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Burning affection episode 62 & 63

( Love On Fire… )


By, Naomi Cindy B




“Your…your majesty” Rachel stuttered, seeing Jung Mal entering the place

Right now she’s the most fearful person on Earth

“You just committed treason, I’ve been having the hunch which later turned out to be true, and right now you got caught… Rachel” Jung Mal said

” Your majesty it’s not what you….. think” she replied in an irrational effort to defend herself

Cory gave the letter to the king and he opened it

★ The Miryang soldiers always settle in the north but they split themselves to South and West alre-ady so you must attack from the West or east, and make it fast, I and Morris can’t wait to have the throne for our son ★

Jung Mal almost fell after re-ading the letter but he held himself

“Your majesty” his guards said behind him, shifting back

“Rachel!” He yelled

“Your majesty…I can explain… I’ll explain everything… plea-se spare me I can…..”

” Cal…. belongs to Morris?” He said

” Your majesty I….. plea-se spare me” she pleaded, going on her knees

” You cheated the throne!, You committed treason and made a fool out of me!” Mal said, his whole b©dy shaking in anger

Rachel went mute, realizing that there’s nothing she can do

“So you’re planning to take the throne for a bastard!, There’s no bigger devil than you…. Take her to the un-derground stone prison, no one can see her till tomorrow morning when she’ll be executed” Mal ordered and she was r0ûghly taken

” Jung Mal!, Jung Mal you’ll regret this!, You’ll regret this Mal!, Let me go!, Let go of me!!!, Jung Mal?!!!! ” She screamed as she’s being taken away

” Soldiers! ” Mal said and numerous soldiers rushed in

” Go right now to Morris house, he committed treason with Rachel, arrest him and bring him here…. Now! ” He ordered

” Yes your majesty” they chorused and left immediately

Mal held King Jung Shik’s statue that’s in front of the place and leaned on it

“Aren’t I so clueless?, I got fooled for twenty years…. Twenty years!” He yelled

” Your majesty” Cory said beside him

He looked up at him and walked to him, holding his shoulders

“I gave Cal more attention than Jimin, I gave a bastard more attention!” He said

” Your majesty” Cory said again, full of pity for him

” Jimin…. Jimin and Suzy are my only inheritances” he said

” Prince Jimin…. Loves and respects you a lot your highness, that’s why he couldn’t say no to your choice, princess Suzy adores you too and queen Sera, I think she’s the best queen any king could ever get” Cory said

” I don’t even know much about my own son, when he [email protected]£ back from France, I never bothered to ask if his preferences changed or not, all I cared about was his young de-sires, I still think of him as my young son who left Miryang some years ago, and that made me look dumb…. Right? ” He said.

” No your majesty” Cory replied

” You know his lover right? ” Mal said

” You’re aware… He has a lover? ” Cory said. Shockingly

” I figure things out real fast, that maid… Kimora Chang, the @ssistant headmaid…. right?” He said

” Your majesty” Cory said,more shocked

“Come with me, tell me all what I nee-d to know about them, tell me everything about my son” he said and led the way back in while Cory followed slowly.



Kimora charged towards the guards and started their slaughtering

Sometimes she tears two with her long nails… her eyes are merciless and angry as she did

She tore with her nails which is covered with blood alre-ady and a lot of the guards went down after some minutes

“No…no!!!!” Riya screamed and ran away from the scene

When Cal tried to stand, his stomach hurts greatly so he started dragging himself on the floor

Kimora dropped the guard she just killed and started coming for him slowly

He continued shifting back in fear as she advanced

“Go away!, Don’t come closer!, Don’t!” He said, throwing stones at her but she kept coming

She super sped to him and [email protected]£d his n£¢k ti-ghtly, spitting hatred from her eyes to his own as she chocked him

She only nee-ds to shove her nails into his n£¢k to kill him, he’s bleeding from the mouth alre-ady

“After you, your advocate and your mother is going next, I’ve had enough of you guys” she said coldly and made to shove in her nails but Petal appeared immediately

“Mother” she said, facing her

“Flower you can’t” she said

“Why?, I nee-d to end his life right now, his existence is a threat” she replied

” Don’t do it, I told you not to come out but you disobeyed” Petal said

” He nee-ds to die!” Kimora said

“No Flower!, You’re not destined to kill him, the one destined to kill him is not you, you’ll bring a curse on yourself if you do” Petal said

” He hurt my friend!” Kimora snapped, not re-ady to give up

” And the curse will not only be for you, but also for your baby” Petal said and Kimora slowly let go of him

Cal fell but quic-kly stood with red bruised n£¢k, he held his n£¢k and stomach before running away

“My….baby?” Kimora said

“You have a life Inside you, a child for your lover” Petal said

” A child… inside me?, I’m pregnant?” She said shockingly

“Why do you think you’re always getting tired, you have a life in you which you must protect with all you have” Petal said and Kimora held her stomach

“I’m pregnant…. Jimin” she said

“Childbirth takes twenty days in the flower realm, today is the ninth day, you’re left with eleven days” Petal said

” Meaning I’ll put to be-d in eleven days to come?” Kimora said


“But why is my stomach not protruding?” Kimora said

” It’ll only protrude on the nineteenth day…..but be prepared, war is coming…., Many will die and many will get hurt” Petal said

” War from where?”

” I dunno, but war is coming, go wake the royal shaman, it’s time for her duty” Petal replied

” I have the powers to wake her?, Thought it’s only Mazu that can do that” she said

” You can do it cos you have his blood in you, I purposely didn’t tell you cos I was protecting her, if she had been awake, she’d have been killed by the evil ones” Petal said

Kimora looked at Tania and sighed

“Your blood is poisonous to the people you hate, but it’s helpful to the ones you love…. I’ll always watch over you” Petal said and vanished

Kimora went to Tania and [email protected]£d one of the swords that’s lying on the ground, she cut her palm and dropped her blood on Tania’s forehead

Tania opened her eyes but when she saw her, she sat up and shifted away from her

“Who are you!” She said hastily, obviously scared at her appearance

” I’m sorry I showed you this side of me late, this is the real me” Kimora said

” Real who?” Tania asked

” Kimora” Kimora said and and Tania’s eyes took over her face

“Kimora?” She said in disbelief

Kimora transformed to her human form right in front of her

“Kimora….. it’s really you” she said, coming closer but slowly

” I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier” Kimora said sadly

” You’re….the demon?” Tania said

“No…..the demon…. Is my father” she replied

” Your father? Is a demon?”

” Yes, the demon who killed the king’s guards” Kimora replied

” So…..the @[email protected] …” Tania said

“I was the one who killed the @[email protected]” Kimora said

” Kimora” Tania said, slowly tou-ching her

“Don’t be scared, I can never hurt you” Kimora said

“It’s really really you” Tania said, still drawing near

“Tania it’s me” Kimora replied and Tania hvgged her

” When I trailed you here and saw the numerous guards surrounding you with swords, I was so scared” she said

” I’m sorry” Kimora replied and Tania broke the hvg

” Wait….the guards” she said and looked around, she covered her mouth so she won’t shout when she saw their bloody bodies lying around

“You…. killed them?” Tania said and Kimora nodded

” And I was supposed to be wounded” Tania said, tou-ching her belly, the wound is gone

” I healed you” Kimora said and Tania hvgged her again

” My Kimora” she cried

” St©p crying, we’re fine now”


Morris Jung’s house**

[email protected] has been acting weird too, are you both planning to end my life untimely?, What’s happening?, He won’t even talk to me” Morris said to Janis who’s eating dinner with him

” He got a serious heartbreak” Janis replied

“Heartbreak?, Wait…the relationsh!pis ba-rely two weeks” Morris said..

” So you’re aware that he’s in a relationsh!p?, He didn’t even tell me” Janis said

” It started when you were locking yourself in cos of a reason I don’t know till now….who did that to your face back then?” Morris asked

” It was Jimin, I deserved it though” get replied

” What!, Jimin?, You’re still a year older than that fool, how dare he do that to your face!” Morris ranted

” And I said it’s my fault, I should apologise to him as soon as possible, I hate the heated silence between us” Janis replied

” Don’t you dare apologize, I don’t care about your fault, you can’t apologise to him, I should be the king by now and you guys should be the princes!, If not for my thoughtless father!” He yelled

” Calm down father….” Janis said and the palace soldiers rushed in immediately, Morris was surrounded

“That’s going on?” Janis said surprisingly

“Palace soldiers?, What’s happening?” Morris said

“His majesty ordered your arrest for committing treason against Miryang and for having an affair with the queen” general Wang said

” How dare he!, How dare he order my arrest!, I knew it!, I’ve always known that the bastard will do this someday!, Damn Jung Mal!” Morris ranted loudly as he was apprehended

Janis tried to interfere but he was pushed away

“Let my father go!’ he shouted, standing again and trying to take him but he was again pushed, he fell on [email protected] who’s just coming out of the room

” Father?” [email protected] said and made to step forward too but was blocked

“It’s the king’s orders” general Wang said

“What did he do?, What offence did he commit?” [email protected] asked gently, he looks sick

” Treason, and an affair with the first queen” general Wang replied

” Father” [email protected] said

“I’m not the first one who’ll do that!, Mal is just a bastard!” Morris ranted loudly

” Father…you…. really did it?” Janis said

Morris never replied till he was taken away

” Heartbreak first…now this” [email protected] muttered and Janis hvgged him

” Heck!”


Royal shaman Gaeul’s shrine**

Kimora landed in the shrine and looked around slowly to find the shaman on a fire be-d

Fire is burning slowly below the be-d and she’s on the be-d,

Surprisingly, the fire is not affecting her, flames is just emanating from her b©dy

“Mother must have placed you on the h0t be-d to protect you while asleep” she said when she felt a barrier around the be-d

She broke the enchantment and stepped closer to the be-d

She walked round the be-d while flashing her eyes light around Gaeul on the be-d, she wi-de-ned her arms and blew air from her wi-de robe arm at her

Her eyes opened and Gaeul spranged up

“Flowerina” she said

“Did you see the revelation in your sleep?” Kimora asked

” Yes, I saw everything, I know everything now” she replied, quic-kly getting down from the be-d

” You sle-pt for many days” Kimora said

“Mazu s£nt me to a de-ep sleep this time” she replied and swiftly faced Kimora

” You have a life Inside you” she said


“Then the war is almost here” Gaeul replied

“Mother said that too, but right now doubts nee-ds to be cleared, in the palace” Kimora said

” I should leave now, I nee-d retreat for one full day, I’ll visit the palace before Mazu comes back” Gaeul said and vanished

Kimora left the place.


Park Sun’s house**

Riya rushed in hastily and the guards almost sh0t her down but she was recognized

“Miss” they bowed

“Open the door!” She screamed and it was opened, she went in and fell straight on her mother who was about to come out

“Riya…. Riya why are you here?, Talk to me Riya” Mari said fearfully

Park sun [email protected]£ out quic-kly and bent beside them

“Riya?, What’s happening?” He said

Riya is sweating profusely and breathing fast, her eyes is closing slowly

“I’m never going to the palace again….a demon…is in there” she said and [email protected] out

” Riya!, Riya!”

“She’s still breathing fine but her temperature is so high, get the physician” Mari said hastily.


Cal dragged his legs back to the palace and when he got there, he’s still bleeding from the mouth as a result of kimora’s choking

He spit out blood and checked out his bleeding wound

Since Petal gave him, it has not been healing and it’s hurting like hell

It seems the pains increased since the time he tried to hurt Kimora

He made to step on but Darrin crossed him

“Your highness, you can’t step in, his majesty might order your execution” he said.

” What do you mean!” He replied

” You’re. .not a royal” Darrin said.

” What!”

” Queen Rachel had you for master Morris, he has been arrested together with queen Rachel for treason, and the news that you’re not a prince is spre-ading fast alre-ady” Darrin replied

” What nons-en-se are you spewing!” Cal yelled

“You better take your leave right now, entering the palace is not advisable…. bastard, it was so obvious” Cory said and Cal turned to him

” Oh oh… someone got hurt” Cory said and Darrin tried to attack but Cory kicked him in the face, he fell

“Don’t mess with me” Cory said sternly

Cal staggered away and Darrin stood and followed

He got to a sp©t and fell on his knees

“Rachel!!!!!!” He yelled, shedding tears as he lost his breath, he fell unconscious

“Your highness!, Your highness!” Darrin called, trying to wake him

“I’ll take it from here” a voice said and Darrin looked up…


Flower garden**

” You’re really pregnant?” Jimin asked for the uptenth time after Kimora broke the news

” Yes, mother confirmed it that I’m pregnant, and in our realm, pregnancy takes just twenty days, today is the ninth day so eleven days to come….” Kimora smiled

” You really mean it that I’m becoming a father eleven days to come?, I’ll have a baby?” Jimin said

” Yes, trust me” she replied and Jimin pu-ll-ed her into a warm hvg

” My baby is coming soon, I can’t wait!” He gushed, breaking it to t©uçh her belly

” I should have got suspicious when you told me about your tiredness” he smiled

” But… mother talked about war within the eleven days” she said

” I’m not scared, you’re here” he said and she smiled

” Then….his majesty…* She said worriedly

“I’ll handle it…trust me…but the way… queen….no she’s not even a queen…. Rachel got arrested together with Morris for committing treason and having an affair, their affair got Cal” Jimin said

” What!, Cal is not a prince?” She said

“It’s not shocking to me, he has always behaved like a bastard while Rachel has always behaved like a who-re like mother will say” Jimin said and hvgged her again


Next day***

The whole palace is in disarray again, queen Rachel wasn’t found in the prison when the time for execution [email protected]£

“No one entered the prison last night, I didn’t sleep because of that” the chief prisoner said

” How did she escape then?” Cory asked

“I don’t know” he replied

” Lock him up, and start the search for her, paste her drawing around, have painter Kimora paint her drawing in many copies, find her!” King Jung ordered and the chief prisoner was taken away for lock up like he ordered.

Jung Mal walked to Morris prison and stayed in front of the bars, looking at him inside the prison

Despite the fact that he has only spent the night there, he looks haggard

“I’ve always trusted you” Mal said

“I’ve always hated you” Morris replied

“Father loved us equally” Mal said

“That’s not true and you’re aware!” Morris snapped

*He loved us equally but all you could think of was the throne!, You got obsessed with the throne and that blinded you from seeing his love for you!” Mal yelled

” You should kill me alre-ady, I have nothing to say to you” Morris said, turning away from him


Lioness house***..

“Why are we here?’ Rachel asked immediately she appeared with Lioness

“I saved you, you should be thankful” Lioness replied

” I never asked for your help” Rachel replied and Lioness sm-irked

” You still have more tears to shed Rachel” Lioness said and Cal entered immediately, Darrin is behind him

“Cal?’ Rachel said with a big smile

Cal’s face is emotionless and expressionless, his sword is in his hand as he [email protected]£ closer and closer

“I found him unconscious on the streets last night, I brou-ght him here” Lioness said

” My son, only hope” Rachel said and made to step closer but Cal drew his sword and placed it on her n£¢k

“Why did you do this to me why!, I’m not a royal?, How ridiculous” he said, revea-ling the hurt on his face

” Cal take this sword away from my n£¢k” she said

” You wasted my existence Rachel!, You made me a laughing stock!” He yelled, crying slowly

” It’s not my fault Cal…I…

“Don’t say that again” Cal said coldly, meaning every word as he shed more tears

“It’s really not my fault…

“And I told you not to say that again!, Just die!!!” Cal shouted and withdrew his sword from her n£¢k

He made to stab her belly but Lioness magically turned the sword to him

The sword thrû-sted de-ep into his stomach, coming out in his back..


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