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Bullied episode 9 & 10

I guess I’ll have no other choice than to rush the story since y’all are complaining it’s annoying.

🍨Now enjoy🍨
I got home prepared varieties of meal like she asked for. But my mind wasn’t really in what I was doing as I was scared of My tutor getting mad at me for skipping [email protected] today of all days and my phone isn’t even with me.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead as I finished setting the table. I ran into my room and undressed myself to quic-kly take a shower before running to school.

Geez, 7:50pm! I exclaimed as I saw the time on the clock.

I locked my room and ran out of the house, only to bu-mp into Ashley and her friends arriving in different cars.

“This girl is really training herself to be a bad girl” I thought and walked away.

Where do you think you’re going to? Ashley asked as she [email protected]£ out of the car suddenly

I’m going back to school, I’ve prepared everything you asked me to… I replied

You really must be kidding, who do you expect to clean up the mess when we’re throu-gh? She asked

I’ll definitely clean the house when I return but plea-se let me run back before it’s too late… I replied

Uh! Uh! She scoffed. You’re definitely insane for saying that. Now get back into that house and wait till we finish [email protected] You can leave after cleaning the mess we make. She said

Ashley plea-se don’t let me drag the school name in the mud, I nee-d to prepare for tomorrow… I begged

Get in!!! She yelled and threw me the bottle of drink she was holding and the content spilled on me.

I went to my room sadly and tried holding back my tears. I’m now powerless since her mother is now against me… I thought and sighed sadly

I brou-ght out my books to study even if I can’t be in school with my colleague.

“Geez! I can’t even re-ad because of the loud music” I lamented

I tried sneaking out of the room to go study t the backyard but was caught by Irene who asked where I was going

I wanna go outside for a while, I’ll be right back. Just call me if you nee-d my attention… I said

“Go back inside, you’re going nowhere” Ashley chirped in

I went in to avoid further trouble and waited for them to finish there [email protected] before going to be-d.

“Finally! I exclaimed as everywhere finally went silent. I quic-kly brou-ght out my books and studied till it was 4a.m , i sle-pt for an hour and went out to do my chores before they all wake up”

I was taking my bath when I heard some sound like a door locking.

I concluded my bath and quic-kly dressed myself up…

I examined the room and my backpack to check if I didn’t forget anything.

“I tried opening the door only to find it locked. So the sound I heard wasn’t hallucination” I tried opening it again but it’s been locked from outside.

I started ban-ging the door, shouting their names but none answered me.

“I swear imma give it whatever it takes today, I’ve endured enough. I can’t afford to miss this opportunity I have in front of me. I must repres£nt the school no matter what it takes” I thought and started ban-ging the door with everything [email protected] I find in my room. But still it had no effect on the door as it is a very [email protected] and exquisite door.

You should stay in there till the rest of the day. I told you, you can’t attend the competition.

“We’re off to school, I’ll return on time so I’ll get the door opened for you” I heard Ashley say while her friends murmured with her.

Ashley open this door now or you face my wrath when I get out myself!!! I shouted without knowing where the courage [email protected]£ from.

🏫At School🏫
This is few minutes to 8 we’ll be disqualified if we don’t make it to the competition on time. Carlos don’t you know where she stays? The principal asked

Excuse me sir, how am I supposed to know that when we’ve never been friends right from the beginning, who knows if she didn’t fake disappearance because she’s not bold enough? Carlos replied

Does anyone know where Ashley lives? We’ve tried her and mom’s numbers but they Haven’t been going though.

We shall be dismissed if we don’t get to the competition venue on time… The homeroom teacher said to the students he summoned

“Tessa is her only friend and she isn’t in school either she’s the one that might probably knows where Stephanie lives” a colleague of theirs replied.

“Oh! No, this isn’t good” the principal said and sighed out of frustration.

They all diverted their attention on Kendrick who walked out of nowhere and ran to the parking lot.

Go after him!!! The principal yelled at a teacher and their homeroom teacher, and they left immediately and zoomed off, following the directions Kendrick took.

Don’t you think that’s too harsh? Like shouldn’t we just do something else to her, rather than locking her up not ma-king her attend the competition… Flora said as we got out of the house, about entering the car.

I was about giving her the reply she deserves when Tom pushed me into the car and slammed the door.

“Meet us in school” he said and entered the car too

I’m so happy I got a supportive b©yfri£nd, I love you so much darling!… I said to Tom and k!$$£d him as we drove to school.

🌺Kendrick’s POV🌺
I stood at the rooft©p as usual observing everything going on in the school.

What could possibly be the reason the whole students were summoned? I thought

I shoved it off and went back to sit but decided to take another glance at them only for me to find out it’s only the students in my [email protected] that were summoned. That picqued my interest and I ran down.

I stood at a corner observing what was happening without letting anyone notice me.

I got angry when I found out the dumb girl isn’t in school and the competition will soon be starting.

I scanned everywhere and noticed Ashley and her friends aren’t in school. fv¢k! I knew she’d be the cause of it.

I summoned the headboy and told him to give me Tom’s contact from the list of the students in our [email protected] he has with him.

“If no one can access his girlfriend, then he (the b©yfri£nd) would have to bear the suffering” I thought

I switched on my phone’s tracker and tracked his phone throu-gh the number he gave me.

‘fv¢k! He’s almost in school” I cursed. I nee-d to st©p him from getting to school… I thought and ran out suddenly and I could feel everyone’s gazes on me but I ignored that

I heaved a sigh of relief and sm-irked when I saw the car the teachers following me st©p halfway. I increased the car speed immediately so they wouldn’t catch up with me.

I sm-irked as I saw the dot on the tracker giving me the signal that he’s coming towards me.

“There you go @sshole” I said and drove straight to his front, ma-king me step [email protected] on the [email protected]

I watched him get down from the car and walked towards me angrily. I opened the car door when he got to my side and hit him with it.

Where the fv¢k is your girlfriend!!!? I asked in a yell and threw him some jabs.

He tried fighting back but I gave it to him the [email protected] way… You can’t fight with me boy, I live the life of a thvg… I said, just then, I saw the devil herself rush out of the car.

I left the guy and went to her instead.

“Tell me what gut you have to attack my b©yfri£ndout of nowhere” she yelled but i replied her with a resounding [email protected] instead and she staggered back.

Where did fv¢k is your maid!!! I asked angrily

Did you just [email protected] me because of that bit-ch? She asked and I gave her another one.

I saw Tom charging towards me but I used the girl as my shield and he punched her instead.

If that girl fails the competition, I swear I’ll make you regret ever coming to this school. Now tell me what you did to her!!! I shouted but louder this time when I saw what the time says on my wristwatch.

I..I..I… She stuttered. Answer the damn question!!! I yelled and she flin-ched

“I locked her up in the house” She replied and that got me mad.

What! because she’s a dog? because she’s a slave? Because she wasn’t not born with a silver spoon like you? Or because she’s your maid? I asked.

“Come with me and take me yo your house” I said and dragged her to my car and pushed her in.

Is this what you live in that you’re calling a house? You really are stupid and immature. Now open that door right now!!! I ordered and she obeyed

I entered the house with her and followed her to the room she said she locked her in.

I moved closer to her and that caught her off guard as she opened in quic-kly though with shaky hands.

My mood changed immediately when the door opened and I saw the girl sitting on the floor with books on her [email protected]

She looked so shocked to see me In their house and a tear dropped from her eyes.

She looks really poor and her eyeba-lls are red. She must’ve cried a lot.

I went in and [email protected]£d her hand without taking a look at her face.

I made her enter the car and drove speedily to school.

We arrived and I could see the bewildered look on everyone’s face, I guess they didn’t expect i could bring her back.

I left their pres£nce and turned to look once again, only to find the bus conveying them to the competition venue leave the school premises.

The whole students were summoned to the school hall to watch how the competition goes.

Our school name was called and I sighed when I saw how sad and nervous the girl looked.

“I so much hate this girl for this stupid personality of hers” I thought, just then I thought about Ashley.

I stood up immediately and left the hall to go look for her. “I know I’ll definitely meet you here” I said as I opened the door of the infirmary and met her receiving first aid treatment for her bruises.

I went to her and pu-ll-ed her up, the nurse tried st©pping me but I gave her the scariest look I have in me and she composed herself.

I took her to the computer laboratory and did some connections to the systems so we both could watch the competition too.

I tied her to one of the pillars in the room and went to lock the door and draw the curtains, I had alre-ady switched the CCTV [email protected]£ras off before doing anything.

Can you see what you made her look like? You see how scrawny and sad she looks? See how puffy her face is due to the tears you made her shed?

If we don’t make it to the second stage, look at my face, pray to your ancestors that we don’t loose. Or else, I’ll show you the Kendrick I once were…I said and sm-irked when I saw that we’ve failed two questions alre-ady.

“Be prepared”. I said


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