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Bullied episode 1 & 2

#Newstoryalert lovelies

Are we re-ady?



Hello friends! My name is stephanie an extremely beautiful eighteen years old teenager whose life has been a mess right from my childhood.

I don’t know if I’m an orphan or not because I don’t know who my parents are, I don’t know if they’re dead or alive, so I call myself an orphan because I have no family to bear it’s name.

I was told my name’s Stephanie by the woman I grew up with who treated me nicely until the day I reported her husband’s several moves to have S-x with me.

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I took to my heels the day he almost [email protected]£d me and I was able to save myself luckily

I ended up being be a girl who roams about in the street of Lagos. My life turned a bit better when I helped a rich woman catch a thief that snatched her purse one afternoon.

She was moved by my story, that was after I had narrated everything to her. So she decided to take me in as a maid.

She’s a widow but has two children, a boy and a girl.

I got to know I’m a year older than the girl whose name’s Ashley but I don’t know who the son is because he’s not here in Nigeria.

She took care of my look and clothing and I [email protected]£ my pretty self once again.

Everything [email protected]£ worse when I was enrolled into her daughter’s school. She’s a rude and spoilt [email protected] She hates my guts with [email protected] and even gave other students the authority to make my life miserable in the school.

Though her mother is a really nice woman, but I dare not to report what happens in the house to her mom.

But the questions are, am I really the meek type that could stand and watch herself bullied or it’s because of my condition?

will I ever be able to find happiness in my entire life?

Will I ever get to know who my parents are?

Will there ever be someone to save me from the bullying? And is that why the title of the story is bullied which is a past tense?

You wanna know the answer to these questions right?

🌞Monday Morning🌞
Today marks the beginning of my experience at a new school, so I hurriedly wore my new uniform and pack the books that was gotten for me by Mrs james ( Ashley’s Mom).

“I’m re-ady ma’am” I said as I got to the car where she was waiting for me with her daughter.

“Wow! You look great in your dress”. She complimented.

“Thanks ma’am” I replied

“So are you sure you’re re-ady to do this? She asked referring to the news school I just got enrolled in.

“Yes ma’am” I replied

“Fine! Now, let’s go” she said

Seriously mom! I wonder why you choose to [email protected] by asking her unnecessary questions.

“Who cares if she’s re-ady or not? She isn’t worthy enough to be in our school though” Ashley said rudely and went in the car.

“Don’t mind her” I hope you get to forgive her for all she’s been doing to you. Her mom said

I want you to have faith that all will be well one day. She said and I nodded

I sat at the back seat and said my prayers silently not forgetting to include Mrs James in the prayers. I want God to continue to bless her for me.

I clutched my backpack to my che-st because I was nervous due to the fact that it’s my first day at a school for the rich kids and I’ve never attended one. The ones I’ve attended right from my childhood was government schools.

“Here we are” Mrs James said as she st©pped the car. thereby, jo-lting me out of my thought

Oh, alright! I said and went out of the car.

She did the necessary things for me and made sure I was given the necessary things including the key to my locker.

Make sure you don’t hesitate to ask for anything if you nee-d and remember all I discussed with you before, okay? She as she set to leave the school.

“Yes ma’am” I replied with a slight bow.

“Bye ma’am” I said and waved at her.

A guy whom I guess is the head prefect boy because he’s using the tag was asked to take me to my [email protected] first, then show me around later in the day.

“I’m Charles, the SS3 student and the head prefect of the school” he introduced.

“I’m Stephanie, an SS2 fresher” I replied

Wow! It’s nice meeting you, I’ll take you to your [email protected] now and will come during the recess period to come show you around. He said

“Alright, that’d be nice. Thanks” I said.

We were about entering the [email protected] when he sighted our homeroom teacher, he took me to him and introduced me to him.

The man dismissed him and took me to the [email protected] instead.

“I’m Stephanie Coker” I introduced.
Coker is the name I’ve been using right from my elementary school.

The [email protected] [email protected] for me as I walked to my sit as ordered by the teacher.

Some girls stared at me admiringly while some guys stared at me lvstfully.

My eyes met with Ashley’s and she sh0t me a deadly glare, I took my eyes off immediately and proceeded to my seat.

Some students [email protected]£ to me immediately the teacher left the [email protected], to introduce theirselves. We were busy exchanging plea-santries when Ashley suddenly went to the front of the [email protected] and ban-ged the table for attention

“Hey guys! I’ve got an announcement to make” she said sounding like a queen

Hey bit-ch! She called, I know she’s referring to me but I acted like I don’t know.

bit-ch! bit-ch!! bit-ch!!! She called again but I Still didn’t answer her.

Girl what’s up, who are you calling, or did you bring your do to school? A guy asked.

That’s the dog that [email protected]£ to school with me. Ashley, are you fv¢king deaf!!! She barked angrily and the [email protected] roared and turned to look at my direction.

Before I knew it, two girls stood up and walked up to me.

Have you become deaf? Didn’t you hear her Call your name? One of them asked.

Excuse me? She called a dog, so as a fresher that I am, I was looking for the dog she’s calling… I replied

The other girl pu-ll-ed me up f0rç£fully and dragged me to the front of the [email protected]

Guys! This girl here is nothing but a maid. She’s a maid in our house. She bewitched my mom and that’s why my mom got her enrolled in the school.

I want y’all to help me torment her life I want you to treat her like trash till she re-lease my mom off the bondage she put my mom in. She announced

Ashley I didn’t do anything of such, why do you detest me so much. Is it my fault to be poor? I said in a teary voice.

What!!! You dare say a word when I haven’t finished talking? She said and raised her hand to [email protected] me.

I closed my eyes in expectation of the [email protected] to land on my cheek and tears streamed down my cheek as I thought of how miserable my life has always been

“I opened my eyes when I heard the students chorus an Oooooh”

I saw a girl with [email protected] that’s of the same height with me. Although, I’m a year older than Ashley, she way taller and fatter than I am.

Her stature really makes her feel popmpous.

The girl held her hand while she made attempt to [email protected] me, thereby st©pping the [email protected] from getting to me.

All Ashley and her friends did was laugh hysterically.

“Look who [email protected]£ to save a bit-ch like herself from getting @ssaulted” Ashley said as she j£rked her hand away.

Even if you choose to be a bully in your entire life, you shouldn’t show yourself to a new comer.

You could’ve at least given her a week to welcome her. The fact that she works as a maid in your house doesn’t give you the damn right to bully her and treat her like trash.

“Who knows if you’d later become a maid at her house in the future” the girl said angrily.

I guess you’ve forgotten who you are in the [email protected], just because I wanna free you from being @ssaulted because you’ve got a junior now doesn’t give you damn right to [email protected] me, okay? Now fv¢k off!!! Ashley said and pushed her r0ûghly that she fell to the floor and her [email protected] flung away.

I rushed to where the [email protected] was flinging to. I was quic-k to catch it before it get to the floor, to avoid it getting broken.

“Are you okay? I’m so sorry about that, thanks for saving me. Here is your [email protected]” I said to the girl.

“I’m fine too, thanks for saving my [email protected],it means a lot to me” she replied.

“Bunch of wretched bit-ches” Ashley cursed us both. So [email protected], feel free to s£nd them whatsoever errand it is you wanna s£nd them. Ashley said to the whole students and they finally walked to their seats majestically

Lot of teachers [email protected]£ In to teach us some subjects and I must confess, I un-derstood everything that’s being taught. I’m the brilliant type, but the schools I’ve been attending weren’t good ones, so it didn’t help me increase in knowledge.

I was feeling uneasy, so i decided to go ask the girl that saved me for the direction to where the restroom is.

C’mon girl, everything in the school is easy. There are arrow signs placed on every walls of the school and the direction of where it leads to are written there.

Come let’s go together, I can as well show you some places within the vicinity. She said

I’m Tessa, you? She said as we walked back from the restroom.

“I’m Stephanie” I replied. “It’s nice meeting you” she said

Is that how rude and heartless Ashley and are friends are? Do they bully you? I asked

“Yes” infact, they act like they own the school. Those are the queens of the school.

No one, not even the s£niors in SS3 dares to question their authority. They call themselves “AFI” girls. Ashley-Flora-Irene and Ashley happen to be

They’re the school best group of dancers….

They’ve been bullying me ever since I got to this school. That was after they got to know I got enrolled into the school on scholarsh!p.

It’s not that I can’t fight back, I can always stand up for myself. But I’ve been warned never to engage in things that’s forfeit my scholarsh!p.

I’m just a maid like you are, but a maid in a woman’s house whose children are grown ups. She’s the only one at home, her children and hubby aren’t here in Nigeria.

I pleaded to her to let me finish my secondary school, so she helped me obtain the scholarsh!pexamination form and I was lucky to [email protected] the examination and get admitted into the school.

Ashley hates the less privileged ones with [email protected], that’s why she treat us without respect.

Do you mind telling me how you ended up being a maid? She requested.

My parents dumped me at the front of the orphanage while I was q baby. A childless couple was fortunate to find me before anyone in the orphanage did.

They bred and fed me till i grew up a bit, tho not without maltreating me after finally having their children.

I’ve been running from one house to the other working as their maid and that’s how I got myself sponso-red to government school till I got to this level… I narrated including how I met Ashley mum too.

She told me hers too but not as pathetic as mine, because she has a mother who happens to be poor too.

“We’ll continue our discussion later” I said as we got back to the [email protected]

“Alright dear” she replied.

It was lunch period alre-ady, so ever students hurried down the stairs to the school cafeteria.

Tessa and I also went out of the [email protected] after concluding the exercise a teacher gave us to do.

Tessa was called by a teacher, so she asked me to wait for her at the stairs.

I was lost staring at the hallway admiring it’s beauty when I heard someone talk behind me.

Hey bit-ch! I heard and turned back to face who it was. Before I knew it, Ashley pushed me down the stairs.

I didn’t even step on a stair because she pushed me [email protected] I tried holding something but couldn’t, all the students were just staring at me, no one helped me.

Aaaaaargh!!! I screamed frightfully as I got closer to the floor, all I could do was close my eyes re-ady to meet my fate.


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