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Bullied episode 5 & 6


I just finished cleaning the backyard and was pushing the trashcan to the dumpsite when a figure fell on the can.

I flin-ched out of fear when the lady fell directly from the rooft©p.

I rang the emergency bell immediately and the staffs [email protected]£ rushing to me.

She was rushed to the nearest hospital immediately with the school bus.

How did it happen? The principal asked me.

” i was just coming from the backyard and she fell just on the can but landed on the floor because she’s not balanced” I explained

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And did you try looking up to see if anyone peeped? He asked again

I did but didn’t see anyone.

“How do we know who’s behind this or what actually happened when there’s no surveillance [email protected]£ra over there” he said and sighed.

“Tell the system an-alyst to check the footage of stair way, we might find something useful out of it. I nee-d to be at the hospital right away” he said and turned to leave but was st©pped by a student that rushed to him.

“Excuse me sir, plea-se take me with you, I nee-d to see her. There’s a student I’m suspicious of, I nee-d to ask her what happened. She wouldn’t have just decided to commit suicide by falling off the rooft©p” the girl said pleadingly

“Let’s go” he replied and they left in his car.

I sm-irked when I saw her fall and turned to face Kendrick, only to find me looking as angry and dangerous as ever.

Why did you push her, huh? Why!!! Why!!! Why!!! He yelled angrily and I flin-ched. I must confess, I’m scared of the way he looks right now…

“I promise to kill you if anything happens to her” he said and rushed off. I hurriedly left the rooft©p cause I know people would come here anytime soon.

Gosh! Did I truly made an attempt to kill her? What would be my fate if she eventually dies and my secret gets leaked out? What will I tell mom [email protected]£ over me to have killed her? All these are the thoughts running in my mind.

Why did you do that when there’s much opportunity for you to frustrate her till she leaves your life? You’d be tagged a murderer if she dies you know that right? Tommy, my b©yfri£ndsaid as he got to me.

I didn’t do it, how could you think in the same way as others? I said trying to hide my guilt.

‘Don’t fv¢king lie to me, you bit-ch” he yelled and that drew people’s attention.

‘Lower your voice Tom. Kendrick did it not me” I lied just then Kendrick [email protected] and sh0t me a glare.

“You think the guilt isn’t written on your face? Here you are trying to lie to me. Infact! I’m done with you. Come back to me once the girl survives”.. He said and left

Tom!! Tom!!! To.. I called but he ignored me. “It’s gonna be alright dear” Flora said

“Just do as we’ve asked you to and all would be fine” my friends said to me as we got to the parking lot.

“Alright! I’ll give you the feedback when I get home from the hospital”

I arrived at her ward and met mom there and some other teachers from our school.

I [email protected]£ sad immediately I saw how worried and sad mom looked.

All eyes fell on me immediately I entered the ward. My eyes met with that of her friend’s and the girl sh0t me a deadly glare.

I moved closer to her and faked tears as I saw bruises on her b©dy, with a hvge bandage on her head.

Ashley what exactly happened? Didn’t I tell you to always stay by her side? Why didn’t you walk together with her? Would this have happened if you were with her? Mom chastised

“If only she isn’t the one that pushed her off the rooft©p” her friend said giving me a scornful look and everyone looked at her

What did you just say? Mom and others asked in unison.

“OMG! did I say that loud? Oh! Nothing, was just doing some thinking. I’m trying to figure out what could have possibly happened to her” she lied. And I heaved a secret sigh of relief

“I’m so sorry for not monitoring our students properly, plea-se forgive us” the principal apologized to mum.

“It’s okay, I just pray she wakes soon. Make sure you get to the root of the matter ” Mom replied

I know mom will sure get to the root of the matter, she doesn’t back off when she’s so determined to do something… I thought

“I nee-d to use the rest room, I’ll be right back” Tessa said and excused herself.

I nee-d to think of a way to warn her not to leak anything out. I thought as I watch her leave.

I took my phone and set it’s alarm till the next minute with the call ring tone I use.

“I’m coming, I nee-d to answer this call” I said and excused myself pretending to have gotten a call.

Do you think you can say what you wanted to say earlier and go scot free? I said as I entered the restroom, she flin-ched obviously scared because she wasn’t expecting me.

So are you saying you’re the only that actually tried to kill her? She replied.

If you ever say anything about me to them out there,I promise to eliminate you…. I threatened and pushed her to the floor ma-king her fall on her bu-tt.

“So what I heard was true” I heard someone say and turned to the entrance.

“Mom” I called out of surprise

“Does she know alre-ady” I asked myself as I was scared alre-ady.

Mom what do you mean by that? I asked with a smile.

I heard you bully students and isn’t that exactly what you’re doing right now?

Oh! C’mon mom, who the hell gave you that false information, I don’t bully. What would be the reason for me to bully my fellow students.

I wasn’t bullying her, I just [email protected]£ to thank her for coming for my sister since I haven’t had the chance to. I lied

Tessa is she telling the truth? She asked her

“Yes ma, she is” Tessa replied

You had better not, you should expect the worse treatment from me if I later find out you do that. I don’t care if you’re my daughter or not, I’m not raising you to be the bad egg in the community… Mom said and left

She followed immediately but I made sure I whispered “Be warned” in her ear.

Babe, mom just called me to tell me she’s woken up but the doctor said she’s got a memory loss, so I think that’s better because it’s what we’ve been praying for… I said to my friends on call

“Yeah! Our prayers has been answered” Tessa replied.

“You should be more careful with her so mom wouldn’t vet suspicious of you, okay?” irene added

“I will, thanks. Gotta go now, Bye” I said and hung up to go prepare the meal mom asked me to.

Welcome back mom, how is she feeling now? I asked as she returned home from the hospital.

She’s getting better. The doctor said she wouldn’t be coming with us till tomorrow when she’s been tested to be fine, she can then be discharged.

So should I go pack the food so we’ll take it to her?

Yes, I nee-d to go freshen myself up, make sure you get it done before I return…. She replied

The issue has died down because they couldn’t find an evidence and the victim was said to have gotten a memory loss.

I’m glad she recognises I and some other people. I made sure I’m always with her so she’d be abit safe.

We were studying together in the [email protected] when Ashley [email protected]£ to us. “Hi girls” she said to us

Hi! I replied perfunctorily.

Uhm! I nee-d Stephanie’s attention for a moment, she said and I eyed her.

For what? I asked

C’mon, don’t be like that. “Sis, I nee-d to see you for a moment” She said to Steph.

“Alright, let’s go. I’ll be right back Tess” she said and left with her.

I saw how discomforted Tessa was when I oblige to follow her. But I was just curious to know why she asked to see me.

So, where are you taking me to? I asked as we walked

I just want you to meet my friends, they’ve been asking to meet you… She replied

Alright! I said and she pushed me with her shoulder, ma-king me collide with a guy.

What was that for? I asked immediately I composed myself.

“I’m sorry about that” I apologized to the guy, but why do I have a feeling I’ve had an encounter with this guy before? I asked myself.

The guy sh0t her a glare before walking away and she sm-irked too.

“Girls! She’s here” She announced as we got to the empty [email protected] they were sitting.

“Girls! Our attentions are nee-ded in the [email protected] right now” Tessa said, as she rushed in when I was just about to have my sit.

We all rushed to the [email protected] and met our homeroom teacher and the principal in there with some papers at their front.

“You all should settle down and maintain decorum right away” The principal ordered

Now take your time to answer the questions in the paper you were given. He ordered again and we started almost immediately

Seriously guys, what was that? Everyone asked themselves.

It was really an unexpected test, what’s really happening? Tessa asked me and I shrugged.

I just hope we all [email protected] and they tell us what it’s meant for on time…I replied

I was told to inform you of the arrival of your homeroom teacher in fifteen minutes time. So y’all should wait behind till he arrives…. The head prefect said when he [email protected]£ in as we all were packing our books, re-ady to go home.

I’m sorry y’all weren’t informed beforehand, that was just to test your abilities for the Inter school quiz competition that’s coming up.

I’ll call the two students that scored the highest grade in the test and they’ll be the ones to repres£nt us.

There are two stages, the first, initial and the final stage… If we happen to be among the schools that’ll compete at the finals, then it’d be a great honour to our school.

“So, Stephanie Coker and Carlos Parker. You two should meet me in my office for more discussion, you’ll be repres£nting us in the competition” He announced and my eyes wi-de-ned as this has never happened to me before.

“I only get to repres£nt my [email protected] and it’s within the school, not like this which I’ll have to face lot of faces” I thought… With my face down

“It’s gonna be alright dear, you gotta go now” Tessa said patting my back.

I got out of the [email protected] with Tessa and met the guy waiting for me.

“plea-se wait for me in the car, tell the driver to wait till I return” I said to Ashley

So you’re not just poor, you’ve got something in that [email protected] of yours… Dre said as we walked to the teacher’s office

“I’m fv¢king talking to you, don’t just keep quiet and act like you’re deaf” he barked when I ignored him.

Excuse me, we’ll have no choice than to return home late if we don’t get to his office on time. I said walking away and he pu-ll-ed me back.

Don’t fv¢king walk out on me, you worthless Vagabond!!! He yelled and I sighed, fighting [email protected] to hold back my tears.

“Yell at her once again and see what’s gonna happen to you” someone said and we both turned to the direction the voice [email protected]£ from.


Who is this person?🤔

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