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Bullied episode 7 & 8

Carlos let go of me immediately he saw Kendrick standing afar glaring [email protected] at him.

I was surprised too, I really wish I could remember all that happened in the past.

I have a feeling I’ve had an encounter with the guy before. Now that Carlos too is afraid of him.

He walked past us without looking at us and we walked to direction of the place we’re headed too.

You two should make sure you come prepared starting from tomorrow, you’ll be spending most of your night in school till the competition ends. The homeroom teacher said and we nodded

“Excuse me sir, I won’t be able to spend the night at school because I’m working as a maid in someone’s house and i won’t be able to perform my duty if I don’t go home” I explained

“Yeah! She’s Ashley’s maid and I don’t think Ashley would allow her stay outdoor for a night. You know she nee-ds to be at her service all the time as the maid that she is” Carlos added

Shut the hell up! I didn’t ask you any question. And what if she’s a maid? Do you know she’s way better than your arrogant self, you’re nothing but a narcissist… The teacher retorted angrily

“Now get the hell out of my office and make sure you do as I’ve said”. He yelled and he went away

“I’ll talk to your Boss I’m sure she’d un-derstand” he said to me and asked me to leave which I did.

“Ma’am, I wanna discuss something with you” I said to Ashley’s mom

“I have something to discuss with you too, but you should go first” She replied

Alright ma’am! I was chose to repres£nt our school in a quiz competition and it was requested of me to spend some of my nights in school to prepare ahead of the competition… I said

That won’t be a problem, I’ve been informed alre-ady. And I got this for you… She said and stretched me a carton of new Android phone.

I got that for you. I’ll be traveling to the states next week for my son’s convocation.

You should use that to communicate with me anytime you wanna do. Make sure you keep it Safe, I’ll probably be returning with my son and might nee-d you to make some preparations before we arrive.

Make sure you keep it with you. I know what happened to you wouldn’t have if you had a phone with you to communicate with someone when you’re in danger.

“Don’t misuse it”. That’s what I wanna discuss with you. she said

“Thanks ma, thank you so much I’m grateful” I thanked on my knees.

“I can see you now have a phone uh? Congrats about that” Ashley said coming in my room when I was setting the phone up.

“Thanks” I replied.

You nee-d to get every of the chores I listed in that paper done before you start your extra [email protected], she said and threw a paper at me before finally leaving.

“It’s my fate” I said and shrugged after re-ading everything she listed.

We’ve started the [email protected] alre-ady and were given @ssignments to do ahead of the [email protected]

I was sitting un-der a tree in the garden, working on the equations given to us.

I suddenly felt a sting on my leg. I spranged on my feet immediately when I felt the pain, only for me to see loads of soldier ants crawling on my leg.

I was busy fighting with the ants when I felt bees buzzing on my head. And before I knew it, they started b!tt!g me.

I was running and itching my b©dy like a mad woman that I didn’t even know I was being captured.

I [email protected]£ to my s-en-ses when I saw students gathered in the garden laughing [email protected] at my [email protected] madness.

I covered my face in shame, and ran to the infirmary when I felt my whole b©dy swollen.

I was about running out when Carlos placed his leg on my way ma-king me fall flat.

What the hell is happening here? One of the security guards said and everywhere [email protected]£ silent.

I didn’t even know when I suddenly felt weak and [email protected] out.

I woke up few hours later and found myself in the sickbay.

Who brou-ght me here? I thought and t©uçhed my head to check if I’d remember anything. I felt my forehead oily instead and check my whole b©dy, only to find it oily too.

It was then I remembered what happened. I was busy thinking when the door opened and Carlos walked in.

I hope you enjoyed your encounter with those little friends of yours…He said smiling

What have I done to everyone if you in this school to deserve this bad treatment y’all are giving me? I asked sadly

Well! For your information, paupers like you aren’t to be treated nicely by us. You don’t belong to this school.

Besides, your boss gave everyone the freedom to treat you without respect. And I so much hate to be paired with low lives, so if you think I’d let you be my [email protected] in peace, then you’re just being delusional.

“Ask for a replacement or I get you replaced f0rç£fully myself” he said coldy and left.

Oh! My dear little maid, look at you looking like the replica of a toad. Your skin’s swollen really bad, that makes you so beautiful because you now look like your family members… Ashley taunted as she [email protected]£ in with her friend.

What I [email protected]£ her for is your phone. So hand it over to me, my b©yfri£ndnee-ds it for urgently and it won’t be re-leased till he’s throu-gh with it. She said

Why my phone? Why don’t you just give him yours instead. What if I hadn’t been given a phone yet? Would you have come to me to find a phone for your b©yfri£nd? I replied

Uh! Uh! She scoffed. Wait a minute! are you trying to [email protected] me?

Oh! Oh! I can see your memory loss has given you the courage to talk back at me since you don’t really know who I am, now give me the phone while I’m being nice… She said

What would I say if mom ask me about it? I asked

Are you so stupid not to know what to reply with? She answered.

Flora didn’t even wait for anyother thing before she [email protected]£ to search my b©dy for the phone.

where is the phone? She asked calmly.

I didn’t bring the phone to school, it’s at the room I stay at night… I replied.

Ashley rushed to me and pu-ll-ed me by the hair. Where on earth did you keep the phone!!! She thun-dered

Ouch! I didn’t bring it to [email protected], I swear. I left it in the room. plea-se my head’s aching, believe me it’s not here with me… I said amidst pain

Then you have no choice than to go and bring it..

That’d be a trouble for me if I’m caught sneaking in… I replied

Irene, check if anyone’s coming. We’ll be going to the room, this fool thinks I’m joking… She said

“Now go in there and bring what is requested of you” she said pushing me to the room.

I prayed silently not to be caught before going in.

I took the phone hurriedly and ran back outside.

“Here it is” I said stretching the phone to Ashley.

“What are you girls doing there”. We heard the principal say. The girls took to their heels immediately and I followed only to be pushed by Ashley.

“Go back! You can’t make him chase us. You should stay behind to receive our punishment”

“Mind you, don’t you dare say anyword about us to him” She said before running off finally.

I tried running to other direction, but unfortunately, he caught me by pu-lling my dress back.

“I’m doomed for real” I said to myself with my eyes closed

‘Chilax girl and open your eyes, it’s me” I heard a voice say and recognised it to be Tessa’s, I heaved a sigh of relief.

Was it you that did that? Like you sounded like the principal… I said in surprise

Let’s get out of here first, you nee-d to return to the infirmary to get fully treated and that should be done in a hurry so we wouldn’t get caught. she said

“Girl! how on earth did you do that, I swear you sounded like the principal” I said as we walked back to the [email protected]

Just forget about it, what’s important is that you’re fine now. I just hope you can stand up for yourself… She replied

I’m sure she’ll be waiting for the punishment you’d receive, not knowing that they’re being pranked… She said

The competition is in a week time, so I’ll just wait till her mom leaves the country in few days time. I can then have full time for myself. I nee-d to study [email protected] to ace this completion, a lot if people do not want me to make it to the competition so I nee-d to surprise them… I said too

Why did you give the phone to her? What stupid cheating is that? Couldn’t you have just said you can’t give her?

She’s gonna make life miserable for me, just let me continue enduring the pains she inflicts on me.. I replied

“Our lives will definitely turn good one day” She said and I added an Amen.

🌞The Following Week🌞
“Good evening ma’am” I greeted Ashley’s mum when I got in, just returning from school a day before she’d be travelling

Shut the hell up and save your greetings to yourself she replied angrily

I’m sorry ma’am, I apologized even though I don’t know what I did wrong

How dare you steal that hvge amount of money from my drawer? she yelled

Ma, i swear to God I didn’t steal any money. I’ve never stolen anything since I got here, I can’t possibly steal from you despite all you’ve done for me… I said pleading amidst tears ( one thing I hate is when I’m being lied against or wrongfully accuse)

And you have the guts you lie to me? Oh! I forgot I alre-ady got you a phone, so you now have people you’re communicating with that’s giving you lessons to steal from me, right?

I swear, I didn’t steal it. We were together yesterday throu-ghout busy preparing for your travelling. Ma are you sure you brou-ght the money home and put it there? I asked, but this time pleading on my knees

Infact, where is the phone I got for you?

Ma? Erm.. Erm.. I stuttered scratching my n£¢k.

Hey mom! What’s up, why do you look so angry? Ashley said barging in, thereby Interrupting us.

I’m asking you, where is the phone I got for you. Are you freaking deaf? She yelled again.

“Oh! I borrowed it from her, here it is” she said stretching the phone to her.

And why would you do that when you obviously have yours? She asked collecting the phone from her.

Ashley, did you by any chance take any money from the drawer in my room? She asked Ashley

Mom! Why would I do such? I would’ve asked you for the money instead… she replied [email protected]

Ashley, did you fv¢king take the money and make her think I stole it? I asked angrily and her mom gave me a resounding [email protected]

How dare you say that to me? Ashley said too and bounced on me, beating me [email protected] and her mom didn’t interfere.

“Sweetheart! It’s okay’ she said and Ashley st©pped beating me and left me alone.

“I can see, you’re nothing but an ungrateful soul” one thing I hate most in my life is stealing. And I promise to re-lease you when I return, everything I’ve done for you including your schooling shall be forfeited… “That’s a promise from me” she said and left.

I looked at Ashley’s face and she sm-irked evily before walking away. I stood up and went to the room given to me, I sat on the floor and wept bitterly. “If only she could believe I didn’t do it” I thought

🌞The Next Day🌞
I took the luggages to the car just as she’s ordered and waited for her to come outside.

“I’m so disappointed in you, you’ve now made me see the reason why my daughter’s been asking me to sack you. I’d have love to return the phone to you, but who knows if you’d use it to communicate with people to come rob me on my way back home” she said and eyed me before entering the car.

Bye mom! Ashley said waving at her with a smile, “bye dear” she replied

“Don’t forget to pack your belongings before I return” she added before asking the driver to soon off.

We had alre-ady finished with the school lessons so I had to find my way to the garden, but had it in mind to sit at a safer place this time.

I walked past an empty [email protected] which is very silent and conducive for studying.

I stood at the entrance deliberating whether to study here or not.. I shifted back when I heard someone cough. Oops! I said when my eyes met with Carlo’s who was busy studying.

I doubled my steps and walked to the garden.

I didn’t even know know when a tear dropped in the book I placed on my knees as I reminisced about what happened the previous day.

I never expected it to happen this fast, at least not now that I haven’t completed my secondary school education.

“Why is my life like this oh! Lord” I said to none in [email protected] and Cried aloud.

This isn’t the time for your tears, I nee-d to get your @ss him right now and go prepare food for my friends and I.

I’ll be holding a [email protected] tonight at my house, so go home now and prepare the foods we’ll be eating… Ashley said appearing from behind with her friends.

Why do I have a feeling you took the money that’s said to be stolen by me to host this [email protected]? i said only to be welcomed by a [email protected] from behind

Ouch! I cried and turned, only to find her b©yfri£ndstanding behind me glaring [email protected] at me.

You dare talk back at your boss when she’s talking? That’s really nice of you. He said

Now get up and go do what she asked you to do!!! He yelled

“I’m sorry, but the competition is tomorrow and I have to be in school studying like never” I said calmly

So you’re trying to [email protected], since you’ve been chos£n to repres£nt the school, right? He said again

“No! I’m certainly not” I replied

“Get your @ss up and run home now” Ashley ordered

“It won’t be okay If I do, plea-se just let me be for this once, I promise to do any other thing you ask me to at least before I get fired” I pleaded

Get up now!!! She yelled flinging my books away. Flora [email protected]£ to me and pu-ll-ed me up by my uniform while Irene pushed me.

“plea-se Ashley, just this once” I begged on my knees. Her b©yfri£[email protected]£ to me and dragged me on the floor instead.

“I’ll leave peacefully” I said when I couldn’t withstand the pain I’m feeling any longer.

“I’ll be back with them so don’t try anything stupid with me” Ashley said and pushed me in the car before slamming the door [email protected] on me.


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