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Burning affection episode 60 & 61

( Love On Fire… )


By, Naomi Cindy B




Ginelle can hear her world chattering to bits right in front of her

[email protected] is still staring with disbelief, like she’s another Ginelle and not his own Ginelle

“How did this happen?, What…. Are you doing here?” He asked with a shaky voice

” Isn’t it obvious?, Ask anyone around and they’ll tell you that Ginelle Chang is the most popular slut here, she serves men every night, different men, I don’t have many customers like her, all men want her” Demi said, coming into the room.

” No….. No it’s not true, I don’t believe anything” [email protected] said, standing up

Ginelle sat in the ground and her eyes re-leased tears immediately

“Ask her, she’s right in front of you” Demi said with a mocking smile

” Ginelle…” [email protected] said slowly, facing her

She slowly stood, holding her robe to her che-st

“I’m sorry” she said slowly, crying more than before

” Darn it! ” [email protected] yelled, breathing heavily in anger

“I was just too ashamed to tell you [email protected], this is who I really am, I’m so sorry” she said

[email protected] [email protected]£ closer and [email protected]£d her shoulders

” Why did you decide to stab me in the heart?, Why!* He shouted

She can see tears threatening to fall from his eyes

[email protected] I’m sorry, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you, I love you so much and I thought… You were going to leave me if you get to know since you hate sluts so much, [email protected] I love you so much” she said tearfully

[email protected]’s tears fell but he quic-kly wiped it and stepped away from her

She tried to t©uçh him but he stepped more farther

“Don’t t©uçh me … You disgust me” he said and stormed out of the place

“My world!” Ginelle cried, falling back on the ground

Demi laughed loudly, revea-ling the hatred she has for her In her laughter

“Got caught huh?” She laughed, going closer to her

“I vowed to make you cry and right now you’re crying, aren’t I great? ” She said and resumed her laughter

” We’re sluts, and you dare try to get yourself a lover whereas I don’t even have someone to call mine, and you expect me to sit and just watch?, No Ginelle, Demi will never do that” Demi said and left the room


Another room in the brothel**

Queen Rachel just finished dressing up after having fun with Morris who’s still sitting on the be-d

“Aren’t you leaving?, Why are you sitting there staring at me” she said, wearing her earrings

” It’s been long since we did this so right now, I feel like getting down with you again, you’re so delicious” he said, smiling cunningly

” St©p dreaming and dress up” Rachel replied after she finished dressing up

“When is the next letter getting to Myung Woo?” Morris asked, standing up to get dressed

” It’ll get to him tommorow night, then some days to come,war will happen and those who are meant to die will die” she replied seriously

” I can’t wait for that to happen, I’ll have you all to myself then” Morris replied, tou-ching her face

” My only concern is having our son inherit the throne” she replied

” So…you don’t want to have me back?, Can Mal ever make you feel the way I make you feel?” He said, bending over to k!ssher n£¢k

” I had a secret affair with you back then cos I thought you’ll be the one king Jung Shik will choose as the crown prince” she replied

” So when Mal was chos£n, that’s why you switched to him with my child in your belly cos he has eyes for you too”

” You’re still a little bit wise” she replied and Morris smiled

” You’ll get punished for that once our son takes the throne, I’ll marry you and five other women on the same day, you must feel jealous just like I felt” he said

” Let that period come first…” She said meanly and left the room

Morris smiled devilishly. “Wench” he muttered and wore his outer robe before getting out of the room too

Cory [email protected]£ out of his hiding place and sighed

He actually trailed Rachel here since he’s still working on the king’s orders to follow her secretly around

He had to pay one of the brothel servants hvgely and he was allowed to hide in the room they were going to use …

He held his sword more ti-ghtly, still shocked at what he just heard

He used his mask and left the room


Morris Jung’s house**

[email protected] entered the house with a jug of alcohol in his hand, it’s obvious he’s heavily drun!kcos of the way he’s staggering like someone being pushed and how he’s t©ppling on his toes

[email protected]” Janis said shockingly, standing up and rushing to him, he held him and prevented him from falling, he’s reeking of alcohol

[email protected] what did you do to yourself” Janis said, looking at his drun!kface

Besides hating sluts, alcohol is the second thing he hates and now he’s utterly drun!k, that only means something bad happened

“Handsome Janis….gosh!, You’re so cute!” He said, smiling like a child and trying to leave Janis

[email protected]!” Janis shouted and he looked at Janis for a moment

” I love you” he said and laughed again, breaking free from Janis, he crashed on the table and hit away everything on t©p of it, he sle-pt there, curling up himself like a new born baby

“What happened to you” Janis said, kneeling beside him

” I love her, but she disappointed me, isn’t that cruel?, She stabbe-d my heart….with a poisonous sword, I’m dying” [email protected] muttered drowsily

” You’re in a relationsh!p?” Janis said

“She broke my heart!, She’s a slut!, A slut I fell in love with, she tore my heart to pieces!” [email protected] shouted with his eyes closed

” A…slut?” Janis said

” I love her a lot…I mean a whole lot…very much…sooo veryy muuuch!” [email protected] said and sle-pt off

” Heartbreak, why are we both unlucky in love?” Janis mumbled



Queen Rachel sneaked back in unnoticed and when she’s just a step away from her chamber, she breathed in relief

“Shamelessness should have limits” Sera’s voice said, ma-king her st©p in her tracks

She slowly turned back to see Sera behind her, looking at her hatefully

“What again?, It’s now a sin to walk In the palace?” She said defensively

Sera [email protected]£ closer and stood in front of her

“Morris Jung is the real father of Cal, isn’t it?” Sera said and Rachel’s heart skipped beats

” What. What do you… mean” she stuttered awkwardly

” When I call you a who-re, I’m not mistaken, don’t wonder how I know, I’m a woman of means” Sera said

” I don’t know what you’re talking about so just get off my face!” Rachel spat and started leaving, walking briskly to her chamber

“It’s just a little bit before it’ll spill….I mean your secret” Sera said and left

Rachel walked into her room and threw down her cloak, she stood in front of the mirror and took her fan, she almost started the summoning when she remembered she’s not in good terms with Lioness

She dropped the fan and walked around the room, her heart still pounding in her che-st, somehow, Sera’s looks anytime she’s talking always instills fear in her, she always looks colder than her while talking to her and only God knows how she always manage to do that

“When I s£nd the letter tomorrow, I’ll tell King Myung Woo to speed up the invasion, I nee-d to act fast before Sera spoils everything…..but how did that witch find out” she wondered.


Kimora’s room**

When Petal appeared, she wasn’t shocked nor surprised, she just adjusted on her sp©t and faced her

She has been expecting her to come again since she got to Miryang and here she is

“Tell me…. everything” she said and Petal sighed…

“The flower realm is the realm of flowers situated in the snowy hill in the city of the deities, the snowy hill contains more than twenty realms but the flower realm is the most popular and largest, flowers is our life, breathing in the scent of flowers gives us immortality and strong health, my father, King Lother was the king, my mother…queen Teresa died Immediately I was born, I grew up to be a beautiful loving princess, my father named me Petal so everyone calls me princess Petal but father addressed me as queen cos we ruled the realm together for hundred years, when the time to get a groom set in, father brou-ght different handsome grooms but I wasn’t interested in them, I kept rejecting them till he appeared” Petal said and sighed

” He?” Kimora said

” Mazu, he [email protected]£ in form of an handsome prince of the aliens, he was too handsome and breathtaking, so much that the princess of other realms fought over him even when he hasn’t talked to anyone…I fell [email protected] for him but I kept my cool and acted like I wasn’t interested, he approached me one day when I was taking a walk, I was surprised cos I wasn’t expecting it, we talked at length and I just couldn’t resist him, he bonded with my with a k!ssand since then, I [email protected]£ add!çted to him,,

“Even when father told me he’s against our relationsh!p, I turned deaf ears to him and everyone, then people started dying mysteriously in the realm, they die with no blood left In their bodies and that made everyone know that it’s a demon who’s [email protected] them, I got closer to Mazu and I got pregnant with his baby, on the day I confirmed my pregnancy, he was revealed to be the demon and he showed his demonic form, I was so scared that I cried so much, watching him killing the people mercilessly,,

“Father sprang into action and after many trials, he succeeded in banning him into darkness but Mazu is so powerful, so much that father died after banned him, then the people of the realm grew hatred for me, cos I brou-ght bad luck by falling for a demon, I was banned from the realm but I had nowhere to go so I stayed, when I gave birth to you, you were cursed by the scent of the flower so you always bleed, I had to leave so I won’t lose you, I raised you till you grew a bit and was summoned by the grand deity of the snowy hill for an emergency duty, the deity is not someone I could say no to, and at the same time, I couldn’t go with you cos of your allergy,,

“I had to leave you and go for the duty though I’ve been watching you from there, when you got stuck in a flower island, I almost [email protected]£ but when Ginelle rescued you and took you home to her grandma Gemma, I was glad and I’ve been protecting you all this while, I’ve always been with you before the grand deity s£nt me back”

Kimora heaved and swallowed nothing, she just heard her life story, what she has been longing to hear

“Why is Mazu after my life?” She asked

“He’s after my life too….that’s because he wasn’t aware of my pregnancy before he got banned, he thought I had you for another man, that’s why he’s desperate to kill us” Petal replied

” There’s no cure to my allergy?” Kimora asked

“Only when I’m gone forever” Petal replied

Kimora picked on her f!ngerson her sp©t without looking up, Petal walked to her and bent in front of her, for the first time all her life, she hvgged her

“Mother” Kimora said, hvgging her back

“You don’t know how comforting it feels to hear you call me that” Petal said, hvgging her more ti-ghtly

” I’m glad I have a mother, I’ve always wanted that, I’m so glad” Kimora said

They stayed like that for long before Petal broke it

“Mazu will soon be out, I can smell it” Petal said

“Together we’ll destroy him” Kimora said and Petal smiled

She shifted her eyes to kimora’s stomach and smiled again

“It happened fas-ter than I thought, so the war will happen fas-ter than I thought too” she said

” War?”

” You feel tired in your stomach right?”

” Yes, everyday” she replied

” Childbirth only takes twenty days in the flower realm, eight days gone, twelve days left, the twelve days that’ll determine the fate of this land and it’s inhabitants, the twelve days that’ll determine my fate, your fate,your lover’s fate and the fate of everyone in this palace” Petal said, standing up

” Childbirth?” Kimora said

Petal bent over and k!$$£d her forehead

“This should ease the stomach tiredness for now, and tommorow… Don’t go to the town” Petal said and left

” I feel better….but childbirth?” Kimora wondered

“Can’t wait to tell Jimin” she smiled and almost immediately, Jimin [email protected]£ in

“Jimin!” She almost screamed

“Shh!’ he said, placing his f!nger on hisl-ips

He closed the door stealthily and [email protected]£ to her, giving her a long hvg first after which he k!$$£d her

“I missed you, that’s why I sneaked here” he said

She hvgged him again and he can feel her happiness

“You’re happy than usual” he said

“Yes, mother visited” she said

” Mother?”

” Petal….she’s really my mother, she told me everything that nee-ds to be known alre-ady” she said

” Tell me everything” he said and Kimora sighed

” It’s long” she said

” I’m re-ady to listen” he replied, pu-lling her to the be-d

He sat on it and she rested on him, he pla-yed with her f!ngersas she started the story…

“Mazu is your father?, Unbelievable!, So this is why he has been longing for your life, he even wants to kill your mother just because he thinks you belong to another man?, Can’t he smell his blood on you?” Jimin said after the long story

” He was banned into darkness remember?, His s-en-se of smell had been taken away from him, that’s why he couldn’t smell his blood on me” she replied

” When he comes back, I hope he gets defeated” he said

“Sure he will, I and mother will do it” she replied

Jimin k!$$£d her hair and she smiled, she looked up at him and he gave her the Eskimo k!sslike he used to do…

“Why do you like doing that?” She asked

“Cos I love your nose” he replied and she smiled

” How’s the stomach tiredness?” He asked, mimicking her voice and pressing her stomach gently

” I’m fine now, mother k!$$£d my forehead so it’s better” she replied and Jimin k!$$£d her hair again

She faced him and placed her head on his che-st

“I want to sleep like this” she said

“All yours” he replied and she k!$$£d his che-st before slee-ping off like a baby.


Next day…..**

“The night is setting in alre-ady when a letter [email protected]£ for Kimora,,


“Ginelle?, Why?, Was she kidnapped?, By who?” She thought and that thought scared her

She made to step out immediately but she remembered Petal’s words

“Don’t go to the town”

“But I have to save Ginelle” she thought and without thinking again, she stepped out after throwing down the letter

” Kimora!” Tania called after her, just coming from the kitchen but she’s alre-ady gone

She took the letter and her eyes wi-de-ned when she re-ad it, she followed her instantly


Kimora went to Ginelle’s house to confirm first but she’s really not there so she left for the valley

She rushed there as fast as her legs could carry her but met no one

“Who’s here!” She shouted but no answer [email protected]£.

“Who’s here!” She screamed again

“You’re finally here” a voice said behind her and she turned swiftly to see Cal and Riya

Numerous guys like guards surrounded her immediately, they’re all holding shinny swords

“Where’s my sister?’ she asked

” Too bad you’re daft, I wonder what Jimin found interesting in you” Riya said

” Your sister wasn’t kidnapped, the letter was just to lure you here and it worked, you [email protected]£…to die” Cal said

” Having an affair with my husband is your only mistake, no time for talks, kill her!” Riya ordered

” I’ll be the one to wound her first” Cal said and stepped forward, he tried to [email protected] her but the wound on his stomach hurts instantly as if someone punched it

She held his stomach and fell, bleeding slightly from the mouth

“Attack her!” Riya ordered the guards and they all charged towards her

“Kimora!” Tania’s voice said and she looked back in shock to see her running to her but suddenly, one of the guards shoved his sword right into her belly

Kimora’s eyes took over her face

“Tania!!” She screamed, running to her

Tania fell into her arms, bleeding from the mouth and the wound is bleeding profusely too

“Tania….. Tania are you ok?” She said, holding her face with shaky hands and teary eyes, her blood stained her hands

” My stomach…it…it hurts” Tania said in pains, bleeding more as she lost consciousness

” Tania!!!!!” Kimora screamed in tears and a vicious wind blew, ma-king everyone cover their faces,, she transformed immediately and stood with her face down

“What’s that?” Riya said fearfully

“What’s she?” Cal said, shifting back as Kimora looked up and flashed her pink eyes at them, her long nails shimmered and her hair was b!own by the air

The guards shifted back in fear too, they’ve never seen something like her

She looks angry and dangerous as she looked at them….

“You all….will die today” she said coldly and charged towards them.



Queen Rachel made sure no one is watching as she got to the back of her chamber with the pigeon who has the letter beneath it’s feathers..

She got there and threw it up but Cory appeared suddenly, he jumped and [email protected]£d the pigeon

“How dare you!” Rachel said shockingly

Cory ignored her and re-moved the letter from the pigeon..

“Don’t you dare open that!” She said fearfully

“Finally….I got you… traitor” Jung Mal’s voice said and she froze.


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