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In love with a prince batch 3

In love with a Prince
Chapter 8,9
Days turned to weeks,weeks turned to months, since I
started tutoring the Prince and it also four months now
since started working here.
Finally my mom has started getting treatment while my
sister has resumed back to school . I couldn’t be anymore
The Prince and I have gotten closer from the pasts
months we spent together tutoring.
Sometimes we eat breakfast together,he compliments me
from time to time with me blu-shing so [email protected] every time he
calls me different sweet endearment.
I couldn’t help but start developing feelings for him he
makes me so happy and I couldn’t go a day without
thinking about him.
I knew his world scream rich,wealthy uncle and
aunties,wealthy parents who would never look at me but
you can’t help who you fall in love with.
One of his many surprises was giving me the permission
to call first name Anderson and st©p calling Your
Highness when we are alone.
I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the Royal Family
after the tutoring session,when I felt hands gr-ab my [email protected]!st
as i was about to scream heavy hands clasped my mouth.
“St©p struggling my Angel” a husky voice said.
I turned around and smiled at the one that has been
invading my thoughts lately.
“What are you doing down here” I whispered.
Thankfully I was the only maid in the kitchen,others were
busy with different chores in different [email protected] of the
Palace,while some had their day off.
Mine and some other the maids will take a off day
tomorrow,then I can go and visit my mum and sister, I
miss them so much.
“If you are caught in here I will be in so much trouble,
plea-se leave”
” Eager to get rid of me”he pe-cked me.
I [email protected] loudly shocked by his act.
” plea-se leave Anderson,I have to get back to work,
remember the queen is expecting some special guests for
dinner and beside others will soon come to join me in
preparing dinner, plea-se leave”I told him
” I love it when you call my name,now give me a k!ssand
I will leave”he replied
I looked at him shocked and quic-kly pe-cked his cheek.
“That is not a k!ssmy love,this is..”
He k!$$£d me so [email protected], I felt bu-tterflies dancing
inside my stomach,I [email protected] softly when he [email protected]£d my
@ss which made him de-epen the k!ss.
I quic-kly pushed him back softly before k!ssleads to
something else.
“You got what you wanted,now plea-se go” I whispered
” I love the way yourl-ips are swollen from my k!ss,bye for
now sweetheart, enjoy your your alone time without
me,see your later”he said.
He tapped my @ss then walked out of the kitchen with a
goofy smile on his face.
As if on que Tiffany entered the kitchen with bags full of
“I saw the Prince leaving the Kitchen just now,is there any
problem?”she asked.
I froze still and I quic-kly said” No he just wanted a [email protected]
of water to drink”
” He could have just s£nt for it,and you could have just
gone to give it to him, since you are his personal
maid,that what you are here for right?”Tiffany asked
looking suspicious
” Yes Tiffany”I answered before I went back to the
vegetables I was chopping while she arranged the
groceries into the fridge.
“The rest of the maids will be here very soon make sure
to start dinner and arrange the dinner table. Dinner must
be perfect,no mistakes”Tiffany said
” Yes Tiffany” I replied.
” Good”she said and walked out of the kitchen.
I immediately let out the breath i didn’t realize I was
holding. Malia
As soon as the table was set, the door bell rung, Tiffany
as the head maid went to open the door and welcomed
the guests,it was a girl about my age and an older man
and woman,who am guessing are her parents.
The King and Queen [email protected]£ downstairs and welcomed the
guests warmly before they headed to the dining table to
have dinner.
I noticed the Prince had not come down yet.
“Where is my son” the Queen asked.
On que,the Prince walked in looking all dashing and
handsome in dark blue suit he just changed to.
The lady who arrived with her parents stood up and
k!$$£d the Prince in front of everyone.
Their parents were smiling while I was shocked and
disappointed for some reason as I watched the scene that
displa-yed in front of me.
Suddenly the Prince pushed her back softly and went
across to sit beside his parents while she sat with hers.
I got angry all suddenly not un-derstand how I possessed
this amount of jealousy,I know we are not in any
relationsh!pof any kind but how could he do this to me.I
managed to hold back the tears that threatened to fall
from my eyes.
I noticed later the Prince was upset throu-ghout the entire
dinner and said little or nothing to the conversation
around the table.
I later found out that the lady who k!$$£d him was Jessica
and they had a history together.
Maybe she was the ex-girlfriend he told me about.
How dare she k!ssmy Anderson after what she did,i just
want to sma-ck her fake face right to the wall.What a…….
Oh my when did I become this possessive over Anderson
who is just a friend.
After dinner I and the staffs cleared out the dinning and
cleaned up.
I walked to my room thinking of what had happened
earlier,but i quic-kly shock off my thoughts as I heard
Anderson call me
“What are you thinking about Malia,have been calling you
for a while now and you were not responding.”Anderson
” Oh nothing,am so sorry,I didn’t hear you” I replied not
meeting his eyes.
He look at me in doubt then he said
“You promise to tell me what ever is bothering you right?”
“Of course. We are friends right”I replied sourly. The word
‘friend’ has become so bitter in my mouth whenever it
comes to him.
“You are more than a friend to me remember that” he
said,then he pe-cked me and left.
My heart started beating fast at the confession Anderson
just made. I feel the same towards him but I can’t
express it, we are world [email protected],He is rich and am just a
I heard rumors that the Prince must marry someone from
a wealthy home .
Am just not the right one for him,at times like this,I wish I
could meet up to the standard of the kind of bride the
Queen picks for the Prince but I know that will never be
I slowly walked up to my room w

In love with a prince
Chapter 10,11,12
Its been 6 month since Malia started working here. I have
been searching for ways to confess my feeling for her. I
really do like her a lot but am scared if me confessing
my feelings to her will scare her away .
Am really not re-ady to lose her but I have decided to tell
her how I feel and ask her to be my girlfriend today.
I went downstairs to have breakfast,I knew my parents
won’t be around by the time i got up,Father has to go to
work early even though he is the owner of the damn
company and many other companies un-der him,he still
tries to be punctual while Mother is probably out on a
shopping trip.
My family is one of the riche-st family in the country,that
means I have a lot of responsibility by the time I officially
become King.
Malia [email protected]£ out of the kitchen and served me my
breakfast ,as she is about to go,I called her to join me.
“Malia join me,let have breakfast together”
” Thank you Anderson,I have eaten alre-ady”Malia replied
As if on que,her stomach made a rumbling sound that
expo-sed her lie.
Anderson look at her sternly,she blu-shed and looked
down before joining him to eat breakfast.
They talk very little throu-ghout the breakfast.
After they were done,she stood up and cleared the plate
to the kitchen before arranging them in the dishwasher
for washing.
“Malia,the Prince want you to join him in the garden” a
fellow maid announced to me.
” Okay thanks. I will go after i finish with the dishes” Malia
replied her.
“No,go see the Prince now,it’s sounded quite urgent.
Don’t worry, i will complete your chores for you”she said.
” Thank you”Malia told her before walking out to meet the
She continued with the chore while I went outside to see
the what Anderson wants.
I saw him standing by the lake his back facing me. My
breath caught in my throat as I admired his firm shoulder
and back that I wish I could run my hands throu-gh,n£¢k I
wish to k!ss…..I really nee-d to st©p these dirty thoughts
from sli-pping into my mind.
“Anderson” I called him softly.
He was still for sometime before he turned around and
gave me a rose I didn’t notice he was holding.
“Anderson what is this” I asked confused.
With his signatory sm-irk on his face he answered.
” A rose!?”
” I know it a rose,why are you giving it to me?” I asked
He paused for a moment as if he was de-ep in thought
“I have something to tell you Malia” he said
” Am all ears”i said.
He took a de-ep breath before saying
” Malia I have been watching and spending a lot of time
with you ,hell I even asked you to be my tutor because I
can’t help but want to spend all my time with you.I feel a
lot of things for you but the one I recognize is the love I
have for you. So Malia Brown I ask you right here and
now”he got down on one knee” Will you be my girlfriend?”
I stared at him shocked,I can’t believe my ears as tears of
joy started gathering my eyes,I did my upmost best to
blink it back .
Did Anderson no-did a Prince just asked me to be his
girlfriend. I don’t know what to feel,i don’t know what to
I won’t lie that I don’t feel the same way about him but I
just can’t [email protected]£ him. We aren’t right for each other,gossip
are alre-ady traveling round the Palace about the time we
spend together every day and also for sitting at the Royal
dinning table to have breakfast with the Prince.
If the Queen hears….no I can’t afford to lose this job that
has done so much for me and my family.
I looked away from him and replied sourly.
“Am sorry Anderson .I can’t [email protected]£ you.”
He mouth and eyes wi-de-ned in shock for turning him
down. I bet no girl has ever turned him down i probably
was first girl to ever do that .
I dropped the Rose into his hand and walked away..Sad.
I can’t believe Malia turn me down after confessing my
feeling to her like a love-stuck fool, I can’t believe she
shut down my feeling without any remorse.
She’s the only girl I have confessed my feeling to, she is
the only one I have loved since Jessica, and she is the
only one who turned down my feeling for her heartlessly. I
feel so foolish, l feel so stupid. I was on the sp©t where
Malia left me still shocked and angry.
I am angry at myself and at Malia for pla-ying with my
feelings like that. I called the family driver to drive me to
a bar where I can drink and forget my heart break.
After I left Anderson, I went straight to my room and
cried my heart out,
I really want to be with Anderson but I just can’t his
parents will never accept no matter what I do .
I will just be seen as a maid who works in their high [email protected]
reputable home. I can’t stand the thought of being hated
by his parents especially his mother.
I alre-ady have a feeling she hates me since the day I
spilled water on her precious son during dinner,and this
family have helped me by giving me this job where I use
the money I earn to start my mother’s treatment and s£nd
my sister back to school .
I feel like I am betraying them if I [email protected]£ their son after all
they have done for me I will feel so ungrateful.
Later that day.
I went downstairs to join the other maids to prepare
dinner for the Royal family.
“Malia,Tasha,Anne go set the dining table while Maria and
I will bring out the food and serve,the rest of you stay
back and clean up the kitchen”Tiffany gave out
orders,and we all got to work immediately.
After I and the other maid set up the table,the King and
Queen [email protected]£ down while the Prince was nowhere to be
found. They both looked stressed and worried because no
one has heard from him since this morning and he is also
not the type to stay out late,he comes home even before
his Father arrive from work which could be late most
times or early at times but he [email protected]£ back late today and
still the Prince is not back yet.
I wonder where he could be at this hour I hope…
” Has any of you seen the Prince anywhere.”shouted the
Every b©dy shook from her cold voice that pene-trated the
room like ice.
The Queen has always been feared by the servants
because of her unfriendly, arrogant and harsh behavior
towards the servants, every b©dy tries their best to stay
out of her way because staying out of her way is like
staying out of trouble.
The King is her exact opposite friendly and kind to the
servants even sometimes he stay to chat with them when
he is free.
“Calm down honey,he will be back soon beside he is not
a child anymore”said the king softly
” How can you say that,you know it’s not like our son to
come home this late,and you are telling me to calm
down?.”the Queen shouted
Speaking of the devil,the Prince walked in,in his charming
The Queen stood up and rushed to his side
“Where have you been dear,I have been so worried about
you”the Queen said to Anderson hvgging him
” Out”Anderson replied coldly
“What do you by ‘out’,do you know how worried we were
about you”the Queen said withdrawing to look at her son’s
” DROP IT,MUM”Anderson shouted shocking everyone.
His mother looked at him also shocked.
“Don’t speak to your mother like that again,now come and
sit,let’s have dinner”the King said
The Prince obe-diently went to the dinner table and settled
down. Tiffany served him his food as he ate his food
while stabbing the plate in anger.
“Get me some water” he said angrily.
I just stood there looking at him painfully knowing I was
the cause of his anger because I turned him down,now he
is taking his anger on people and things around him.
“Are you deaf? My son said he wants water” the Queen
shouted at me.
“Am sorry Your Highness”I apologised
I quic-kly rushed to the Anderson side to give him water
when I tr!pp£din the process spilling the whole water on
“Are you out of your mind” Anderson stood and shouted
at me
I am suprised because Anderson has never spoken to me
or anyone like that.
“Am sorry Your Highness,it was a mistake. It won’t
happen again”I looked down as a spoke,ashamed of
“It better not” with that he stood up and left.
I was so [email protected] on how the Prince treated me. How
could he?
Do I suddenly mean nothing to him?
“I don’t know how I [email protected]£ about to employ fools who
don’t know how to do anything properly”the Queen said
I wasn’t even hurt by what she said , I was just hurt by
how the Prince treated me, how can someone switch so
As soon as dinner was over, I went up to Anderson’s
room to check up on him. I couldn’t be angry at him
because am the reason he is angry at himself and
everyone around him.
I walked slowly inside his room only to find out him
drinking,I softly t©uçhed his shoulder as if he knew it was
me,he moved away from my t©uçh.
“Anderson,am sorry, plea-se talk to me” I said softly
“Leave me alone,Malia and get out”he fired back.
I guess I deserved that.
” Anderson am really sorry for turning you down,but
plea-se st©p treating me harshly”
He makes his way towards me staggering a little,he looks
at me long and [email protected] before slamming hisl-ips on mine,I
[email protected] in delight as he roamed his hand down my back till
he reached my bu-tt and [email protected]£d me up.
I have to st©p this,but it feels so good, I love him but I can’t
afford to lose everything ,am sure if the Queen find out I
will be fired and s£nt home immediately and I won’t be able
to pay for my mom’s medication,I just can’t risk it.
I pushed him back gently,
“St©p,I can’t do this” I tell him.
“Don’t you love me? Is there someone else? Why won’t
you just accept me” he says painfully
I manage to look away from him,
” No no,it’s nothing of such,I like you a lot but I just can’t
,if your mother finds this out I will be fired without a
second thought”
” Trust me, she won’t find out and if she does she won’t
do anything as long as am here,she won’t,Do you trust
” I do,but..”
” No buts,just enjoy the moment”
With that he joined hisl-ips with mine. I [email protected] ed in
delight,his mouth tasting faintly of whiskey.
He leads me slowly to be-d and started removing my
dress while k!ss!ngme. I stared un-bu-ttoning his shi-t I
nee-d to feel his [email protected] skin against mine.
I felt him uncl!pmy [email protected] and re-moved my [email protected] He
shifted back and looked at me like I am a gift to be won. I
blu-shed and looked down conscious of my n-kedness
and tried to covered my br£@st from his gaze.
“Don’t hide yourself from me ,you look absolutely
beautiful”he said his voice husky as he pried my hands
away from my b©dy.
Hisl-ips joined mine once against as I reached for his
trou-ser belt and unbuckled it and pu-ll-ed it down, leaving
only his bo-xers on. He la-id me on the be-d and spre-ad my
legs wi-de,he stared at my w€t pu-ssy before he di-pped is
head and began to li-ck it in and out.
I [email protected] ed loudly and gr!pp£dhis hair pushing it more into
my w€t pu-ssy. He li-cked me till I [email protected]£ so [email protected]
He rose from the be-d and pu-ll-ed his boxed standing
n-ked before he [email protected]£ forward and pene-trated me [email protected] I
cried out in pain and plea-sure. I felt his froze as he pu-ll-ed
“What wrong Anderson” I asked puzzled.
“Did I hurt you? Why didn’t you tell me you were a vir-gin?”
” I didn’t think it was necessary and I wanted you to be
my first. plea-se don’t st©p now,I want you so bad”
He thrû-st back dee-per than the first time and [email protected] ed
“fas-ter pleeeeese”
He started thrû-sting in me fas-ter and fas-ter.
” Am gonna ¢vm Anderson”
I felt him di-ck [email protected], shortly he let out a grunt as we
both [email protected]£ together.
He la-id down beside me and gathered me in his arms.
“I love you Malia”
“I love you too Anderson”I replied before I fell asleep.
I left his room the very early in morning before any one
noticed I didn’t sleep in my room last night.


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