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Burning affection episode 58 & 59

( Love On Fire… )


By, Naomi Cindy B




A week later**

The palace is still in great grief and everyone is still in sorrow cos of princess Royalty’s death, her burial held on the second day after her death and it’s surely the most sorrowful burial ever

Rachel is still crying, seems she’ll cry for a long time, Suzy has been starving since it happened, only water has been sustaining her

Kimora cried more than Jimin, Jimin had to be the one consoling though he’s crashing inside too

King Jung has refused to see anyone, he stayed in his chamber, wallowing in grief

Royalty has always been a lovely princess since she was born, she [email protected]£ to the world with a smile on her face and that made everyone know she’ll be a lovely child

And that was just true, she was lovely and kind, cheerful and jovial…. She’s beautiful too, she’s nothing like her mother or brother

She made Suzy a better person and changed her totally, friendly with the maids and kind to the servants…. Everyone in the palace felt her demise in a painful way, everyone except Riya who’s happy that one of her enemies is dead though she put on a sad face, pretending that she’s sad

Janis visited the palace with [email protected] and they have been there since her demise, mourning with them

It’s been a week now, one long week..


“I heard king Myung Woo, the king of Gongwon is visiting today” Tania said slowly, joining the others in the kitchen

“What’s he coming to do?” Kimora asked

“I dunno, I just overheard some guards talking about it, I heard there’s a spy in the palace too” Tania replied

” Spy?” Lady Ambrosia said

“Yes, that’s what I heard” Tania replied

“King Jung Mal is wise, whoever it is, he’d fish out him or her” Kimora said with a heave

” Still can’t believe princess Royalty is dead” Tania said sadly

” plea-se don’t talk about it anymore” Kimora replied and a maid [email protected]£ in with a tray of unt©uçhed food

“Princess Suzy refused to eat again” she said

“It’s been a week now, she’s hurting herself by not eating and she won’t even let anyone into her room, not even queen Rachel or queen Sera” headmaid Ambrosia said worriedly

Kimora took the food from the maid and left the kitchen for Suzy’s room

She stayed by the door and can hear the sounds of her cries inside

“Your highness” she called

Suzy continued crying inside

“I un-derstand how you feel but…

” You can never un-derstand how I feel right now, I feel like a [email protected] of me just died…. Royalty has become a big [email protected] of me, why must she leave me now that I can’t do without her anymore, I’ve come to love her so much” Suzy interrupted

“I know, but not eating won’t bring her back, you’re hurting yourself and in case you dunno, I’m hurting too to see you like this, plea-se just take a bite” Kimora replied

” Go away, I don’t want to* Suzy replied

“I know I’m a low maid but….your highness you can confide in me, I want you to be happy” Kimora replied

” And I told you to leave!” Suzy yelled

“Happiness matters , though this might not be the right time for it but …. just try your best your highness I beg you, open the door and take the food” Kimora replied

Suzy kept quiet afterwards

“Princess Royalty said you should always eat, you must eat well if you want her to be happy up there, plea-se” Kimora said but she still didn’t say a word

Kimora sighed and started leaving but she suddenly heard the door opening

She went back and saw the door open alre-ady, she stepped in and met Suzy on her be-d

She’s sitting on the be-d with a pale face, she looks sickly too

Kimora placed the food on the be-d and sat beside her

“Thanks for letting me in your highness” she said

” Why do you care?, Not like I’ve for once been nice to you” Suzy asked without batting an eyelid

” I don’t care if you haven’t been nice or kind, to me….you’re special, even when you used to torture me, I didn’t hate you, so now that you’ve changed, I just loved you more” she replied

“Now I know why my brother fell for you, only a few have kind hearts, you belong to the few, just like my Royalty” Suzy said, finally looking at her

” A saying goes….. when life throws you lemon, you make lemonade from it, you just have to adjust your highness” Kimora said

” I think I’m re-ady to make bowlfuls of lemonade” Suzy said and Kimora smiled

” plea-se…eat a little” Kimora said, begging with her mouth and eyes

She opened one of the small jugs and raised it up, it contains tea

“It’s chrysanthemum tea, take it first then regain your appetite” she said and scooped it into a spoon

She offered it to Suzy and Suzy slowly opened her mouth, taking it from her

“How’s it?” Kimora asked

Suzy only nodded and she continued feeding her…

A knock on the door made Kimora leave her to check, it’s a guard

“His majesty orders for you to appear in his chamber right now” the guard said

” His…. chamber?”


Queen Rachel’s room***

Rachel wiped the traces of tears on her face though another fell from her eyes immediately

She stood from the stool and went to the table, she picked a jug of water and drank from it, she dropped the jug before starting to pace round the room

All her life, she has never felt guilty but she feels guilty right now

She just killed her only daughter, her only hope, that beautiful soul

She wiped her tears again and went for the jug, she [email protected]£d it and smashed it on the wall, it broke to pieces

Breathing heavily, she sat back on the stool, fuming in anger for Sera and her son

“You both should get re-ady, I won’t stay still” she said coldly

“Now that my only hope in Miryang palace is gone, I nee-d to speed up my plans with Morris and king Myung Woo, Jung Mal must die next, together with Sera and her children, then my son will take over, and together we’ll rule Miryang, together we’ll make it a kingdom of power and authority” she said, smiling diabolically


Queen Sera’s room**

“What next right now?” Jimin said sadly.

Sera is sitting in front of him

“Royalty is really gone, I’m sure Rachel will become desperate” Sera said

“Desperate?, Why will she be desperate?” Jimin asked

” You really don’t know a thing right?” Sera said

” Meaning?” Jimin asked

” Royalty is her only hope in this palace” Sera replied

” I still don’t get it” Jimin said and Sera smiled sadly

” Be careful from now on, things will start getting dangerous so don’t get hurt, protect yourself and your sister, I’ll be fine” Sera said

” Mother I don’t und…..

“Your highness!, Lady Kimora has been summoned for questioning in the king’s chamber” Cory’s voice interrupted by the door

Jimin spranged up quic-kly. “What!”

“She [email protected]£ in with the blood that day, I mean the one she rubbe-d on Royalty’s forehead, it’ll surely raise suspicions” Sera said

Jimin rushed out of the room, meeting Suzy who’s just coming out of her room

“Kimora was summoned for questioning some minutes ago” she said and Jimin hvgged her ti-ght

” Oppa …” She said slowly

“I’m glad you finally [email protected]£ out, did you eat?” He asked, breaking the hvg

” I drank tea, I’m ok” she replied

“I’ve been informed, I’m going there right now” he replied

” I’ll follow you” .


King’s chamber***

Kimora is bowing in front of the king, scared to look him in the face

His numerous ministers are there with him

It’s as if all the wind in the world is b!owing on only her right now, she’s shivering fearfully

“Kimora Chang” King Jung Mal said

“Yes your highness” she replied without looking up

“You rubbe-d blood on the head of my first princess after her death, whose blood was that?” He asked

Kimora’s heart skipped a beat, if she tells them the truth that it’s the blood of a witch, precisely Lioness, she’ll be suspected as the one who poisoned her…

“What should I say?, I nee-d to say something” she thought

” Speak!, Whose blood was it?” Jung Mal said louder and Kimora shivered in fear again

“You…..your …high… highness, it’s…..”

She st©pped there and closed her eyes, thinking of various things in her head

“Are you defying the king now?” Minister Joo said

“It’s the blood of a …

” Blood of a snake” Jimin replied, just coming in

The ministers murmured among themselves as he entered

“What are you doing here?” King Jung Mal asked

“I just nee-d to make sure the innocent doesn’t get punished” he said

” What are you talking about?” Jung asked

” It’s the blood of a snake, I got so desperate back then and when the blood of a witch was mentioned, I thought snake is a serpent and a serpent is indirectly a witch, I told her to go get it, the market women who sell things of the deities have it, she got it from there at my orders, I’m sorry” he said

Kimora decided not to breath in relief yet, anything might happen again

King Jung Mal was about to reply when a guard [email protected]£ to the door

“King of Gongwon is here” he said

Jung Mal dismissed everyone including his ministers and Myung Woo [email protected]£ in, leaving his guards by the door

“Olenmanieyo (it’s been a while)” Myung Woo said with a false smile

” Why are you here?” Jung Mal asked

“Offering a seat is not done here?” Myung Woo said

“It’s common s-en-se” Jung Mal replied and Myung Woo sat

” Why are you here?’ Jung Mal asked without smiling

” Be friendly for once” Myung Woo replied

“Don’t act too much, you’re bad at it” Jung Mal replied and the smile disappeared from Myung Woo’s face

“I’m coming for you…. Jung Mal, your arrogance is annoying and I’ll make sure to wash away every trace of your race” Myung Woo said seriously with a mean look on his face

*Coming to my palace to threaten me is a great offence, you might get killed by my sword!” Jung Mal said

” Jung Mal, bow to me, that should be enough to settle our enmity” Myung Woo said

” You don’t deserve my respect cos you’re worthless!, Now get out of Miryang!” Jung Mal said, losing patience

” You just called me worthless” Myung Woo said and smiled, standing up

” I don’t regret saying that” Jung Mal replied

“You’re regret soon…mark my words” Myung Woo said and stormed out of the palace.


Jimin took Kimora to the flower garden and hvgged her ti-ghtly for long

When he broke it, he looked de-eply at her eyes

“You must have been so scared” he said

“Honestly I was” she replied and he hvgged her again

” I’m so sorry I [email protected]£ late” he said…

“It’s ok, at least you saved me” she replied with a smile

“Did you eat?” He asked

” I ate candies” she replied

” Candy is not a good food, eat something better” he replied

” But I’m not hungry” she said

” Ok plea-se…. even if you’re not,eat for me” he said and she smiled

“I badly want to k!ssyourl-ips right now but too bad this is not the right time” she said, staring at hisl-ips

Jimin leaned in and k!$$£d herl-ips lightly

“I’ll manage that” she smiled and held her tummy

“What’s wrong?” Jimin quic-kly asked

” The past one week, I’ve been getting tired often, stomach tiredness to be precise” she said

” And what’s stomach tiredness” Jimin said

“You know… when it feels like only your stomach is tired” she said

” Strange, you should see the physician, I’ll take you” he said

“No I can’t, I’m a physician myself so I’ll get it done” she replied and Jimin smiled

He held her face and stared [email protected]

“Why?” She asked

“I love you” he said and she smiled wi-dely

“I love you more” she said and hvgged him

Cal turned to Riya from where they’re watching from

Riya is obviously boiling with anger

“Like what you’re seeing?” Cal said mockingly

“St©p trying to make fun of me” she replied

“He’s not worth you” Cal said, tou-ching her right cheek, he rubbe-d it slowly and gave her an affectionate look before starting to lean in

Only small space is left between theirl-ips when she moved away

“What are you doing” she said

“Sorry” replied

” I’ll end her life tomorrow, we’re doing it together” she said and he smiled.


Miryang town**

Ginelle paced round her room , thinking about what [email protected] told her about the flower goddess during their walk last week

It’s somehow related to Kimora but she’s not sure

He told her the flower goddess is a queen who ruled the flower realm for hundred years and her years of reign were peaceful but when she fell in love with a demon who [email protected]£ in form of an handsome prince, things changed,,

The prince whose name is Mazu started killing and drinking the blood of the inhabitants of flower realm, that was when it got revealed that he’s not a prince, he’s a king in the stars who got banished from the star city cos he turned to a demon overnight….by then, queen Petal is carrying his baby alre-ady though he’s not aware,,

He was banned into darkness by Lother, queen Petal’s father after which he died

And because queen Petal allowed such a beast in the realm, she was banished from the flower realm but she refused to leave, so when she gave birth, her daughter was cursed with the scent of flowers so she had no choice but to leave since her daughter is allergic to the scent…

That was where [email protected] st©pped the story at and she’s really really curious right now

Kimora is allergic to the scent of flowers

Does that mean she’s the one???


[email protected] has the biggest smile on his face as he made his way to Ginelle’s place that evening

If he’s capable, he’d want to be with her every minute but not like they’re married yet

He suddenly got crossed again

“Annyeong” Demi waved

“You again?, I thought I said we should never meet again” he said and Demi only replied with a cunning smile

“I’m not going to beat around the bush today, there’s a big secret of your life at the brothel” she said

” What are you talking about?” He replied

” Come to the brothel tonight, don’t die of curiosity” she replied and left

“I’m unusually curious” [email protected] thought.



“ban-g!” Cory said, suddenly appearing in front of Tania who’s just coming out of the kitchen

“I’m not moved by your pla-ys anymore, I’m used to it” she said

” Oh…. I got a surprise instead” Cory said

” How have you been?” She asked to Cory’s surprise

” Ask that again” he said

” Forget it” she replied and he smiled

“I’m fine, are you good too?” He asked

“I guess so” she replied and swiftly faced him

” Who do you love among the two princesses?” She asked

“Why do you seriously want to know?, Are you crushing on me too?” He said and Tania sm-irked

” Don’t be so full of yourself, you’re not that handsome” she scoffed

” You won’t be able to say that if you look into my eyes” Cory replied and she faced him

Immediately her eyes caught his own, she st©pped moving and blinked twice before looking away

“You’re frustrating” she said and Cory laughed

” I’m handsome, I know’ he said

” c0ckiness ain’t the best” she said, rolling eyes at him

He suddenly pe-cked her and win-ked before running away

“That thvg” Tania said, ru-bbing her cheek, unaware of when she smiled.


Night…. brothel**

Curiousness got the best [email protected] of [email protected] and he appeared in the brothel with a mask on his face though

He heaved as he entered and it’s not surprising that Demi is waiting alre-ady

“Make it fast” he said

“I promise, follow me” she said and led the way into the brothel

[email protected] saw different scenarios, how men waste their time with ladies here, being promiscuous…he hates it and the sounds that’s coming from the rooms are just irritating to him

They got to the front of a room and Demi faced him

“Go in, the secret is coming….in two minutes time” she said

“If this is a prank, I’ll skin you alive” he said

” I hate pranks” she replied seriously and he went into the room, adjusting his mask on his face, he stood for a while before deciding to sit on the only available place, the be-d..

The opening of the door made him look up and even the heavens knows he couldn’t believe his eyes

Ginelle [email protected]£ in, dressed like a slut with the heavy makeup and slutty dress

[email protected]’s eyes wi-de-ned and he swallowed [email protected] on his seat, watching as she [email protected]£ closer and closer, the shock is just too much

He’s even too shocked to move or talk

Ginelle got to him and started str!pping in front of him, starting with the robe and the inner ones, she’s left In her undies when she climbe-d the be-d with him, her face is expressionless

“Why are you wearing a mask?” She asked but he couldn’t find his voice to speak

She held his face and k!$$£d his n£¢k, she expected him to [email protected] but he didn’t

“Why?, Should I just take my leave?” She said

“Ginelle” [email protected] said, finally finding his voice

Even if the mask made his voice more de-ep, Ginelle recognizes it immediately

Her eyes wi-de-ned and she slowly brou-ght her shaky hands to his mask, she pu-ll-ed it off his face and it fell off her hand when she saw his face

[email protected]…. [email protected]” she stuttered shakily


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