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Bullied episode 3 & 4

I was expecting myself to land on the [email protected] tiles expecting my bones to break by the time I get to the floor.

It turned the other way round when I felt myself on a person’s hand. I opened my eyes and met with the most handsome face I’ve ever set my eyes on.

I was lost staring at his handsome face when he suddenly dropped me on the floor, then reality strucked me that he saved me from falling and instead of me to free myself from his grip, I was drooling like a fool.

The students laughed at me when he dropped me suddenly and I fell on my bu-tt.

Ashley and her friends walked up to me and she k!$$£d the guy, she’s her b©yfri£ndI think.

That’s just the beginning, you should thank your stars my darling saved your @ss… She said

“Sweetheart, you shouldn’t have saved her, all I want is for her to die and never show her face in my front again” she said to the guy.

“I heard she’s your new slave, it won’t be nice if she just die without receiving much of your punishment. That’s why I had to save her.” The guy replied.

Wow! That’s so heartless of him, so that’s the reason why he saved me. Lord when will I ever become fortunate in life? I said to myself and quic-kly wiped the tears away.

Are you okay? I’m so sorry I left you, she wouldn’t have pushed you knowing I’d tell you of the danger.

“Let’s get up before the students start capturing you” Tessa said Andreas pu-ll-ed me up.

We got to the cafeteria and ordered our meal.

I was walking behind Tessa because I don’t know where to sit.

We made sure we didn’t [email protected] where Ashley and her friends were sitting so they won’t do anything to us.

Little did we know there are more enemies for us than we could ever imagine.

I was walking with my whole mindwhen someone suddenly placed his leg on the way, which made me loose balance.

I tr!pp£dand the food tray I was carrying flew off my hand and poured on a guy’s shi-t.

“I knew it, I’m so unfortunate” I thought as the guy I messed his uniform up stood up angrily and gave me a thun-derous [email protected]

“How dare you”!!! He thun-dered

“I’m” I stammered as tears dropped from my eyes. The [email protected] was really painful and heavy at the same time.

“Are you so stupid and blind to have poured food on me out of everyone sitting here” he nagged

The next thing I saw what him pouring different foods on me and other students joined him too.

I was saved by the head prefect and principal who [email protected]£ in. They st©pped and went to their seats

How dare you bully a student on her first day of resumption!!! Who started it? The principal asked no one in [email protected] But no one answered him

“I was taken out of the [email protected] by Ashley”

I washed myself up and waited for sometime before my uniform dried up.

You should be extremely careful from now on. That guy is the most dangerous student. He looks cool but is nothing but a devil.

I’m sure he wouldn’t let it slide just like that. Just pray he doesn’t serve any punishment because I’m sure the footage would’ve shown them who started it… Tessa said

“Hmmmmn” I sighed heavily. I pray he doesn’t, because that devilish girl will also support him…I said

“There’s even a rumor about him that says he belongs to a secret cult.” She added.

“I know I’ll overcome all these one day”. I said

“Let’s go back” she said.

We got out and met the guy and some other students that were caught on our way with the principal and head boy behind them.

I hope you’re fine now? The principal asked and i nodded.

Fine! Go get your food if you’re still hungry. I’m sorry about what they did to you, they’re to be put in detention for the rest of the day… He said and I could swear my heart skipped abit when I saw how deadly the look on the guy’s face.

“You’re doomed” he said in a whisper.

“I nee-d to be prudent and prepare myself ahead of whatsoever it is he’s gonna do to me” I thought as Tessa and I proceeded to where we were headed.

The school ended and I went to the parking lot to wait for the driver just as I was told by Mrs coker.

“Good afternoon sir” I greeted the driver when he arrived and was about entering the car when I felt a hand pu-ll my cloth, I knew it can be none other than the devil herself.

What do you think you’re doing? You think I’ll let you be in the car withe when it’s not my mom that’s driving us?

“But Ashley, the order given to us by mom was that the driver should take us home together ” I said calmly

Ashley, you don’t allow me take you home, you follow your b©yfri£ndinstead, so why are you st©pping her from entering the car? The driver bu-tted in

Excuse you, I’m going in my car today and she isn’t coming with us, that’s the final. She replied rudely

“plea-se let her in or I’ll report you to your mom” he said again

“Report me and I’ll have you fired by falseful accusations” she replied and entered the car.

I entered the car throu-gh the other side only to be welcomed by a [email protected] Get out!!! She yelled.

In fact! Get out too, I’ll drive myself home. You two should find your way home. She said and pushed the driver out of the car before driving away.

The driver ordered uber and we went home.

How was your first day at school? Mrs Coker asked after she finished her meal.

“It was great ma’am, I had a bre-ad day. I made friends alre-ady” I lied and gave a faux smile. I said only for Asley to scoff

I looked at her and she eyed me. “That’s good to hear, make sure you focus on your studies, okay?

Yes ma’am, thank you for everything you’ve been doing for me. May the Lord reward you abundantly

“Amen, I’m glad you appreciate dear, let’s go to be-d alre-ady. Tomorrow is another day” she replied

☀Days Later☀
I wanted to go study in the [email protected], so i decided to go to take my books from my locker.

I opened my locker, only to find my new books w€t and thorned. Anger rose in me immediately that I felt like killing the bit-ch but I have no power in me, I shut the locker’s door placed my head on it with my eyes closed just to calm my nerves.

I took everything out of the locker and went to the school laundry to dry it in it’s compound.

I opened the door but it was locked. This shouldn’t be locked, who might have made the mistake of locking it? I thought and turned to leave, only to find the three witches grinning evily.

“That was nothing but a good afternoon greeting from me. I told you I’ll make your life miserable in this school” she said and threw my bag at me, I caught it and it’s w€t and smelly.

Tell mom to transfer you from this school to another if you wanna have a peaceful life….She said and left with her minions

I walked to the school rooft©p, luckily it was open. I walked in and found a bench at a corner.

I was placing my books on it when I felt the smell of a cigarette brush throu-gh my nose.

I ignored it and went further to hang my bag on an abandoned metal I found.

I felt a strong hand pu-ll me down from the chair I climbe-d and I fell [email protected] on my bu-tt.

Ouch! I cried and stood up, only to meet face to face with the guy I messed his uniform up the other day looking as angry as ever.

So after s£nding me to detention, you still had the gut to sneak up on me. How dare you!!! He thun-dered and fear gr!pp£dme instantly

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. My books and bag were messed up, so I had to come up here to sundry them, and that’s because the laundry gate was locked. I explained

How dare you lie to me!!! he thun-dered again and [email protected] me [email protected]

“I’m sorry sir” I pleaded on my knees, but all he did was go to the entrance door and locked it.

“I’m doomed alre-ady” i thought…”if you ever utter any word about what you saw today to anyone in the school, I promise to kill you” he threatened.

“I’ll never speak to anyone about it, in fact I didn’t see you here” I said and tried standing up to leave but he pu-ll-ed back and stretched the cigarette to me instead without saying any word

I collected it from him and threw it on the floor and stepped on it, I raised my head up only to be welcomed by a resounding [email protected] and tears streamed down my eyes this time because it’s the second [email protected] I’ll be receiving.

“I didn’t know what you wanted me to do with it that’s why I trashed it” I explained in a teary voice knowing that’s why he [email protected] me.

So you’re saying you don’t smoke right? Imma teach you a lesson today. He said and brou-ght out another pack from his pocket and illuminated it.

“I shifted back as he stretched it to me, asking me to take a smoke”

“plea-se don’t” I pleaded and ran off . he chased me [email protected] and finally caught me.

You want them to come here right? And that’s why you’re running to make sound with your legs. He said as he strangled my n£¢k.

“I’m choking” I managed to say demonstrating with my hand.

“Since you decided not to take a smoke, I’ll make you disappear forever ” He said and raised me up by gr-abbing my [email protected]!st and I could feel my legs in the middle of the hair.

“plea-se I’m just a poor orphan, don’t let me die by not achieving anything in life. I owe my helper a lot” I pleaded in tears

He was about re-leasing his hand when the entrance door opened and he looked back surprised.

He brou-ght me back to my feet. I squatted and shut my eyes to heaved a a sigh of relief when I knew I’ve been freed.

I stood up and tried running away but was pu-ll-ed back by Ashley.

And what the fv¢k are you doing here, how did you get the spare key? He asked angrily

“Chill dude, I [email protected]£ here to make your work easier. I also want this bit-ch dead. Trust me, she’ll let out your secret if you don’t kill her now or make her forget everything” Ashley replied

“And who told I want her dead” he thun-dered and pu-ll-ed me from her.

Ashley why do you detest me so much? Why do you choose to be heartless at this young age of yours? I asked but she only moved closer to us and pushed me [email protected] so I’ll fall over, but the guy held me ti-ght.

I cried inwardly as they struggled on me. The next thing I knew was me being carried my the leg ma-king me turn over. Kendrick!!!! I heard Ashley call and [email protected] as she watched me fall.

“I cried as I felt myself going down. Mom! Dad! I wish to see you in the afterlife, I’m sorry I didn’t live long like you must’ve wished for ” I thought

everything [email protected]£ blank when I finally landed and hit my head on the [email protected] floor.


Who pushed her exactly.🤔
Will she survive it?🤔

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