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Bullied episode 15 & 16

How could you steal my purse of all things. Am I the one that cursed you to be wretched in your entire life? Couldn’t you have just went to the street to beg for alms instead of stealing? Anita yelled at me and tears dropped from my eyes.

That was exactly how she stole my mother’s money too, she doesn’t deserve to be here, she doesn’t belong among the rich. s£nd her away before she steals everyone’s things… Ashley yelled and threw a water bottle at me and before I knew it, everyone started throwing things at me while some captured them as they did.

Enough! I said enough!!, enough of your insolence!!! Our homeroom teacher cautioned and they st©pped.

How could you, how dare you commit violence in my pres£nce, how sure are you that she did it. What if she’s been framed? Why are y’all just so stupid and immature, you all choose to be s-en-seless oafs… He shouted angrily

I didn’t, I truly didn’t steal it. For what reason would I have stolen her purse. I’m innocent I swear. Anita plea-se I didn’t steal your purse…I said amidst tears

Well! Everyone here knows you’re a pauper. No rich kid would ever steal a purse that contains money because we all have enough… Anita replied

Yeah! Exactly, that’s just it… Other students said in support of her thereby causing noise again.

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I looked at Tessa and she gestured to me to calm down.

One more word from you all and I’ll s£nd you to do [email protected] labors… Our teacher said.

Now! Since when have you started looking for it? He asked Anita

“Few minutes ago” she replied and rolled her eyes.

Where was Stephanie then? He asked ago

I was…she wasn’t in the [email protected] but who cares? She replied cutting me off. rudely

Did you leave the [email protected] or did everyone of you leave the [email protected]? He asked again

Yeah we did! She replied

Fine! Did she return when everyone of you returned?

No! She didn’t.. She replied

Where were you, Stephanie? He asked me

I was busy with Carlos in a [email protected] We’ve been studying for the next phase of the competition, I actually [email protected]£ for my calculator and I got the news that her purse went missing. I swear I know nothing about it… I replied

Seriously, what can’t you just st©p shedding this crocodile tears? Anita said

That’s because I’m being falsely accused and my tears isn’t fake. I hate it when I’m being lied against. Y’all should just believe me, i didn’t steal the purse, I didn’t!!!! I yelled

Who among you stole the purse and framed her for it? He asked the whole students.

Of course it’d be Ashley… Carlos answered and everyone turned to him.

And what do you mean by that? What on earth are you even doing in the [email protected] for goodness sake? Ashley replied angrily

Wow! That’s bad, you’re asking me that dumb question in my [email protected]? That’s so stupid of you. And by the way, why do you look scared and nervous, you shouldn’t get yourself worked up over the simple suggestion I made.

Everyone here knows how much you hate the girl for being poor and lived by your mom, so it’s possible for you to have done that… Carlos replied giving her a stern look.

Wow! Ashley, did you truly do that? Did you do that to hurt her? Our teacher asked and she shrugged

Well! It’s true that I did that, she deserves it though… She replied perfunctorily.

That’s so heartless of you, and you’ll definitely be punished for that. Now everyone of you should apologize to her… He said

What’s going on here, the situation here isn’t friendly and it isn’t like this in other [email protected]… The guy Tessa said to be the school owner’s son said as he walked into the [email protected] with the lady behind him.

“Oh! Welcome sir” our teacher said and he nodded, the girls composed themselves immediately and out on a s£dûçt!vesmile.

I’m sorry you had to see this, there’s a misun-derstanding and that’s what I’m trying to settle. Our teacher said

I’d love to hear it… He requested

Alright sir, this girl here took her colleague’s purse and put it in another colleague of there’s bag just to tarnish her image, and here she is saying she deserves what she did to her.

That’s bad, she deserves to be punished for that… s£nd her to the school poultry to clean the whole place up and put her in detention for two days… She should be taught a lesson never to hurt her fellow student no matter what happens… He said and left

I looked at Ashley and met her boiling in anger, she deserve the punishment given to her though… I thought

Thanks for standing up for me earlier, I would’ve received mighty punishment if not for you… I said to Carlos as we got back to our coaching [email protected]

I didn’t do that for nothing, you were delaying me that’s why… He replied rudely

“Thanks nevertheless” I said

Ashley and her friends had been s£nding me dagger stares ever since she served the punishment and she’s refused to say nor do anything to me at home. I know she’s surely planning something big for me though.

The competition [email protected]£ is fast approaching and we’ve really been un-dergoing lot of training ahead of it.

The staffs of the school were having meeting today so the elected prefects were @ssigned to every [email protected] to coordinate we students.

Carlos and I were told to go study as usual. Carlos has Left the [email protected] ever since the staff meeting started.

I was having the urge to visit the restroom, so I packed my books with me while leaving with the intention of going straight to the garden where I study as usual.

I had finished easing myself and was about walking out of the restroom when I felt a liquid emptied on me immediately I opened the door.

“Eeeeew! It stinks badly” I said and covered my nose from perceiving the odour coming from the fermented milk poured on me. Before I knew it, student were alre-ady gathered before me, ma-king jest of me while some captured me and posted the video on the school blog.

I tried rushing back into the restroom but I felt someone push me back outside, i looked back and my eyes met with Flora’s who gave me a stern look.

Do you think I’d let you go after receiving punishment for trying to put you in your pla… Ashley was saying as she walked towards me, but was cut short when she sli-pped over the spilled milk on the floor.

The students let out a jeering laughter and started capturing her too. Her plan of disgracing me backfired… I thought and ran into the restroom when flora had left to meet her friend.

I cleaned myself up and wore the uniform given to me by Tessa. “Thanks for this” I said admiring the uniform fitness on me as we both walked to the laundry.

You’re welcome dear, I’m just too excited she ate some portion out of her cake. Just take a look at the silly comments people are giving, it’s just too funny.

I love the caption the person that uploaded it wrote on it. It really got people’s attention… She replied with her attention on the phone as she was busy scrolling down the page and laughing at the same time.

I know more trouble awaits me, let me just hope for the best… I said

Go ahead, I’ll come join you soon. I wanna study with you today, I also want to be a genius like you… She said when we finished our work in the laundry room.

“Alright! I’ll be expecting you” I replied.

I can see you’re having fun at school without bothering to ask for your new friend’s whereabouts.. I heard a voice say and recognised it immediately to be Kendrick’s.

Kendrick!!! I called in excitement as I look up and saw him standing before me with a bright smile on his face.

Yeah! It’s me, what’s up with you, how have you been… He said and sat beside me.

Where on earth have you been, you’ve missed a lot of lectures. Is this how you disappear from school and re appear anytime and anyhow you like? I asked and he shrugged.

I didn’t leave school without a good reason. I had some business to do so I had to leave school for a while. Did you miss me? He asked with I wi-nk

Of course I didn’t! Why would I? It’s just that I felt we didn’t conclude our discussion last time, so I had to look for you so I could apologize for running off like that… I replied

It’s okay, I’m back now though. And would you like to put me back on the track, I mean help me cover up for the things I’ve missed… He said

I’d have love to, but you know I’m busy right now. We have few days left for the competition, so I’ve been really busy preparing for it.

No problem, are you by any chance looking for this? He asked showing me the phone I’ve been looking for.

OMG!!! yes, I have. I’ve been looking for it, wait! Did I try drop this while running the other day? I asked and he nodded.

OMG!!! you’re such a darling! Thanks for helping me find it and keeping it safe… I said and snatched it from him

I can see you went to open a bank account because you account number has been s£nt to you. I’m sorry for re-ading your message though.

Wow! It’s what I’ve been worried about, that’s the main reason why I bought the phone and the sim. I’m glad you helped me find it. Thank you so much, so what did you bring for me? At least you should’ve brou-ght something along for your new friend.. I said jokingly

Of course that’s it, I brou-ght back your phone isn’t it? He replied jokingly as well.

C’mon, that’s not what I mean and what I want, I nee-d something else… I said

Alright! Let’s hand out when you’re throu-gh with your competition, or would you like to come visit me at my house? I’ve never taken someone other than my business [email protected] to my place so I want you to be the first friend that’d visit my place…He said

That’d be [email protected] for me to do, you know my condition… I said

No problem! Imma get you something some other time, so let’s study together… He said and took one of my books from my [email protected]

🌞Days Later🌞
Don’t [email protected] tomorrow like you did the last time, make sure you avoid any trouble with your boss… Carlos said in a warning tone as we left the school premises after our coaching.

I ignored him and went to take a cab home.

I was given free time for myself so I’d be able to study ahead of tomorrow which is the competition day by Ashley’s mom.

I smiled as I re-ad the encouraging message s£nt by Kendrick. He asked to video call me but I declined so I wouldn’t bring any query upon myself.

I couldn’t sleep a wi-nk throu-ghout the night as I was busy with Kendrick who was giving me some tutorials to ensure I become fully prepared.

It was 4:30am, I was working on the equation he gave me to solve when I suddenly started feeling pains in my stomach.

Ouch! I cried and ran to the toilet to defecate.

I returned to the room and continued working on it when my stomach started rumbling again and it was intense this time.

What’s wrong with you? Kendrick asked worriedly.

I don’t know, my stomach is hurting really bad… I cried and run to the toilet

What did you eat? He asked

Noodlessssss… I replied emphasizing on the S as I cried

You’re definitely suffering form food poisoning, I hope Ashley didn’t do anything to your food?

I don’t know… I screamed and started vomiting afterward as sweat covered me instantly

It continued like that till morning.
I tried so [email protected] to dress up for school but I couldn’t go out of the room.

I’m dying, I’m feeling really weak… I said to Kendrick on the phone.

“Just chill okay, you’re gonna be late for the competition, i’m coming over to your house immediately”. He said and hung up.

You won’t make it to the competition, I promise… Ashley said as she walked into my room


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