
another woman without thought of her filling my head.I
miss every inch of her.
“Malia”I said in a low husky voice.
I could feel her shivering in my arms.
She realized the position we are in and jumped out of my
“Sorry” she said.
She moved to walk away but I pu-ll-ed her back and
hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“Malia ,I missed you honey,I missed you so bad,I am so
sorry for everything I did”
She drew back and [email protected] me.
” How dare you hold me like that, you’ve got the wrong
person, plea-se excuse me my fiance is waiting for me”
He glanced at her retreating figure in amaze.
Denying identity is what you doing now right? If you think
for one moment th at I will let you off so easily ,then you’ve
got another thing coming.
“We have to go Martin,he is here” I started picking up my
“Who is here? What are you talking about?”Martin asked
“Anderson,I bu-mped into him as I was going to the
bathroom ,he recognized me and called out my name but
I told him he’s got the wrong person.”
” You did good, let go!”he said.
We left hurriedly as soon as he settled the bill.
The drive home was silent, when Martin dropped me at
my house he hvgged me and told me everything will be
alright and not to stress over a j£rk like Anderson. I just
nodded and hvgged him goodbye before entering into my
The house was too silent for my liking probably because
my kid are not here and are spending the night at their
grandma’s or maybe because i am in dire nee-d of
company to distract me from my stressful day,I wish I
could just rush over and bring they back right now but it’s
quite late.
I went upstairs and went straight to take the the bathroom
to have a long b©dy-soaking in the tub
What a long and unexpected day..I hope I never have see
him again.

My eyes can’t be deceiving me I know in my b©dy and soul
that, that was Malia.
I picked up the phone and called my pri-vate investigator.
“Find someone for me”
“Who sir?”
“Malia Brown , I nee-d all information especially where she
lives as soon as possible, I will s£nd you a picture of her”.
I will get you Malia ,I will get you and this time you won’t be
able to escape from me.
*. *. *. *. *. *. *. * .
I was de-ep in thought in my office and didn’t notice when
Martin entered, until I felt him tap my shoulder,
“Momma how are you feeling today,is everything alright”
he asked
“Yes , am okay , my mind has just been occupied lately”
” Let me do something about that ,how about we go for
I opened my mouth to protest ,but he beat me to it
“Come on your the boss here and you have an @ssistant
to cover up for you,so let go,or do I have to carry you”
” Fine you naggy man”
He just laughed as I followed him outside to a nearby
restaurant for lunch,
“Now tell me what is the matter”
I sighed de-eply
“I feel like someone as been following me lately and I
know it not my imagination”
” WHAT!!!”
” I know right ,I mean what do they even want from me?”
” what about the children”
” They are at my grandma’s ,have been busy lately at work
so they are staying with her for the main time”
” That’s great,do you want me to come over”he asked
” No , plea-se don’t,i don’t want to be a burden to you”
He held my hands gently
” You can never be a burden to me,I mean you are my
wife-to-be,come on let me come over, plea-se”he said
giving me a puppy dog face that I couldn’t resist.
I swear he knows how to act like a kid
” Fine you can come stay with me but that until my
children are back”
” Okay momma,let me rush home and pick up a few
things, should I meet you in your office or what?”
” Nope ,you can meet me at home,am taking the day off”
” That’s okay, I will see later then”he stood,dropped the
bill and some ti-ps then pe-cked me on thel-ips before
I back stayed back and finished my lunch before leaving
the restaurant.
On my drive home ,I noticed this black sleek car following
closely, I mean if you have intentions of following
someone wouldn’t you be a few meters away so the
person you are following won’t notice you but this
situation is different,it as if the driver was [email protected] a
message and ma-king it obvious that I was the target.
I got scared and sped off to my house normally the drive
to my house is 30 minutes but I was there within 15
I quic-kly got out of my car and ran inside my house
ma-king sure to lock the door properly behind me.
For christ sake,who thefu-ck has been following me , I nee-d
to report this to the police but what if they say am crazy
and only imagining things? Because damn right am losing
my mind to fear right now or maybe I nee-d to calm down
the person might not have been following me right????
I sle-pt a little before ordering pizza while waiting for
Martin to arrive.


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