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Bullied episode 13 & 14

I got to the front of the gate and said some silent prayers before walking in.

Where have you been? I thought you said you weren’t gonna stay long… The gatekeeper said

Has she been looking for me? I asked back and he nodded.

Of course she has. It seems her mother wanted to discuss something with you. Just rush in before she does something stupid to you… He said

I got back inside and met her sitting on the couch busy with her phone. She directed her gaze in me immediately she heard the door open

And where the fv¢k the you go to without telling me? She asked

I went to get something. look I know I spent a little time outside but I’m so sorry about that.

I searched for you in the house but couldn’t find you, so I had to leave. I explained

This is also a good reason why mom nee-ds to get you out of here. You now have a place you go to that people teaches you how to act in this house.

Go clean my room, I’m expecting visitors. You can clean mum and Rolland’s room later… She said

I’ve cleaned all the rooms alre-ady, what more do I nee-d to clean there? I asked

You [email protected] me is what I hate most. Go upstairs and do what I asked you to if you don’t want trouble. I’m only being nice to you right now because you’ve got few days left with us, don’t make me s£nd you off in a harsh way… She said and I left without thinking twice.

I’m glad she didn’t act like I had expected. I went to my room so I’d keep the phone I got and the paper given to me first before going to clean the room she asked me to clean

What’s going on? I asked myself when I couldn’t find the phone on my b©dy. I hid it in my inner pocket, what’s going on… I thought and searched everywhere in the room for it.

It can’t be in the room, could I have possibly drop it while running? I thought. Oh no! This shouldn’t be happening, not when I suffered to get the money to get it, and the Sim card that has the number I’d receive the bank message on… I thought

And what the fv¢k is going on here, why is your room this scattered? Did I not ask you to Clean my room? Ashley asked barging into my room.

Oh! I’m sorry, I’ll do just that now… I said getting up immediately.

My b©yfri£ndis around and if he meet my room in that state, I swear imma kill you… She threatened and left.

I went out immediately she left and hurried to her room. “How can a lady be this dirty” I thought when I met the room in a great disorder.

“I’m actually a maid and it’s my duty to Clean it up for her” I thought and started work immediately.

🌞Days later🌞
“Welcome Ma’am, welcome sir” I greeted both mother and son as they alighted from the car.

Hey mom! Ashley said, running from the house to welcome them. Not allowing them to respond to my greeting.

I took their luggages in with the help of the gatekeeper.

It’s so good to be back home, the whole place looks new… The guy said as he entered the house.

It’s good to have back brother, my friends are really eager to see you again… Ashely replied while I only stood at a corner watching the family reconcile happily.

What are you still waiting for? Can’t you reason properly that you ought to be serving their meal now before they finish freshening up.

Why do you have to talk to her in that manner, shouldn’t you at least accord her some respect? After all mom said she’s taken her in as her daughter… He replied

You’re back huh? You haven’t changed your ways right? You know, what just go do Justice to your b©dy and come down for your food. Mom wouldn’t like it if she returns before you… She said and pushed her upstairs

I hope you enjoy your meal, you nee-d to give me full gist about your life in the states. Ashley said as they were about to eat.

You have everyday with him now, you can ask every question you wanna later… Her mom cautioned.

“I’m sorry mom” she apologized and started eating.

I was on my way back to the kitchen to return some dishes, when I felt a [email protected] substance hit my head from the back.

Ouch! I cried and turned back only to find mother and daughter glaring [email protected] at me.

What’s going on? I asked myself

How dare you make a mistake in your food. What’s this nons-en-se you prepared? Oh! Not when my son is having a taste of home made food again for the first time in a while… Ashley’s mom lamented.

There’s nothing wrong with the food, I tasted it while cooking… I said

You still have the gut to say a word!!! Ashley said and threw a mug cup at me.

“Come have a taste of the damn food you prepared” Ashley’s mom yelled and I moved closer to the table.

I spat it out immediately I shove it in my mouth. This isn’t what I prepared, it isn’t this pepperish and salty, what could’ve possibly happened? I asked myself

This is nons-en-se. Ashley place some order for food and bring it to my room when it get delivered… Rolland said and left angrily.

When did you become this imperfect and impertinent, you weren’t like this when I took you in. Why! Why!! Why!!! Ashley’s mom yelled and flung the plates of food away.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I’ll prepare another one right away” I said and carried the dishes

Don’t you dare waste my resources again, You stupid [email protected]… She warned and stormed out of the dining room.

I’m sure this is Ashley’s doing, I’m sure her mom’s tired of me just like she’s expected. Now all hope of me staying here is lost… I thought and proceeded to the kitchen

“I’m sorry about the mistake I made earlier sir” I apologized to Rolland when he returned to the sitting later in the day.

It’s nothing, just try not to make the same mistake again… He said and continued what he was doing.

She wouldn’t make the same mistake again because she’s leaving our house soon. Ashley said glaring at me.

And why is that? He asked

She stole mum’s money and that got mom really angry so she’s made up her mind to s£nd her away when you both return and here you are… She replied just then, their mom [email protected]£ descending the stairs and he turned to her

Mom why don’t you just give her a second chance, or has she been stealing from you before? He asked her

I’ve pardoned her and here she is ma-king me frustrated… She replied and I went on my knees immediately

I’m sorry ma’am, I truly didn’t know what [email protected]£ over me, I promise not to repeat such… I pleaded

“Stephanie come closer” she said and I did so without hesitation.

What’s going on with you, you look scrawny and sad. You weren’t like this before, why did you start doing things the wrong way? Are you tired of staying here? Is anything bothering you that you’d like to tell me?

I really love you as my daughter, Stephanie plea-se don’t keep things from me, tell me so I’ll help you out. I could remember you chasing a thief for me the very first time I met you.

That’s the main reason why I reconsidered not s£nding you away. I don’t think you stole the money. What’s going on? She asked calmly

If only I could tell her it’s her daughter that’s been giving me [email protected] times… I thought and looked at Ashley who sh0t me a glare

I’m totally fine ma’am, I’m really sorry for ma-king you angry… I pleaded

it’s fine, you can go unpack your belongings because I can see you’ve packed them. You can have your phone back… She said and handed the phone to me

“Thank you so much ma’am, I’m grateful” I thanked.

“You’re the best mom” Rolland said and win-ked at her. Thank you sir… I said to him

Will you quit the formalities alre-ady? What’s with the sir of a thing? You’re older than my lil sis and more like a lil sis to me as well, so don’t use sir for me again but call me Roland… He cautioned

Alright sir, I said and he glared at me. Oops! I’m sorry, I’m not used to it. Alright Roland thanks too… I said and left.

If only I had memorised my number, I’d have just called the phone now… I thought staring at the phone screen.

🏫The Next Day At School🏫
Ashley and her friends has been giving me this deadly looks ever since the day started though I ignored them but I still don’t feel comfortable.

I eye scanned the whole [email protected] for kendrick but still didn’t see him. I guess he didn’t come to school today…I thought and shrugged

You’ve forgotten, we still have two more phases of the competition to face right? Carlos said standing at the front of my table

What are you trying to tell me? I asked with my brows arched.

Well! If you’re too dumb to think about what I said, then you have to meet me at the room we use for our coaching.

Don’t be late, it’s an order from the vice principal. Our teacher is waiting for us… He said and left

“Go before you get there late” Tessa whispered.

“Alright! I’ll see you soon” I said and Packed my books, re-ady to leave. “Y’all nee-d to see this” a girl said rushing into the [email protected]

Before I knew it, everyone rushed out, including the guys. They all rushed downstairs.

Can’t they just stand at the balcony to view from there? I asked Tessa and tutted

“Wow! He’s finally back” Tessa said as we saw a guy come out from one of the cars that drove into the school compound.

And who is he? I asked and hissed when I saw students mostly girls rush to him.

He’s the only son of the school owner. He [email protected]£ here four years ago and interacted nicely with everyone. He made it known to us that he’ll only be back once he’s concluded his university education.

Can’t you see that he’s really handsome, like his appearance speaks so well about money.

90% of the girls in this school has a crush on him and that’s why some guys hate him.

He’s really free with everyone not minding how rich his father his… She explained

Not like the students in this school are poor either. I said

“Wow! He [email protected]£ with his girlfriend” she screamed as I walked away and that made me st©p to have a look.

OMG!!! this lady is extraordinarily beautiful and gorgeously said… I exclaimed as I saw her cat walk to where he’s standing.

Awwn! They look so perfect together, how I wish I’m this rich too… I said busy smiling when I felt someone push me.

I told you we’re being called upon and here you are standing and admiring things that can never be yours like a stupid person that you are… Carlos said as he kept pushing me.

Get your hands off me, imma walk on my own… I said and struggled for freedom but he ignored me.

⏰Hours later⏰
I went to the [email protected] to take my calculator and I met everyone standing at the front of the [email protected] while the [email protected] president and our homeroom teacher search bags.

What’s going on here? I asked a colleague.

Anita’s looking for her purse and she’s gother phone and some cash in it… The girl replied

“Look! I found it sir” the [email protected] president said and raised it up to show everyone.

That’s a total relief, where did you find it? The teacher asked

“Here in Stephanie’s backpack” he replied and raised my bag up too. The word dropped like a bombshell and I blinked repeatedly

Stephanie? Everyone murmured and directed their gazes on me.

huh? I murmured


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