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Bullied finale

Awwn! The Almighty Ashley wants to beg for forgiveness. I’m sure you were f0rç£d to come because I know it’s not your nature to apologize, you can never beg someone but rather would make someone beg you… I said

I’m sorry, plea-se forgive me for everything I’ve done to you. I know I’ve wronged you but I want you to know I’ve realized my mistake… She apologized

You didn’t offend me, infact you made me learn a lot. Besides, I’m sure you didn’t come here on your own will and you wouldn’t have come if I’m still the poor Stephanie I was. You [email protected]£ because you know I’m from a richer family.

I just hope you learn your lessons and never feel too superior, no one is born according to their own will, you are just lucky to be born into a family that’s okay.

Leave, you didn’t offend me but made see more of what life is about. If you hadn’t bullied me back then, I might not have had the s-en-se of starting up a business that’s gonna fetch me money. I can never be friends with someone who’s hurt me before, but trust me, I bear no grudge against you… I said to her and left her pres£nce.

OMG!!! I can’t believe the school’s proud peac0ckhas finally let go of her wings. Ashley begged Stephanie for real? The students murmured.

Stephanie’s case made the school [email protected] rule of no bullying in the school.

The students in the school apologized to Stephanie too and they made it known that no students should act or feel superior to other.

Stephanie and others graduated from secondary school months later.

Stephanie smiled as Kendrick reminded her she’s the one that made him change his bad habits while they were eating one afternoon.

They got admitted into the university of their choice at the same time and their parents united to throw a s£ndoff [email protected] for them before they leave for school.

I’m so happy we finally met with happiness at last. All Thanks to those that BULLIED us.

I wouldn’t have met my mother if I hadn’t searched for a job after Ashley made her mom throw me our of the house… Stephanie said to everyone as they ended the [email protected]

Stephanie and Kendrick chose to study abroad while Tessa chose to study in the county.

Their parents hvgged them as they saw the two friends off at the airport.

“I’ll miss you babe, if you ever have another best friend, imma pu-ll a gun at your forehead” Tessa said too after hvgging her.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she doesn’t.

She mustn’t have another male best friend [email protected] from me too, else She’ll get punished by me.

I’ll make sure I keep an eye in her even though we’re not going to the same university…. Kendrick said

Whatever! Stephanie said and shrugged.

You nee-d to accord me some respect, you’ll always be my Little sister while Angela is my littlest sis…Kendrick said and pinched her cheek when she shrugged at their word.

Brother Kendrick, since you’ll be schooling in the same country but different universities, make sure you pay my sister often visit.

I don’t want her to mingle with guys, I won’t be there to save her if they hurt her.

She mustn’t have a lover until she finish schooling there, okay? Little David said to Kendrick and they all laughed.

What do you know the word lover to be, you little boy? Stephanie said amidst laugher.

“You should leave now, that’s your batch they’re summoning” Kendrick mom said.

Awwn! We’ll miss you all, we’ll miss Nigeria and I’ll miss the days I was being BULLIED😣 Stephanie said as they [email protected] one another for the last time.

Wait! David said and they st©pped walking… “When you get there, make sure you don’t get BULLIED” he said and they laughed again

I’m sorry for ending it like this.
How was the story?😉
If you enjoyed the story, drop a comment of what you learnt in the story😉


  1. Gifty ❣️

    This story is one in a million simple and lovely. It really made me cry, smile and laugh I just love it. Keep it up. I love u. Please write more I’ll be waiting ❣️❣️

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