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Bullied episode 25 & 26

🌺Stephanie Mom’s POV🌺
What is it, why do you all look so shocked? Is it that you’re surprised to see someone come in or you don’t expect she could be born of a person like me?

You must’ve made my daughter go throu-gh a lot. I’m here now so who the fv¢k are those opining that my daughter should be suspended? I said to everyone as I entered and they all sighed.

Excuse me madam, the school doesn’t know you to be Stephanie’s mother and we can’t just believe you to be… The man whom I guess is the principal of the school said and I eyed him.

With all due respect sirs and ma, I’m sure there isn’t any nee-d to confirm it, no one here is blind not to have seen the resemblance… I replied

And why shouldn’t your daughter be suspended? Isn’t what she did a lead for other students to do the same each time they’re hurt… A woman said and I sh0t her a glare.

Oh! You must be the woman I heard my daughter worked for. And you chased her out because of your daughter.

I’d love you all to watch this, but plea-se summon our children here first… I said and moved to the projector to set up the connections.

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I asked the girl that informed me of what’s happening to bring in my [email protected]©p minutes after I enter and she did as planned.

Stephanie do you know this woman? She claimed to be your mother… The chief judge asked

“OMG!!! Stephanie has a mother, wealthy one to be precise” Flora exclaimed and I glared at her.

Well it is obvious she is, why bother asking me the question y’all alre-ady know the answer to… I replied rudely

We just nee-d to be sure you didn’t rent her. I waonder how you found for her tho… Ashley said and was cautioned to remain silent by flora’s mom.

That’s a typical example of how much she hates her… I replied

These are the cli-ps of how your children have been bullying mine, simply because they think she’s a poor orphan and because she submitted herself to them.

I sm-irked as I saw how shocked they looked. Y’all must be wondering where I got the videos from. Well! What you don’t know is that not everyone are in support what your daughters have been doing, so that’s why I got someone that has been capturing them… I said

I pressed some things on my phone and the gatekeeper that works in the house my daughter once worked in [email protected]£ in as planned.

What are you Doug here, shouldn’t you be at your duty post? She asked him as he entered.

I only called him here as a witness to what your daughter has been doing to my daughter at your house and you chose to turn blind eye to. You refuse to know who your daughter truly is… I answered her.

“Mr, plea-se say everything you have to say here right in everyone’s pres£nce” I said to the man

I apologize to the school authority for bringing an outsider into this matter but can you plea-se tell me why daughter deserve to put on suspension. [email protected] from the fact that she’s very important to the school and the fact that she endured all the [email protected]!pwithout voicing out.

Tell me why and I’ll show you she doesn’t have a useless mother!!! I yelled.

Thanks for coming for me, but that doesn’t mean I’ve accepted you as my mother. You don’t deserve to be called one… Stephanie said to me as we both got to my car.

Sweetheart! plea-se come with me, I promise to explain everything that happened to you… I begged holding her hand but she yanked it off.

“I’m not coming with you, thanks for coming once again” she said and turned to leave but was st©pped by a guy whom I guess is her friend

“Let’s go ma’am we’re coming with you” he said and pushed her into the car.

I smiled and muttered thank you, to him.

What are you doing Kendrick!!! She asked in a yell.

The same thing you did that made me reconcile with my mother… He replied.

You’re trying to make someone’s life peaceful, whereas you’re not creating peace for your own self… He added.

“Ma’am plea-se tell is what happened” he said as we settled down at home.

It all started when I got pregnant, I told my ex husband which is her father about it and he denied it.

We engaged in h0t battle because he denied owning the child which he knows well that he deflowered me and he’s the only one I had S-x with.

Months after the fight, he decided to make peace with me by accepting the pregnancy.

He treated me nicely and showered me with much love, care and attention. I never knew he had bad intentions in him.

We planned to name her Stephanie after discovering the baby is a girl.

I gave birth to her as at when due with much joy in me as I [email protected] the mini me I was carrying then.

I finished brea-stfeeding her one day and la-id her in her cot, then I suddenly started feeling ti-psy. It was then it got to me that I’ve been hypnotized.

I woke up days later and found myself in a strange place but nothing was left in my memory. My memory has been wiped by the evil doctor your dad conspired with.

All I knew then was that I just delivered a baby because I was still bleeding, I cried as I tried remembering what actually happened but couldn’t.

It took me years before remembering what happened and that’s why I sought for revenge. I went to your fathers house and to be told he died of cancer.

I went to the hospital too and got the information that the doctor has been arrested by someone else.

I started looking for you but my effort was in vain. That was why my joy knew no bound the day you walked directly into my house.

I’m sorry darling, I didn’t abandon you. Your father did. plea-se forgive me for not been there all these years.

“I’m really sorry dear plea-se forgive me” I pleaded to her in tears.

I forgive you alre-ady, I’ve always wanted to know the woman that gave me. I’m glad it wasn’t your fault.

plea-se don’t cry again, you’re ma-king me cry. You’re forgiven alre-ady… She said and I [email protected] her immediately she stood at my front.

“That’s my girl” her friend said and win-ked at us.

“Thanks for helping me out” I said to her friend.

Does that mean I can now call you big sis? We heard my little boy ask as he entered.

I looked at her and she gave me a questioning look.

Of course you can, I’m your big sister and you are my little brother. I’m grateful to mom for giving birth to you for me… I said and [email protected] him.

“Thanks sister” I seriously can’t wait to show you to my friends. I’ve got a beautiful sister to [email protected] of… He said smiling

No problem dear, I can’t wait to meet your friends too. Go freshen up and come down to have your lunch. You must’ve been stressed out alre-ady… I said and he nodded

The maid [email protected]£ in and took him to his room to perform her normal duty.

“Uncle, I’ll be right back” he st©pped climbing the stairs and said to Kendrick who nodded at his word.

Who is the boy’s father and who isn’t he around? I’ve never seen him around… I asked

He works abroad and comes home once in a while. He’s so eager to meet you. He said he’ll return in a month time, so you’ll meet him then… She replied

“Oh! You must’ve told him a lot about me” I said

Of course I have, I don’t keep things from my husband. He isn’t like your father who isn’t trustworthy… She said

Alright! So how did you know what was happening at my school and how did you know where I’m schooling? I inquired again

Why don’t you just st©p being inquisitive? She said, just then we heard a knock on the door and Tessa [email protected]£ in afterward.

“Good afternoon ma’am”She greeted my mom. Hi babe! Hi Ken! She greeted us too and quic-kly take her eyes off us.

There’s no nee-d for the answer, i alre-ady know the person behind it. Tessa, you did all that? How could you have done that without my permission? I asked

I’m sorry dear, I just wanted peace to reign. I hope you can forgive me for bringing reconciliation back to the family… She replied

Don’t mind her dear, all thanks to you. I promise to help you solve whatever problem you have too. I forbid you from working as a housemaid from this moment on. I’ll settle you before you leave…Mom said

How were you able to contact her? I asked again.

It seems you’ve forgotten that she’s the one that found the job vacancy for you, of course she must’ve gotten her phone number and residential address from it… Kendrick answered on her behalf.

“You’re really smart and wise Ken, thumbs up for that” she said and win-ked at him.

“Let’s go to the dinning room, the food has been served” Mom said and we oblige

🌺Author’s POV🌺
Stephanie rejected her mom’s offer of sponsoring her education. She told her she’s gonna struggle for herself and luckily, their school won the inter school quiz competition and she and Carlos were given scholarsh!pthat covers their education to their university level.

They had finished the second to the last stage of secondary school education and are now in their final year.

Both Stephanie and Kendrick’s family are doing fine as everyone are united once again. But the two friends decided not to live on their family’s money but to work for their own money.

Tessa has st©pped working as a maid and now has a mini business of her own.

Stephanie also started a petty trading of snacks she makes and her business is really going on well.

The school new term has begun alre-ady but the three friends haven’t resumed, Kendrick brou-ght up the idea of going for shopping. And they selected a day to go for it.

Ashley’s mom told her to find a suitable time to apologize to Stephanie and it should be done in the pres£nce of other students.

Mom! I think she’s no longer coming to our school. She hasn’t been coming ever since we resumed this term and nine of her friends are in school either… She said to her mum when she returned from school oneday.

Don’t tell me that nons-en-se, you chose to be who I didn’t train you to be, I won’t be plea-sed with you if you don’t apologize to her… Her mom replied her.

Stephanie and Kendrick arrived at school the following day in his car and the students couldn’t help but stare at them

They ignored them and walked straight to their [email protected]

I can’t believe she’s a rich woman’s daughter, she’s actually back in the school despite being renounced by Ashley’s mother… The students gossipped as they walked.

Stephanie!!! Ashley called and she st©pped walking. “Excuse me do you mean mean me? Stephanie asked

“Yeah! I nee-d to talk to you plea-se”
She said in a calm voice.

Oh! Oh! What do you want? You’re trying to [email protected] of your tricks in me again? Stephanie asked and she tutted.

“I’m sure she’s here to seek for forgiveness” Tessa said interfering.

“Forgiveness? OMG! I didn’t see that Coming” Stephanie said and laughed out loud.


Will she forgive her?🤔

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