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Bullied episode 17 & 18

“Ashley what have you done to meeee” I screamed as I kept on yelping in pain.

I wouldn’t wanna stay long in your room and in the house, so no one would suspect me, but I’m sure you won’t make it to that competition… She said

I’m sure you’re gonna die here, because mom and Rolland left home very early in the morning, so there won’t be anyone to come save you. Have a safe journey to heaven, I’m off for school, bye… She said and slammed the door

Just then, I heard a loud ban-g. OMG! I’m glad Kendrick arrived just in time. I’m sure he’ll definitely deal with her in my behalf… I thought and rolled in pain on he floor.

Aaaaaargh! I heard her scream and i knew immediately he hit her head on the wall due to the sound I heard.

Stephanie!!! He called as he ran to the room with the school principal. What’s wrong with you? The principal asked but I couldn’t reply him

Kendrick carried me up and o was rushed to the Hospital immediately with the school bus.

I was given some medications and I felt a bit relieved. I was told to rest for 30minutes and I did exactly just that.

“She’s awake” I heard Kendrick say as I opened my eyes. “You can leave with her now, but she must return for her complete medication once the competition is over” the doctor said and I was led out if the room immediately.

I got to the school bus and met Carlos staring at me disgustedly. “I’m coming with you” Kendrick said and entered the bus without wasting time.

Our school was penalised for being 10minutes late for the competition but the principal was plea-sed with it since we weren’t disqualified.

Though I wasn’t really strong medically, but I was able to answer the questions given to us and with that, our school ranked the second position this time.

You’re such a strong lady, I’m glad you could fight for the school. We’re now moving to the final stage of the competition, and if we could win this time, our school will benefit a lot and your name shall forever be in the school record book.

Let’s head back to the hospital, you won’t be staying at that house if yours when the competition [email protected]£ becomes less than a week. There’s always a hindrance for you, we’ll sort that out… The principal said as we got back to our school bus.

Congratulations sir, I can see you’ve really trained your students. They’ve improve a lot, kudos to you… The chairman of the organization said to the principal as he was about joining us in the bus.

“Thanks for coming for me” I said to Kendrick. “You’re welcome” he replied perfunctorily.

What’s wrong with you, you look so lost in thought, what are you thinking about? I asked

“Nothing, congratulations on ma-king it to the finals” he said and put on his headphone.

Congratulations dearies, I’m proud of you two. Thanks for helping our school make it to the finals… The school owner’s son said as we alighted of the bus.

“You’re welcome sir” Carlos and I said in unison

Let’s head to my office, I nee-d to [email protected] with you two. We’ll have an elaborate one if we win the final competition… He said and we followed behind.

“Let’s go to your house together, I nee-d to have some word with Ashley, she must tell me why she did that to you”… Kendrick texted me, I look up immediately after re-ading the message to see if he’s in the [email protected] but he isn’t.

“That wouldn’t be necessary. I’m totally fine now, Coming over to our place will just cause more trouble for me” I replied and left the [email protected]

The driver didn’t come since Ashley didn’t come to school, I’ll have no choice than to go take a cab…

“Good afternoon ma” I greeted Ashley’s mum as I got to the sitting room.

Afternoon dear, welcome back. I didn’t get to see you in the morning, how was the competition? She asked

“It was awesome, we made it to the finals” I replied

That’s good I’m proud of you… She said and gestured me to come for a hvg.

Thanks ma’am, but where is Ashley and Rolland? I asked

Oh! They’re in Roland’s room, Ashley has a swell on her head and it’s giving her headache. So her brother is watching over her in his room… She said

That must be the result of the hit she received from Kendrick in the morning… I thought

Alright! I’ll go check on her… I said and left the sitting room.

🌞Days Later🌞
“Are you almost throu-gh with the cooking? My friends are almost here” Roland asked as he entered the kitchen.

Yeah I’m almost throu-gh, I just nee-d the water to dry up. I’ll dish it out once it’s re-ady… I replied

Alright! Thanks a lot, you’re one in a million. I nee-d to go wait for them at the junction I’ll be right back, but make sure it’s all re-ady before I return with them… He said

“It’s gonna be re-ady before then, I’m @ssuring you” I replied smiling. “If only Ashley could be this kindhearted too” I said to myself as I watched him exit the kitchen.

Wow! Ken, you sure have a great chef. This meal is delicious and sumptuous… One of his friends commented as they all ate their food.

You can say that again, Stephanie is indeed a great one you know, she could establish a catering business if she wishs.. Kendrick replied, just then Ashley screamed and held her tummy.

What’s wrong with you? They all asked, but she ran out if the dinning room immediately, while Kendrick followed.

I followed them too only to find her crying on the toilet. Kendrick opened the toilet door, not minding the fact that she’d be half n-ked.

What’s going on here, I heard my daughter scream… Her mum asked as she rushed in.

Mom! My tummy, it’s hurting me badly, I can’t seem to st©p purging… She said

What happened, why the sudden pain? She asked. Stephanie, go get me the herb in my room. It should work for sometime before we get you to the hospital.

No! Don’t s£nd her, she poisoned my food. Stephanie poisoned my food!!! She shouted and I shifted back.

What!!! Did you truly poisoned my daughter’s food? She asked as she moved closer to me.

“Hang in there, I’ll be right back” Roland said and left the room.

Answer the damn question!!!! She thun-dered and I flin-ched.

My heart raced as she asked the question angrily, I’ve never seen her this angry before.

Y. Y..yes, i stuttered and she landed a heavy [email protected] on my cheek. How dare you!!! She yelled.

I’m sorry ma’am, I was only trying to get back at her for poisoning my food a day before the completion.

I almost died that day and she left me wallowing in pain telling me that I ain’t gonna make it to the competition. I’m really sorry ma’am, I didn’t know it’d turn the other way round… I pleaded on my knees

Get out of my house this instant, I don’t wanna see you in my house when I return. I can’t believe the girl I’ve been feeding all these years made an attempt to kill my daughter by poisoning her.

“I never knew you’re such a beast. Leave now before I have you arrested” she warned and left the room after Roland had carried Ashley to the car.

Oh Lord! Why am I this unfortunate, why does it have to be when I decided to take my revenge, no one knew when she did hers to me… I thought

I packed my baggages and waited for them outside the house.

All will be well okay? We’ll both plead to her when she returns, I know you did it for revenge but she doesn’t know her daughter is more wicked and heartless than she thinks of her… The gatekeeper said as I sat with him

I hope she forgives me, I will never repeat what I did. I know She’ll realize her mistakes one day… I replied

My heartbeat increased as I saw the family drive into the compound in the evening.

“Good evening ma’am” I greeted as she alighted from the car.

And what on earth are you still doing in my house? You heartless bit-ch!!! She asked alre-ady getting angry as she sighted me.

Ma’am I’m so sorry, plea-se forgive me, I promise never to repeat such. I was only mad at her for trying to ruin my life the day she poisoned my food too, I never knew it’d turn out bad. Ashley plea-se I’m so sorry, help me beg mom… I said trying to t©uçh her cloth but she sh0t me a glare

You poisoned my daughter’s food because she did the same to you, isn’t that a hint on how far you can go to kill her if she tries hurting you? Leave now and never come back. I’m going to that school to nullify every contract I’ve signed with the school about you. You’re nothing but an ungrateful bit-ch… She said and stormed away.

Can you now see that you’ve got no hope to be fortunate in your life? You tried to venge for what I did to you and it turned out to be you that was affected. Leave my house now before I do something bad to you. She warned

I dragged my baggages outside and stayed at the front of the house to cry my heart out.

Where will I start from, why is my life like this? I said as I cried aloud.

I’m glad she didn’t collect the phone she gave me from me, I’ll try searching for the online vacancies that’s closer to this place.

I checked the time and it was half past nine, I can’t sleep in the open I’m scared of something happening to me in the middle of the night. I thought, just then a thought of going to sleep in a church popped up in my head.

I stood up immediately, not wasting time any longer.

I got to a church I found in the next street. I stood outside to examine if anyone was watching, I sighed when I noticed I’m good to go.

I put my baggages in a corner and shifted the heavy chair at my front a bit before spre-ading cloth to lie on.

My eyes were closed when I felt the light turned on. I opened my eyes and saw a tall figure standing before me.

Aaaaaaaargh! I screamed and sat up immediately obviously frightened because I didn’t expect to see anyone, not after observing the environment.

Relax! I wasn’t expecting to see anyone here, I’m sorry for scaring you like that…I’m Victor, this is where I sleep. I’m just returning from work and [email protected]£ in to sleep only for me to see your shadow

You can sleep back, I’m sorry for interrupting your sleep… He said

Alright! I manage to say in a whisper.

I la-id back and closed my eyes hoping for sleep to come take over me.

I managed to get up early, I looked around the church and luckily for me, there was a bathroom. I took my bath and dressed for school before the day breaks.

I arranged my bags properly in a corner so it wouldn’t be a burden for anyone in the church.

I went to the bank first to deposit my money in my account before going to school.

I was queried for coming late for school but was lucky to escape punishment.

I was about leaving the gatekeeper’s pres£nce when I sighted Ashley and her mom walking out of the administration office.

“Good morning ma’am” I greeted as I walked up to them.

Did I not tell you not to show your face anywhere I am? Leave before I do something bad to you… She warned and I excused myself.

Guys, it’s seems we’ve finally succeeded in getting rid of the unwanted one here, Stephanie no longer works In my house.

She tried to kill me by poisoning my food and that got mom really angry, so she chased her out of the house, mom [email protected]£ this morning to inform the school of what’s happening. I’m sure she won’t be able to afford the school fees after this term’s own… Ashley said to the entire students in our [email protected]

“Let’s get rid of her finally” Irene said and they all stood up and searched for things to throw at me.

“Throw anything at me and see how dangerous I can be” I said and they all looked at me in astonishment.

Wait! did anyone else hear what she just said? I mean did you just hear the poor threaten the rich? Ashley asked them as she walked to my front.

Wow! I can see you’ve become courageous overnight, but imma show you how dangerous I could be too. [email protected]! go ahead… She ordered and they raised their hands to throw what they’ve got at me.

I pu-ll-ed her back with her hair and hit her head on the wall.

Try taking another step, and see what’s gonna happen to you… Kendrick said as irene and flora charged towards me.

I sm-irked as I saw them st©p immediately he said the statement.

Steph! Let’s go of her… He said staring at me as I boil in anger


I made some mistakes in the last chapter. It was supposed to be Roland that his friend said has a great chef, not Kendrick

Has Stephanie finally woken up?🤔

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