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In love with a prince batch 2

Love With A Prince✔
Chapter 3,, 4
I woke up to a knock on my be-droom door.
“Come in” I said
The door opened and the beautiful maid I was drooling
over earlier, stepped in.
I am still shocked with this girl’s beauty even though she
was staring at the floor the whole time.
“What do you want?” I asked in a gentle voice.
“The Queen s£nt me to tell you to come down, dinner is
about to be served”the beautiful girl who I still don’t know
what her name was replied.
” Okay I will be downstairs soon, you may go” I said.
As soon she was gone I got out of be-d and prepared for
*. *. *. *. *
I have still not gotten a look at the Prince but rumour
around the Palace has it that he was very handsome and
he is every girl dream guy.
“Malia Malia” I heard Tiffany, the Head maid call me.
” Yes ma’am” I replied.
” I have told not to call me ma’am, call me Tiffany” she
” Okay ma-, I mean Tiffany”I said
” Good girl, now go and join the other staffs in the kitchen
and bring out the dishes so we can serve the Royal
family” she told me as I nodded in response.
I and the other maids brou-ght out the food to the dinning
table and started serving the Royal family.
I was serving Prince Anderson his meal when I
accidentally hit the [email protected] of water in front of him which
went spilling all over his clothes.
I [email protected] loudly scared of what could happen next as I
quic-kly apologize,cleaning his clothes when my gaze met
his face.
I was shocked by what I saw.
This is the most handsome man i have seen in my entire
life,de-ep blue eyes,firm cheek bone, pinkishl-ips.
I was snapped out of intense stare as soon as I heard the
Queen’s angry voice,
“You silly girl,how dare you spill water on my son,will you
get your filthy hands off him”she shouted.
” Am so sorry Your Highness, plea-se forgive me”I
apologise quic-kly.
The Queen glared at me and was about to say something
to me when she got interrupted by the Prince.
“It’s okay mum,it’s no big deal,I will just go and
change”he said in a very calm voice.
He stood up and went to his room and got changed out
of his w€t clothes.
Shortly afterwards he [email protected]£ down and continued dinner.
Thankfully nothing went wrong again but the Queen
continued to glare at me till dinner ended.

I woke very early in the morning and joined Tiffany and
the other staffs in ma-king breakfast for the Royal family.
“Malia take this breakfast to the Prince’s room he wants
to have his breakfast there”Tiffany said.
Ugh ..why can’t he just come downstairs to have breakfast
.I thought but I didn’t dare say it out.
“Okay Tiffany” i answered,and carry the tray filled with
delicious breakfast with consist of pancakes,bacon and
scrambled eggs with a [email protected] of orange jui-ce.
I walked carefully to the Prince’s room hoping the tray
won’t sl!pand fall out of my hands.
‘Knock knock’
” Come in” said that beautiful baritone voice that could
make a girl’s [email protected] w€t.
I opened the door gently and entered,I place his food on
the first table I saw. As I turned around re-ady to go I
heard him say,
“Where do you think you are going, did I dismiss you?”
He asked.
“No Your Highness,I am sorry”I replied.
” Fill the bathtub with h0t water,and make the water very
soapy”he demanded.
” Yes Your Highness right away”.I walked to the bathroom
and did as I was told.
When I [email protected]£ out I found the Prince standing beside the
bathroom door in bo-xers only.
I couldn’t st©p staring at his che-st, those broad toned
muscles, I want to rub my hand all over it.
“My eyes are up here” said the Prince sm-irking.
I snapped out of my dazed state and felt my cheeks
turning red as I blu-shed furiously
“You may go” he said
I practically ran out of his room.
Oh god,i am so stupid looking at my boss’s che-st like
that,have I got no shame?!.
I walked back to the kitchen where I was @ssigned chores
to do.
She’ s so cute when she blushes. I intentionally s£nt her to
the bathroom to prepare me a bath so I can undress. I
knew she won’t be able to resist staring at my che-st no
woman has.
I don’t un-derstand why I feel this immediate attracted
towards her, I have never felt like this for any woman
before not even with my ex-girlfriend not even with the
women i have had S-x with.
I was snapped out of my thoughts by my mum’s entry.
“How are you my dear” she asked.
“Am feeling great mum,where is dad?”I asked
” He went to the office,he had an early meeting” she
” I am stepping out and I want you to accompany me. I
would like to spend some quality time with my son”she
said smiling.
” Okay mum. I will be down soon”I answered.

In love with a prince
Chapter 5,6,
I suspect my mum is up to something, coming to my room
early and all looking so happy and extra. I just nee-d to find
out what and I hope it is not what I am thinking.
Our car st©pped by one of the largest restaurant in the
city “Red Rose”. They are famous for having all type of
food,from Chinese to french cuisine and they are very
As we walked into the restaurant, people nodded at us in
We were showed to our table,it seems my mother had
made an early reservation.
“Mum I know you didn’t bring me out this early just
because you wanted to ‘spend time with me’ so tell
me the real reason we are he-”
I was cut off by an annoying female voice.
” Your Majesty,I am sorry am a bit late”said Jessica
“It’s okay my dear,take a seat”my mum said smiling.
” Hi Anderson”she said cheerfully
“Hi Jessica”I replied coldly
“Come on Anderson is that how you will greet your future
wife and the next Queen to the throne”my mum scolded.
” Really mum? This is why you brou-ght me here?.I told
you several times that I will never marry Jessica, now
plea-se excuse me”.
I heard a loud [email protected] from both Jessica and my mother,
but I couldn’t care less because my mood was alre-ady
ruined. I took a cab back to the Palace and went straight
to my room not before st©pping by the kitchen and asked
for [email protected] of water to be brou-ght to my room. I know my
demand is ridiculous but I really want to see Malia.
*. *. *. *. *. *. *
I was on my break speaking to my mum when I was
called by Tiffany to get the Prince a [email protected] of water.
“Bye mum,i will talk to you later” I said
It been 4 days since I spoke to my mum last and my break
is short because some Prince can’t get himself a [email protected] of
I got a [email protected] of water from the kitchen and headed to the
Prince’s room and knocked.
“Come in”he said. I enter and handed him the water.He
murmured a little thank you and drank the water then
placing the empty [email protected] back on the tray.
“Can I go now” I asked
“No,come here,take a seat”he said
” But -” I started to say but he cut me off
“But nothing, come take a seat” he snapped
I obeyed immediately ,i knew not to argue because I could
s-en-se he was in a pretty bad mood. I sat down quietly
beside him avoiding his intense stare.
“My mum wants me to get married to my ex-girlfriend
who cheated on me with my best friend.”he said
I looked at him at him surprised that he opened up and
told me this shocking revelation.
I searched my [email protected] for what to say.
“Am sorry?!” I said unsure.
Suddenly he faced me and slammed hisl-ips against
mine. I too shocked to do anything,damn hisl-ips are so
soft,I want this but he is my boss I can’t.
I quic-kly snapped back to reality and pushed he away
and stood up to leave.
He st©pped me by gr-abbing my hand,
“Am sorry about that” he apologized
I just stood there waiting for him to let me hand go so I
can leave,I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the k!ss.
“It’s okay, plea-se let me go” I said
He re-lease my hands and I left the room hurriedly.
O.M.G the Prince k!$$£d me and I enjoyed it ,it feels so
wrong yet so right and I just can’t get the memory out of
my head.
Am starting to feel some sort of attraction towards him,I
know it wrong but I can’t help it.
Tiffany called me the next morning to take breakfast to
the Prince room ,to be honest I don’t think I have the guts
to face him after what happened the previous day.
I reluctantly went to his room to deliver his breakfast.
I knocked several time on his door when i didn’t hear a
sound I opened the door and looking around his room it
was empty, I dropped the food quic-kly as I was about to
go when he entered the room shi-tless.
I couldn’t help but st©p to stare at his che-st
O god why does he keep doing this to me he knows I can’t
resist not staring at his delicious che-st still he….
” Are you leaving without my dismissal?” he looked at me
sm-irking, enjoying how I was staring at his che-st.
My cheeks immediately turned red as I look at the floor.
“No Your Highness” I said
“Good because I nee-d your help with something” he said.
” What is it, Your Highness”I said
“I want you to be tutor,I heard you lost your dad a week
to your graduation from college,am sorry about that and I
also heard you were the best graduating student”
he paused a little then continued.
“I have low grades ,I nee-d your help to get my grades up,
plea-se don’t refuse I will do what ever you tell me too,I
will give you any amount..”he said
” It’s fine I will help you,we start tomorrow,we will meet
here every afternoon after am done with my chores. I
have to go now,”I said as I turned and left the room.
As soon as she left I jumped with joy. I was a straight A
student,I lied so I could get to spend more time with her.
Since our k!ssI just couldn’t st©p thinking about her and I
can’t help but want to spend my time with her.
I took my car keys and I went downstairs to meet up with
some friends whom I decided to spend my afternoon
I was to meet my twin friends Andrew and Peter at our
usual sp©t
“The Extract cafe” (am sorry I couldn’t think of a better
As I entered Andrew and Peter [email protected]£d me in a bone
crushing hvg.
“It’s been long man,how have you been” Andrew asked
“Am good,how are your parents” I asked.
“Whinny as always, asking us to get married” Peter said
“I mean we are just 21 and there bugging us with that kind
of $h!t,I really want to enjoy my youthful days”Andrew
I have never see this two as the type to settle down and get
married I mean they fv¢k anything on Sk-irt but they were
loyal friends , always there for me,they help me get over my
heart break from Jessica betrayal.
I was really crazy about her when we [email protected]£d but now I
actually don’t know what I saw in her cheating @ss,when I
caught her,turns out that was not the first time she had
cheated on me, Andrew and Peter knew but they didn’t
tell because,one : I was in love with her, and two,I won’t
have believed them because I was blinded by my love for
her, until I caught her in be-d with my best friend,former
best friend Daniel,the bastard left town after the incident
and never [email protected]£ back not even to apologise.
Jessica on her [email protected] is trying to get closer to my family so
they will choose her as my bride as I attain the throne,my
parents are so blinded by their close relationsh!pwith her
parents to notice what a money hungry cheating bit-ch she
“Hey man,what you thinking about” Andrew asked.
“Um.. nothing much, guys,i have to tell you something”I
” Go ahead,we are all ears”Peter said.
” Um,there is this girl-“I started
But I was cut of by their annoying voices.
“Ohhh,His Majesty is in love” they both said with a stupid
grin on their faces.
“Cut it out guys,its nothing like that,just shut up and
listen.” They shut up instantly.
” She’s my new personal maid,she’s beautiful,and am
attracted to her” said quic-kly.
The just stared at me in shock because they knew, after
what Jessica did I swore off girls.
I was always saying I didn’t want my heart to be broken
the second time.
“Wow that’s….it cool I guess, to be able to feel something
after what Jessica did”Peter said.
” Don’t you mention that bit-ch name again” Andrew glared
at Peter.
He had never liked her even when I started [email protected]!ngher,he
always warned me about her, I should have listened but I
was a stupid boy who made up his mind on following his
A heart that fell for the wrong woman.
“Calm down guys,I also intiated a plan for her to be my
pri-vate tutor and help me with my grades so I can spend
more time with her”I said
” Smart guy,am proud of myself for teach you so many
smart tricks”Peter said proudly
” Shut up man”I said laughing.
We chatted the whole afternoon before I decided to
return to my Angel-wait what I haven’t known her for a
month and am…. Ugh.
After saying my goodbyes to the twins and left for home
to see my beautiful Malia .
At 4pm sharp the next day I made my way to the Prince’s
room for the tutorial I arranged . Thankfully he was
there,seated with a goofy grin on his face,I have to
admit,he looked so handsome.
I sat beside him with him staring at me as if it was the
first time he saw me.
“St©p staring,it’s rude”I told him.
” But you are just so beautiful”he replied.
I felt my cheeks turn red from his comment but I chose to
ignore him.
I tutored him for about 2 hours before wra-ppeing up and
returned to the kitchen to join the other maids to prepare
dinner although I would say he is to intelligent to have low
grade at school.
“Where have you been Malia.You were suppose to help
prepare dinner an hour ago ” Tiffany asked
” Am sorry but the Prince asked me to be his tutor,so I
would be tutor him every afternoon from now on”I replied.
Tiffany stared at me as if she wanted to say something
but decided against
“Fine. Now go set the table ,the king and queen will be
down shortly,they want an early dinner”.
I got to work immediately and set the table with the rest
of the maids.
Shortly the king and queen [email protected]£ down followed by the
Prince who win-ked at me while [email protected] beside me.
Dinner went on peaceful and nothing was heard [email protected]
from the chatter coming from the dinner table. After
dinner we cleared up the table,after the washing the
plates I retired to my room to rest.


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